Green Beer DayIt was the second to last day before I would leave for spring break at the college I go to and also the biggest tradition at my college: the beer in town would have green food dye added to it. I slowly went through the day and after my data bases class I had to get my allergy shots. So I made the ten minute walk to the hospital from the engineering school. There were people everywhere and in green in the small uptown and looked like a sea of green. Some people gave my high fives when I was about a block from the hospital.I got the shots and waited the required twenty bahis siteleri minutes. I started to walk back to my room to rest before my econ class. And I saw a group of four girls walking by as I was getting ready to pass one of the two book stores. I paid particular attention to one in the back of their two by two dimensions she was tall and had large tits. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and wore a low v cut top. As I walked toward their group, it seemed to be in slow motion, her wonderful breast had wonderful jiggle side to side and had a sensual vertical bounce canlı bahis to them. She must have noticed me watching and I’m not sure if she was encouraged by alcohol but gave me the best sight of my life.She pulled the sides of her shirt down and quickly exposed her gorgeous pale boobs. They must have been a DD cup at least and were the perfect shape and perkiness. They were shaped like tear drops and I saw them bounce together and I almost cried that I would probably not see these beauties again. She then pulled up her green top and her perky nipples got even perkier and made güvenilir bahis her shirt rise a bit. And she continued like nothing happened, walking right past me with her friends.I was shocked at how beautiful those breasts were. Her nipples were about the size of quarters and the way that they moved was hypnotizing. They drove it to an image I couldn’t get out of my head. I was oblivious that I forgot to grab something to eat on my way back to the dorm. When I got back to the room I sat there dreaming of the brunette goddess that I saw that day. When I left for my other class I wished I could see her again. But, I didn’t and was disappointed as I sat through another boring econ lecture. This was my first Green Beer Day experience and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Hope the next three are just as eventful.



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