April 23, 2003

Chapter One

She was considered to be one of the, “thoroughly modern Millies ” by the older sisters. Sister Jane was a petite woman. Her pretty blue eyes seemed even bluer as they were set off by the stark black of the habit. Being covered from head to toe, the austere costume hid the well curved body of a pretty young woman. Her strawberry blond hair always caught the eyes of the boys when she was in high school. However, she had no desire to be one of those girls who dreamed about being with a boy in that special way. All the high school boys tried to get her attention, but she always just ignored them. The truth of the matter was that she didn’t even jerk off even at night when she was alone in bed. She never felt the urgency or need like most people. To her, it was just a foolish waste of time. She would go out into the world and do good while saving souls. So, she decided to skip college, and she went straight into the nunnery.

She expected to be sent to some exotic far away place where the people live in dire poverty and squaller. There she would dedicate her life to saving the unfortunate people just like Mother Teresa. She bargained that her place in heaven would be secured in this way.

Sister Jane found herself in San Francisco on a clear sunny day as she stood in front of her new home. The nunnery stood on a high hill overlooking San Francisco Bay. It wasn’t quite what she expected, but she resolved to make the best of it. The Sisters of Mercy were the most liberal order in the church. In fact, The Sisters of Mercy had gained the reputation of a bunch of swingers. Their reputation had spread far and wide and reached as far as nunnery school. Many of the novices had heard rumors of wild sex parties which were thrown at the facility at San Francisco. At the terrifying thought of facing a life of celibacy, Some of the novices even began to pray for a chance to join the gay group.

The Sisters of Mercy were comprised of a group of former prostitutes and drunkards. The idea was to create a sort of recovery home for them. The experiment worked after a fashion in that the women no longer needed to be out on the streets. The unusual thing about it was that the church had accidentally assembled the greatest looking group of nuns in the whole church system. Once the women were cleaned up, they were to a woman the curved, eye flashing, and ass swinging group of hot babes the church had ever seen.

The house was donated by a famous and rich family which made its’ fortune in canned foods. The building was in fact an old mansion which was created in the glamour time of the city. This particular neighborhood was populated with such mansions which were still owned by private citizens. The house was large by any standard containing numerous rooms on several floors.

Sister Jane plucked up her courage and entered the big house to start her new life. Sitting at the front desk was a rather formative looking woman who looked at Sister Jane with a curious glance.

“Can I help you? “, The woman said.

“I am the new replacement. “, Jane answered.

“Well, we have been expecting you. “, The nun who was sitting at the reception desk said.

“They said that you was a young one. MMM you’re sure a looker honey. Some of the sisters are going to want to get a gander at you sweetie. MMM MMM fresh out of high school? Lordy Lordy are you something! Well you had better get out of those civilian clothes and start looking like a real bride of Christ. “, the receptionist said mostly to herself.

Jane placed her suitcase upon the floor as she surveyed her new surroundings. Wearing snug fitting hip hugging blue jeans and a tight fitting red blouse, she looked more like a hot babe out on the prowl for boys rather than a bride of Christ. Her long strawberry blond hair hung down almost to her shoulders creating a flowing line down to her well packed body. The tight red blouse accented her generous breasts as they strained at the red material. Her pretty blue eyes were wide with anticipation as she gathered up her thoughts.

“Follow me “The receptionist said.

“The Mother Superior will want to meet you. Take my advice honey, don’t get her pissed off at you. She can be a real bitch when she has it out for you! Listen honey, you’re going to get a bunch of this shit around here. What with you looking like something right out of the centerfold page of Playboy, some of these horny bitches are going to tap you honey. The Mother superior is one of the most horny bitches in the whole place. You may as well go along with it sweetie. It’s just part of the daily life around here. It’s not all bad. Once in a while one of the priests will stop by to have his pipes cleaned. Usually these horny bitches fight over who gets to get the job, but you looking like you do, you’ll get your share of the action. “, The receptionist spoke as she led Jane to the Mother Superior’s office.

“Honey, do you even have an idea of what I’m talking about? “, She asked.

Jane stood and ataşehir escort pondered her words.

“Well I’m not quite sure, but I’m willing to learn. “, Jane said with optimistic enthusiasm.

The receptionist looked at Jane with wonder, “Lordy lordy can it be true? Honey are you really a virgin? I mean you never? ”

“Oh! Of course not! I want to be a good nun. “, Jane said with vigger.

The receptionist cautioned as they stood outside the Mother Superior’s office, “Listen honey things around here are different. If you want to fit in around here, you had better get in the swim of things. Here we are. Now, when you are in there, you do what she tells you to do, or there will be hell to pay. Do you understand honey? “

Jane nodded in agreement.

“Good luck”, the receptionist said as Jane entered the Mother Superior’s office.

Jane stood in front of the Mother Superior’s desk and introduced herself. The Mother Superior leaned back upon her chair as she listened to Jane. As Jane spoke, the Mother Superior seemed to slip into a dream as she looked at Jane. It seemed that a long time had passed by as Jane kept on talking. Jane wondered if the woman sitting behind the desk was even listening to her.

Then slowly and with a whispered the woman muttered to herself, “God! I really have gone to heaven. “

With a wave of her hand, the Mother Superior motioned to Jane to be silent. Next she gestured to Jane indicating that Jane should come around to her side of the desk. Then she pushed away from her desk, and while still sitting in her swivel rocker , she pointed to a spot on the floor which was immediately at her feet.

The command rang out with authority, “Kneel! “

Jane complied without hesitation. Jane assumed the position of prayer. With her head bowed, her hands clasped together,and her knees planted firmly upon the floor,she expressed her devotion. Expecting a blessing from the Mother Superior, Jane waited patiently. What came next was totally unexpected. Instead of a blessing, the Mother Superior pulled her black habit up around her waste. Next she pulled her plain cotton under pants down and off to expose her well shaven pussy to Jane. Jane’s eyes popped open to see that the Mother Superior had begun finger fucking herself.

The command rang out again, “Eat it!”

Jane stuttered, “Wha wha what? “

“I said, eat me, and do a good job. I expect you to make me come at least two or three times before we are finished. And let me tell you baby, we got all damned day sweetie. Now get to work. God Damned I haven’t had a peace of ass like you in a dog’s age. Hallelujah My prayers have been answered. “, The Mother Superior spoke with a heavy hurried voice.

That was a little more than a year ago, and Sister Jane did get into the swim of things as the receptionist suggested. Sister Jane was a very popular member of the group. Several of the nuns made a strong effort to be her friend. Once relieved of the costume of the religious order which made her look like a little penguin, her terrific body set the other women on a quest to know her in the Biblical way. The communal shower room was one of their favorite places to catch Sister Jane. In fact, the shower room was a preferred place to meet for a quick lick. Most of the nuns took advantage of the shower when the pressure of not having a man to satisfy their needs became too much to bear.

The shower room was set off on one end of the south wing of the mansion. It was a large room which was converted into a shower room and which accommodated as many as ten people. Being located on the second floor, the nuns enjoyed a clear view of the afternoon sunshine from the picture windows. That spying eyes might be observing them in their daily absolutions, the nuns gave no concern for prying eyes. Therefore, the curtains were never closed allowing the maximum sunshine to enter the room.

At first, Sister Jane had no trouble with encounters by the other nuns in the shower room. She would come to know that the Mother Superior had claimed her for herself. The other nuns avoided close contact with her for fear of incurring the wrath of the Mother Superior. However, as soon as the Mother Superior’s ardor subsided for Jane, the other nuns threw Jane a shower party that she would never forget. One afternoon while showering, Jane was confronted by several nuns who had been carrying a slut grudge for her. In their opinion, good cunt like Jane should be shared among the rest of the women who really needed it. Being locked up in the big house with only the occasional priest to fuck made these women mean spirited now and again.

The door to the shower room opened with a slam. Jane turned to see sister Clairabell and three of her friends as they slowly walked into the shower room. Gone was the holy robes. The four stood there dressed in nothing but black leather vests, garter belts, fish net stockings, and high heal shoes. Jane knew right away what this was all about. Sister Clairabell had the hots for Jane from the first time kadıköy escort bayan that she fixed eyes upon her. Sister Clairabell was a bruiser of a woman who always had a preference for women even before she became a nun. She was tall and heavy. She was built more like a man . She was flat chested and was devoid of any feminine grace. Her face was roughly heun., and her cold black eyes turned cruel when she was on a slut rage.

“Well, the honeymoon is over sweetie. It seems that the M S has lost interest in you since she has a new toy to play with. Me and my bride’s maids have come to give you a wedding shower.”, Clairabell growled through a sneering smile.

“Well we can make this easy, or we can make it rough. What is it going to be honey? “, Clairabell smiled as she spoke.

Jane didn’t want any of this, “Why don’t you leave me alone. I’ve never bothered you. I want to be a good nun. “

“Oh! You’re going to be a good nun all right! “, Clairabell laughed.

Jane found herself backed up to a corner of the shower. The four women led by Clairabell surrounded Jane and began to grab at her.

“Oh! Look at those big beautiful tits. “, one of the women said.

“I’ll have a pussy sandwich if you don’t mind. “, Said another.

“I’ll just bet that she is still a virgin. “, a third woman said.

Clairabell asked, “Did the M S pop your cherry darling? “

Jane replied, “Just umm she just made me eat her. She said that she loved me. She just wanted to make love to me. She just kissed me there. Now! Why don’t you all just go away before I tell the M S and you will all get in trouble. “

The four women laughed loudly.

“Don’t you get it sweetie? The M S is finished with you. She has a new sucker.”, Clairabell said as the others laughed again.

Suddenly Clairabell moved closer, “You’re my bitch now! “, Clairabell growled as she delivered a hard right handed slap across Jane’s face.

The blow threw Jane up against the wall of the shower. The four women fell upon her. Like hungry animals the woman began to hold Jane down upon the floor while each woman took her turn on Jane’s pussy. Just when Jane thought that it couldn’t get any worse, Clairabell began to mount her using a strap on dildo. The other women began to howl with excitement.

They began to yell things like, “Save some of that for me Clairabell. I want some of that ass! Uuuee! ”

The brutish women forced herself into Jane’s tender pussy. Using a big dildo Clairabell began to pound Jane mercilessly. She grunted loudly as she inserted herself into Jane.

The party went on all afternoon. Each woman took her turn upon Jane, and in some cases the women came back for seconds and thirds. Once the ordeal was over, Jane made her way back to her bed. There she lay all night crying herself to sleep. The new day came with a new resolve for Jane. Jane resolved that she would go on even after what had happened. She resolved to overcome this adversity, and she would still become a good nun.

Chapter Two

The day started off with a clear dawn. The usual cloudiness which covers the bay area was pushed out to sea by a strong high pressure cell which usually brings clear warm weather. Sister Jane sat in the garden looking and feeling miserable. All night she sobbed over the loss of her virginity at the hands of Sister Clairabell and her friends. She knew that she must do something, but she didn’t know just what to do. As she sat there, She gazed down upon a flower bush to notice a butterfly which was trapped within the branches. She thought to herself that she was trapped just like the butterfly. With an act of mercy, Jane rescued the helpless creature. The pretty butterfly flew away to continue its’ journey.

“Miss … I mean Sister, are you all right? “, a voice came out of the garden.

Jane looked up to see a small oriental man standing there. The man was dressed in work clothes. He wore blue bib overalls, a red checkered short sleeve shirt, and a big floppy yellow hat. His feet were covered with heavy leather boots which seemed to be suitable for hard work .

“Sister are you all right? “, the man asked again.

Jane answer, “I am not happy! ”

At that, Jane began to cry again. The oriental man approached and held out his hand.

“Why are you so unhappy? “, he asked.

Jane replied, “Every thing is wrong! “

“It can’t be all that bad. Tell me all about it and maybe I can help. “, he spoke.

Jane said, “I can’t trouble you with my problems. “

“Well, let me be the judge of that. “, the man in the floppy yellow hat said.

Jane looked into his kindly face to see that he was smiling at her.

Jane asked, “Who are you? “

The kind man answered, “I am the gardener. I work here . My name is Tommy, Tommy Wang . Now, why don’t you just tell me all about it, and we will see what we can do about it. “

Realizing that this kindly little man could be a friend, Jane began to reveal her sorrow to him. He listened attentively as Jane escort maltepe spoke. She told him all about how she wanted to be a good nun and how everything seemed to be going wrong. She told him about the affair with the Mother Superior and about what happened in the shower with Clairabell. She told him that she had no way to get into the city to minister to the people. Jane went on for some time talking until all her grievances were voiced.

Tommy spoke, “I will help you.”

Jane looked at this total stranger and asked, “why? “

“I will tell you why. First, you must trust me. No one must know that I am helping you. I don’t want to lose my job here. Now, let’s start by you telling me your name. “

Jane suddenly realized that she had been talking to this kindly man for a long time without even introducing herself. She knew that this man was sincere, and that he really wanted to help.

“My name is Jane, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance mister Wang. “, Jane said.

“Tommy will do, and I’ll call you Sister Jane? ” The gardener said.

“Jane will do. “Jane said as the two laughed.

And that was the beginning of their friendship.

Tommy said, “we’ll begin right away today. Come with me. “

Tommy led Jane through the garden to what appeared to be a big garage. He opened the old fashioned accordion type doors to reveal a large clean work shop.

Tommy said, “We can fix one problem right away. You say that you have no way to get into the city to minister to the people? Well, I have just the thing. “

Parked in a corner of the well stocked workshop was a sparkling red Harley Davidson. Tommy stood and pointed with pride.

“Your chariot. “

Jane’s eyes popped open widely.

“It’s a Harley! Where did you get it? “, Jane asked.

Tommy replied still bursting with pride, “I found it in an old barn. The owner was the farmer’s son . The son went off to war, but he never came back. All those years it just sat there in the barn abandoned. I bought it cheep. The old man was happy to get rid of it because it reminded him of his son who was lost in the Vietnam war. The bike was in bad shape, but I fixed it all up. Now, it is in perfect working order. “

It wasn’t just a Harley;it was a work of art. Moreover it was a classic Harley Davidson. One of the most sought after models by collectors.

“I couldn’t. I mean, I don’t know how to drive something like that! “, Jane said.

Tommy replied, “You don’t drive it; you ride it. And I will teach you how. “

Jane was beside herself. No one had ever offered to help her like this. No one had ever had this much confidence in her. Jane stood there and imagine herself on the big bike as she zoomed through the city.

Tommy spoke again, “I will teach you how to defend yourself from those women who are bothering you. “

Jane looked puzzled.

“How are you going to do that? “, Jane asked

Tommy began, “I will teach you to fight. “

Jane spoke with surprise, “But I’m a nun. I don’t know how to fight. I mean nuns don’t go around beating people up! “

Tommy replied, “They do, if they want to become a good nun. Besides it’s done all the time in my great grandfather’s country. “

Jane looked even more puzzled, “What in the world are you talking about? “

Tommy began, “Come and sit over here and I will tell you a story. “

The two sat on a wooden bench which was placed along the wall of the garage. Jane could tell that this was a favorite sitting place for Tommy since he could admire the shiny motor cycle from this bench.

Tommy began again, “My great grandfather was a Chow Ling priest. He came to America to work on the railroad. While he was a Chow Ling priest, he studied the martial arts. In those days in China, priests had to learn to defend themselves. As they were required to go out into the countryside to minister to the people, they were often set upon by bandits. Weapons were banned by the government, so the priests learned to fight with their hands and feet. Eventually, these guys became some bad asses. Pardon me, I mean these priests became masters of the martial arts. My great grandfather was one of the best of the bunch when it came to the martial art. While he was working the railroad, he met my great grandmother. They married and started a family. He passed his teachings down to his son who in turn passed it down to his son as well, and I learned it from my father. When I have a son, I will pass it down to him. So, you see, I know how to kick some major ass. I mean … pardon me again. “

Jane said, “You don’t have to keep apologizing to me Tommy. I have heard all the words, and ass doesn’t offend me. Besides, If we are going to be working together, you may hear me utter a word or two myself. “

“So, then do we have an understanding? “, Tommy asked.

Jane nodded her head in agreement, and she placed her hand out to shake. In this way the pact was joined. The two began that very morning. Tommy furnished Jane with a pair of cover alls in which Jane could work. In secret, the lessons in the martial arts and motor cycle riding went on undiscovered by the M S and the other nuns. The two became the very best of friends. It wasn’t until six months had passed did they think that Jane was ready to confront her adversaries.



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