Ryan Grant was nearly finished with the neighborhoods he had been given in the yearly fundraiser. The seniors on the Middleton Bison football sqad were required to go door-to-door to sell Varsity Cards which provided discounts to local stores and restaurants. Ryan was the first team QB, so he was able to swing the assignment to one of the more affluent subdivisions in an upper-middle class town that not lacking much of anything; good businesses, families and schools made Middleton an attractive suburb.

As Ryan walked up the cul-de-sac, he recognized the Boehmon home. Jake Boehmon was a junior safety on the squad, a big muscular kid who had every chance to start that fall for a team that had made the D1 playoffs the last three years. But Ryan wasn’t thinking about Jake as he rang the doorbell to the large, two-story modern brick home. He was thinking about Jake’s mother, Randi Boehmon. Mrs. Boehmon always seemed to find her way to the top of the MILF list that Ryan and his friends would put together from time-to-time. Although in her mid-forties, with two children in school, she was a stunning woman, with long blonde hair and stiking blue eyes. A petite woman, Randi was not busty but kept herself in great shape with a tiny waist and slender legs. Over the last few years, Ryan thought he had noticed a change in her appearance when he would see her at school functions or at Mass. Her hair had gotten much more blonde and she seemed to wear more make-up and dress a little sexier than the other moms.

Ryan got plenty attention from the girls at school. He was 6’2′ with the lean angular build of an athlete, his brown hair was long, just past his shoulders, and his face, although clearly masculine, had some feminine features that drove the girls wild.

After ringing the doorbell, Ryan waited for a moment then the intercom came to life.

“Yes?” a voice inquired. His breath caught when he recognized it belonging to Mrs. Boehmon.

“Umm . . . Hi . . . Mrs. Boehmon. It’s Ryan Grant from the football team.”

“Oh . . .Right.” she answered “Come on in, the door’s open. I’m on the back porch.”

Ryan let himself in and could see through the hallway and spacious living room to the outside deck. Mrs. Boehmon was standing outside and she waved him back.

Randi Boehmon was dressed in a tight, black short-sleeved button-down blouse that allowed a thin strip of her tight tummy to show above her tight jeans. She wore some peak-a-boo sandals with four-inch heels, her toenails recently done in blood red.

She greeted Ryan and took a seat in a deck chair, her legs crossed sexily, her tiny foot in the air. Ryan noticed a wineglass and a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120’s on the glass table in front of her. The deck looked out over a small wooded lot that provided a sense of privacy.

“Ryan!” Randi said brightly with a smile speading across her beautiful features, “What brings you here? Jake is at his sister’s soccer camp with his dad if you are looking for him.”

Ryan felt a little flustered as he stared into the older woman’s deep blue eyes. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail and her lips glistened with a pink shade of lip gloss.

“Ahhh . . . No Ma’am . . .I wasn’t looking for Jake. I’m selling these Varsity cards for the football team and I was given your neighborhood. They are only $20.”

Ryan felt that he had stammered through his sales pitch and he could have sworn that Mrs. Boehmon had given him a slow, once over with her gorgeous eyes.

“Oh . . . Please. Sit down. Tell me a little more about what you have to offer!” she replied.

Ryan felt his heart beating as he sat on a chaise facing Randi. He thought he had caught a hint of flirtatiousness in her voice, but convinced himself he was being stupid.

Randi flipped the top of the hard-pack and slowly removed one of the long, white cigarettes bringing it to her lips. Cupping a tiny gold lighter in her hands, she lit the cigarette and drew deeply, exhaling a thin stream in Ryan’s direction, before propping her elbow on the arm of the deck chair, a killer smile forming on her luscious lips.

Randi seemed to have a thing for football players. Her first lover, Marcus, and her longtime boyfriend, Steve, had played in college. She loved their firm, muscular bodies, tight abs and taut butts. When she attended one of her son’s school functions she couldn’t help but check out the younger talent. Obviously, Ryan Grant had caught her eye on more than one occasion.

Ryan spent the next few moments explaining the card and where it could be used. Randi watched the boy intently, her eyes darting from the smooth features of his face to his sensuous lips and long eyelashes, and then down to his fat crotch pushing against his jeans. When he was finished, Randi tapped an ash and took another slow drag on her cigarette before standing.

“OK! You sold me sweetie!” she winked at the young man. “C’mon inside and let me get my purse.”

Ryan casino siteleri stood and followed Randi back into the house, unable to take his eyes off her tight, little ass, loving the way she moved on her high heels. Randi glanced briefly over her shoulder to find Ryan checking her out and smiled to herself. “This was going to be easy!” she thought.


Randi grabbed a twenty out of her purse and walked slowly and seductively towards Ryan, stopping so close that her perky breats almost rubbed against him. Even in her heels, the tiny MILF was quite a bit shorter than the young quarterback.

Looking up into his eyes, she held the bill out for him, but when he reached for it, she pulled it quickly back, a playful smile on her lips.

“Not so fast. You have to do something for me first!” she purred.

“Sure. What’s that?” Ryan responded, his pulse quickening.

“Kiss me.” Randi stated matter-of-factly.

Ryan took a deep breath, his mind racing. Was she fucking serious!? Did Mrs. Boehmon just ask him to kiss her?!!

“Umm . . . Kiss you? . . .I mean . . . Are your sure . . .”

“You don’t want to kiss me?” Randi pouted in mock suprise.

“No . . . I mean . . . Yeah sure . . . but what about your husband?”

Randi reached up and slowly pulled the young man down to her, mouth open expectantly. “Like I said earlier . . . He’s not here!”

With that she kissed him, her warm, wet tongue probing the young man’s mouth. Ryan could taste the wine on her wetly shining lips and he pulled the MILF tightly against his body. The two kissed passionately for a few moments, their mouths opening and closing in unision, their lips smacking. Randi’s hand crept lower and slid between their bodies where she found the shaft of his young, hard cock pushing tightly against his jeans.

Pulling away from the young man, Randi stroked him slowly on the outside of his pants. Looking hotly into his eyes, she asked:

“Do you want some?”

Ryan, still not quite believing that the sexy mother of his teammate was seducing him replied: “Umm . . . Do I want some what?”

Randi unzipped his jeans and slowly lowered his zipper. She slid her hand inside his boxers and began to fondle his cock.

“Pussy . . . Do you want some pussy?!!”

She pulled Ryan back down to her eager lips, her tongue dueling with his as she began to stroke his hard shaft. Randi was pleased to discover that he was hung handsomely as she worked his pants down over his ass. As they continued to kiss, Randi slowly unbuttoned his flannel shirt, running her hand down his smooth chest. Randi kissed and licked down his neck, stopping to briefly suck one of his nipples into her luscious mouth, causing it to stiffen.

Randi knelt and pulled his jeans to the floor looking lovingly at the stiff cock she held in her hands. She gently kissed its swollen head and tilted it upwards, licking slowly down the shaft to his ball sack. The older woman began sucking one of Ryan’s nuts as she continued to stroke him, his eyes drawn to the large diamonds in her wedding band that was moving slowly up and down his thick shaft.

When Randi stopped sucking his balls, she looked up sexily from her knees, her eyes cooly locked onto Ryan’s, and dropping her jaw, slowly slid her lips over his straining cock. The MILF’s head began bobbing a steady rhythm , slowly picking up speed. As she sucked him, Randi would turn her head slighlty, causing a twisting motion that sent incredible sensations pulsing through the young QB’s body. Ryan had been blown by a few of his high school girlfriends, but it was usually over quickly. He had never had anyone expend the time and effort Randi was showing as she sucked his cock. A low moan rose to his ears and it was as if Mrs. Boehmon was savoring the taste of him. Her mouth felt so incredilbe, he didn’t know how long he would last.

Randi pulled her lips of his cock with a loud pop and looked up at Ryan. Smiling lewdly, she ran the flat of her tongue against the sensitive underside of his dick.

“What a nice young cock you have. I love young cock!!!” she purred excitedly before sliding him back through her pouty lips. Placing her hands on his muscular thighs, Randi began to furiously fuck his cock with her mouth, Ryan now holding her head. Randi felt his cock stiffen and heard Ryan cry out.

“AAAhhhhhh . . . Shit!! Mrs. Boehmon!! You’re gonna make me cumm!! AAAAAAAhhhhh!! FUCK!!!

Randi withdrew her mouth and holding her thick shaft in both hands, rapidly flicked her tongue over the tip of his bulbous head. When the first jet of his spunk shot out, she took just the head of his cock back into her mouth, sucking hard, and continued to jack him, eagerly swallowing rope after rope of his sticky jism. She continued to blow him as his orgasm waned, her blue eyes flashing up at the young man who was breathing heavily.

Moments later, she gently kissed the the head of his now flaccid cock before getting to her feet, slot oyna her eyes smoldering.

“I know you’re not finished. Be a dear and pour me some more wine and bring it up to my bedroom. The bottles on the countertop. There is beer in the fridge if you want one.”

Randi ran her finger lightly down Ryan’s jawline to his chin before walking towards the stairs. Ryan could not take his eyes off the lovely soccer mom as she walked upstairs. Looking down at his from the landing, she smiled back cooly as she started to unbutton her blouse before disappearing down the hallway.

Ryan poured the wine and grabbed a beer and headed upstairs. The first bedroom to the right was a very large master suite with a wrought-iron king size bed. Ryan walked slowly into the marital bedroom and began to look around. A light was showing beneath the door he was guessing led to the bathroom and he heard water running in the sink. Ryan saw a huge leather chair and ottoman in one corner and a small wet bar abutted the built-in entertainment center housing a 50 inch flat screen TV.

On the harvest table beneath a decorative mirror, Ryan saw numerous pictures of the Boehmon family; he saw what appeared to be Mr. and Mrs. Boehmon’s wedding photo and other pictures from their children’s early days to the present.

Ryan put Randi’s wineglass on the bedside table and slipped out of his shoes, lying on the bed against the headboard. He took a hit out of the beer bottle and settled back, still not quite believing what had just transpired.

Several minutes later, the bathroom door open and Randi walked out. Her long hair was down, flattened with a heating iron, and she had applied a thick smoky make-up around her eyes. Her lips shone brightly in a cinnamon tone and she was wearing a short, silk gold robe with leopard print high heeled bedroom slippers tipped with black fur. Ryan felt his mouth drop as he looked upon his teammate’s mother, looking hotter than he ever could have imagined.

Randi walked slowly over to Ryan and took a seat on the side of the bed. She picked up the wineglass and took a sip, her eyes trained on the young man lying on the bed she shared with her husband.

“MMMMmmmmm!. . .Thank you dear! I really needed that!” she said placing the wineglass back on the table and turning towards Ryan. Her hands slid gently up and down his thighs as she smiled.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt.” she suggested. Ryan quickly complied and thinking to himself “What the hell!” , stood and unzipped his jeans laying back on the bed wearing only his boxers.

Randi smiled in amused appreciation “Now that is better. Don’t you think?”

Leaning into him she tiltled her head to one side and kissed him, her tongue darting quickly into his mouth. As they kissed, Randi began to rub his cock through his shorts and Ryan reached up to cup one of her perky breasts. Randi pulled herself away from his lips and asked “Have you ever eaten a pussy?” To emphasize, she slowly slid the bottom of her robe up her slender thighs to reveal her completely shaven slit. She took Ryan’s hand and guided it between her legs which she had spread apart, his fingers passing between her already wet lips.

In response, Ryan slowly shook his head “no “and Randi smiled lewdly. “Good . . .I wanted to be your first!” She stood and undid the sash of her robe and pushed it back off her shoulders allowing it to pool at her feet. Wearing only her high-heeled slippers, she got back on the edge of the bed and had Ryan kneel on the floor between her outstretched legs.

When Ryan tried to move quickly to her pussy, Randi stopped him. “Whoa . . . whoa Baby. Take your time! A woman wants to be teased a little before you jump right to it. Start on the back of my knee . . . lick it lightly. Yeah. That’s it! That feels wonderful . . . Now. Work your way slowly up the inside of my leg . . .”

Randi guided the young man through the proper way to eat pussy and found him to be a very quick study. Soon, his face was buried between her legs and he was lapping up her juices, teasing her swollen clit with his tongue. Randi laid back across the bed with her legs over his broad shoulder, his face squeezed tigthly between her taut thighs. Her hands were on the back of his head and she pulled him hard against her pussy, rolling her hips vigorously in a circular motion. She began to moan louder and louder and she ground herself against the young boy’s face, his mouth and tongue bringing her rapidly to the brink.

“AAAAAHHHHH . . . SHIT . . . That feels so fucking good Baby! Eat my pussy ,Baby!! Suck that pussy!! . . . SHIT!! EAT MY FUCKING PPPUUUSSSSYYY!!!!”

Her voice rose as her orgasm crashed through her body, Her heels beat frantically against his back and one of her slippers flew off her foot. Randi’s head thrashed back and forth on the bed as she came, nearly smothering the young man pinned between her thighs. Her body spasmed several times and then went competely slack, leaving her gasping for canlı casino siteleri air, Ryan happily lapping up her pussy juice.

As Randi caught her breath, Ryan stood and stepped out of his boxers, his thick cock bouncing in front of him. Randi eagerly scooted towards the center of the bed as Ryan knelt between her outstretched legs. Randi reached out and grabbed his shaft and guided it toward her still wet and pulsating love tunnel. The engorged head of Ryan’s cock pushed easily into her pussy and the young QB began to lustily pump his hard meat deep into the older woman. Randi briefly thought about getting him to slow down, but she knew he was so excited it would be fruitless to try. Realizing there would be time later for some instruction on how she liked to be fucked, Randi gave in to her passion, driving her hips off the bed to meet his anxious thrusts. Her legs wrapped behind his calf muscles and her french-manicured hands firmly gripped the thick muscles behind his arms. Randi felt her breasts bounce with each hard thrust and her nipples rubbed deliciously against his smooth chest.

Ryan drove his thick shaft ruthlessly into his teammate’s mother’s faithless cunt. Randi moaned softly and pulled his face down to hers, his tongue darting past her wetly shining lips. As they kissed, Ryan fucked her even faster and he felt the lovely MILF’s body begin to stiffen aginst him, the sound of his cock smacking wetly into her steaming, hot pussy, the tell-tale creak of the bed frame mixing erotically with the older woman’s moans.

Ryan pulled his lips from hers, and Randi slid her arms under his, now grabbing the back of his shoulders. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her breathing was ragged.

“Oh . . . Baby! You have no idea how bad I need this!! Shit!! That’s it Baby!! That’s it! You’re gonna make me cum again!! Your cock feels so fucking good!!! Pound my pussy Baby!!! Keep pounding that pussy!!!

Randi felt the young man stiffen inside her and knew that he was close as well. Rolling her hip against he young man, Randi groaned loudly and spat:

“Fuck me Baby!! Keep fucking my pussy!!!! Harder Baby! I need you to fuck me HARDER!! OHH GAWWWWDDD!!! YYYYYYEEEESSSS FUCK YYYEESSS!!!” Randi felt her body begin to shudder as Ryan’s cock brought her to second explosive orgasm. As she started to cum, she felt the first rope of Ryan’s jizz rip into her pussy as his body went completely rigid.

“Ohhh . . . Mrs. Boehmon . . . Shit!! I’m cumming Mrs. Boehmon!! I’m cumming in your pussy! Ahh . . . FUCK . . . MRS. BOEHMON!!!!”

Randi smiled contentedly as her son’s teammate filled her pussy full of his warm seed, her own orgasm continuing to pulse through her body. Ryan leaned down to kiss her softly, his cock jerking several more times before finding itself spent.

Randi’s breasts squeezed between them as they gently kissed, their tongues swirling around each other, their hearts racing. Ryan looked down on the sexy soccer mom, her beautiful blue eyes flahing through her slutty make-up, a sexy smile forming on her face.

“MMMMmmm . . .Baby! That was wonderful” she purred. “God I love young cock!!” she kissed him hard in emphasis.

Ryan rolled off his teammate’s mother and sat up against the headboard. Randi sat up as well, pulling the sheets up over her breasts in a an odd show of modesty given the fucking she had just provided the young man. Ryan handed Randi her wineglass and she took a grateful sip. After a few very short moments, Randi reached across Ryan and put her wineglass on the bedside table. Leaning in, she kissed him deeply then whispered hotly in his ear, her hand already stroking his stiffening cock:

“Do you want to fuck me some more?”

Ryan rolled her over on her back in response, his hand moving slowly up her thigh. Randi smiled as she sucked the tongue that had been thrust between her wetly shining lips, her hands sliding down to cradle the sides of his face. She knew she was in for a long afternoon of cock and her pussy was wet in anticipation.

Randi screwed the young man in a variety of positons in both the bedroom and the master bath. She fixed fruit which they fed to each other while lying naked in the bed that she would share with her husband later that night. Later, almost sheepishly, Randi showed Ryan the porno her husband had suprised her with a few months earlier. It was an amateur tape he had found on-line that showed a stunning woman in her forties, with long auburn hair and large augmented breasts who had a thing for incredibly sexy shoes and young, muscular black men.

Ryan had his arm around Randi as they sat up in bed and watched the video. She slowly stroked his hard cock, her eyes glued to the TV screen. When Ryan shifted and slid his hand up between her shapely legs, Randi spread them quickly to allow him easy access. Ryan was not at all suprised to find her pussy soaking wet and after a few moments of his attention, Randi moved to the foot of the bed on all fours, looking back longingly over her shoulder as Ryan moved swiftly behind her upraised ass. He slowly entered her from behind and started a slow, steady rhythm that soon had Randi’s groans mixing with those coming through the TV’s sound system.



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