Good Neighbors — Part 1This my original work; originally posted to another site. Enjoy! *hugs*Stacey_tvGood Neighbors, Part 1″You should really go check in on Martin,” my wife said. “When was thelast time you dropped in on him?””Just last week,” I said. “You were at your Women’s Club that night. Itold you, remember?””Still,” she said. “It’s the least we can do since his wife left him.They were such good neighbors to us when we moved in.””But the ball game…,” I started to say.”No,” she cut me off mid-excuse. “Grab a six-pack and go see him.Watch the game over there.””He’s a Braves fan,” I complained as I got up from my comfortable chair.”He isn’t going to want to watch the Mets game.”It had been a few months since our neighbors had split up. His wife,Jocelyn, was a fiery woman from Argentina. Josie (as we called her) hadrecently moved out after a huge fight–not that they weren’t alwaysfighting. It was my wife’s favorite soap opera. That didn’t stop herfrom sending me over for “emotional support.”She went to the kitchen and I heard her open the fridge and take outsome beer. While she was occupied I shot him a quick text. “Wifesending me over to watch ballgame.”His cryptic reply was almost immediate: “ROYGBVPB?””P,” was my one-letter response.”Of course,” he replied. “LOL. 10m.”I slipped into the beat up pair of Sperry’s that I kept in the mud room,grabbed the beer off the kitchen table, and headed out the side door.”I’ll see you later!” I yelled at my wife.”Thank you!” she replied.I crossed the space between our houses, letting myself in through theside door to his garage and locking it behind me. I walked into thehouse, dropped the beer off on the island in his kitchen, and wentstraight to the guest bathroom down the hall on the way to the familyroom.I immediately slipped out of my shoes; followed in short order by my t-shirt, shorts and underwear. As I stood there naked my cock swelled atthe sight of the pink lingerie folded neatly on the vanity.I started with the top of the pile. The bra was pink dotted meshtrimmed with tight pink ruffles on the top of the cups and looselygathered lace below. Each cup was bisected with a white line thatlooked like a continuation of the bra strap and a large white bow wasaffixed between the cups.The matching panties followed–a crotchless string thong trimmed in thesame white as the bra with a tiny triangle of material in the back. Ipoked my stiff cock and pulled my balls through the open crotch as Ipulled the panties into place. I squeezed my cock, forcing a large dropof pre-cum from the tip. I scooped it up on my finger and licked itgreedily.Next came the garter-skirt. The skirt, made from the same dotted meshas the bra cups, flared canlı bahis şirketleri out from the hips and ran halfway down my asscheeks. Where the garter straps attached on the front it was trimmedwith two more bows to match the one on the bra. As my cock leaked morepre-cum I continued feeding it to myself.The stockings were last–white RHT seamed stockings with a wide band oflace topping each leg. I rolled them and deftly pulled them up my legs,clipping them front and back; pausing only briefly to adjust my seams.I stepped into the white patent leather shoes that stood beside thevanity. They were pump-style with 5-inch heels and ankle straps.The last thing left on the counter was a pair of breast forms. I slidthe cool silicone tits into the bra cups. They warmed quickly againstmy skin and gave my figure just the right curves. The dark areola andnipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of the bra.I opened the medicine cabinet and removed a small makeup bag. Knowingtime was an issue I quickly applied a light foundation and some blush,followed by some eye shadow from the Revlon Metropolitan palette. Ifinished the job with Revlon’s Pink Pop Lustrous lip gloss, applied withpracticed ease and leaving my lips shiny and sexy.I checked myself in the mirror one last time before opening the door andstepping into the hall. My heels *clicked* on the tile floor as Iretraced my steps back to the kitchen to pick up the beer. I grabbedthe six pack and a bottle opener and went back toward the family room.I paused in the doorway, leaning against the door frame.”Need a beer, sweetie?” I asked.”What I need is your sweet lips on my cock.” Martin was sitting on thecouch with his long, hard cock sticking up obscenely between his legs.He was wearing a heavy terrycloth robe open just enough to reveal hismanhood.He was a beautiful black man with a beautiful and impressive cock. Icrossed the room quickly and knelt between his legs, immediatelyslurping his cock into my mouth. I set the beer down and began tostroke his cock with one hand as I sucked on it; my other hand rubbedand gently squeezed his smooth balls.”Mmmmm,” I said between mouthfuls of cock, “It feels like you have quitea load for me in there.””Oh yeah, baby,” he said. “I’ve been saving it up for over a weekhoping Elaine would send you over. I even moped around in the frontyard until she came over to see how I was doing.””You sly minx,” I said playfully. “We really need a better signal.””Maybe a Jack of Spades kind of bat-signal I can send up to call mysissy cocksucker over?””Mmmmm. Maybe I’ll get a Wildcats flag to raise when I need a big blackcock in my ass.””Wildcats?””Yeah, like the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky. canlı kaçak iddaa “KY.” Get it?” Hegrabbed my head and pushed my mouth back down on his cock.”How about you take care of this first before we talk about scratchingyour itch?””Mmmmm hmmmm.”I sucked and slurped on his cock. I licked the length of his shaft andjacked it furiously with both hands. I tongued his balls and sucked onthem. I bobbed my head up and down for what felt like 30 minutes.Finally I took a deep breath and forced his cock into the back of mymouth and down my throat. I pushed until I felt his balls against mychin.”Oh fuck yes!” he said. “If Josie had been able to do that we’dprobably still be married.”I pulled off of his cock, filled my lungs with air, and plunged himballs-deep back into my mouth, this time fucking his 10-inch cock withmy throat. Each time his balls reached my chin I stuck out my tongue asbest I could and licked at his balls.”Damn, girl,” he said. “Fucking your pretty little mouth gets me sohot.””Mmmmm,” was all I managed.”Here it comes, Stacey. Here comes a big fresh load of hot cum!””Give it to me, baby; I want to taste you! Shoot your load in my mouthand watch me swallow it!”I pulled off his cock, took a quick breath, and plunged him back into mymouth. He had a hand on each side of my head now, raising his hips as Ilowered my mouth. I took him down my throat one last time before hegroaned loudly.As his cum started to spurt I pulled off him just enough to take hisfull load in my mouth. He writhed under my ministrations as his cumflooded my mouth, filling it. Finally he slumped down into the couchcushions and released my head.”Show me,” he said. I sat back on my heels and opened my mouth as wideas I dared so he could see his load. I swear I could feel the spermswimming around. “Damn, you are such a good cocksucking cum slut,Stacey. I gotta get me a picture of that shit for my Tumblr.” Helifted his smartphone and took several shots with the camera. “Nowswallow.”I licked my lips and then swallowed, savoring his load as I felt itswarmth spreading down my esophagus. I licked my lips once more, finallyopening my mouth to show him it was all gone. He took several morepictures.”Thanks, I needed that,” Martin said.”Thank you,” I said. “You know I love how your load tastes, and thebigger the better!” I sat down on the floor and rested my head on histhigh. My mind wandered to how we ended up in this arrangement…=============================It was almost three weeks after Josie had moved out and I was helpingMartin pack up the things she had left behind when she stormed out. Hewas working in the den on her book collection, leaving me with quite thevolume of clothes in bedroom. canlı kaçak bahis He said it was too personal for him to gothrough her clothes.When I opened the drawer full of frilly lingerie my heart skipped abeat. Josie was an incredibly sexy woman and the thought that I washandling her unmentionables made my cock stir in my pants. Well, thatand the fact that I had been a closeted cross dresser for years.Although I’m sure my wife suspected, she was too polite to ever ask meif I knew how her sexiest panties seemed to always get stretched out sosoon.I looked around the room, situated myself so that I was facing the door,and then started pawing through the delightful mound of slippery satinand sexy lace. I quickly paired up bras and babydolls with theirmatching panties–surprised and excited to see just how many pairs ofcrotchless panties were in her collection. She had chemises, camisoles,tap pants, and scores of panties in all colors and styles.One set caught my eye, completely mesmerizing me. It was a pink satinbabydoll with matching panties. The top was halter-style with asweetheart neckline and the front had a flyaway ruffled hem with a largesatin bow centered between the cups. The panties were tanga-style witha bow at the top of the open crotch and rows of frilly ruffles acrossthe backside.Temptation got the better of me and I made a snap decision that wouldchange my life forever. I put all but the babydoll set in the box I waspacking. I poked my head out of the bedroom door and yelled down thehall.”You okay in there, buddy?””Yeah,” he responded. “How’s it going with you?””I’m just finishing up the armoire and getting ready to start on thechest of drawers.””I’ll be ready for a break soon. Too early for a beer?””Never!” I said. “Going to download some of this coffee first.””Right. See you in the kitchen.” I grabbed the babydoll and pantiesand made a beeline for the master bathroom where I quickly stripped outof my mundane boy clothes.The thrill was electric as I pulled the panties up my legs. My semi-hard cock was already leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and I wascareful to not get any of it on the panties as I guided my cock andballs through the opening in the crotch. One wall of the bathroom wascovered in mirrored tile and I admired my ruffle-covered ass in thepanties before stepping into the nightie and pulling it up my legs–again being careful not to get any of my fluid on the top. I fastenedthe halter behind my neck and stood back to admire my reflection.I was preening and posing in the mirror when I heard the unmistakablerattle of a hand on the doorknob. I looked and realized that in myhaste I had neglected to lock the door! I was trapped and had no ideawhat to do or say. “Be out in a minute,” was all I managed to blurt outbefore the door swung open.I stood rooted to the spot, my cock even harder now that my secret hadbeen revealed–and to my best friend no less!”Whoa,” was all Martin said.<< To Be Continued... >>



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