Guillible momMy mother and I live alone because of some circumstances. My brother is in college and my father is having a business trip somewhere around Asia. I was very happy when I heard that we will be alone for 5 months. I have always lusted for my mother , she is 44 years old, black hair with brown eyes and her boobs’ size are average. I started to lust for her four years ago when I was 12 years old, I saw them fuck each other one night. Since then Ive always dreamed of fucking her.One day I went to my cousins house to play some video games. They’re rich and have a very big house but his parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. We were alone in that very big house. I’ve always wanted to go to his parents room to see what’s inside so I went there when he was busy doing something. The room was big and has a queen size bed, beside the bed I saw a drawer and opened it. I saw a bottle of sleeping pills in it. I’ve always wondered how they work so I got some. I then went home and ate dinner with my mom. After eating I went to the cr and had a nice bath. Every time I take a bath I always think of How can I fuck my mother. I’ve always wanted to blackmail her or force her (I don’t want to have sarıyer escort passionate sex with her). Then I remembered the sleeping pills what if I trick her to using sleeping pills. My plan then became complete I will tell her that we have an experiment we need someone to intake the pills. I will tell her that it’s safe and it’s for my school project. The next night I started to execute my plan, she believed it and swallowed one. She began to feel sleepy and went to bed. I waited a several minutes after she got down on the bed. I checked if she would wake up after a simple call. She didn’t , my heart raced very fast, I prepared some blindfold in case of emergeny. I then started released my hard cock and slide it to her skin. I stripped her and touched her everywhere. I was very happy because it was a dream come true. I licked her lips then sucked her tits. I put my cock in her lips and took a picture. I licked her pussy her pussy until its drenching wet. I then proceeded to put my cock inside her. I did it from her back, I started to move slowly until she moved. I hurriedly put the blind folds and hold her hands. She called my name esenyurt escort and screamed for help. I changed my voice and told her nobody’s gonna help and put a cloth in her mouth. I continued to fuck her. She moaned really loud as her pussy tightens. The feeling of r****g my mother was too good that I came fast. I put my cum in her mouth and forced her to drink it. I then ran outside and waited a few minutes. I came inside our house and saw her sleeping again I put her clothes and removed the blindfold. Morning came and I asked her how was her sleep with the pill. She told it was ok . She asked me where was I last night. I got nervous because she might have remembered what happened. I told her that I was in the house all night. She then asked if heard her asking for my help. I answered no and told her that she might be dreaming. I Fucked her again and again , every night until she became scared and talked to my aunt. “I think someone is r****g me every night” my mom said. “why do you think so?”. Im always having a weird dream of being ****d.” a dream is nothing but a dream”. “but I can taste cum every morning, can you sleep with us because I think my son sleeps too avrupa yakası escort hard to hear my screams for help.”maybe your just drinking something to make you dream of those things, I mean you’re not having some sex for so long.”the only thing I drink is the pills for my sons project.My aunt then approached me, and asked me if I know anything , I just answered no . She then told me don’t lie I know you’re the one r****g her. I was shocked how the fuck did she know that? I confessed everything and she told she would help me in one condition. My aunt is divorced for years and haven’t had sex for years too so she told me if I will be her partner anytime she would help me. I gladly accepted, she then told me her plan. My aunt is a psychologist so my mom believes what she says. “You see you dreams disappeared becuase I told you to masturbate so your sexual desires will cool off”. “Yea I think you’re right”. ” I have a tip, based on a recent study fucking your son is good, it can help you enjoy some young cock and your son will just use you to release some urges. It will also avoid early grand k**s ” . ” what is that true?! Isn’t that bad” “Why not try it? My son and I do it all the time , I’m sure your son wants to have sex with you too”. Night came and she asked me if I would like to have sex, I excitedly said yes. There began my very happy life. We fucked everyday even in public. We even participated in orgies and threesome with my aunt.Yeah thats right Read it so that you’ll have a head ache because of its bad construction.



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