“Girls- last night together. Sleepover, my house, Friday night. Little bit of reminiscing, and a lot of fun. Call time is 7:30.”

Tara sent out the invite on Monday evening via instant messenger. Instantly, the responses came back affirmative. Tara smiled- this would be perfect. A few movies, maybe a little truth or dare. Her 4 best friends and her getting together just before graduation. She smiled that even her invite contained a little theatre jargon- call time being when they showed up for a performance. They always did make fun of her for slipping theatre into every conversation.

They were the best of friends- they held nothing back.

And Tara knew from previous sleepovers that these girls were fearless.


On Friday night, Tara got ready carefully. She pulled back her dark brown hair, twisted it, and secured it in a clip. She looked carefully through the clothes in her closet. She slipped into her favorite bra and panties- blue satin with lace running along the edges. The bra was a little smaller than she remembered it, and she grinned as she realized her breasts must have gotten a bit bigger. Lord knows they’re taking long enough, she thought. Maybe they’re up to a C, she thought hopefully. She slid boxers over the panties, and slid a snug tee shirt on. She pulled on some loose jeans with paint stains and small holes, and slid on some sandals. Her body was fully shaved and soft with lotion as she prepped for whatever the night would entail. Her panties began to get wet as she thought about the last sleepover. Who needed guys when Tara had friends like hers?

Tara surveyed the basement of her family’s house for the last time before the girls came over. The mini-fridge was stocked with sodas, beer, and some frozen candy, among other things. There was a plate of nachos and some other finger foods in the corner. The stereo was playing some lighter 90’s rock, and the lighting was okay. The couch had enough pillows, and there were blankets under a chair nearby. Admittedly, she knew none of it was quite right, and as soon as her friends showed up they’d change it all.

Tonight was the last time all the theatre tech girls would be getting together before graduation. The 5 of them had been together since their freshman year, working their way through the ranks of being a minion running errands and being pushed around, to being their respective crew heads, over seeing whole aspects of the production. Tara had been stage manager during her senior year, and had learned her friend’s styles pretty well.

Tara was actually glad that nothing was perfect, as she predicted what the girls would do when they showed up.

The first girl there was Melanie. Mel had been in charge of the sound crew this past year- and she was amazing at it. Nothing got by her- not even a hint of feedback. Tara smiled and gave Mel a hug and ushered her in. The first thing that Mel did when she got in was drop her bag, and then make a beeline to the stereo.

“Tara—I’ve taught you better than that.” She started pressing buttons and adjusting speakers. “You have surround sound down here—use it!” Mel’s iPod headphones were draped around her neck, and her skimpy tank top clung to her body with a touch of sweat. Mel had biked here- it wasn’t a long ride, but it was June and the 10-minute ride takes a little bit of a toll. Mel was skinny as anything- in the 4 years Tara had known her, it looked like her body hadn’t change much, besides growing a few inches taller. She could still manage to get away with not wearing a bra- and usually chose not to. She wore green khaki shorts with a few cargo pockets. Her ass was tiny, and jutted out just a little, Tara noticed, as she leaned to inspect the sound system.

Tara laughed and shook her head. She got that one right. If Mel could, Tara knew she would have picked a higher quality system, as she had been told many times. Mel smiled, “If only you had a few more speakers, then this would be the perfect place to watch a movie like Jurassic Park.”

Tara shrugged. Before she could respond, Mel was poking through the DVDs, and the doorbell rang again. Tara invited Kaitlin in next. Kait had been the costumer of the group- she could sew better than the home-ec teacher, and could research period costumes in minutes.

Kaitlin checked out Tara’s clothing and shook her head. “Ditch those jeans, girl. We both know it’s not load-in- you’re allowed to dress nicely when you’re not in a work room- you know that, right?” Tara did have a habit of dressing like she was going to be working with her hands at any given moment.

Tara smiled. “Hey- I’m comfortable here.” She hugged Kaitlin and gave her a peck on the cheek. Kaitlin was gorgeous casino siteleri with her impossibly straight blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulder blades. She looked older than the rest of them, which might have been because of her flawless make up job. She wore a cream color baby doll shirt that made her tan skin glow, and jeans so tight it was obvious she didn’t have any real underwear on- maybe a thong, but it was hard to tell. She was nearly 5’9, and carried herself with perfect posture. To anyone, it would appear she had spent hours getting ready- in reality, clothes and make up were her thing, and Kaitlin could do it in under an hour. Tara looked at her and imagined her without the shirt—there was something incredibly sexy about her shoulders…

Kaitlin walked in and glanced at Mel’s clothing. “Melanie Loraine Jenson- you told me you threw out those shoes.”

Mel stood up from the DVD rack and giggled. “I’ve had them longer than I’ve known you! There’s no way these were going anywhere.” Mel knew that the scuffed, dirty- even holey- shoes she wore peeved Kaitlin.

Always the costumer, Kaitlin sighed. “Take those off before you drive me insane.” Tara did as she was told and kicked them off toward the couch.

With out being let in, Maureen appeared in the room. “Oh don’t tell me you guys are bitching already,” she said and put her bag down. Maureen was the prop master of the theatre, and as such, was a jack-of-all-trades at everything under the sun. Maureen was dressed in khakis and a button down shirt. She had the curviest figure of all of them- perhaps a little overweight, but not really noticeable. She was about 5’4, but with a lovely face, framed by wavy brown hair that went to her shoulders.

Tara glanced at her watch. It was nearly quarter to 8- where was Amy? Not like her to be exactly on time, but never really late. Amy- the lighting designer and tech for Westminster High School, was the only one of the girls who was gay- not that any of the girls were entirely straight. Actually, Tara was pretty interested in Amy. It was an unspoken thing…but pretty much acknowledged. Neither one was really seeing anyone else, but the other girls pretty much knew and didn’t think much of it. She was kinda masculine—ok pretty masculine. With her dirty blond hair cut to her chin, and barely tucking behind her ears, she tended to sit in chairs with her legs wide open, and hands jammed in her pockets or behind her head. Tara doubted she had any girls clothing in her closet, save the dress she had picked out with Kaitlin to wear to graduation (and Tara looked forward to seeing that!) Her eyes were so green, with just a few tiny specks of gold that Tara swore she could stare at them for hours.

As if reading her mind, Maureen spoke up as she sat down on the couch. “Amy texted me before to say she had to run to The Rise to fix a problem at an hour to curtain.” The Rise was one of the community theaters located a town away. So if she was called at 7, for the average 8:00 curtain, she should get there soon, right?

Tara wasn’t given a chance to think about it before Maureen snapped her back to reality. “Tara- remember?”

Tara hadn’t heard what she said. “What?”

“This couch is awesome…if you’d just arrange the pillows right…see- doesn’t it look bigger now?” Tara nodded absently. Leave it to Maureen to point something like that out.

“Do you guys want some food? A movie maybe?” Tara offered. They agreed to order pizza, and as they waited for the delivery they watched a movie. It was a tough choice, but they went with Chicago. They loved some aspects, and hated others- but overall it was perfect for their theatrical analysis. They all agreed that the sexiness of the costumes- the garters and fishnets and all were irresistible.

Kaitlin smiled. “I can’t wait till I can design a show like that. None of this modest “Grease” and “Westside Story” stuff- I want something new and exciting. Something where I can add a little leather and lace,” she said, making the first comment of the evening that sparked the girls’ dirty minds going.

Melanie laughed. “I saw a show last summer where they actually had a dream sequence where each of the 3 principal characters sported a different fetish. Seriously- one was totally dominatrix, one was innocent virgin, and one was a really sexy nurse. You’d have loved it, Kait- you’d get to work on a little of everything.”

Tara smiled. One of the times she was jealous of Kaitlin’s job was during fittings- Watching Kaitlin get down on her knees to fix a hem…and get a view of whatever she desires. Adjust a neckline and let her hand linger, or fixing a waistline that requires some unzipping…. The possibilities were endless-and slot oyna Tara was a little envious. Melanie got to do a little of that, too, when it came to setting up body mics.

Four out of the five girls had plans to study theatre after high school, all going to different colleges with great programs, except for Maureen who was heading to school for journalism- her other hobby.

It was 9 PM when Amy finally did come. Tara was happy to see her—she was glad that the door was out of sight of the couch where the other girls sat, because as Tara hugged Amy, she planted small kisses along her neck. Amy laughed. “Whoa, girl, starting the fun without me?”

Tara arched and eyebrow and took one of Amy’s fingers. She sucked on her finger just a little to drive Amy insane, and tasted slightly metallic taste on her fingers.

“Oh-you might…ahh… not want to do that,” Amy managed to get out. It felt so good, but she hadn’t washed up after dealing with all the rusty old equipment at The Rise. Their board had erased all the patches and left her scrambling to find the source of the problem. She was a volunteer there, and the only one they could find on short notice. They held the curtain for 25 minutes while she fixed the problem. Amy’s attention went to her finger that sent tingles straight to that little area between her legs as she felt Tara’s warm, wet tongue on it.

Tara grinned and welcomed her in. Amy summed up the story to the girls who smiled and always appreciated a good “show must go on” story. Tara walked around the room as she entered, closing blinds, and adjusting lights. She turned the overhead lights down low, and turned on some smaller lamps on desks and end tables off on the far side of the room. She looked around and peeked into the laundry room. There were some scarves sitting on the dryer and she began draping them over lamps to give the room a colorful glow. The room was suddenly darker and significantly more seductive. Amy took the extra scarves and left them on the desk, wondering if she’d get to put them to good use tonight.

“Ok ladies- so the night is still young,” Tara said, as Melanie set up some classic rock to play on the stereo. Queen, Eric Clapton, Journey, and more were soon filling the room. “What to do?”

“Truth or Dare?” Amy offered.

“Oh I think it’s a little early for that,” Mel said, and pulled some beers out of the fridge. “Besides, that game always goes best when we’re a little looser.” She passed the drinks out to everyone who nodded in agreement.

They chat for a while, and before they know it, one of them reads the clock that says it’s 11:46—a perfectly reasonable time for the girls to behave a little…naughty.

“So truth or dare, strip poker? Just plan orgy?” Amy joked boldly.

The girls never considered what they did to like that…it was just…experimental. They did what they did in the confines of Tara’s basement out of curiosity and pure lust at any moment.

Maureen placed a vote for truth or dare. Something about that game turned her on more than the other girls could believe, so they decided to go with it. Kaitlin offered to go first.

“Ok, Tara- truth or dare?”

Tara paused. She never liked going first. It determined how the whole course of their night would go. “Dare.” She stated and took a deep breath. A dare from Kaitlin could be wild, or mild, depending on her mood, which was hard to judge at the moment.

“Alrighty…. I dare you to show us your best strip tease, using what you’ve got on now…and…hmmm… only the stairs and the railing.”

Tara laughed and blushed. She looked at Mel. “Ok, MC- if you will?” Melanie got up and thought for a second before putting on Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

Tara approached the stairs slowly. She knew one of the rules of truth or dare, was once clothing was off, it was off for the night, unless otherwise commanded. She grabbed the base of the banister and flipped her hair with the music for a moment. The girls cheered her on jokingly. She swung her hips wildly and her arms flailed a little, until she began to tug at the bottom of her shirt. Up, over her belly button, a little higher, until she finally slipped it over her head and tossed it to Kaitlin. Then her hands ran over her torso, squeezing her breasts just a little, making her whole body surge a little. She glanced to see the girls’ reaction, and noticed Amy’s hands rubbing roughly at her clit through her clothing. Looking right at Amy, Tara reached down to her jeans and ran her hand between her legs. She unbuttoned the top button, and with a quick motion made the other buttons of the fly come apart. She slowly pushed the pants over her hips, and turned and gave the canlı casino siteleri girls a view of her ass with her boxers still on. She shimmied out of the pants and stepped out of them. She took a bow, in her bra and boxers, and rejoined the group. She winked at Amy. Amy smiled devilishly.

“Ok,” Kaitlin said, “that was cheap because you’re still wearing the boxers, but it’s ok. Your turn.”

Tara looked at each of the girls. “Maureen. Truth or Dare?”

Maureen said quickly. “Truth.” She never seemed to want to run the risk of stripping down.

Tara knew exactly what to ask. “When was the last time you touched yourself?”

Maureen thought for a moment, as if this was a difficult question. Then, without cracking a smile, she announced, “10 minutes before coming over here.”

The other girls smiled. They all knew they were pretty much on the same page, and that question kind of put it all out in the open.

“Truth or dare to…Melanie,” Maureen asked.

Melanie decided to be brave. “Dare,” she said.

“Go over and strip Kaitlin down to her underwear. Then I want to see how long it takes you to get her pussy soaked.” Maureen said. Maureen became a different person from the shy girl she usually was when she was in this environment.

Kaitlin nodded that it was ok- in fact; she wasn’t the least bit reluctant. She was already a little bit wet, but getting wetter? That sounded great. Melanie approached her and pulled her to her feet. She stood behind Kaitlin and Melanie grinded her hips against Kaitlin’s ass. Her hands slid along her hips and waist, and suddenly pushed down hard on her hips, bringing them back hard against Melanie’s till they were grinding against each other so hard that Kaitlin could hardly stand it. She slid Kaitlin’s shirt over her head in one quick motion. The girls had an unobstructed view of Melanie’s hands as they reached around and grabbed Kaitlin’s breasts. Mel knew that Kait liked things a little rough, and she pulled at her nipples gently. She felt Kait’s head roll back a little and small moan escape. Mel slid her hands down and undid Kait’s belt, and then her skintight jeans.

Now was the moment to find out exactly what she wore under them, Tara thought.

Mel turned her around as Kaitlin’s jeans were peeled away from her and pushed down over her perfect ass. The girls saw the tiniest blue thong on her, which cut up high onto her thighs, making her legs look longer than usual. Mel turned Kait back around and they could see that she was pretty wet. Mel’s work was nearly done, but not quite yet. Mel squeezed Kaitlin’s waist tight from behind, and allowed her thumbnails to dig into Kait’s skin. Kaitlin’s hips began to quiver a little, and pressed back into Mel’s once again. Mel pushed Kaitlin to her knees, where she proceeded to kneed her breasts, but then suck her neck harder than a vampire. The hickey that would be there tomorrow was going to be wicked, but so worth it. Pinching both of her nipples hard, Mel caused Kaitlin to let out a long moan.

Mel glanced at Maureen, Amy and Tara watching, and noticed that Tara was caressing Amy’s thigh.

Mel then pushed Kaitlin onto all fours and slapped her ass. It wasn’t to hard, but it made a sound alone that sent Kaitlin close to climaxing. She did it again, and then backed away. She sat back down and announced, “I think that’s pretty wet, right?”

The girls looked at Kaitlin who was now crawling back to join them. As she sat down everyone agreed- her panties were soaked, and Mel had done a great job.

Kaitlin was nearly out of breath. “Ok, truth or dare to Amy,” she said quickly.

Just as quickly, Amy replied, “Dare.”

“Good!” Kaitlin said. “Come finish me off.”

Amy smiled and got down on the floor in front of Kaitlin. “Lay back,” she commanded. She quickly pushed her legs apart and pushed her panties aside. She breathed her hot breath hard on Kaitlin’s wet pussy and felt Kait begin to tremble. Suddenly, Amy plunged her tongue into Kait’s slit, and immediately found her clit. It seemed like it was instant that Kaitlin began to come- but that didn’t stop Amy. She kept going, and Amy kept getting louder and louder in her moans. Amy, wishing someone was doing this to her, added her fingers to this pleasure and thrust 2 fingers into Kaitlin’s drenched hole. She sucked hard on her clit, and felt Kaitlin’s hands grasp her hair. God it felt amazing, Amy thought, as Kaitlin pulled her hair so hard. She pumped her fingers into her harder. And harder. She wished she could watch Kaitlin’s beautiful face, but feeling her bucking hips, and her shaking legs was plenty.

The girls watching were awestruck. Tara was even a bit jealous.

Finally, Amy pushed Kaitlin’s thong back into place where it barely covered her pussy. She pushed her legs back together and took Kaitlin’s hands and pulled her back upright.

Amy was next to ask, “Truth or dare?”



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