Gotham girlsMr Stark! Yes Pepper ? Bruce Wayne Is on the Phone! I have got to go to Gotham . Bruce Needs my help. Can you handle the Mayor today! Yes! Good I have to fly out,.Call the Pilot. I do have time for you to suck my Dick before I go! Get on your Knees Pepper and Service Me! I want you to suck it hard I need a boast in my power cell! Take it deep you whore. Im thinking about what Bruce ask me to do and it don’t take long and I Cum In Pepper mouth! Thank You Pepper ! Now I have to go!Four Hour flight to think about My mission. Bruce told me that He had two Young Lady s in town that he needed help with. He had to go out of town on for a important Case! I am eager to be in town. I Have always wanted to Meet Poison Ivy and Harley. I have masturbated many times to then! They are the finest Two women. I pictured myself one day with them. Now I have the chance to help a friend out and fulfill a dream! When I get in town I have a limo waiting to take me to the Gotham City Hilton. Where I own the whole top floor. I call Bruce an tell him I have arrived , and ask where do I find Ivy an Harley. He tells me at the Gotham Gentleman’s club. So I put on my best suit and and grabbed Some 100’s for the lady’s.I pull up to the club. And Im meeted at my car door by Ivy and Harley. You say to Harley Lets blow this joint and tell me Its my lucky night. You climb on top of me and force my hands up over my head and Harley searches me. You tell me Im a big spender and take all My money!! I laugh and tell you its all your Lady s!! You feel my cock rising up . You get off me and tell Harley That I have a erection.She laughs and tell you that its been so long she surprised you new what it was! You tell her to shut up and to get over here and suck it!! She giggles and smiles. Im Glad your taking control for me. She Unzips my pants and my Hard cock Popped up!She licks it from my balls to the head. Taken the head in her mouth. rubbing her tongue over the head. She good I tell you! You sit over across from me and spread your legs reveling your Pussy . I can see your tats up above your pussy . You look so fine!! Harley starts to suck my dick deeper and deeper. You start to finger your pussy watching her devour afyon escort bayan my cock. Your pussy is so wet! I can see the shine from your pussy juice in the lights as we are driving down through the city. I have my hands on Harley’s head Forcing her Deeper.Your getting off on the way I force her to take it all! You rubbing your clit and pinching your peirced nipples and Moaning!You get up and Pull Harley by the back of the head and tell her to come lick your pussy . To clean it up good . I watch as her lick your sweet pussy . I can see Harley took her panties off too! I see her pussy dripping wet. I want to lick it but I just watch and stroking my cock! Im so hard , an Im so enjoying it! You pull Harleys head up and get up and come over to me and kiss me! I start to feel sick . Im week and cant hardly see! You climb on top of me and with your hand grab my cock and guide it in your pussy! You ride me slow at first and the get faster . I can see Harley In front of us Playing with her pussy! Shes has three fingers in her pussy fucking it hard , while watching you fuck me! You have your hands On the roof of the car pushing yourself down deeper on my cock! My lap is so wet with cum from you and Harley’s blow job. Harley starts to scream and with some laughter . Came all over the car. She sprayed all over you and me! When she did that I could hold back and You an I came at the same time!You kiss me again and Im starting to feel better. You climb off me and tell Harley Its time to go! You both put on your clothes and and tell the driver to stop the car! You get out an blow me a kiss and slap Harley on the Ass an tell her lets go get in trouble. I smile and am very amazed at the whole or deal! You didn’t know it but when you and Harley were Fucking me I put a tracker on both of you! I clean up and pull up my pants . I spray some poison ivy relief spray on me to stop the itch. I get out the tracker and follow you through the town.I see now that you have stopped at a location outside of town. I tell my driver to take me back to my place. when i get there I have a call from Pepper .I ask her if she took care of my problem and tell her I met you and Harley. I tell her it was a awesome escort afyon time and that Im going to met you now.You get home an your tired from all the mischief you got in tonight. You tell Harley that you want to take a shower and to run the water. You get undress and go over to Harley and Undress her. You take her by the hand and lead her to the shower. I Get on my Ironman suit and Fly over to your place. Its an old place with Ivy all over the place. I fly up to a window with a light on. Bingo!! Its the bathroom and You In the shower with Harley and she’s licking your pussy! You enjoying her licking your pussy and she is good at it shes licking and sucking on your clit and biting it gentle. You cum grabbing her head pushing it hard in your clit! Cumming all over her face!Yall finish and get out of the shower. I see you drying off your naked body is fine ! You have so many tattoos all over your body and piercings . You turn me on so much I just about came in my Ironman suit. Your tight little ass and perky tits . I have got to have you again! Your thinking about the day an me . You think you have seen my face before somewhere! You finish brushing your teeth and tell Harley Its time for bed! She says Red Yes it is!You hear a window crash and You jump up and there I am . Ironman! I hear you Gotham Girl have been bad and need to be punished!! You and Harley laugh and you can try but I don’t think you can. I come over to you and grab you both and take you to the door and we fly up! You ask where we are going and I tell you to be punished!!We get to my place I have in the country ! The Roof opens up and we desend into the bedroom! I take you and tie you to the bed! I take Harley and put her on top of you in the 69 position tieing her there. You are both naked because you sleep that way. I go over an push the button on my suit and it start to come off . Piece by piece I revial myself to you!I go over and get a flog from the wall and I began to Flog Harley’s Ass . Its a fine ass to ! I tie her head tighter to your pussy so when I flog her and she moans or talks you can feel it on your clit! I flog Her ass till its red Like your hair! Then I take my hand an rub it all over her ass afyon escort and back calming the pain! You girls have been bad and this will take awhile! I look at you to see if your enjoying it . I leave and come back with a butt plug and I play with Harley’s Ass Fingering it and pushing the plug in alittle at a time Your watching it and you can feel Harley breath harder on your pussy! Its turning you on! I push the butt plug in till it pops in her ass.I climb ontop of her and My cock is hard . I stick My dick in your mouth and face fuck you for a minute . Then I stick my dick in Harley’s wet pussy . My balls are in your face,an your licking them. I lift her up on her knees more an start to fuck her. You can see me driving in and out . Your so turned on and shes licking and sucking on your wet pussy. Its throbbing. You want to cum but I grab her hair and Pull her off your pussy. I slap her ass and push her head deep in your pussy and pull it back again! Im fucking her so hard and she is screaming yes ! Fuck me! I slap the butt plug in her ass and fuck her harder! Im about to cum an I need to slow down!I pull out an stick my dick in your mouth deep and hold it there till you pull away! I untie Harley and take her to the Box in the middle of the floor and tie her to it! She is on her back with her legs up an tied her hair is tied down so he cant pull it up.I come back an get you and I can see your pussy is so wet! I put my fingers in you an start to finger fuck you. I fuck you hard till you cum. Then I untie you and pull you by your hair up. I take you over to Harley and Put you on top of her . You are on top and yall are face to face. An pussy to pussy! I tie you there. I come to your face and fuck in and then I deep throat Harleys. I fuck your faces for awhile till yall have slobber everywhere.I come around to your fine ass! I rub it and then I stick my dick in your tight wet pussy! I fuck you hard and slaping your as at the same time. Im bounding you so hard Harley can feel the butt plug in her ass! I put my finger in your ass an fuck it to! You can fell Harleys nipple in your chest! skin on skin! nothing like it! My chest is glowing so bright! Im about to cum1 I pull out and come around to your face and start fucking your mouth again! I cum in your mouth, and you kiss Harley an spit it in her mouth!I have to recharge!I get yall up and take you to a cell I have down there . It has a shower and a bed!This is just the start!



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