Helena and Anita alone at BarbadosThat evening after dinner Ana smiled and asked me if I would mind if she and her girlfriend Helena would take a vacation together.I said not at all, knowing I could not take a single vacation day for the next three months. So, my sweet wife had the right to enjoy some days for herself, even in the company of that slutty bitch…But the worst thing was to know that they were planning to go to Barbados. It would be just five nights there; but I knew Helena could fuck a dozen well hung black guys in just that short time.And of course, my innocent wife would be able to fuck at least one.I was confused when I knew they had hired just one room to share.Helena came home one afternoon and the slut teased me by saying there was a nude beach close to the resort. But then she showed me a very tiny thong she had just purchased that morning and told me that she would never be nude at the beach…She added what happens in Barbados stays in Barbados…For the next two weeks my sexy wife got ready for her trip. We were very active sexually during those previous days. The day before to their departure, my Boss cancelled a business trip he had scheduled for me and confirmed I would be free for the next two weeks.Instead of telling the news to my sweet wife; I decided to buy another ticket for the next flight to Barbados. I wanted to witness what these ladies would do there, knowing that their loving husbands were at home, watching illegal bahis the castle…The night before, I wanted to fuck my sensual babe. But Ana refused to do it, because she said that she had a feeling she would be fucking a lot in Barbados. My jaw dropped down…But then she told me that she wanted to mean, she would fuck with her nice good girlfriend Helena; but no other men…The next day I took both girls to the airport. Three hours later I was also flying to Barbados. I had hired a room at the same resort and was waiting to be able enough to avoid Ana or Helena at the lobby or alleyways…People there were wearing the bare minimum clothes on. I saw a lot of topless women; even a few bottomless too.After checking at the lobby and having a shower at my room, I went to get a coffee at the bar and check what Ana and Helena would do that first day.One hour later I saw both girls coming out from the elevator. Helena was wearing a very tiny thong and a long skirt covering her long legs. Ana was using a short see though white dress and her sexy one piece black swimsuit; showing her exposed naked back.They headed to a nice bar on the beach. Soon they had taken four or five margarita shots and looked some bit fuzzy…Then they moved to the beach and after a short walking on the burning sand, they took out some towels and decided to lay there sunning for a while.Soon a handsome young black guy came over them and asked if the ladies needed suntan lotion. illegal bahis siteleri Helena then stripped off fully naked and said the black guy she would be first. She lay on her stomach and the man rubbed the lotion on her back and legs. He then told Helena to get on her back. Then I saw the bitch grabbing both hands of that guy and placing them on her exposed round boobs. He started gently to rub them. When Helena was done; Ana smiled and said she did not want a lotion rubbing. Then Helena gave him a tip and the black guy left.When the sun went down, the girls came back to the hotel. I waited for them, until both girls dressed and headed out for having dinner and a night of dancing and drinking for sure. I noticed my wife was braless. I could see her hard nipples pushing the thin fabric of her white blouse. I also saw that Helena was not wearing a thong under her tight white trousers. After having dinner at a small restaurant, they headed for a disco.I noticed at the dance floor that most of the white women there were dancing with black men…Soon my wife grabbed a huge black guy and led him to the dance floor. I saw she was having fun as this man was bumping and grinding against her body. He even played with her nice boobs…I sat down close to their table, where Helena was still sitting. She could not see me, but I could hear what they were talking. Ana came back and she sat with her new black friend, Jamieson. She wanted to canlı bahis siteleri know what went on in the little rooms attached to the dance floor. She noticed a black man or even two black men going there with a single white woman. A red light went on over the door when they shut the door behind them. And looked as they stayed there for about an hour…Jamieson laughed and told her that the local guys were having sex with married white bitches there inside; because those guys were not allowed in the resorts to go to the tourist’s rooms….Then my lovely faithful wife asked him if he would take her into one of those rooms and fuck her until morning; not just one hour…Helena heard her and laughed loud.But Jamieson was serious. He just looked at Helena as inviting her too; but then he grabbed Ana’s wrist and dragged her from the table. Soon I saw they both disappear into one of these rooms and the red light got on…Helena stood there until another black man invited her to dance.I stood there having a drink, imagining in my head what would be doing my sexy wife inside that room with that young black guy…After two dances, Helena also was dragged inside another room.The bitch came out one hour later, a big smile on her slutty face.Two hours later came back Ana to the table. She was alone this time. She fell in the arms of Helena, laughing like crazy.My sensual wife had her curly hair done a mess and her make up smeared on her face. She told Helena how she had been fucked by this guy Jamieson. She had got five intense orgasms in just those three hours inside the room.Helena smiled back and told my wife to relax. It just had been their first vacation day there…And that was which worried me most…



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