girl fucks to get byIt was a completely different category of harassment. I couldn’t step outside of my tiny studio apartment for lunch without a barrage of attention from men. Even without makeup, I literally stopped traffic, even causing a minor fender bender once. I was consistently scouted by modelling agencies on the street. I’m not trying to seem arrogant, but that was my daily life. My commitment to fitness kept my butt perky, full, and smooth, while my breasts perfectly complimented my athletic, slim, dancer-like body. Unlike other girls who dressed a bit cute or too sexy, I know I looked sexy without trying too hard. My lips had a natural slight smile, my eyes large and doll-like. The truth, though, is I was suffering. Some people called it the Great Recession. I called it the hungriest time of my life. Even though I was working full time as a teacher, I spent 100% of my rent on a tiny 300 square foot studio. I’d been a straight-A student in college, but very few companies would even give me an interview. I ended up becoming a teacher, barely able to get by on my low salary. I loved what I did, but it was tough. Rent crawled up every year while my salary didn’t budge. I was on my last $10 bucks, which had to last me 2 weeks, when I finally got so hungry that I did what I normally did in that situation- I went to the grocery store to steal a candy bar. Great example for a teacher to be setting, right? Dressed in denim cutoff shorts and a thin tank top, I felt comfortable on the hot summer night. I knew it was wrong to steal food, but I was desperate for something to eat. Reaching for a nutty looking treat and looking around nervously, I snapped one off the shelf and shoved it in my bag. I thought I’d been really stealthy, but I felt a hand on my shoulder. “I recognize that nervous look.” I turned around to see a very tall black man, dark skinned with a cocky smile. He was much taller than I and in very athletic shape. I couldn’t help but admire his gorgeous, dark skin and visible muscles. “You can’t tell me that a gorgeous girl like you can’t pay for that.” “Not really,” I said. “I hate that I have to admit it to a stranger like you. But can you just not tell on me? I’m starving. I don’t just mean I’m hungry. I mean that this could possibly be the only meal I’ll eat today.” I was well aware that desperation was leaking out as I spoke, but I wasn’t going to be able to think clearly until I ate something. “What do you do?””Teach k**s.””Ah. Noble. But it doesn’t pay the rent, does it?””This is embarrassing…””Tell you what. I have food at home. I’ll let you eat what you want and I’ll even buy this for you, even though you really shouldn’t be living on junk food.” He had a huge, disarming grin. I had to admit he was handsome. Was he going to make a pass at me at his house? Maybe, but I was so hungry, I began to trust him. “You don’t want to steal from a store like this. I’ve been poor before. I get it. Let me help you.” His voice was playful and kind. In my desperation, I jumped at the chance, knowing I might have to dodge a sexual advance later. I could feel his eyes on my perfect ass as I walked in front of him to the register. In the line, I felt his hand lightly rest on the lower part of my ass while he loaded up the conveyor belt with his groceries. A middle finger gently crept upward, pushing against the crotch of my short denim shorts. “Let him hope he’ll get laid,” I thought to myself as if giving myself a pep talk. “As long as I can lead him on, I’ll be able to get what I want out of him.” The drive to his house was filled with jokes and relaxing conversation. I began to let my guard down and thought about how easy this guy would be to handle. Maybe I could mildly flirt and even string him along. Go out to dinner with him once a month and beg him for a few bucks. I told him all about my life, where I worked, and where I lived. He bursa escort seemed interested. “It’s working. I’m going to have him under my thumb. Pretty soon, he’ll be buying my groceries every week,” I thought.Meanwhile, I was getting more and more lightheaded from the lack of food. Even giddy. It felt a bit like being drunk without drinking. My body was struggling but my brain felt light. As I entered his house, I thought about the sexy looks I’d give him to manipulate him. Soon, he’d be giving me anything I wanted in hopes that he’d get laid one day. The oldest trick in the book. “Before I make you something,” he said, “Let me make you a drink.””Sure,” I said, not wanting to be pushy before I got what I wanted. I looked around his humble but tasteful house. He didn’t show off his wealth with ostentatious stuff, but had tasteful pieces and plenty of books, especially books on history and psychology. “Cheers.” The drink was way too strong. It tasted like pure vodka. It burned on the way down to my aching, empty stomach, causing an immediate fog to form in my mind. “What are we having for dinner?” My giddy state amplified. Would I be able to pull this off?He emerged from the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up so I could see his muscular, dark arms. He held only a drink. “I’ll get you your food in a minute. Don’t worry.” He sat right next to me on his leather couch, his hard, muscular body pressed against my fair, toned body. “Do you like the place?””I do,” I said hesitantly. “I’d like it more if I was less hungry.”He chuckled. “What do you think I do for a living?” “You look like an athlete.””You know, that’s funny. I used to be. But I got injured and couldn’t play anymore. I had to figure something else out. Something else that paid well. Maybe you know this, but most jobs don’t pay that well.””What are you, a businessman?””Kind of.” He smiled.”Let me guess. A model.””No. I’m in the adult industry,” he said.”A gigolo?” I guessed. He laughed. “There’s a much better market out there for men who want to have sex with women. I run an agency of elite, sexy women for wealthy clients. Someone who looks like you could make a lot of money.”I laughed and took another drink, repulsed this revelation. “Thanks, but I can’t do that. I’m a teacher. It’s a public job. If someone I know found out, I’d be ruined. Plus, I’m really not that kind of woman.” That strong drink was really messing with my head. Meanwhile, I felt my panties getting wet. This humiliating situation was turning me on, even though I was horrified and hungry and was hoping to find a way to leave.”You’re probably right,” he said, “And since you told me the name of your employer, your superintendent, your school, and even where you live, it would be pretty easy for me to tell quite a lot of people,” he said, putting that charming grin on. The tables had turned and I was too scared to move. I had thought I was going to manipulate this guy into helping me, and suddenly he was trying to blackmail me into becoming a whore. Who could I call? The police? Meanwhile, my denim shorts were starting to show visible wetness. My nipples were poking through my thin tank top. I was swimming in a confusing mix of lightheaded drunkenness, horny lust and anger. I needed to get control of the situation. “You’d really do that to me?”He licked his lips. “I don’t want to. I think we could be good friends. I want to help you. In fact, I want to help you earn $700 an hour.” He stood up from the couch and hovered directly over me, my face at the level of the button on his jeans. “I’ll keep $300 from each job you do, you’ll keep the other seven.” He started to unbutton his pants. “Or I could just get on the phone and call your school district.” Fearful and so desperately hungry, I stared at the giant cock emerging from the zipper as he undid his pants. Absurdly long and dark, it sprung out and slapped my nose bursa escort bayan as soon as it was free. The musky scent of precum and sweat was overbearing and sent my hormones into a tailspin. Almost out of curiosity, I let my tongue flick on the drop of precum at the very tip.My open mouth was the invitation he needed, thrusting slightly forward. My petite mouth was now full. Velvety and hard, I relaxed my jaw and let my moist, full lips grip the shaft. Carefully avoiding any contact with my teeth, my tongue explored the ever-widening monster cock. It pulsed and got hotter, longer, and wider as he pumped in and out of the tight hole my mouth had made. I made an effort to taste the precum, which in turned made my pussy soaked. My mind raced. What was I doing? I needed to get out of there and call the cops!He lunged in further, scr****g the back of my throat with his thick head. “Can you deepthroat?” A muffled denial emerged from my stuffed mouth, but he had to test it out for himself. I felt the cock slide further until I gagged, tears emerging from my eyes. “You have talents you don’t know about yet,” he said, laughing a bit. A hot, salty trail of precum dripped like molasses down my throat. Although his rock-hard and intimidating cock was clearly enjoying my mouth, he made no moaning sounds. I thought he had enough when he pulled out of my mouth, so I tried to escape. “I need to get going. I need you to take me home.” I was fearful of what would happen next. I didn’t care that I was starving, drunk, alone and broke. I was a bright lady with friends. Someone would help me. Someone would believe me.His tall, muscular figure straddled me on the couch as he put his hands on my shoulders, leading me to lie my back. He whispered in my ear, “I know you don’t want me to ruin your life.” His knees still surrounding me, he pushed up my cotton tank and saw the cute and naughty looking black bra underneath. “Such beautiful breasts,” he said. “Don’t do this.” I pleaded. “I can call the police.””Who do you think my biggest clients are?” He laughed. “I have friends in every high place you can think of. You can too.” With one hand holding my shoulder to the couch cushion, he held me down as his other hand reached inside my bra. He began kneading my pale, firm, medium sized breast, pinching the hard, little pink nipple. “You can tell your friends, but what are they going to do? They’ll think you just got too drunk before tasting my big, black cock.” He moved his free hand towards the button on my shorts and undid it with one hand, sliding the zipper down. “You’re so sexy, so perfect. If you fight, you’ll be back where you were tonight, stealing food and barely scr****g by, with no help from the cops, your boss, your friends. I might even call your boss and get you fired, banned from teaching for life. It’s up to you.” The alcohol had taken over and my weak, hungry body had no strength. Meanwhile, the sheer size and girth of the cock hovering over my body was making my pussy react in ways that horrified me. My girl juices leaked onto the leather sofa. As he unzipped my shorts, my soaked panties came into view. I winced with shame. I refused to believe I’d let him take advantage of my situation like this. “Don’t do this,” I kept saying, trembling with anticipation. He removed my shorts and tank top, eyeing me in my lingerie. “Hot. So hot. We could be rich.” He removed my panties and used his muscular arms to part my legs. I kept my pussy bare, so the juices covering my lips were visible and glistening in the low light. His cock, totally erect and throbbing, pointed straight up. “Please don’t fuck me,” I said halfheartedly. “Your cock is huge. I’ve never taken something like that before.” Ignoring me, he flicked his tongue against my clit a few times to test me. I bucked my hips and moaned. It felt too good, too perfect. My body was betraying my sense escort bursa of dignity. “Fuck,” I moaned, eager for more of his soft tongue against me.”Just what I thought. You love it. You were born to fuck,” he said, letting his breath tease my pussy. He parted my pussy lips with his hand and slid a finger inside me. With so much lubrication, there was no resistance, but my pussy clenched his finger just the same. “So tight. You feel like you’ve never fucked.” I tiled my hips to move his finger in deeper, but he had other plans.He showed off his strength by aggressively parting my thighs. “I’m going to prove to you that you were born to be a whore.” I bit my lip before attempting to protest. “No, don’t-“He didn’t attempt to gently introduce me to his giant cock. Slamming deep into me, I felt the full force of his ten inches pounding into the upper limits of my pussy. Clenching my muscles instinctively, my already tight pussy squeezed hard against the huge member filling my insides. “Ahhh,” I gasped, shocked and excited at the same time. He moved and pushed up against my swollen clit, desperate for action. With each thrust, I felt the powerful sensations of my hungry clit being stimulated. The wide tip of his cock pushed against the back wall of my pussy. “You look so beautiful as I’m fucking you,” he said, a bit more out of breath. “Your body is perfect. Your tits look gorgeous.” He began moving faster as my pussy began to relax and accept his unbelievably huge cock. I looked and saw the wide, dark cock contrast with my pale, pink pussy lips. Instinctively, my hips began to move to meet his thrusting. “Please, make me come,” I begged.”Only if you admit you’re a slut, begging to be worshiped and fucked by any man that’s willing to pay,” he said, slamming into me fiercely and quickly. The slapping sound and creak of the couch seemed so loud. I began moaning to meet the volume of his cock slamming into me. He smiled, looking at my tight pussy lips being stretched to accommodate his b**stly cock. As I moaned, he made sure he increased the tempo and intensity, making sure I felt completely filled and used like a human cock sleeve. “Yes, I’m a whore, a nasty whore,” I said, desperate for orgasm. The intensity of taking such a large cock was almost enough to make me pass out, but my desperate pussy was eagerly taking in every inch of his rock hard member. I wanted to reach down and touch my clit, but his hard body slamming against my swollen button was taking me close to orgasm. I clenched my pussy tightly around the large, slick cock that was savaging my insides. Rolling my eyes back in my head, I came with a loud moan. Shuddering and bucking, my body begged for his cum.Luckily, it got what it wanted. The tightness of my pussy was too much for him. I felt his hot seed paint the inside of my pussy walls as he continued to pump inside my deepest depths. A small part of me panicked. What part of the month was it? Was I getting impregnated? But I was too turned on to really care. My pussy gratefully accepted every drop of his huge load. “Yes,” I moaned, so satisfied with the throbbing orgasm he was giving me. “You like that hot black cum, don’t you? You’re going to be my blonde little slave, aren’t you?” After every drop had been pushed deep inside me, he withdrew, covered in my juices. The sheer amount of cum inside me was alarming. Most of it was so deep that it didn’t leak out, but a little trail dripped down towards my asshole. Completely spent and nearly delirious, the only part of my body that was aware of what was happening was my satisfied pussy.We cleaned up and I felt hungrier than ever. “Can I eat something now?” I laid on the couch, exhausted.”I’ve already ordered something to be delivered from a restaurant uptown. He’s a friend and client of mine. I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s a five star restaurant. Maybe you’ll be meeting him soon.” He grinned again. Maybe he was happy about fucking me, maybe he was happy because he manipulated me into submission. I wasn’t sure. My mind was swimming with shame, lust, and satisfaction. But mainly, I was eager to learn about my new job.



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