Grace 10 – Graduation (1-4)The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, rough sex, light bdsm and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.Grace 10 – Graduation (1-4)(Uni student Grace Worthington graduates, gets flogged, exposes herself to her parents and fellow students, and inspires her friend)It was late Saturday evening as Uni student Elizabeth Montgomery returned home from a local café, the favorite watering hole of most of her fellow classmates. It had been a warm summers day and the place had been packed. With a bottle of wine for later under her arm she enjoyed the cool evening as she strolled through the Uni gates and down through the grounds to the front door of her dorm. She went inside the old dark, quiet building, walked up the rough timber stairs and down the sparsely lit corridor towards her room. As she passed by the worn out bathroom door she heard the familiar sound of splashing water. Someone was taking a shower. Towards the end of the hallway she heard a sound, turned around and looked down the long semi-dark corridor. Grace Worthington, naked and dripping wet, left the bathroom and walked slowly down the hallway towards her room. It was Saturday night, most students were out, so there was no need to hurry or cover up.Elizabeth retreated into the shadows as she admired Grace’s lean body from a distance. She had known Grace for years and shared the dorm with her as a fellow Uni student. She had always known her as intelligent, proper and quite attractive in her tight jeans and trainers. To have the opportunity to see her totally naked casually wandering down the hallway was quite exciting.She noticed how her lightly tanned wet skin glistened in the semi-darkness. Her tall frame, her long blond hair, her small hard breasts with protruding nipples, her rock-hard butt, her slight tan lines; there was so much to see and admire. She focused her eyes on the space in between Grace’s legs. She saw her small pussy lips hanging in between her short fuzzy blond curls. Elizabeth, Grace’s classmate, was a reserved upper-class girl but clearly appreciated the raw confronting nakedness on display. She moved further into the darkness as Grace came closer. To her surprise Grace didn’t stop at her room but continued her naked stroll towards the semi-dark lounge, at the end of the hallway. The faint glow of street lighting shining through the windows illuminated her silhouette.Elizabeth silently went closer to the lounge area as she watched how Grace’s hand slowly moved down her stomach and in between her legs. It was clear to her that she was highly aroused as she heard her heavy breathing and slight moaning that broke the silence of the darkness. Grace used a chair to carefully mount the large heavy timber lounge room table. She slowly turned on her back and, while rubbing herself, gradually opened her legs impossibly wide. Elizabeth watched Grace’s writhing body on the table as she got a detailed view of her opening vagina surrounded by neatly trimmed blond pubic hair. tuzla escort She had always been secretly curious about what Grace had between her legs, what her opening underneath her tight jeans would look like and was impressed about how well groomed her pubic area was.Despite her repeated enquiries Grace Worthington had not secured an assignment with Irene for over two years (see Grace 9). There was the occasional puzzling text about workmen having building work completed at The Estate but that was all she heard from her. She also didn’t manage to find someone to have sex with for the past three weeks so the pressure had started to build up. Instead of fingering herself in her room she decided to spice things up and ended up naked and wet on the lounge room table. After all, the building was empty and with the final graduation ceremony only two days away there was no need to keep up appearances anymore.Her classmate Elizabeth Montgomery watched from the shadows as Grace’s fingers ravaged her pubic area, prodding her swollen slit furiously. She closed her eyes, concentrated and breathed heavily while lifting her midriff, her body contorting in agony, desperate for a release.“Having fun, Grace?”An unexpected voice from the darkness startled her. She quickly closed her legs, sat up and tried to cover herself as she saw Elizabeth gradually emerge from the shadows. “Ohhh…ehhh…sorry Elizabeth. Didn’t know you were here. Oh my god, this is sooo embarrassing…”Grace was blushing as Elizabeth came closer to the table. Her hand ran slowly over one of Grace’s legs. “Hmmm, not at all Grace.., not at all embarrassing I think. I…ehhh…watched you come out of the shower…completely nude. I didn’t know you looked that good when you’re not wearing anything.” She locked eyes with Grace and smiled benignly. Why don’t you…uhmm…” She paused deliberately as Grace watched her hand run further up her leg. “Why don’t you…continue with what you were doing. I uh…really enjoyed the show…”“Ohhh…I ehhh…don’t know Elizabeth”, Grace replied hesitantly while quite surprised by the request from her normally reserved classmate.In the sparsely lit lounge Elizabeth’s whispering voice moved closer to Grace’s ear; “We’ve known each other for years Grace. I always wondered what a proper girl like you would look like under her jeans, what it would be like to see you stark naked with your legs wide-open. Now…just relax Grace. Lie down, spread your legs really wide and continue fingering yourself…I want to watch you come…” She smiled mischievously as she looked into Grace’s confused but aroused eyes.Elizabeth was as surprised as Grace by her audacity as it was so out of character for her. She was normally a very reserved person but she very much wanted Grace to continue with her unintended erotic exhibition. Grace’s sexual desperation and exhibitionist streak erased any doubts as she slowly went back down on the lounge table.She stared intently at Elizabeth as she slowly opened her legs in front of her, giving her a detailed view of her most intimate body sancaktepe escort parts. This was for her an exhibitionist dream come true. Here she was, lying on a table, exposing herself to her classmate of many years. The erotic tension and arousal on Grace’s face said it all. Elizabeth noticed Grace’s wetness and could almost smell her damp vagina as her classmate rubbed herself furiously. Grace’s midriff started to rise and twist, her breathing increased and became louder as she fingered herself closer to a climax.“Make yourself come Grace, I want to see you orgasm right in front of me,” Elizabeth whispered as she looked into Grace’s glazed eyes. A minute later her heavy breathing changed into a grunting sound. Elizabeth’s hand moved over Grace’s writhing torso, over her hard stomach, squeezing her small hard tits as the body under her hand started to tremble and stiffen up. Elizabeth saw how a small amount of liquid shot out of Grace’s red slit as she let out a scream. She witnessed how the orgasm rolled over her classmate like a crashing wave, making her body shake and twist. Grace fell down on the table exhausted as Elizabeth slowly moved into the darkness and suddenly turned on the lights.She looked at Grace’s body from a distance, as she was lying on the lounge table, in all her sweaty confronting raw nakedness. She looked at Grace’ red face, her hot little hard nipples, flat stomach and blond wet pubic hair, her swollen opening. She had become slightly aroused herself as she slowly reached for her cell phone. She went over to Grace and looked into her exhausted eyes while showing her the phone.“I want you to pose nude for me Grace,” she whispered. “Hardcore, for my eyes only.” She virtually breathed the last words into Grace’s ear. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea. It would be incredible if her proper classmate would pose nude for her cell phone camera. She had always wanted to know what she looked like stark naked and here she was…“Oh…, I don’t know Elizabeth. What if someone else sees the pictures..? No pictures Liz, please, no pictures.” Grace was trying to collect herself as she softly protested. Elizabeth ignored it all and tried to convince her.“You’ve got a beautiful body to show off Grace. I’ll obscure your face. Just open your legs and throw your head backwards. I’ll photograph you slit and torso, not your face. Spread your legs for me baby.” She slowly took a step back and pointed the phone’s camera at Grace’s naked body in front of her.Grace hesitantly held off but eventually relented, cupping her small breasts as she slowly opened her legs and raised her midriff.She stared at her classmate and sounded breathless; “Is this what you always wanted to see Liz? Look at it; do you enjoy watching me like this?”Grace presented herself to Elizabeth’s camera with her legs wide open like an a****l on heat. The whole situation was like a wild exhibitionist dream for her. Elizabeth couldn’t believe that her proper classmate willingly exposed herself like that as she shot close-ups of Grace’s wide-open üsküdar escort genitals. She exploited the moment as she ran her hand up Grace’s hard midriff and down through her pubic hair over her open vagina. It was a huge turn-on as she took advantage of Grace’s naked flesh and brazenly hooked two fingers into her warm slit, massaging her clit with her thumb. Grace didn’t expect that and half-heartedly protested. “Oh no, no, what are you doing to me Liz? She panted. “Oh god, I feel your fingers deep inside…Oh… right there, right there…” Grace’s pelvis started to ride Liz’s fingers. Elizabeth aimed her phone and shot low angle close-ups of Grace’s twisting body with her fingers in it. After a while she slipped out of Grace’s hot opening. She caressed Grace’s blond pubic hair. “Turn around girl,” she whispered, “I can’t wait to shoot your hard naked arse…one for my personal collection.” Elizabeth Montgomery knew she was pushing the boundaries, downright m*****ing her classmate Grace Worthington. Liz didn’t know that this was not Grace’s first time she took off her clothes in front of a camera. The whole situation became incredibly erotic and wild and threatened to overwhelm Elizabeth as Grace slowly turned around on all fours, spread her knees wide and opened up her arse cheeks to graphically show Elizabeth her anal button. Liz was temporary taken aback by the explicit hardcore display in front of her as she pointed her camera at her beautiful classmate’s butt and crotch.She slowly stepped back, turned off the bright lounge lights and playfully slapped Grace’s hard arse cheeks as she got off the table. “You’re incredible Grace, I can’t believe it, I always thought you were this proper conservative girl. God, you’re beautiful,” she whispered while her hand slid from Grace’s chest down her stomach in between her legs. Grace slightly opened herself up to accommodate Elizabeth’s indiscriminate groping as she breathed heavily. In the semi-darkness Liz watched as a stark naked Grace slowly extracted herself and moved down the corridor towards the bathroom for a shower.Five minutes later she emerged again. Elizabeth was still waiting at the end of the corridor as Grace, wet and naked, slowly came down the hallway towards her. Elizabeth observed her as she slowly went on her back on the corridor floor and spread her legs wide. She was showing herself off, rubbing her crotch, while staring at Elizabeth. “Look at me, look at me rubbing my clit. Do you like what you see? Watch me Liz.” She finally stood up, slowly positioned herself next to Liz and slightly opened her legs. “Grope me,” she begged. ”Please, feel up my body one last time.” Liz was taken aback by Grace’s brazenness. It was all so horny and crazy. Grace leaned with her back against the wall as she thrust her pelvis forward. Elizabeth’s reached out. Her hand caressed Grace’s hair, ran down her chest squeezing her hard tits and slid down her stomach into her crotch grabbing a tight hold of her short curls and genitals. Both girls found the situation incredibly sexy and locked eyes while Grace fucked her hand in the darkness of the dorm’s long corridor.That evening Grace revealed herself to her classmate Elizabeth Montgomery as a horny exhibitionist.Two days later she entered the ornate University Hall for her graduation ceremony.(continue part 2-4)]



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