Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 01So far this had been a day from hell. No scratch that, a week from hell. Hectic, badly planned, too stressful, badly timed and to top it all off, we were in London. The home of the beautiful, charismatic, intelligent Emma Watson. At least it was where she studied. I’m not sure if she was still able to call any place home really. But today really did take the cake. But perhaps I should clarify who I am. I’m Pete, Emma’s personal bodyguard for close to four years now. Everybody calls me Pete, I insist on it even. I rather not have my last name known to too many people, lest my family gets bothered or something.Today had really been the icing on the cake of hell. It had started this morning with Emma’s publicist rushing just before 7am while I was sipping on a cup of coffee. She almost got by me, almost. I must be slacking or perhaps the last couple of days were getting to me as well. Anyway, I was able to stop Luke from barging into Emma’s bedroom in the suite where she was staying. Nobody knew, but I had snuck Emma’s current boyfriend in last night. Emma hadn’t seen him since arriving in London and I figured I could do at least that for her. But Emma had asked me with her doe coloured eyes to make absolutely sure nobody knew Will was with her. Apparently Luke and she had had a bit of a disagreement on whether Will and Emma should still be seen together. Since I tend to disregard anybody’s wishes but the person I’m guarding, I did just that. So I stopped Luke. He wasn’t too happy about it though. Apparently he had added another Q&A to Emma’s already packed itinerary. This one was to take place during breakfast between 7.30 and 8.30. I looked at Luke while thinking about what repercussions there would be if I just threw him out of the suite. What kind of a masochist books a Q&A during breakfast? After a staring contest that lasted all but 30 seconds, Luke threw up his hands in disgust and left.”Just make sure she’s in the lobby by 7.25am!” Luke shouted while slamming the door behind him.Less than ten seconds later Emma’s door opened and she poked her head through.”Is he gone?”I nodded.”Thanks Pete, I owe you, again.””It’s my job Emma, just try to make the appointment will you?””Yeah, once Will leaves,” Emma answered with a sigh.I detected some friction in those few words. Apparently the reunion last night didn’t exactly go as hoped. Something I had deduced last night by the absence of moans and cries of passion. I figured Emma had been too tired, but apparently something else was playing. I turned back towards my seat and coffee as I heard Will’s voice rising behind the door.”Again?! I come all the way over here and you don’t even put out? Not even a blowjob? Come on Emma, please? Just a quick one? You know how fast I can be!”I didn’t hear Emma’s response but shook my head anyway. I didn’t get that little punk. He was dating a gorgeous girl, pretty eyes, smart, no intelligent even, an adorable laugh when it was genuine and, I’ll admit to having sneaked a peak once or twice, an insanely firm and well-shaped butt. This is funny, since in all the paparazzi pictures I’ve seen so far, not one of them has done her ass any favours.”Come on Em, please? Look, I’ll go wash up real quick, just give me a quick one and then I’ll be on my way! Don’t leave me hanging like this!”His tone of voice made me cringe. It was like a three-year-old not getting his wishes.The door to Emma’s bedroom opened and Emma strode out. She was dressed, or should I say undressed, in nothing but a sheer pink negligee from Victoria’s Secret combined with a matching pair of panties. I had to swallow at her sight and focused on my coffee. Luke started banging on the suite’s door and shouting about the Q&A. From in the bedroom Will was still pleading for Emma to return and I saw Emma’s gradually loose it. I saw or almost felt Emma’s resolve slowly rumbling. And then I noticed Will standing in the door to the bedroom, his cell phone in hand, holding it so that he could take pictures of Emma. I raised an eyebrow and coughed. Will ignored me but Emma saw me watching him and turned her head.”What are you doing?!””Just snapping some pictures to take along. If you don’t put out, I’ll have to make due with these.””Stop it Will, you know I asked you to never ever use your camera when we’re alone.””We’re not alone now are we Emma? He’s here,” Will sneered and made a gesture in my general direction.Luke continued pounding on the door and shouting for Emma to hurry up. Apparently he wasn’t able to hear what was being said inside. But his pounding and shouting were having an effect on Emma.”Will, stop taking pictures of me!” Emma’s voiced started to rise in pitch and I knew what was coming. Normally Emma was the perfect picture of a woman in control of her emotions. But when she reached her limit, she could erupt in a fury. And the signs were there, the fury was coming.”Make me, you little cock tease,” Will laughed and took some more pictures.I saw Emma snap. She turned around and bent over, accidentally giving Will a very nice shot of her ass, and grabbed my coffeepot. Being quite athletic, Emma’s turn and throw were almost graceful. The coffeepot flew towards Will and hit him square in the chest.”What the… You bitch! Look at my shirt!””We’re through Will, I don’t want to see you anymore. Get out!”Emma turned to pick up my plate which still had some leftovers from my breakfast on it. She did have the reflex of tapping the crumbs and leftovers on the tray before hurling the plate towards Will once more. Again she had given him a nice view of her ass. Another picture taken.”You’ve gone mental!” Will squeaked as the plate hit him. He lowered his phone and stepped back into the bedroom closing the door. Emma turned and started to pick up the next best thing to throw at the now closed bedroom door. That’s when I decided to step in.”Miss Watson, stop that.”Perhaps I should mention something else about me. I had enjoyed an education as a teacher. I had passed without much problems, except for one minor remark. Apparently when I get annoyed and the k**s don’t listen, I was able to change my voice. Alter the timbre and make whatever I say, come out so commanding that it scared the k**s. It helped to keep order, but I had received a few remarks on it to try and not use that particular voice. I did now.Emma’s reaction was not exactly what I expected. I had figured I had broken some boundary between bodyguard and client and would receive my share of the fury. But not, it seemed my forceful voice deflated her completely. She lowered the cup she had taken to the tray and turned towards me.”Yes sir,” she said almost meekly. Her stance changed almost instantly from bold, brave and furious to demure, head lowered, shoulders slumping. It was as if all the stress and lack of sleep had seeped into her all at once.”Stand up straight Miss Watson, look up and square those shoulders!” I inadvertently continued using my Voice.Emma almost jumped to attention. This was strangely arousing as her movements made her breasts bounce ever so slightly, letting her nipples rub against her pink negligee. The effect was instant. Her nipples became hard and poked through the delicate fabric of her nighty.I had to swallow again and felt my dick becoming hard. Something Emma noticed apparently as she widened her eyes just slightly as she was looking at me. She lowered her eyes immediately once she saw I had noticed her gaze upon my crotch.”Miss Watson, kindly go into your bedroom and get ready for the Q&A. I will handle Will, ignore him for now.””But the pictures and the mess I made…” Emma started saying in a shy, almost demure voice. Apparently the timbre of my voice still had an effect on her. She moved to pick up the broken pieces of china s**ttered around the room. As she bent over I couldn’t help but noticed that she did in fact have a really nice ass. But what really got my attention was the darker patch of fabric covering her mound. I don’t remember her panties having a darker kütahya escort patch when she stormed out of the room. Was she wet? Did she somehow get aroused in the last couple of minutes? Did she get horny enough for her wetness to permeate her panties in such a way?”I will handle it, Miss Watson. Now start moving.” The last few words sounded almost as a command.Emma got up in such a way that she first straightened her legs while still bent over at the waist. Accentuating her very nicely toned legs which went up, culminating in a firm pair of buttocks. She had to do this on purpose. As she straightened completely she looked over her shoulder and almost timidly she batted her eyelashes.”Yes sir, I’ll do that now.” Perhaps I was mistaken but did I detect a note of pleasure in her words?As she entered her bedroom, Will left. His shirt still loose, as he was handling his phone. I moved to intercept him on his way out and blocked his way halfway to the door. We were standing less than a foot away from the wall.”Move you bugger, I got place to be.” Will tried to shove me aside. Something that didn’t work, with me being 6’4″ and quite clearly better trained than him.”Give me the phone.” I almost whispered.”What? No, go away,” Will tried to move past me but I moved to block his path once more.”Give me the phone, now.” I emphasized the last word, clearly indicating a final request.”Get away you idiot, do you have any idea what these pictures are worth? I’m not giving you my phone!”His words confirmed what I had feared earlier and made what I was about to do a little less awkward for me. I grabbed him by the neck, just below his jawline and forced him to the wall. As he hit the wall behind him, I added a bit of pressure to his neck, just enough to make it really disturbing for him.”What… HEY, that’s my phone!” Will tried to shout as I grabbed his phone. I squeezed just a bit harder and he stopped talking altogether, apparently just now understanding this particular part of my job.As I opened the folder with his pictures take I noticed in a glance that apart from the dozen or so pictures taken today, there were some hundreds of them in there with girls in various states of undress. Clearly pictures he had taken himself. I went through Emma’s pictures, noticing again that at that point her panties were clearly not darker around the crotch, and deleted them. Once I had seen Emma’s pictures, I deleted the rest of the pictures as well and just to be complete, I completely reset his phone to factory settings, effectively clearing his phone’s entire memory.”Will, here’s how it’s going to be.” I looked up into his eyes and tried to convey a deadly seriousness with my own eyes and voice.”I have seen the pictures you just took. I have deleted the pictures you just took. But in the off chance you know about cloud storage and such, let me give you this warning. If I ever see any of these pictures anywhere. Be it online, be it in a magazine, be it in the news, anywhere… I will find you. And you will wish you had never even bought the phone in the first place. Do I make myself clear?””You’re insane!”I just looked into his eyes.”All right, whatever man. Just let me go.”I released him and mentioned for him to wait. I opened the door to the hallway and checked if it was clear before shoving Will out and closing the door behind him.A few minutes later Emma emerged from her bedroom. She looked beautiful as ever. Adorned by just a slight touch of make-up and a smile that covered both her lips and her eyes, she looked radiant. She wore an almost prissy, blue pleated skirt that covered her knees and a white cotton blouse and a scarf. Her legs were covered by dark stockings that accentuated her shapely calves.”You look very nice Emma.” I complimented her. “If you leave now you’ll have plenty of time to make your Q&A.””Back to ‘Emma’, are we?” Emma asked with a twinkle in her eyes.”I’m not sure I understand Emma,” I replied, trying to ignore her innuendo. “Would you like me to accompany you downstairs?”Emma chuckled, a delightful sound.”You will follow me anyway, won’t you? And we will talk later about this more commanding part of you.” The last part she added with a note of certainty that I hadn’t heard in a long time.-The Q&A was rather uneventful except for a small interaction I had with Luke. He tried to convince me that I needed to back off and let him do his job. But I looked him straight in the eyes until he blinked and then I made my point stick.”Look Luke, I like you. So far you’ve been a pretty good and decent publicist. I would almost say you’re a decent guy. But let’s make one thing clear. You look after Emma’s publicity. I look after Emma. I will cancel any and all appointments if I deem it necessary for her well-being. And unless she decides otherwise, I still have that authority as stated in the contract I have with her. That is my job and prerogative.”Nothing more needed to be said. I understood why he was doing what he was doing. The last Harry Potter movie would come out soon and he wanted to squeeze every last bit of fame out of it. All in all he was doing a pretty good job to maintain Emma’s high profile and he was probably responsible for most of the commercial deals Emma had gotten. But still, there were limits. And Emma had hired me to guard not only her, but those limits as well.-That evening a tired Emma retired to her suite after attending no less than four different social gatherings after dinner. We hadn’t stayed longer than half an hour at each, but still it had taken almost three hours, taking into account introductions and moving around. Luckily Luke did plan for all four of the events to take place within the hotel. As we entered the suite, Emma took off her shoes almost immediately and sat down on the couch and looked at me.”Pete, would you mind rubbing my feet please?”It was an almost daily ritual. I had received a little bit of training in massage techniques and didn’t mind one bit to do this for her. Especially as it seemed to relax her immensely and made her open up to me. I’m pretty sure these foot massages where the main reason she trusted me completely. Unless I’m sorely mistaken, the only times I got to meet the real Emma Watson were during and after these rubs. The ritual had expanded with me introducing her to an almost daily End-Of-The-Day rum and coke to release even more stress.As I poured our drinks and moved towards the couch, Emma had busied herself with taking of her stockings. Something I never tired of watching through the corner of my eyes. Perhaps it was accidental or perhaps not, but today, for the first time ever, she took them of, sitting in such a manner that I had an absolutely perfect view between her legs at a pair of red lace knickers.I placed our drinks within arm’s reach and sat down on the other end of the couch. Emma took a long swig from her rum and coke, moaned appreciatively and moved her feet into my lap. I took a drink as well and started rubbing her feet. Knowing by now that I had to let her start any conversation, since this was something I did for her and her stress relieving.”So about this ‘Miss Watson’ stuff,” Emma started while looking towards me.”What about it, Emma?” I almost emphasized her name.”Where did it come from? And why didn’t I get to see that part of you sooner?””I didn’t think it optional given the fact you are my employer and I’m your employee.””So, if I were to fire you, I could ask you to use that tone more often towards me?” Emma said with a twinkle in her eyes.”You’re free to fire me, Emma. But I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying though.””Come on, Pete. You’ve known me for close to four years now. You’ve seen me at my worst. I clearly remember that time I got food poisoning and you were there for me, holding by my hair while I puked my guts out. And I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me on multiple occasions while I had some fun with Will in the bedroom. Clearly you can figure it out?”I refused to acknowledge what she was malatya escort implying. Somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice was sighing and explaining it in a clear manner though. She wants me to be more dominant, especially towards her. But still I didn’t accept it. I wanted her to say it.”Pretend I don’t and explain it to me Emma, I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings between us. Otherwise I can’t keep doing my job on a satisfactory level.”Emma moved her legs ever so slightly. Her skirt rose just a bit as she parted her knees while keeping feet on my lap. As a result she had to move the top half of her body somewhat closer to me and ended in a reclined position. She put the tip of her left index finger in her mouth and sighed.”I want you to be more commanding Pete. That voice… it was exhilarating. Not even Will has ever been able to hit that tone just right. And you know I have tried to make him understand.”I knew what she was talking about. Last time we were in London she and Will had had a smaller row about Emma’s wished for Will to be a bit more dominant towards her. Take decisions and making it clear what he wanted Emma to do. Apparently the nitwit didn’t really understand what she meant. I, however, did.”How far do you want to take this?” I asked as I looked into her eyes, clearly ignoring the parting of her legs.Emma raised herself onto her elbows and looked back at me, a fire smouldering in her eyes I had never seen before.”Anywhere Pete, anywhere. Apparently you have forgotten about the fact that I have lived a pretty protected life so far. I want some excitement and I have never gotten as horny as fast as I did, as when you commanded me earlier.” She moved backwards, removing her feet from my lap and sitting up straighter on the couch. She opened her legs even more and lifted her skirt. Her red panties came into view and I noticed once more there was a clearly wet spot covering her pussy. Around the wet spot I could clearly distinguish her pussy lips and further upwards I saw through the lacework that she had shaven completely, or at least the part that was visible now.”Just thinking about it makes me so wet again, Sir” Emma stressed the last word, clearly indicating her wishes to change hierarchical positions.My dick had started to react when she lifted her skirt, but her last words made me rock hard within seconds.I moved my hands upwards on her legs and stroked the inside of her thighs. As I got closer to her panties she inhaled sharply between her teeth and closed her eyes.”We will need decent agreements and rules concerning this, Miss Watson,” I switched to my Voice.”Yes we do, Sir””For now, we shall agree on this, if I tell you to do something that is beyond your personal boundaries, the only thing you need to do is forcefully shake your head. Is that clear Miss Watson?””Crystal clear Sir,” Emma Watson replied while still keeping her eyes closed. She let her head rest on the armrest of the couch as she lowered herself once more. As she did she moved her wet crotch in the direction of my hands. I slapped the inside of her right thigh with my right hand, hard and fast, leaving an impression. She yelped and opened her eyes and looked at me. I waited just long enough for her to have a shot at shaking her head but she just looked into my eyes.”I decide what I tough Miss Watson and I decide how you move. Now lay still.”She nodded and laid her head back on the armrest. I let my hands roam her inner thighs, being just slightly gentle with the area that was coloured with the shape of my hand and fingers. As I traced the edges of her panties she opened her legs even more. This caused the fabric to stretch, outlining her pussy lips even more and at the junction of her clearly engorged pussy lips a slight nub was visible through the red fabric.”Close your legs Miss Watson,” I commanded as I moved to sit in the edge of the couch and removed my hands from her legs. She did as I had ordered and I unzipped her skirt, laying it open. Once this was done I placed my hands on the outside of her knees and moved them upwards. I let my thumbs roam on the inside of her thighs but moved them in such a way I didn’t touch per pussy or clitoris directly. As I arrived at the top of her panties with my hands, I hooked two fingers around each side and slid them off. Her pussy mound came into view and as I suspected earlier, she was completely shaven. Smooth, no stubble and looking as soft as anything. As I lowered her panties further I slowed my speed. Her breathing sped up as I pulled the wet fabric away from her clit and pussy lips. I noticed more than one strand of moistness clinging to her panties as I removed them. I had to stop myself from diving in between her legs there and then. Her aroma started filling the room. It was a combination of musk and sweat, but all in all it was completely Emma Watson.I removed her panties completely and placed her panties on the table. As I turned back towards her I noticed she was looking at me.”Masturbate for me Miss Watson,” I commanded. “Make yourself cum.”Emma moaned as I gave her the command, she slowly opened her legs and for the first time I saw her pussy completely. Her outer lips shone with moisture. They were clearly swollen and engulfed her inner lips completely. Only at the top a small red nub peaked out from between the pink succulent outer lips. Emma continued to open up her legs and slowly her outer labia started to part. The wetness that her arousal had created made them stick together. Once they did part, a string of sticky nectar connected both lips and made my mouth water. Emma moved her right hand down towards her pussy and caressed her inner thigh going downwards. As she moved back up she traced her outer lips with a single finger. As she touched the juices that connected both lips she scooped them up and brought them to her mouth. As she sucked of her finger moaning appreciatively she moved her other hand to her pussy and using two fingers in a V-shape, she pinched her outer lips together, her engorged clit sticking out between them.”Enjoying yourself, Miss Watson?” I asked.She didn’t answer so I raised my eyebrows and cocked my head while looking into her eyes.”I asked you a question, Miss Watson.””I’m sorry sir, I am absolutely loving it.” Emma responded with her now clean index finger still in her mouth. She tried looking demure with her eyes cast downwards, but the fact that her other hand was busy caressing her soaking wet pussy denied her innocence. “Can I continue sir?””Go on, make yourself cum.”She did just that. I sat back and enjoyed the show she put on. She moved both her hands to her pussy, spreading her outer lips with her fingers displaying her inner labia to me. They were the pinkest I had ever seen. As Emma spread them even wider they opened up to me like the petals of a flower. In the centre I saw the entrance of what I could only assume was heaven. A drop of pearly liquid seeped out as she moved her thumb over her clit. She started rubbing her nub with more fervour and her breathing became faster. I noticed her closing her eyes and opening her mouth ever so slightly showing her white teeth. As she kept on rubbing her clit with her right hand, she moved her other hand around her left leg and started probing her pussy entrance with her fingers. I actually heard the sopping sound of her fingers entering her wet hole. As she removed her fingers, what seemed like a stream of pussy fluids made its way down towards her puckered rosebud. My eyes went wide as I saw her caress her dark brown backdoor hole. Her breathing became frantic and her hips started bucking. And just as I was sure her orgasm would overtake her, she plunged two fingers back into her pussy, screaming out in pleasure.As she came down from her height, she looked at me. Her body language showed clearly that any remaining stress from the day had evaporated. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean, all the while looking at me.”Had escort bayan enough Miss Watson?” I asked.”Unless you object Sir, I could go for a snack.” Emma looked down at my crotch as she said that.”Very well Miss Watson, you may undress me.”As she sat up, I stood in front of her. Her eyes were level with my rock hard cock. It was straining against my pants and I was eager for her to release it from its confines.She started tracing her fingertips over my legs, starting at the knees and going upwards. I got goosebumps from her first ever touching me in this manner. As she reached my belt she expertly undid it, clear evidence she had done this before. She unzipped me and let my pants drop. My cock made quite a tent in my boxers and she moved her head forwards and planted a kiss on it. I shivered in anticipation of feeling this world star putting her lips around my cock, licking the head and slobbering her saliva all over my balls.I stepped out of my pants and took hold of her chin, raising her eyes to meet my own.”Now then Miss Watson, what can I expect from you? Exactly how kinky will you become?””Well sir, as long as you are giving me orders, I will obey as best as I can.””Are you really that kinky, Emma?” I asked, using my regular voice. Just to make sure I fully understood what she was saying.”Pete, you have no idea. Now continue, I’m so fucking horny. I want to suck your cock, fondle your balls and give you the best blowjob you ever had.”I smiled and released her chin.”Impress me, Miss Watson!” I ordered, switching to my Voice once again.She nodded and went to work. She slowly lowered my boxers and as soon as possible grabbed my cock. I thought I felt awesome before, but as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, I felt like I would cum right there. She lowered my boxers to the ground with her other hand and I stepped out of them. She looked at my cock with hungry eyes. She moved it around a bit as if to look at it from all angles. Finally she pushed it upwards so my balls were hanging in front of her mouth. She pressed her lips to them as if giving a modest kiss. Emma followed up on the kiss with a small but very wet lick to my ball sack. And next she traced the underside of my cock with her tongue while she started gently fondling my balls with one hand, stroking me with the other. As she reached my frenulum with her tongue she opened her lips and started lowering my cock without taking her tongue from it. I will never forget this sight. Emma Watson on her knees before me, looking up at me with cock hungry eyes, mouth wide open, tongue hanging out and my rock hard rod resting on top of that tongue. And she looked at me apparently waiting for something. She removed her hands from my balls and cock and grabbed my own hands. She brought them to the back of her own head and placed her own hands over mine as I grabbed her head. My fingers curled into her auburn hair as she gestured for me to use my own hands to choose the pace.I gently pulled her head over my cock. As my tip crossed her lips she licked all around it, slobbering spit all over it. I groaned and she smiled. She moved her head forward and my cock disappeared into her mouth. I figured she would stop soon but I was mistaken. Apparently she really wanted to impress me and shortly after that I felt the tip of my cock pushing against her throat. She looked up to me and winked as she opened her throat to me and impaled her mouth and throat upon my throbbing member. I felt her nose hit my pubes and then I felt like my legs would fail me. Her tongue sneaked out of her mouth and started licking the underside of my cock and balls. She moaned, the vibration only augmenting the feeling. As she moved back she sucked as hard as she could, all the while her tongue was all over my cock. She released me with a small popping sound and looked at me.”How was that Sir?” Emma asked, trying to sound innocent.”Consider me impressed Miss Watson. I expect you to swallow my load which will arrive pretty soon.”Emma giggled and opened her lips once more. She started to lick all over my tip applying copious amounts of saliva. And then she lowered her mouth over my cock completely in one go her tongue sliding over the underside of my rock hard member while she was going down. This marked the start of a bobbing session that combined enthusiasm, wet full lips, a never-tiring tongue and lots and lots of moaning. I’m pretty sure this continued for at most two or three minutes. I felt my arousal rising and my balls tightening. Emma must have felt it too as she lowered her tempo just a bit, but instead started using her hands. Her right one grabbed the base of my cock which was slick with her own spit and she started rotating her hand while going up and down just a bit. Her other hand started caressing my balls while sneaking a finger towards my asshole. This in combination with her mouth still bobbing up and down my cock made for the creation of an awesome orgasm.My cock became bigger, I inhaled sharply and my balls tightened to my body. Emma moaned and sped up her attack just a bit. Right before I felt my cum exploding from my tip I felt her moving her index finger over my asshole. That did it for me. A torrent of cum had built up at the base of my cock, the pressure of it had continually been built up, awaiting release. With a loud groan I came and a spurt of cum exploded from my cock into Emma Watson’s mouth. She continued caressing my balls and stroking my cock while she received the stream of cum she had been searching for. I felt a small gust of cooler wind on my cock and looked down. She had her mouth open, letting my mushroom tip resting on her tongue. I saw my cum pooling inside her mouth threatening to overflow. As she noticed me looking down she closed her mouth over my cock once more and swallowed. I could hardly believe my eyes. Emma Watson had just swallowed my load and I still had my cock in her mouth and she was still pumping me, as if she really wanted every last drop of cum. A few more, smaller jets erupted into her mouth and with every jet or drop of cum that filled her mouth she moaned.As soon as my sensitivity reached uncomfortable heights I gently pushed her away and she reluctantly let go of my now rapidly shrinking cock.”Hmm Sir, that was yummy!””Yes it was Miss Watson, now let’s go clean up and come back here for a drink.”She leaned in a kissed my now limp cock once more before standing up and walking towards the bathroom. I followed her and once inside Emma Watson brushed her teeth and I cleaned my cock, balls and perineum, which all had be coated in her saliva. Emma giggled more than once at the sight of me cleaning up my tender and sensitive cock. Every time she did, I looked back at her and grinned myself. Not a work was spoken before we sat back on the couch; her covered by a blanked still only wearing her blouse and bra. I however had put on my boxers and pants once more, just in case somebody knocked at the door.”I’m not really sure how to continue from here Emma,” I started, dropping my voice and once again moving into the position of employee. “If you want my resignation, I’ll make sure to have it by tomorrow morning.””Don’t worry Pete, I absolutely loved this.” Emma dismissed my uncertainty and took a big sip from her rum and coke. “You see, I have missed something like this in my life for quite some time and It will be a cold day in hell before I accept your resignation.””I’m not sure what you mean Emma.”Emma looked me straight into the eyes and I noticed a fire in there similar as to the one I saw earlier before she erupted.”What I want is this Pete; I want you to command me whenever you feel like it. I want you to use me, I want to be your slave, I want to do whatever you want me to do. On two conditions.””Which are?” I asked as I started seeing possibilities.”We never ever do anything that can endanger my image to the general public. That includes my publicist, manager, friends and anyone else. Unless we discuss it first. And the discussion will be had using ‘Emma’ and not ‘Miss Watson’. Clear?””Crystal clear Emma,” I replied even though this condition was a given for me. “What is the second condition?””We both get tested for any diseases, I hate condoms and I really want your dick inside my pussy as soon as possible.”



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