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Carl came out from behind the camera into the lighted area beside the bed. “That was pretty good for first-timers,” he continued, “We need to do some close up shots to insert into that footage, so you will have to run through that same routine again, but this time, we will have a hand held camera moving around and you will have to give him clear shots of like your dicks and stuff.”

Justin and Clark sat up on the bed next to each other, “I don’t know if I can do that again exactly the same as before.” Justin spoke up.

“We have the footage on tape, so we can run it back to the areas we want to do the inserts to get you in the correct positions for those short clips.” He paused for a moment looking at them both, “You won’t actually be doing the whole thing over again, only pretending to be doing little bits for those close up clips.” He motioned for them to get off the bed, “Pick up your clothes and go wash that cum and lube off yourselves. You’ll need to get dressed again too of course.” Carl started picking up some of their clothes handing them to Justin and Clark, “This is the time consuming part of the production because of all the set up and all, I mean getting you both into the right positions and getting the camera angles and lighting right, so I hope you are patient and don’t have any plans for another couple of hours.” Carl opened the door which led to the other room, “you can use that bathroom again.” Clark and Justin walked past him into the next room and headed for the bathroom. “Hurry up, will ya?”

Both Clark and Justin replied in unison, “Okay.”

Once they were cleaned up again, Michael applied powder to their faces again, then they headed back into the studio. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing those close-up shots. Justin and Clark had to constantly get hard again once the scenes were set up and they were in position. The camera would capture a segment, then they’d cut and move to the next segment, have to do the set-up and positioning again, get hard-ons again and so on for each clip. It was exhausting and boring at the same time.

The hours did finally pass and they were finally done. Once they were cleaned up and dressed again, Carl led them into the control room where Mel was busy with some of the post production stuff. He looked away from the control console for a moment, half chewed unlit cigar sticking out of his mouth, “Not bad for a days work boys.” You could barely understand him with the cigar still in his mouth. He removed the cigar, put it into the ashtray next to the console keys, “I suppose you want to get paid?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Justin spoke up as they stood near Mel’s swivel chair next to the console.

Mel motioned to one of his crew in the room who then handed him a small brief case with a zipped leather money pouch inside that was chained to the inside of the briefcase. The zipper had a lock incorporated into it. Mel dug into his right pocket then pulled out a key ring where he found the key to the pouch lock. He unlocked it, then unzipped the pouch. The pouch bulged casino siteleri with paper money. Mel’s thick fingers pulled out a wad of money and counted out two stacks of fifty dollar bills in the amount of five hundred dollars a piece. Once the money was there, he returned the remaining wad of money to the pouch, zipped it back up and locked it again. He motioned for them to take the money and they each took a stack of bills. “If you boys are interested in doing this again, let Bill know.” He turned around facing the control panel again and continued talking, “I’ll have to get this one out and see how it sells. If it does good, I’ll let Bill know I want you back for more.” He busied himself with his control panel again as though they weren’t standing there anymore. Having gotten their money, they headed out of the suites and back down to the lobby.

Clark pressed the elevator button, they waited for the doors to open. Clark looked over at Justin who was counting his portion of the money. He was going to say something, but Justin spoke up first, “This is the most money I’ve ever had or seen.” He said in awe, “and its mine!”

“You better put that away,” Clark cautioned him, “Waving that money around like that you won’t have it long. Some jerk will relieve you of it without a moment’s thought about it and you could end up with a bullet hole in exchange.”

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Justin rolled up the money and put it into his front pocket. They stepped into the elevator and rode it down to the lobby. The doors opened, they stepped out and headed for the exit. They couldn’t help but notice a couple of uniformed police officers at the reception desk speaking to the receptionist. They looked at each other and quickened their pace out of the building. Whatever they were there for, they didn’t want to have any part in it.

Once they were back in Clark’s car rolling down the road Justin said, “I’m starving, lets go get something to eat. My treat.” He looked over at Clark smiling broadly. “Since you paid for my lunch and all, it’s the least I can do.”

“Okay, fine with me. I’m pretty hungry myself.” He continued to pay attention to his driving, “Where do you want to go to eat?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“There’s a nice Italian place not far from here. The food is great and the prices aren’t too bad.” He looked over at Justin for a moment. “Do you like Italian food?”

“Hey, if it tastes good, I like it.” He grinned, “Does it taste good?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

“Okay, lets go there.” Justin leaned back in his seat, reclined it a notch or two and closed his eyes. “Dam, how many times did we get dressed and undressed today?”

“I don’t know, I lost count.” Clark continued, “If we are going to do modeling jobs, we are likely to do that a lot.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

There was silence for awhile before Clark turned the radio on with the volume low.

“If you don’t mind, could I see that picture in your pocket?” He looked over at Justin who looked like he was slot oyna comfortably asleep with his eyes closed.

Justin opened his eyes, turned his head to the side so he was looking at Clark, “Yeah, why not.” The pain of the past, the thoughts of his losses returned to him in a flash. The heart ache struck him once again, and the sorrow welled up inside of him. He held it in check though as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture. He held it and looked at it for awhile. Clark looked over at Justin who’s face lost the cheery glow from moments before.

“Oh geeze, sorry man.” Clark apologized realizing what his request had done.

Justin looked away from the picture, looked into Clark’s eyes, then sadly back at the picture for a moment before handing it to Clark.

Clark held it at the top of the steering wheel with his right hand holding the picture and the steering wheel. The picture was somewhat wrinkled from having spent time in Justin’s pocket. The small hole in the middle hid a portion of the other guys body from view. Clark studied the picture between paying attention to his driving. Justin’s face once again looked straight ahead. Neither of them said anything for awhile. Clark handed the picture back to Justin who took it and returned it to his back pocket without another glance at it.

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Clark asked cautiously.

“That’s a picture of me and the guy who lived next door to me in our apartment building. You can see, that it was probably taken from across the back alley with a telephoto lense viewed through his bedroom window.” Justin didn’t look at Clark as he continued, “Marty and I use to play with each other sexually. He was my first sexual experience. He’s a really nice older guy. He was always very nice to me and we got along great.” Justin was immersed in thoughts of Marty and him together, how they had such fun together, not only when they were having sex, but other times too when they went to the park and ball games and stuff like that.

“I came home from running an errand for my Mom to find our apartment had been broken into. The place was a mess like someone was looking for something.” Once again he relived those moments in his mind. “I found my Mom tied up on the floor in her bedroom, and I found that picture in my bedroom pinned to my night stand with a bloody dagger. My room looked like a hurricane had gone through it.” He looked over at Clark. “You are the only other person I know to have seen that picture.”

Clark didn’t know what to say, he looked at Justin with concern being a bit worried about Justin’s situation.

“I hid the dagger and didn’t say anything to the police or my Mom about the picture or dagger when they came to investigate the break-in.” He paused, “I couldn’t say anything about it because I didn’t want to hurt my Mom. I mean, she didn’t know I was having sex with Mel and seeing that picture would have probably freaked her out.”

“Do you think Marty was killed in that accident?” Clark was referring to the plane crash that destroyed Justin’s canlı casino siteleri home and neighborhood.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think so, I mean, he got a phone call and had to leave rather quickly. He said he wouldn’t be back for a few days.”

Clark continued to pay attention to his driving as he listened to Justin’s story. “But, I went into his apartment after that. I found the door unlocked. I thought he might have returned and I wanted to tell him about my modeling interview and stuff. But when I entered his apartment, it was dark, with only a light on in the bathroom, so I went there.” He paused, “I found the sink nearly running over with water. There was a bloody t-shirt soaking in the water.” He paused again. “It freaked me out, so I ran out of his apartment and back to mine.”

“Holy shit! What the fuck was going on?”

“I don’t know.”

Clark was wondering who this guy he’d fell in love with was, and what might happen because of his past, in their future together. “Well, maybe they will think you are dead because of the accident. If whoever broke into your apartment was after you for some reason, if they think you are dead, you’re off the hook.”

“What an awful way to be off the hook!”

With that being said, they pulled into the restaurant parking lot. The parking lot was pretty full so they had to drive around a bit to find an empty place to park. Once they were parked, Clark turned off the engine. They both sat there in silence not looking at each other. Clark broke the silence, “Here we are. You still up to buying me dinner?” He opened his door and started to get out.

Justin did the same, “I’m starved. I guess I can pay for your glass of water and stale bread.” He grinned at Clark as he looked over the roof of the car at Clark.

“I’m not sure if I can handle a whole glass of water, let alone the stale bread.” Clark joked with Justin.

“Okay, if you are a good boy, maybe you can have something else.”

“Hey sweetie, I’m good, you know I am.” He laughed.

With the thoughts of food, the smell of fresh Italian bread and cooking in the air, their moods lifted, and for the time, the mysteries of Justin’s past receded from their minds. They entered the busy restaurant. The host led them to a table for 2 next to a window that overlooked a small courtyard in the middle of the restaurant where a lite fountain sprayed water into the air.

The food was excellent and there was plenty of it. They both enjoyed it and each other’s company by talking about all sort of things from sports to types of books they liked to read and music they liked to listen to. Italian music played in the background and mixed with the restaurant sounds and conversations of those there. It was dark outside by time they returned to Clark’s car and there were fewer cars in the lot than when they’d arrived.

From there, they drove around a bit, just talking about anything that came to mind like the places they recognized as they drove by them, about things they’d done there and stuff like that. Eventually, they ended up at the driveway of Clark’s home.

“Come in, I want to introduce you to my Mom and Dad.” Clark got out of the car and headed for the front door of his home. Justin followed a few steps behind.



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