I smiled as I came awake slowly. There were arms wrapped about me and legs tangled with mine. It had been sometime since I woke up like that; not since several months before the divorce over a year ago. My smile broadened at the warm, soreness between my legs as I stretched a bit. My company protested and drew me back into his burly arms. I shook my head ironically against the soft cotton of my pillow as I gave into his protestations.


My little adventure had begun in an odd enough fashion. I was looking through Gregslist for a bit of weekend work, because my usual work as a teaching assistant had been slow of late. I was about one-hundred dollars short of the rent and needed something to make up the difference. What I discovered was a tad shocking, but intriguing. It was an advertisement for someone to pass out flyers for a new dating service specializing in naturalists…better known as nudists.

It was for that weekend; all day Saturday and Sunday morning. It paid one-hundred and fifty dollars. I would have a bit of lunch money left over. The ad said that nudity was not required, but that the person would need to be comfortable with it as the event was taking place at a local hotel, which had been reserved for an annual naturalist convention. Since I had once worked as an exotic dancer, I possessed more than the required ‘comfort.’ I hit the respond button on the ad and included a picture as required.

I thought that would be it. I mean I was passable enough, but at forty-five and after two adult children I was not the typical model type that usually worked trade shows. So I was surprised when I got a call the next night. It was amazing easy; nothing more than a phone interview and I had the gig. I slept easier that night; no longer worrying about how I would pay the rent on my small beach adjacent studio apartment.

But by Saturday morning, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. As I took the local shuttle bus to the hotel, I kept berating myself. I could have found something more ‘normal.’ But I was committed and I needed the money…desperately. So I arrived almost fifteen minutes early and checked in; easily locating the man that had hired me.

He was nude…naked. He was also about a decade younger than I was; although he sported a ‘pot belly’ and more grey hair than I had. He was friendly; explaining the details of his new project. At the end, he politely reminded me that clothing was optional. I could take a break and ‘get more comfortable’ in the restrooms anytime. I blushed as I replied that I doubted my naked body would improve his sales very much, but he just laughed and replied, ‘probably more than you think.’

The first couple of hours went fine. I handed out over two hundred of the flyers and got enough propositions and compliments from participants to inflate my ego a bit. After twenty years bostancı escort bayan of marriage and what I know recognised as an emotionally abusive relationship, I could really use the boast. Then HE walked up.

He was about my age, but he had definitely done a better job of maintaining his body. All of which he was proudly displaying at that moment. It was not like I was some shrinking violet that had only seen my ex-husbeast naked. Before we married when I was dancing, I had lots of men; a number higher than I would want to actually put in writing.

There was just something magnet and charismatic about this guy. Yes, his body would have done a much younger man proud. Yes, the soft lines around his mouth and eyes added more than they detracted. Yes, his wavy, short, grey hair looked soft enough and tempting enough to run your fingers through. Yes, his deep smooth voice sent shivers up my spine and made my cunt drip as it had not in a very, very long time. But it was more than that. It was something more: an air of peace, contentment and grace that set him apart. With or without clothes.

When I started to stammer through my little speech that after a couple of hours had become almost natural, his warm, large hands reached out and encased mine as they trembled with the diminishing stack of flyers. His cool voice wrapped about me as his smile warmed me. ‘Is that how I get a date with you?’ My laugh was husky and nervous as I said I was not registered. He took a flyer, but said that he would just figure out how to get what he wanted another way then. I tried not to be obvious as my eyes followed his too tight buns when he walked away.

Over the next few hours, I tried to focus upon my work with some success. I gave out all the original bundle of brochures and three more; over four hundred in total. The man that had hired me was more than pleased at the end of the day. He smiled a bit too interested as he asked if I would be back the next day. It was a stupid question as far as I was concerned since I would not receive my cash payment until the end of the day, but I assured him I would.

I was more than a little tired by the time I stepped into the dimming early summer twilight. I drew my sweater about me as the breeze off the Pacific Ocean was chilling still. I headed almost blindly towards the bus stop a couple of blocks away. But the smell of fresh, rich pasta and sauce drifted from the nearby Italian restaurant slowed my pace. Eating out was a luxury that I rarely allowed myself since the divorce, but I reminded myself of that extra fifty dollars.

I was still debating the issue outside the red awnings of the restaurant when that deep voice washed over me once more. I jumped from being startled out of my reverie and his hand reached out to steady me; resting in the small of my back until the flesh there ümraniye escort tingled. ‘Just what I need: a dinner partner,’ he smiled.

I could say I was reluctant to dine with a virtual stranger, especially one with a tiny fetish for walking around butt naked as my mama would have called it. Noticing that he was as striking clothed as he was in jeans and a button up shirt, I thought that a butt like his deserved to be naked. The jeans did not do it justice. The truth was I jumped at the opportunity.

Dinner was a delight; the first I had enjoyed since the divorce. I had been on dates, of course. Just not any ones that was this good. So I was more than a tad disappointed when he brushed a polite kiss across my lips and insisted on paying for a taxi home, since he had kept me out so late that it was now completely dark.

I tossed in my bed that night as my dreams were filled with naked visions of my mystery man. It was so disconcerting that in the middle of the night I awoke. Reaching between my legs, I slowly rubbed my clit back and forth in circles. My other hand tweaked and pulled firmly at my nipples until my back arched off the bed in a powerful orgasm that soaked the sheets beneath me.

I smiled over my rich cup of coffee the next morning as I thought about dinner and my dreams. In my weakened emotional state, I did not think there was much chance of making my dreams a reality. But the dreams and that orgasm were the best sex I had had in a decade, so I was not too worried about it.

As I had the day before, I arrived fifteen minutes and took up my place inside the double doors with a stack of flyers. The man, who hired me, had seemed a bit too curious about my evening and plans for this night as well. But I had brushed him off with the excuse of needing to freshen up before people started to arrive.

I was very disappointed as I kept looking around for my dinner companion, who was named Dylan after the folk singer Dylan Thomas as I had learned over dinner. By the time, I went out for lunch; I was down right glum. But I needed the money so I faithfully returned to the hotel for the final couple of hours. It was not until the very end that I saw him.

I was packing my neat little envelope with three crisp fifty dollar bills into my bag as I felt warm hands encircle my waist. I jumped even higher than the night before; certain that it was the ma, who had hired me for the weekend; returning to make one final attempt at his instance that I had to sign up for his service.

His rich, laughter rang out as he said, ‘You are too jumpy.’ His hands spanning my waist; he frowned, ‘And too skinny. I’ll have to feed you again.’

So once again we shared dinner; this time it was steak though. This time I could not resist the temptation, I just had to know. So with some trepidation, I asked, ‘Alright, I don’t mean kartal escort to offend you, but you seem way too…normal…for this sort of thing. You know the whole nudist stuff.’ I stammered nervously through the question.

Dylan laughed again. I smiled as I thought, ‘I could become addicted to that sound.’ His answer seemed so logically when he explained that his parents had been the original flower children. He had grown up on a farming commune in northern California. He had actually blushed when he explained that he had never owned more than one outfit until he went to high school.

He got a bit pensive as he stared out at the waves breaking gently against the sand and just yards from the patio on which we were dining. ‘My folks may think I am a sell-out and a complete failure, but some lessons from my childhood just stuck. I never pass a homeless person without doing what I can. I have a garden on the patio of my condo. And I prefer being natural every chance I get,’ he explained.

The rest of dinner went smoothly and I expected another light brush against my lips before packing me safely into a taxi. So I was surprised when this time he crawled into the back seat next to me. He placed his arm along the back of the seat; it gave the impression we were a couple rather than just two lonely adults sharing dinner and conversation. When the taxi pulled up in front of my apartment, he pilled off a couple of bills and handed them to the driver.

He walked me to the door of my apartment. I fumbled with the keys as I wondered how to invite a man into my domain. But I did not need to worry; for the moment the door opened he ushered me inside and closed the door behind us. I opened my mouth to offer coffee, but the words never made it out. His lips were firm as they moved over mine. If the kiss the previous evening had been polite, this one was anything but. It was demanding as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I arched into him; wanting this as much as he did.

We did not make it to the bed that first time. Our clothes were tossed wildly about the small space as we feel to the shag carpet. I will have carpet burns for weeks from the uncontrolled pounding that was our first love making session of the night. After over a year without sex, you would think that kind of rough sex was beyond my endurance, but this man had me so wet and hot that I barely noticed. Well, I definitely noticed something since his slightly above average cock brought me to mind-blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm.

We laughed after the initial blush of passion wore off. He remarked that a bed would be nice for the next round at our ages. But I felt anything but my age at that moment. Still we managed to find my small double bed…for rounds two, three and four. It was amazing, mind blowing sex each and every time.


Smiling now as I turned in his strong arms, I let my thoughts slip from my lips uncensored. ‘I could get used to this.’ I was horrified the moment I realised what I had said, but I need not have been.

He smiled back at me and purred, ‘Good, because I want to see a lot more of you…naked.’



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