Hadley.(an unfinished story i once wrote for a girl i was having the occasional phone fling with..the ’90s was a strange time, lol)The hesitant feeling of your motor was the first warning sign, but it didn’t give you much time to reach before you felt the power drop off as the engine gave out completely. You turned the wheel, coasting to a stop along the shoulder, as you muttered a curse under your breath.You sat in your seat for a moment, attempting to turn the engine over to no avail. The moon was just rising over the skysc****rs, and you realized that you weren’t going to be making it down to your favourite bar in time for happy hour. You pulled out your cellular phone, figuring to make quick work of this issue, only to realize you had zero indiciation of coverage, which wasn’t going to help your evening’s plans.”So much for pimps and hos,” you sighed to yourself as you resigned yourself to fate and turned your four-ways on. You wondered what a sight you’d make to passing motorists, as you’d dressed for your favourite part of the night; the bar you frequented liked to try theme nights to liven up their happy hour on weekends, this Friday was your favourite, Pimps ‘n Hos, a night you rarely missed a chance to partake in. You felt under the dash for the hood release, popped it open with a thunk then threw the door open to try and flag someone down.You knew passing eyes would be on you as stretched your leg out the door, you knew it and couldn’t help but to enhance the image you portrayed, stretching it out so that it would present a rising arch, a decadant image of sexuality and playfullness, imagining their eyes as your foot, wrapped in a patent four inch heel, clicked the pavement. The heel, in turn, held your foot high as the straps from the shoe wrapped around your ankle and criss crossed up the first few inches of your leg, itself cocooned in a seamed, black stocking. It wouldn’t be a ho outfit if it didn’t flaunt everything it could, so of course the stockings came to a halt just below the line of your black, spandex minidress. The garters came down to bisect the pure white stripe of flesh, completing the seam up the back of the stocking to up under the skirt, beyond that their aksaray escort imagination would need to serve them. You brought yourself out of the car, modestly pulling the skirt down over your legs a bit, which of course in turn accented the curves of your hips as the minidress rose up and over them, hugged your stomach and came to an end just over the swell of your breasts, the straps heading over your shoulders to begin the return down your back, which was mostly open to the cool breeze that was playing lightly over your shoulders and neck, as you piled the hair above your head, all in place save for that one lock which fell over your forehead and cheek.You closed the door behind you, then began to walk to the front of the car where the hood was unlashed. You felt the swinging of your hips match in time to the rhythmic clicking of the flashers while you moved to open the hood. Standing there, you watched as a few cars drove past, wondering what must be in the passing motorists’ heads, imagining the thoughts that had, and wondering why no one would stop to help the damsel in distress.”Bastards,” you’d say to yourself as each subsequent car passed, especially the ones that slowed down enough to take a good look at you, only to speed up when past. You wondered how long you’d have to stand out here, watching motorists speed past before someone would stop and at least offer to contact help on their cellular phone. You realized as you were lost in these thoughts that a car was most certainly slowing down, and pulling off behind yours. Well, this is what you needed. You began to walk over to the passenger door and leaned in so that you could say hello and what sort of help these people could offer you. You moved to the side of the car, now able to make out the face behind the glass turn to follow you, there was only a single person in the car. Leaning into the open window, you took your first look at the man who’d stopped to help you out, quickly assessing him in a single glance, “tall, long brown hair and eyes, but a friendly smile. Hmmm,” you thought as you took him in, you realized that he was doing the same to you.The stranger greeted you first, “Hiya, seemed like you were aksaray escort bayan having a bit of difficulty, so I figured I’d stop, what’s the problem?””Why hello, thanks for stoppin’, I’m Hadley,” you responded in turn, “my car just up ‘n died on the highway…won’t seem to turn over.””Well, Hadley, I’m no mechanic, but I can certainly call a tow truck for you, if you need,” as he smiled back at you. “Well,” you sighed, “I already tried that.. I don’t have any coverage….””I could always offer you a lift, if you need.””Uhm, well,” you stammered as you pondered over your options. No cellular phone was working, it wasn’t like you were going to be able to repair the car yourself, and your options seemed pretty short. Besides, at least he had a genuine smile and kind demeanor, your intuitiion told you that of all the people that could’ve pulled over, you were ahead of the game with someone friendly. ” A car ride would be great, but I’m not so sure I’m gonna find a mechanic tonight, either. I don’t suppose you’d drop me off downtown, would ya, and I don’t want to seem like an ingrate, but, uhh, what exactly is your name?”His laughter rung out again, as the door lock clicked to open, “Get in, if you want. My name’s Scott, and I’m not from the area, so you’ll have to guide me, but sure.. I can’t deny a pretty woman her due.” You smiled back at him, your brown eyes catching a passing car’s headlights under a dusting of light purple eye shadow, and opened the door to slide in beside him. You didn’t need to look to feel his eyes following the line of your thigh up, the feeling of being admired from a distance something that you were no stranger to, and enjoyed. You might be too late for happy hour, but at the very least, you’d have fun with your little diversion, and have a story to laugh about with your friends later. You tossed your head towards him, feeling that errant lock of hair slide over your face, and you looked up to him under your eyelashes, smiling a half smile. “Thanks Scott, I can’t tell you what this means to me.” You thought for a moment that you caught a moment of blush, as he nodded back to you and accellerated back onto the road.You soon learned that he escort aksaray was in town for just another few days on a business trip, having something to do with telephones and switches, and that his hotel was only a few blocks from the bar. You tried inviting him down for a few drinks, but he feigned tiredness and said he really needed to just get back to his room. As your trip began to close in to your bar, you tried again to see if you could convince him to come out. As the car slowed to a stop just across from the entrance, you looked over to him again, in time to catch him glancing at the white, exposed flesh just below the hemline. “Are you sure you can’t come in, Scott? I’d love to repay you for the ride with a drink or a few,” you asked for a final time.He smiled back, “Actually, Hads, I was going to offer to buy you a drink if you want to come back to the hotel bar, instead.” With a coy smile, you lowered your voice, “I think I’d like that, Scott, I think I’d like that alot.” Your quietness had the correct affect, it was clear he didn’t quite hear you and leaned in, evidently to ask what you had said, however, you used this chance to respond back by simply moving your legs so that the hem line rose up higher, exposing more skin, an unspoken exclamation point to his last query. He smiled as he continued to lean in closer, his lips brushing against your shoulder, a tingle being set off as his warm breath rolled over your skin. He followed the line of your shoulder, of your neck up with a series of short, gentle kisses, only to stop short of your lips, barely brushing his against yours as he leaned back, and silently shifted the car back to drive and pressed onto the gas.The next few moments passed in a blur, the few short blocks to the Hyatt completed in silence, while his hand traced lazy circles over your knee. You wondered what the hotel staff thought, given your current state of dress, as he pulled under the canopy and got out, a valet already opening the door for you. He tossed the keys to the valet, and took your hand, leading you inside the lobby. The moments passed quickly, the elevator arrived at the lobby with a bing, and the doors hissed open, he pulled you in, pushing the 11 button and the close door buttons in rapid succession, only to close into you as the doors sealed shut, pulling you closer to him.His arms wrapped around you, and pulled you close as his lips found yours, already slightly parted. (unfinished)



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