Dan was excited. He had met a few women who scratched his itch for sex. Buy one woman in mind really drove his imagination. He had been seeing Jayme for about a year. She was recently divorced and Dan and her got along great. She was a mother and worked a sorta stressful job but they talked and on occasion got together to give each other a small taste of what each wanted.

The text came across that she would need to house sit for about a week and was hoping that Dan could make time to go over. This excited Dan to know end because about 3 months earlier he had brought her back to his house and licked her pussy well and then fucked her fulfilling a naughty fantasy he had. Soon he would be fucking her inside her ex husbands house and that was a huge turn on for him.

Waiting for the call that Saturday he informed his staff that he would probably be taking off early. It was a hot day and they knew that it would be good for Dan to leave. Little did they know he was only waiting for the right text to drive him away. Soon it came and all it had was an address and a picture of her lips. Oh her lips… the first time they met she took him to a parking area and gave him the best blow job he had had in years. Her full lips enticed him every time they saw each other. With that he left and rushed ataşehir escort to his car to make sure he would have time with her.

He plugged the address into the GPS and went to the location. In his mind he was reminded about the time she sneaked into his house and she informed him that she was about to squirt but held back. Today there would be no holding back he thought to himself.

He arrived and parked in the back as instructed. He went to the door and she met him in a nice sexy outfit dressed to show off her cleavage but as impressive was the fact that her lips were perfectly outlined in a nice color lipstick. He knew the head of his cock would soon share the same hue.

He entered and she kissed him deeply. He looked into her big eyes and asked how long he had, Her son was away but she had to get him in about 2 hours so to be safe about an hour or so. He knew he wanted to work on her clit more sooner than later. I asked her where she was going to take me. And without hesitation she said “will you fuck me in his bed?” I did not have to be asked twice and she led me into the bedroom. Our hands were all over each other and she soon found my nipples with her lips. She knew exactly how to drive me wild. I laid her back and allowed her to nibble and suck on kadıköy escort bayan them while my hands continued to explore her. Soon we began kissing and I eased down and spread open her thighs and led my awaiting tongue to her moist honey hole.

I had it in my mind to make sure her juices shoot out like a cannon so i worked her clit and her inner lips well. My fingers gliding in and out her moans turned me on even more. Her hands now working the back of my head and her back arched making my tongue fall deeper into her crevice. Her first orgasm was strong and a certain smell I had missed was filling the air. I however was not done.

I went up to kiss her and she loved the taste of her juices on my lips. I believe at that point she assumed I would be entering her warm and very wet hole. But I went right back down to her gaping pussy. I gently place a finger on her back side and pushed ever so gently into her ass. Her moans told me she enjoyed this a lot. My other hand now was comfortable to enter her and like a magnet found her sponge like G spot wanting to be massaged and played with. Her moans got louder as did her vocalization. Please please more…I did not have to be begged but I must admit I liked it. My fingers worked in unison to drive Jayme nuts. slowly escort maltepe at first to make sure each hole would be able to take what would eventually be coming.

Dans tongue worked overtime on her clit which was now full of blood and expanded as big as he had ever seen it before. her hips writhed with the motion and he could feel the build up and with that he slowed down teasing her with a certain rhythm that he knew would get him what he wanted and expected. he sped up again her moans now grew into demands “Yes Yes Faster harder”, with that Dan pushed his lips together and sucked on her clit as she screamed a bit he stopped and let her recover if only for the moment. His fingers still working her ass and getting deeper by the second. Her open pussy now had 3 fingers inside and making a motion to drive her nuts.

I knew I could do what ever I wanted to do to her. Her own hands were working her nipples fast as i then sucked again on her clit and as I pulled my lips off her clit I also pulled my fingers from her pussy and drove my other had into her ass farther she let out a screech and the first explosion happened. Dan quickly put his fingers back and started the train over again. Jayme continued to breathe heavily as Dan worked her holes equally fast deep and now very hard, Again he pulled out and this time the flood gates opened. The bed was now officially soaked and there was no turning back. She cried “again… again”, and Dan licked her again until she squirted for a third time. He was so turned on and now she was begging and crying for his cock…



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