I recommend first reading “Happy Hour”. Also worth noting that “Wife’s Work Adventure” goes on another pretend route divergent from this one in case you are interested. As always, note the tags and make sure that you are comfortable with them, and please know that the characters are not real.


The weekend passed into Monday morning without event, and was painfully slow.

Elsa, the woman with whom I had spent the most amazing sexual experience of my life on the previous Friday, hadn’t returned my numerous calls all weekend and so far this morning was acting as though nothing happened. I made a few attempts at catching up with her, but she was always running to a meeting or chatting with other coworkers.

One of my employees, Angie, hadn’t looked me in the face since we arrived. I had hired Angie straight out of college about a year earlier, and she was a stellar employee: intelligent, motivated, and full of ideas. I always figured she would move to the top someday and sooner rather than later.

The problem was that Angie had stayed late at Friday’s happy hour… too late, and had walked outside while I was ravaging Elsa on her car hood. The image of that look on her face – not the shock or disappointment I expected, rather some excitement and maybe even lust – had burned into my mind.

I walked past Angie’s desk a few times throughout the morning just to try to clear the air, but she was obviously trying to avoid me. I didn’t want to make things even more uncomfortable, especially since we’d be working together long after Elsa was gone. So, I decided to let it go.

After lunch, I was finally forced to walk over to Angie’s desk in order to deal with a work-related issue. I had to lean over her to view her computer monitor, and the view of her modest neckline plunging into and under her business shirt, along with the scent of her sweet perfume and our proximity made my cock start to stand at attention.

If Elsa was the girl of many men’s dreams, and she was, then Angie was the kind that sneaks up on you. While she had a smile that could light up a room, she had grown up a typical “nerd” and still dressed like it. She had excelled in math during college and was working on her master’s degree in data science, completing the nerdy picture. However, her prudish business attire complete with thick-rimmed glasses, suit pants and jacket and tight, white blouse with her auburn hair done up in a tight ponytail in back, couldn’t hide her gorgeous slim figure and beautiful face today.

We both ignored the awkwardness that arose from Friday night’s events, and stayed focused on the business need. “Thanks for your help, sir,” she finished. I never quite understood why, but Angie started calling me “sir” early in our working relationship and it just kind of stuck.

I took in a breath of her scent, a hint of the soft perfume on her neck, and lightly brushed my hand against her upper arm before wishing her a good night; with a sweet smile and daring just a glance at eye contact, she wished me the same.

On the way back to my desk, I ran into another one of my employees, Jeff. “Damn, bro, Elsa looks all kinds of fuckin’ slutty today, did you see that outfit?” Jeff muttered. “She looks like she’s trying to seriously get fucked, man.” Jeff was kind of an asshole and rarely made any attempt to filter himself at work. “What do you think my chances are? It is her last couple of weeks in town right?”

“Why not concentrate on your work, Jeff?” I answered.

“Dude, how could you concentrate on anything like work when she is walking around in that?” He gestured over to Elsa, who was bent over a coworker’s desk.

Jeff had a point. Elsa had come to work wearing the exact outfit she wore Friday night – the top of her red strapless sundress strained against her supple, natural 25-year-old D-cups that barely reached up past her nipples. I was amazed that it was able to contain them at all as it pushed inch upon inch of cleavage towards her smooth neckline. The bottom of the sundress hung just below her petite ass and left a few inches of her milky thighs before revealing the tops of the white stockings that traveled her long legs and hid under her red spiked heels. Elsa’s hair was still done up in light blond curls that bounced as she moved, and her bright red lipstick matched her dress.

I knew that Elsa wasn’t wearing the same panties from Friday night because they had been left, cum-stained, in my bedroom. I couldn’t help but wonder if the spot which was barely visible on the right side of her dress was more of my own cum.

Later in the afternoon, I again walked over to Elsa’s office but she was either in yet another meeting or already gone for the day. I gave up and went home by myself.

The next morning, I couldn’t stop myself from watching some of my new video before work and it just added to my already raging libido. I was running late and so I pushed stop right as Elsa dropped her dress to the floor in the video, and kartal escort bayan stuffed my raging cock back into my pants before leaving for work.

Elsa arrived at 7:45, and had again dressed up; this time she was wearing a tight-fitting gray business suit that accentuated her voluptuous form, and although more professional than the sundress, it was incredibly sexy – especially the just-a-little-too-short-for-work skirt and black stockings giving way to black heels. I could see just an inch of the flesh on her thighs between her skirt and stockings as she walked past, and decided to follow her as she walked into the conference room.

“Hey”, was all I could muster at first.

“Oh hi there, good morning,” Elsa said with a smile. “I decided to hide in this room while I try to get some things done. I can’t believe that I’m almost done here.”

Elsa placed a notebook on the table and moved closer, staring me in the eyes with her lips dangerously close to mine. I could feel the warmth of her breath, and was instantly hard again. I knew then that Elsa would be able to have me whenever she wanted – and she knew it.

“I… I’ve thought a lot about Friday night. It was the most amazing sexual experience I’ve ever had,” she put her arms around my neck and kissed me lightly on the mouth.

I reached around her with both arms and grabbed her toned ass. “Me too, Elsa.”

“Did you watch the video of us? I bet it was super hot,” she quipped as she released her grip and backed up.

“Yes, and… yes,” I responded with a wry smile.

Elsa continued, some distance now between us, “The thing is, Friday night made me realize that I don’t really know what’s out there in the world for me, you know? I had only ever been with one man before you, and it was so… incredible, the things you did with me and… to me. I’m so sorry, but I need a couple more days to think about things. You really woke me up to the possibilities out there, and I think I just need to explore some more,” she finished.

I felt like I had just been punched in the gut.

We talked for a few more minutes and agreed that until Elsa was ready to talk, we would focus only on work at work. I left the conference room feeling dejected.

Later that morning, Angie walked by. “What’s wrong, sir?” she stopped and asked.

“Oh nothing, just feeling a little down.” It was the first time we’d spoken about anything other than strictly work issues since the previous Friday.

“Yeah. You should know, the rumor is going around that you hooked up last week and that she’s kind of dumped you already. I’m so sorry to hear that. If you need to, you know, talk or whatever this week just let me know. We can have my one-on-one meeting early this month or something. You know I always like our one-on-ones, so I guess you could call it a kind of one-on-one win-win!” She giggled and gave me a warm smile, her bad pun giving no hint to convey the horror that she must have still had in her head at the scene of me servicing Elsa’s pussy in front of a crowd outside of the bar Friday night.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone, and we went into another nearby conference room.

We talked for over 45 minutes. Well, more like Angie listened to me for 45 minutes. She had a very giving personality and although I was really mixed up with my feelings of lust as well as gratefulness for her kindness, I knew deep down that it wasn’t a good idea at the conclusion of our meeting when I stood up and opened my arms for a hug. I was her boss after all, and people get in big trouble for these kinds of things in the corporate world.

Angie didn’t hesitate, however, and stood to meet me. A slender girl, 5 foot 9 and not an ounce over 135 pounds, Angie could have been a model in a different life in spite of her goofy personality and style. Customers were in the office today, and she was dressed for success: a matching black business jacket and modest knee-length skirt covered her pink button-down collared shirt. White nylon stockings traveled down her long, toned legs to her black leather heels that made her reach almost as tall as myself.

I reminded myself that she had been a “nerd” her whole life – bookish and smart but not always comfortable in her own skin – she hadn’t really noticed while she had blossomed in the past year. In the way of girls of this type, the fact that she was completely unaware of it made her even more attractive. As I took her into my arms I was amazed, not for the first time, that she remained single even at the young age of 23.

We stood there for too long and having been on the edge of orgasm so many times during the last day, I couldn’t hide my immediately engorged member. “Oh my, sir, um… what is…” she trailed off, at once understanding what the bulge at her stomach was. Instead of backing away, however, she just smiled, “You know what? No big deal,” she shook her head, “I’m not offended. I know you’re confused, but this isn’t a good escort maltepe idea. You’re taken and well, Elsa… you know. I can’t… well, I just can’t, you know?” Her breathing was heavy and rapid now. “I mean, I do like you though…” she blushed and turned her eyes down as she had this internal argument with herself.

I lifted her chin with the tips of my fingers, and her brown eyes met mine. After a moment of silence, I moved in and kissed her lips ever-so-gently. She was shaking in my arms initially but quickly warmed to me, and soon we were passionately kissing, and my hands were exploring her body. As my hands traveled up from her hips to her shoulders, I noticed she had developed goosebumps.

“Sir,” she hesitated, “look, I’m not a virgin. And, um, I don’t know why the hell I just told you that. Wow, you’re a good kisser.” I could tell she was flustered, but her shallow breathing betrayed her.

“Angie, I understand your hesitation. I do, but I know what we both want.” It was impossible for me to hide my aggression, but there was no resistance as I slid my fingers up the front of her skirt and silk panties, and gently rubbed her thighs. I kissed her passionately again and slid my right hand inside the back of her panties, feeling the heat within and trailing my finger toward her ass, when she started shaking more violently.

“I need to tell you something,” Angie whispered. “Friday night when I saw you… I was a little sad, but… well, it was because a part of me wanted you to be doing all of that with me. It was really, I mean really hot. I… oh please don’t touch me like that, not at work, mmm… sir I was so turned on from watching you. I went home and… I touched myself. I touched my… area down there, and I… I masturbated.”

The way she was so incredibly nervous with her confession, and particularly even saying the word, “masturbation”, was a huge turn-on. I kissed her harder and starting slipping off her panties.

“I came, I thought of you doing those things to me and I came… Sir, I… I can’t do this. I won’t be able to stop myself if we go any further. You’re right, I do want… well, you… but… I’m sorry…” Angie pulled my hand out, and quickly left the room.

I was left by myself for the second time that day, and decided to get out of Dodge. I cleaned myself and then my desk and went straight home, passing Angie’s empty desk and the closed door of Elsa’s conference room on the way.

I was feeling rejected, but more than that I was feeling horny and thought I might explode if I didn’t get some release. It wasn’t more than 5 minutes after I pulled my car into the driveway that I was sitting on the edge of my couch, my rising cock in my left hand while my right hand had the remote control beginning the movie from Friday night.

I pressed “play”, and watched as Elsa undressed in HD on my big-screen television and then face away from me on all fours, revealing her pussy. I rubbed up and down on the shaft of my hardening cock and laid back into the couch. As I gained momentum, I removed all of my clothes, and it felt liberating to be fully nude in my living room. I could tell that this was going to be a gigantic ejaculation, even if it was just my own hand bringing me to climax.

I was watching a close-up of Elsa sliding her finger into her pussy lips when I was startled out of my focus by a knock at the door. “Damn, what now…” I thought, but before I could get up to dress and answer the door, I heard footsteps squeaking on the stairs. “Holy crap, Sarah’s home early!” I thought for just a second, before I saw an auburn ponytail bouncing over the top of the bannister.

Angie walked in without a word. She entered looking the way she had earlier that day: pristine. I paused the movie, feeling incredibly embarrassed, and looked back at the beauty in front of me who was staring at the cock in my hand. We both looked at each other, motionless, for what seemed an eternity.

Angie made the next move and I watched intently as she slowly removed her jacket and blouse. She stood for a moment in the light of the sun coming through the window, a picture of physical perfection: her perky B-cup tits jumped out of her black push-up bra, and her skirt gave way to the top of her white thigh-high stockings.

Angie kicked her heels off and into the corner and removed her bra while covering her breasts with her hands. She tentatively dropped her hands from her perfect breasts and walked toward me while removing her skirt to unveil her dark red panties, soaked dark in the middle.

She stopped just in front of me, the moisture from her pussy beginning to soak through her red panties just inches from my face, and whispered nervously, “you can turn it back on. I mean, if you want to, you could. No, I guess what I’m saying is, I want you to. I want to watch.”

I grabbed the top of her panties and pulled down; silence filled the air as they dropped around her ankles and she slowly stepped out. Angie pendik escort stood fully naked in front of me for a long while and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her beauty. Finally, I hit play on the remote and leaned into her as Elsa masturbated on the television.

I wrapped my hands around Angie and pulled forward, gently licking this fine woman’s toned stomach while my arms traveled down her legs. My tongue jutted into her navel which generated a full-body tremble within her, and I took it as her desire to keep going. I eventually moved my lips and tongue down to just above bare pussy lips. Angie’s musky scent mixed with her perfume was intoxicating as I fluttered my tongue at the top of her labia.

I turned Angie so that she faced the television, and licked her lower back. “She’s so beautiful, sir,” she moaned softly. Her moan became a gasp when I brought my hand around her hip and gently pushed on the exterior of her pussy to rub her while my tongue began to explore her backside.

I couldn’t tell what turned her on more: my servicing of her, or her view of the television. She was intently staring at her boss’ crush, and the source of her envy. Elsa was still alone at this point and on all fours on the bed which was just upstairs from us, plunging her fingers into her pussy while I filmed her from behind.

I pressed my tongue forward onto and into Angie’s ass and squeezed her cheek while I fondled her in front as well; she turned to look at me again and grabbed my chin to lift it away from her. “Let me please you, sir.”

Before I knew it, Angie was on her knees and looking up at me, then at my hard cock. “I hope I’m ok at this, I have done it a few times,” she half-whispered before sliding her lips down onto me and taking half of the length of my cock into her mouth.

My focus was completely on Angie as she began to slowly play with my member, slipping me in and out of her mouth and using her tongue in ways I didn’t expect – she would first start going down on my cock and pressing her tongue against the base of my erect cock, then swirl and finally suck as though she was coaxing my orgasm out of me. All the while, she stared into my eyes while I gazed back.

My body stiffened. “Angie, wow you are amazing. You are so beautiful, and you are so good at that.”

“Thank you, sir,” she replied, “I want you to be happy. I want to make you happy.” She continued to please me with her mouth and I was surprised that I didn’t come right away, but something about her timing and patient method kept me intact.

Angie looked up at me. “Sir, would it make you happy if… if you put it in me? I mean, if you put yourself in my… you know…”

I answered, “Angie, do you want me to put my hard cock into your pussy?”

“Yes sir. I mean, yes, boss.”

“Say it.”

“Sir, er… boss, I want you to put your hard… your cock into my pussy. My wet pussy. I can do it for you, if you’d like.”

“Yes, you can do that. I want to feel your pussy,” I allowed, and Angie stood back up to straddle me.

I gasped as Angie slowly lowered herself onto my waiting cock and wrapped her arms around my neck, easily sliding on with her ample lubrication. The understanding of what was happening with this woman who I always assumed was a prude was exhilarating. My tongue followed her body on the way down, from the top of her clit, her pelvis and naval, and her flat stomach, before finally my mouth reached both of her marvelous tits. I suckled first her left, then her right nipple, placing them into my mouth and gently sucked and licked the areolas.

Once I fully entered her, Angie wasted no time in using her strong legs to slide up and down on my cock while we kissed, gently at first. I put my arms around her to bring our bodies closer together, and began to push my tongue in and out of her mouth and thrust upward in sync with Angie’s movements.

Angie pulled back and turned her head toward the screen while I continued to plunge in and out of her, and I finally grabbed her tightly by her tight ass and hips then leaned back to let her ride me with her head to the television and placed her hands on my shoulders, hovering back while she pushed up and down.

Our new position allowed me an opportunity to watch her perky tits move with our gyration, but after just a few moments of it she abruptly stood up and turned her body towards the television.

I had been focused on Angie while she rode me and had not noticed the screen, where I was now in the picture and was about to enter Elsa from behind. Angie was still watching the video and looked positively mesmerized.

With Angie now standing facing away from me, I took the opportunity and before she could change positions again, pushed into Angie’s lower back and again started licking her backside. She glistened slightly from sweat, and the taste mixed with her faint perfume made me want her even more. I lowered my face while my tongue traveled along her spine, bit by bit; she once again shuddered but understood what I was doing and bent over to touch the floor with her feet spread slightly apart.

“Like this, sir? Is this how you want me?” she asked, looking back at me before looking again at the screen and watching me fuck Elsa from behind.



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