It was just before sunset two nights later when Kristin, who had been studying in ABD’s comfy living room, happened to look up and see something shiny glinting in the bushes outside. Immediately she dropped her book and went to get Sasha, ABD’s Sergeant-at-Arms, who was the only other person Miss White had told about the pictures.

After quickly conferring, they went outside through the rear kitchen door and out the back gate, then circled around to approximately where Kristin had been looking. The sun had just dipped below the horizon, throwing ABD’s front garden into deep shadow. Moving stealthily, Kristin and Sasha spread out about 10 yards, maintaining visual contact as they crept quietly through the grounds they knew so well.

And finally their efforts were rewarded. Beneath an apple tree they saw a woman with a camera, its long zoom lens pointed toward ABD House. She did not appear to see them, so they moved slowly closer, then in one unified motion, they leapt. Each seized one of the woman’s arms, and Sasha quickly produced handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back; Kristin just as quickly gagged her with a cloth. Together they maneuvered the struggling prisoner into ABD House through a side door that led directly to the basement. There, after they secured the prisoner’s casino oyna handcuffs to a chain set into the wall, Sasha stood guard as Kristin went to fetch Miss White.

When Kristin returned with Alexis White, Sasha was staring down at the bound girl. She was about 21, with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and thick black glasses covering big blue eyes. Sasha looked up at Miss White and said, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Miss White nodded and she and Sasha moved out of earshot as Kristin kept an eye on the prisoner.

“I know this girl,” said Sasha. “She’s been in a few of my classes. Usually she’s a total, like, goody two shoes, teacher’s pet type.”

“Do you know her name?” asked Miss White.

Sasha thought for a second. “I wanna say, like, Joanie? Jamie? I’m not sure.”

“Well,” said Alexis White with a steely glint in her eyes, “she’ll talk, eventually.”

“So what should we do with her?”

“I have a few ideas. Just hang tight for now.” Taking the camera with her, Miss White returned to the main house.

* * *

Kristin stood looking down at the prisoner, trying to gauge her expression. The bound girl resolutely refused to meet her gaze, staring forward at nothing in particular.

Sasha soon returned carrying three plates. Kristin, slot oyna who was famished, immediately tore into a piece of chicken, while Sasha held out a drumstick toward the prisoner. “Hungry?” she asked. There was no response, so Sasha shrugged and bit into the drumstick herself.

When she had finished eating, Kristin stood and excused herself to go talk to Miss White. As she walked down the hallway she felt her heart pounding in her chest. Something big was happening here, she could feel it.

Kristin found Miss White in her office with the camera in her lap, scrolling through pictures. When Kristin entered Miss White waved her over. “Come look at these.”

The camera contained hundreds of pictures of the girls of Alpha Beta Delta; most of them appeared to have been taken through windows with a telephoto lens. Some were perfectly innocent and others were quite graphic. They found themselves both disturbed and aroused as they flipped through photo after photo.

“Some of them are very good,” opined Miss White. “Artistic, even.”

“So what do you think?” asked Kristin. “Is this just, like, her hobby, or is there something more going on?”

“I’m suspicious. Very suspicious. I think I know how we can find out, though. Go get Jenny and meet me back down there.”

* canlı casino siteleri * *

When Kristin and Jenny walked into the basement the prisoner was leaning back against the wall with her eyes closed. Kristin asked Sasha “Did she say anything?” and Sasha shook her head no.

After a few minutes Alexis White appeared with the camera around her neck. Walking over to the prisoner, Miss White held the camera a few inches from her face and clicked the shutter repeatedly, triggering the flash over and over until the prisoner finally opened her eyes.

“You sure have a lot of pictures on here,” said Miss White. The prisoner shrugged. “It’s against the law to spy on people this way, you know.”

Finally the prisoner spoke. “False imprisonment is against the law too,” she said defiantly.

“What about trespassing?” shot back Miss White. Again, the prisoner shrugged. Sitting the camera down on the opposite side of the room, Alexis White sighed. “Look, getting the authorities involved wouldn’t do any of us any good. So… here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to keep you here for one hour.” She looked at her phone and said, “It’s 9:15 now. At 10:15 you’ll be free to go.” Then she added, somewhat mysteriously, “If you still want to.”

Turning toward the door, Miss White motioned for Kristin to follow her. A minute later Kristin reappeared with a funny expression on her face. She looked Jenny, looked at Sasha, looked at the prisoner. “Everybody stay cool,” she said finally. “I’ll be right back.”



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