Granny’s Easter Egg CuntAh,Chil dhood memories! Some are bad,some are good and some are fucking Awesome!One of My favorite memories is of the Spring My Folks dropped me off at Gran’s house to spend Easter Vacation. You see,Mom and Dad had to go to California on a business trip and since Gran and I were always very close knit,leaving Me with Her was the perfect solution.Now,my Gran is not what you would call a typical “Grandmother”. She was married when she was 12 years old,gave birth to my Mother at 13 and has been a widow since the age of s*******n! She stands 4 foot 9 inches tall with long curly red-gold hair,violet coloured eyes and has a very slender petite frame. In fact,looking at her,one would never guess that she ever had a c***d because her breasts are small and pert,her stomach is flat and you could bounce a dime off of her sweet,round ass! Also,since my mother gave birth to me when she was 15,Gran,at 39 years old,is one of the youngest grandmothers around!Anyway…We were at the market,buying groceries for our Easter feast,when Gran looked at me and said “I’ll bet You want to dye some eggs and have Me hide them,don’t you? I loved going on Easter Egg Hunts when I was your age. Or are You too old for that now?” “You’re only as old as You Feel!” I replied.”That’s ‘Young as You feel’ Dear” she laughed.”Maybe for You! But for Me it’s ‘Old as’!” I joked back. When I said it,I didn’t think about what I was doing but,I had a carrot in my hand shaking it at Her. She raised an eyebrow,smirked at me and shook her head. I thought I heard her saying “Little Horn Dog!” under her breath,but before I could ask her what she said,she sauntered down the asile wiggling her tiny,round ass at me. I must admit Gran looks awesome in tight jeans!With our shopping finished,We were bringing the grocery bags inside when Gran asked me to get some firewood for the old wood burning stove in the livingroom. “Since it’s still chilly.” I have yet to tell Gran “No” to anything she asks of me. Unfortunately,when I was putting the logs into the wood bin,a sharp sliver of wood went straight through my shirt sleeve and buried itself under the skin of the inside of my right forearm! The damn thing was over four inches long,stung like hell and,altho I tried not to,I started to cry!Gran dropped the last bag of groceries in a chair and within a tic,she had my shirt off and my wrist in her firm grasp. Leading me to the bathroom,she told me to stay put and was back in a flash with a wicked looking,curved skinning knife! “It’s in too deep for a needle to get it,Sweety. I’m sorry but this is going to hurt!” and when she said that,my crying turned to sobbing!”What?!” I howled. “Isn’t there some other way?” I pleaded and tried to pull away as the tears rolled down my cheeks and my nose started to run. “Well,hang on a minute,Baby,and let me think.” she sighed. Once again Gran left me alone in the bathroom drying my eyes and wiping my nose. When she came back,she carried two bottles and a glass. One of the bottles was apple brandy,the other ginger ale. Pouring three fingers of brandy into the glass and topping it off with the ginger ale Gran told me to “Down the whole thing,Baby. Don’t take a breath till you’re done.” I did. Gran then poured one for herself,minus the ginger ale.About fifteen minutes later,she gave me another one and asked if I was feeling any braver. “Kind of.” I sniffled. “I feel a little dizzy,too.” “Good! It’s working then. Here. One more and We’ll wait a few more minutes but,Baby,no two ways about it,that splinter Has to come out!” Her hands were cool and gentle as they held my face. Then I got the shock of my young life when Gran leaned in and kissed me full on the lips!She broke our kiss and sat back staring at Me. I became mesmerized canlı bahis as I gazed into Gran’s deep blue eyes. Tightening her fingers in my hair,She slowly pulled me to her and kissed me again ,but this time Gran opened her mouth and parted my lips with her tongue! Holy shit! I was getting French Kissed by My Own Grandmother! But what really fried my brains,was when she reached down with her right hand and caressed my stiffening cock through my trousers!”Hmmmm. Baby,does That give You any more courage?” I couldn’t talk! My mouth was dry as straw and my throat so tight,all I could do was nod my head ‘Yes’.”Good! Here We go! You may want to look away,Love.” and with that said,she made one deft stroke slicing my arm open. It was over and done in less than a minute.Several times as she cleaned my wound and bandaged me up,my arm and hand grazed across the tip of her right breast! And each time it did so,she let out a quiet,plaintive sigh. I took her advice to heart and didn’t look at what she was doing. Instead,I stared in wonderment at her small,jiggling titties and became enthralled while watching her nipples grow hard. I had never seen that happen before! “Time for You to take a nap,Sweetie. I think You need one.” She said and kissed my forehead. Holding my hand she led me down the hall to my room. “Wnat Me to help You with those?” She asked as I fumbled with my belt. “If you want to.” I finally managed to croak out. Gran’s fingers didn’t fumble,they flew! She had my pants,shoes and socks off in a jiffy and guided me over to the edge of the bed. I stood there in my underware and couldn’t stop thinking about Gran’s nipples and the french kisses she had given me. Using my hands,I tried to hide my dick from her view,but it was so stiff,the Spider Man on my Y fronts looked like a spike had been driven through his back! Now,at that time of my life,I realy hadn’t experienced many hard-ons but when I did get one,it hurt something awful! “Well,well. What have we here,huh? Are You having nasty,dirty thoughts about Me? Really? Me?! Oh,Baby,I’m flattered! What a sweet,little pervert You are! Why,just look at how hard your penis is getting!” taking hold of my wrists and moving my hands aside,she took Her time staring at my crotch. My knees shook when Gran leaned forward and put her mouth at the base of my Spider Man underware clad dick. But I fell over backwards onto the mattress when she parted her lips and gently ran her teeth along the length of my cock till she came to it’s head,which she then kissed.Standing up and winking at Me she said “Whew! Granny Like! But now it’s time for bed. Cover up,Lover and I hope You have some sweet dreams! Of Me!” she smiled as she backed out of the room watching me. My whole body felt like it was on fire and my head spun! I think the only reason I finally fell asl eep was because of the brandy!I awoke not much later and wasn’t really thinking as I got out of bed and stumbled down the hall to the kitchen to get a drink. If my mind hadn’t been so fuzzy,I would have put some PJ’s or maybe a robe on,but as it was,I padded into the room still in my underware. Gran was standing at the sink with her back to me. I noticed that her hair was loose and hanging down. “She must have taken a shower while I slept.” I thought to myself and rubbed the sle ep from my eyes. I stood there looking at her when it finally hit me. The only thing Gran had on was a dark green apron tied around her neck and waist! I involuntarily groaned out loud when my dick started getting hard again! In fact,it got so stiff so fast that for the first time in my life,my cock pushed through the front of my underware and stuck out in front of me!I heard a faint tinkling sound as Gran slowly turned around to look at me. “Oh,Sweetie! bahis siteleri Don’t You know that Candy Canes are for Christmas?” she pointed at my cock and laughed. I nearly fainted when I saw how sexy she looked! I had never seen her wearing makeup! Her eye shadow was dark and smokey,her lips were such a deep red they looked almost black,till the light hit them,and Her gorgous face had a pearly,iridescent glow!Gran had also cut away the front of the apron,thus exposing both of her small,pale breasts,and there were two tiny brass bells hanging from the tips of her hard pink nipples!”Oh Fuck!” I exclaimed as my cock went from sticking straight out in front of me,to pointing up towards the ceiling! It burned! My God,how it burned!”Not Yet,Love! First We need to dye some eggs! Or did You forget?” she responded in a quiet,sultry voice as she walked over to me. She didn’t stop until only an inch or two seperated us,that was when she reached out and wrapped her fingers around my throbbing member. She used the other hand to pull my face to hers and french kissed me deeply,while gently squeezing my cock.”Come with Me,Baby.” Gran whispered and tugged on my cock as she walked backwards leading me over to the kitchen sink. “Oops! I better not do that anymore! It feels like You’re about to ‘Blow a Load!’ Sorry Lover,but I want that cock of Yours shooting up into my pussy. Not shooting all over my floor.” She dipped her index finger into the clear liquid that was beginning to ooze out of the head of my cock,and stuck the finger into her mouth,sucking on it. “Mmmmmmm.”She put her hands on my shoulders and turned me around. I had to hold onto the edge of the counter as I felt Gran’s hand reach in past my lower stomach and ease my cock back into my drawers. She then slowly pull them off of me. I stepped from my underware and marveled at the freedom my hard cock felt! I heard her apron drop to the floor and knew that Gran was now as naked as I was! My cock started twitching!The bells hanging off of Gran’s nipples tinkled softly with her every move. They didn’t quiet till she pressed up against my back and rested her chin on my shoulder. The feel of her flesh pressing into me was unsettling. In fact the tighter she held me,the more anxious I was becoming.”Gran? I feel weird. I feel like my…You Know…M-my dick is all…Oh Gran! What’s happening to me?! Oh! Oh!! Gran?!”She stepped away from me but kept her hands on my hips. I turned to look at her just as she was kneeling down. My cock was barely an inch from her mouth and I actually screamed when she parted her lips and began sucking on it!I grabbed a hold of her head and started humping her face like I had seen dogs do. I didn’t know what I was doing,I just did it! Her mouth leaked drool all over my cock and I began to feel an even stronger burning in the head of my dick. My balls itched and tingled! I felt a pressure building between my legs! My eyes closed. I moaned. My knees kept buckling. I didn’t even recognize my own voice or the sounds I was making! My stomach and ass muscles clenched and unclenched! Then Gran pinched my balls between her fingers and I thought I was going to die! That was when I had my first orgasm! I pumped spurt after spurt of my sperm into her greedy,sucking mouth! My hands pounded onto the counter top as I emptied my nuts down My Own Grandmothers Throat! The head of my cock felt like I was taking the hardest piss I had ever had times a thousand!”Yeah,Baby! That’s what I want! It’s been ages since I’ve had a proper drink! I know that there’s more to come too! Ooooo,I Can’t wait!” Gran said getting to her feet and holding me in a tight hug. I wasn’t sure what I should do so I kissed her! Her lips were slick with my cum,her tongue and the inside güvenilir bahis of her mouth was coated with it but I didn’t care! I wanted more! I wanted to feel that way as many times as I could! God how I loved Her!Feeling the soft silky hair of her pussy tickling my dick,I began grinding my pelvis into hers. She took my hand and started rubbing it between her legs. My fingers were getting slick with her juices! I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right,so I let her guide me. It didn’t take long before Gran was breathing heavy. She panted into my mouth as we kissed! Our tongues flew across each others as I continued to feel her up and finger Her Out! We stole one anothers breath,time after time! She softly grunted a couple of times and that’s when I felt something dripping off of my fingers. I lifted my hand and she motioned for me to suck on my fingers. I did! Damn! I wanted more,so I got down on My knees and rubbed my nose and face into her dripping muff!Gran’s thighs trapped my head between her legs and she began grinding her cunt into me! She was frantic! “Eat it! Eat Me!” She moaned! Then all at once my face was soaked and she stumbled back a step. I watched in amazement as her fingers blured with the speed and she got herself off again. She squatted down and at first I thought she was taking a piss until I saw that what was splashing out of Her was clear!Gran joined me on the floor and we cuddled in the puddle.Several minutes later,Gran got up and went to the closet to get the mop. After cleaning up she looked at me and I noticed she had a worried expression on her face.”Baby? Are You OK?””Oh My God,Gran! That was Fantastic! Can We do it again? Please?!””Of course We can! Any time You want to We can do it. You don’t even have to ask Me! If You thought was fun,wait till Your cock gets to feel the inside of My pussy! Or My ass! You’re gonna love it even more than You liked Me sucking You Off!””So,I guess that was my firt blow job?” I asked.Gran started laughing “I bet it was the first time You kissed a girl as well. Huh?””Yup. Not many seventh grade girls go around doing those things! Thanks Gran! Hay! Look! My dick’s getting hard again!””And Your arm’s blee ding,too. Let’s take a shower and I’ll change those bandages. Then We can dye those eggs. How about it?”We spent shower time washing and exploring each others bodies. Gran showed me how she liked to be teased and She told Me about some tricks that would blow Your mind! I made her promise to show me! She promised.For dinner we orderd Take Out and when the Chinese Food Delivery Dude came by,He started giving Gran the Eye. “Hay! Knock it off,Butt Munch!” I told him.”Sorry Little Man! But Your sister’s Damn Fine Lookin’! And I mean ‘DAMN FINE’! No Offence?” He actually stuck out his hand. What else could I do? I shook it.”He thinks I’m Your sister?” Gran asked. I couldn’t help but get pissed off all over again but I saw how much the compliment meant to Her,so I didn’t say anything more. However,I did promise myself to key His fucking car! Hit on Gran,will Ya?!Gran lavished so much attention on Me that night while we were decorating the eggs,I almost forgot about the Douche Bag Delivery Boy! Almost. Gran was now Mine,Damnit!When Gran told Me it was time for bed I went to my room and crawled under the covers,but I just couldn’t sleep! I kept thinking about what She had said “You don’t even have to ask!” or something like that,so I got up,made My way down the hall to her room and walked right in! “What took You so long,Lover? I was wondering why You went to Your ‘Old Room’.””My “Old Room”?” I asked.”Well,sure! Why would You sle ep there when You could sle ep here? I want to hold You in My arms,Kiss You,Make Love to You! In short,I want to Fuck Your Brains Out! Starting Tomorrow,Your place is Here! In My bed!””Starting Tomorrow? But I want to try Fucking You Now!””Sorry,Sweetie. Granny says ‘You’ll Just Have to Wait.’ Now go to sleep,Lover.”She cooed and swung a leg over my hip.End Part 1



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