Gunnie and Refugee 2018Gunnie and Refugee 2018In th city where i lives there have been coming quite a few people from all warfone in the world and i have been lucky to get to know some of them. I must admit that I luv those people. I have two apartments that I visit quite often without telling my hubby. The first apartment lives three young boys no one older then 18 and the second apartment is where often there is three old men. I go to this apartment every week depends on time and if I can get away. The three boys go to school so I try to meet them after school and Tuesdays looks a good day.I meet them att a coffe bar down in central town. They where standing outside trying to get in but the guard wouldn’t let them in. I got upp and talked to them I saw they where really young but I wanted to get to know them. I told them can we go for a little bit I asked them where you from and why wouldn’t they let you in. They say afganistan and that he didn’t would let refugee in. they where really cute couldn’t been more then 18 none of them. -Where do you live illegal bahis can you get me some coffee.-Oh of course we can we has an apartment near here.They where so cute it started to tingle in my belly. We came to there place. -I’m Gunnie what can I call you. -Oh sorry we are Asmat – Ramzy – Aslan nice to get to know you mam.When we got inside there apartment Aslan started to caress my rear end smoothly I felt the tingel inside my belly and I gave Aslan a big kiss and he sure like it. Then Ramzy got to my tits got my blouse up and kiss my tits and how so horny I get.Ramzy and Aslan get me on the bed take of my blouse and my black skirt. Aslam get between and started to lick my pussy god how good it felt. He put some fingers in my pussy and I started to cum …my cum out and he got to lick it.Ramzy suck my tits hard. God so horny I am. Asmat put his nice dick in my mouth started to suck his beautiful dick. Felt soo good I licked his young cock took it all in my mouth he started moaning and shaking and he cum in my mouth a real big load had to swallow illegal bahis siteleri several times. My tits got so many bites felt so horny Aslan licked my clit hard I cum all the time then he got his cock in my pussy working hard fast pumping felt so good I just cum all the time squirt all over his cock ha pump me hard and just blow out a big load in my pussy god so much sperm they have Aslan got off and Ramzy took his place god what a beautiful hard cock his got felt it all in my pussy squirting all over it I touched his lovely hair with my fingers -Oh Ramzy take me hard cum in my pussy cum fill me up.He just moaned and pump me har and cum with a big big load felt my pussy was full of his sperm.They all three lay beside me in the bed touching me tits belly pussy Ramzy kissed me real hard with his tounge. They wanted me again I just turned around on all four.-Come take me again want you all more take me boys.Asmat got up and got his cock deep inside my pussy I was so wet soaking wet the bed was already soaking wet. Aslam took me hard pumping canlı bahis siteleri his young wonderful cock deep in me felt so good and he just came again he got out and sperm just running out my pussy but that didn’t bother Aslan he just stuck his cock in me pumping hard fast like a steamboat just faster and harder and cum with a big load of sperm again filled me up he just fell off me beside me and Ramzy took his place again.He has the biggest cock of the three boys and it feels so great in my pussy fills me up totally my whole body was shaking when he pound my pussy from behind he just screamed and moan and then he cum and he cum cum so wonderful I just shaking and go down on the bed felt his cock just squirting inside me he laid on my back holding me it was so wonderful I was so satisfied with all three boys.Asmat Aslan and Ramzy I’m gonna meet them often I know. I got kisses from all three I used the bathrrom to get clean before getting home so my hubby wouldn’t notice anything somethings you got to hide from your hubby. They gave strong huggings and lots of kisses before I got out of there apartment told them I cum back next week if you want they nearly screamed oooooooo please do Gunnie please do we want you.My date with three immigrants boys from afganistan was a real beauty success.



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