I remember fondly the girlfriend I had when I was a sophomore in college. What made Peggy so special was her sense of Catholic guilt. She was the horniest woman I have ever known, but she thought everything to do with sex was a sin. Because of that I never fucked Peggy, but we did just about everything else.

She particularly loved sucking cock, and she was an expert at it. She would get down on her knees and pull my cock out of my pants. Then she would lick the head for a couple of minutes before she wrapped her lips around it and began a sloppy blowjob. She would move her face up and down, slobbering over my cock, moaning, really getting into it. Then when I shot a load of sperm down her throat, she would keep on sucking until she got every drop. Afterwards she would look up at me and say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for letting her suck my cock. Believe me, the pleasure was all mine. Not really, she really got off when she blew me. Later she would feel guilty, feel that she had committed a sin. I tried to tell her that something that felt that good couldn’t be a sin, but I never convinced her. I used to imagine her in the confession box telling the priest about her sin. I wondered how graphic she was in her description of that sin.

I used to go down on her too, but she never seemed as excited when I was eating her pussy as she was when she sucked my cock. I wanted her to shave her pussy for me, but she never would do that. Sometimes I would offer to lick her sweet pussy, but often she declined. “All I want escort ataşehir to do is suck your willy,” she would say.

When we got together, it would never be too long before she asked me if I wanted her to suck my willy. Needless to say, I never refused. Sometimes she would ask, “Do you want to go twice or make it last?” If we had time, I always chose to make it last. She would suck my cock for an hour, teasing me with her mouth until at last she gave the coup de grace and let me flood her mouth with my juice.

I always wanted to fuck her, but there was no way she would allow that. Then I began to wonder if she would let me fuck her in the ass. If I couldn’t get her pussy, maybe I would be able to get her ass. As I rubbed my hand over her ass, I said, “What if I put it up there. That wouldn’t really be a sin, would it?”

“You mean???”

“Yeah, put it in your bottom. I’d like to try that. It wouldn’t really be a sin,” I repeated.

“I don’t know if it would be a sin, but it sounds disgusting to me. I’ve never heard of anything so filthy. Besides, I know it would hurt like hell.”

I knew there was no point in arguing any more, but it was okay. She gave me one her nice slutty, sloppy blowjobs. But in the days to come I continued to think about how nice it would be to have my cock up her nice, round ass. I mentioned it casually to her a couple of times, and she ignored my comments until one time she said, “I would never let you do that, but if you had me tied up, I couldn’t stop you.”

I wasn’t sure kadıköy escort bayan how to take Peggy’s comment. “You mean…?

“It wouldn’t be a sin on my part if you had me tied up and took advantage of me.”

“I see.”

“It would be a sick, perverted act on your part, and it would hurt, I am sure. I can’t imagine why you would want to do such a filthy thing.”

Still unsure of what she expected, I got a couple of old ties and told her to take her clothes off and put her hands behind her. Peggy had a beautiful body, but I rarely got to see it. Usually she just got down on her knees and hauled my cock out of my pants and went to work on it.

I had her lie down on the bed with her hands tied behind her and got some Vaseline and started rubbing it over her crinkly hole, and then shoving my finger into her ass and finger fucking her like that.

“I hope you know what a pervert you are,” she said. “If you didn’t have my hands tied like this, I wouldn’t let you do that.” But she spread her legs a little so I could have easier access to her butt.

I hadn’t had much sexual experience when I met Peggy. I had fucked only one other girl. While I really would have liked to stick my cock into her soft pussy, the idea of ass fucking that voluptuous woman had a perverse appeal to me.

I put some Vaseline on my cock and placed it at the entrance to her rectum and pushed gently.

“Oh God, that hurts. Stop! Stop! It hurts too much.”

I didn’t want to hurt Peggy, but then I had the head inside escort bostancı her, and it felt so wonderful that I didn’t want to stop.

“Please, please, take it out,” she begged.

I pulled my cock out knelt between her legs for a minute, rubbing Vaseline over her asshole. Then I pushed my cock against her opening again and gently pushed the head inside.

“Stop! Please stop. I can’t stand the pain. Oh my God, it hurts.”

I wanted to bury my cock all the way up her ass and fuck her hard and fast, but felt bad about giving her all that pain. I still had my cock head buried in her ass. “I don’t want to hurt you. If it hurts too much, I’ll take it out.”

“No, don’t take it out. Just go easy. Even if I wanted you to take it out, I can’t stop you because you have my hands tied.”

I pushed my cock slowly into her tight ass, then it pulled it back but not out. I kept pushing it in a little further until I was completely buried deep in her behind. For a moment I just held it there, enjoying the feeling of my cock in her ass. Then I started fucking her slowly but in moments I was so hot that I picked up the pace, fucking her in the ass hot and fast until I shot my juice deep into her bowels.

After we had rested for a couple of minutes, I untied her hands so she could go to the bathroom. Then I washed my cock off and just lay there for a while cuddling.

After that we went back to blow jobs most of them time, with me occasionally licking her pussy. But every once in a while she would say, “I bet you want to tie me up and put your thing into my bottom.” She always acted as though I was a big pervert for wanting to fuck her in the ass, and she always complained that it hurt, but she always let me do it after I tied her hands, and I know she off when I fucked her hot ass.



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