He called me into the audition.He called me into the audition. I did my usual monologue, which I’d done before. After I was finished, he and his assistant took a moment, whispered something to each, before his assistant suddenly left. I watched her go, then asked, “Am I done?” He looked at me with a dirty little grin and said, “Oh, no. Would you come here?” I tentatively approached him. I should mention that I usually started the day with a nice morning jack off, after an evening’s full of hot dreams. It at least would get me through a couple of hours before my usual horniness would return. But because I had to make this audition, I didn’t have time to partake in my usual routine, even if I came close to anyway while I was on the subway. Yes, the thought occurred to me, even on a crowded subway, to just pull out my throbbing cock. There was even a very hot guy sitting across from me that I ogled, but who didn’t seem to notice me. So when I got to this audition I was pretty jazzed up. When I did my audition piece, I couldn’t really focus. I saw the male bodrum escort casting director looking down at my crotch, not very impressed with my acting, but seemingly impressed with other things. So even though I didn’t think I had a chance of being called back, I wasn’t resistant to what he may have had in mind here. So he called me over and seductively looked me up and down; he was in his late 50’s, not unattractive, but not someone I’d instinctively want to jerk off over. “You have a very nice body. Would you like to do something for me?” I took a moment, but started to become intrigued, my cock instantly swelling up with anticipation. “Lick your lips”, he said. “Lick them slowly and rub your crotch”. It didn’t take me long to get into character, so to speak. Within seconds, I was rubbing my crotch, licking my thick red lips, subtly moaning and whispering to him, “You like my body, huh? You want me to show you my cock? Huh?” He immediately told me to take my clothes off, which I did. Suddenly all the energy that was lacking in my audition escort bodrum monologue came out manyfold, as I stroked my throbbing cock, my pre-cum oozing out, which I’d occasionally take a taste of in front of his wanting eyes. “You like my cock, huh? You like watching me stroke my fucking huge cock? Huh? You want me to suck your cock? Huh? I will suck you like you’ve never been sucked off before.” He quickly removed his pants, now in fear of someone walking in, but I didn’t care; this is what the whole morning was building to for me. I needed to suck his cock. I wrapped my thick lips around his hard cock and eagerly started to pound my head into his lap as I stroked my cock, moaned loudly… There was a knock at the door, the casting director yelled “DON’T COME IN YET!”, which I thought was a fitting statement anyway, being that I know he didn’t want to cum too fast inside my mouth. Admittedly, my flaw, if you could call it that, was that I was a little too good at giving head, if you know what I mean. I slowly lessened the oral grip on his bodrum escort bayan cock just so he could enjoy it a few extra seconds, sensing that he was so very close. “Can I cum in your mouth? Can I cum down your throat?” he asked. “Oh, yeah”, I said, “You fucking cum down my throat.” I continued to jack off my hard cock, the knocking at the door continuing, as I went back to sucking his pulsating cock. I sucked him fucking good, jerking off my huge cock and dripping pre-cum throughout onto the floor. Our moans were undisguisable as the pounding continued. I even realized that I was sucking his cock and jerking off in rhythm to the door pounds from outside. “Oh, my God” he said, “I’m gonna….I’m gonna’….” Suddenly, I felt his cum ooze down my wanting throat. I sucked it down like a vacuum as I too came all over the floor, which soon became a creamy white lake around us, which included the drops of our sweat. I made sure every drop from his cock was expended, then leaned back with some of his residual cum on my chin, and stroked myself a couple of more times seductively before his exhausted eyes,…and then rose triumphantly. I picked up my clothes, walked to the door with his cum still on my chin, and said “I may not get this part, but you’ll never forget me either, motherfucker.” And then I left.



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