getting pulled over with anne slutynessOut with a friend on a hot summers day. Alan and Amy had no direct plans no destination as well. Amy just wanted to go out for a ride, they were in a neighboring city, in the downtown district. Alan noticed a cop behind him so Alan pulled into an alley the cop did the same soon enough red and blue lights behind him, “were getting pulled over” Alan tells Amy. “Oh shit”, do we have anything on us? “No” any answered, “we smoked the last of our stash at your house”. “Fe-Sho”, no pipes or anything? “Nope”, “thats good” Alan pulls over and the cop approaches Amy’s window. This cop was in a pissed off mood, Alan thought, the cop was your typical cop. Male with a mustache, he treated them as if they were criminals. The town they were stopped in was moderately high class and Alan and Amy were no where near high class. The cop asks both of them to step out of the car and take a seat on the curb. He asks for there Id’s and walks back to his car, Alan asks Amy why dose she think this cop has them out on the curb? Amy has no answer for Alan, maybe we fit a purps description? Maybe I was driving badly cause I’m high? Maybe was speeding? Amy adds in “maybe you were just at the wrong place wrong time?Amy then tells Alan how she’s wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time… Alan laughs and tells her she looks fine and asks why she thinks that. Amy explains with a smile stretched across her face. I couldn’t find any clean thongs today, Alan interrupts her with laughter. It’s not funny she said, it’s actually a blessing Alan tells her, “It’s not time to be a perv Alan”, Alan explains to her the advantage they have; “let a little bit of your pussy lip exposed, and try to sit in a way that allows the cop to peek at will”, “oh I see, thats kinda smart Alan”. Amy adjust herself, by sitting with her ankles crossed near her torso. She looks down, “wow, what am I doing?”. “Saving us from getting arrested hopefully”, Amy replies “yeah I hope it works”. Alan asks Amy how much is she exposed? Alot?!? Alan glances over, awe I couldn’t see, bad angle. Sucks for you, “Shh..” Alan says as the cop walks nearer. He points to Alan and asks him to stand up, “ me too sir?” Amy asks, “no you just stay sat there for now” the cop said. Alan is walked around the front of the cruiser to be searched. Standing with his hands on the hood, Amy sitting on the curb, across from them, she sat in the same position. The cop was busy with his search, and still hadn’t noticed Amy. He still had not seen her juicy smooth lips peering out the legs of her shorts. She waited for the cop to look up or walk up to her. Alan didn’t mind the frisk or search as much. The d**gs are smoked and they both were high out of there minds. Alan began to think Amy was purposely flashing him. She had to of seen him looking down there at her, but still she remain the same. Sitting Indian style, slowed the leg canlı bahis of her shorts to open up, exposing her entire pussy. Each leg opening shown half, Alan became nervous over the thought of a possible st iffy popping as the cop is in contact with him. Amy had a distinctive look to it, having a vast memory of different clits and lips. Her clit seem to be smaller than many, but her pussies lips made up for it. Juicy, chubby, plump, may describe them better, the lips helped form a slit four inches high. One of the longest pussy cracks Alan’s seen.         While Alan was being searched there was a lot of people starting to come out of the businesses, looking to see what the police activity was all about. Alan was starting to become even more turned on as men walked by looking up Amy skirt and Amy did not do a thing to cover up, she was just fine exposing her pussy to all the strange men in the area.        After being searched by the cop Alan, is escorted back near Amy on the curb.  The cop then asks for Al and Amy’s Id’s. Amy is handed her purse by the cop and places it down between her knees.  She searches for it for a few minutes as the cop catches some glimpses of her beaver.  Returning to his cruiser Alan told Amy how hot she was and the view was “AMAZING!”.  She laughed at Alan’s comment “I am so wet, I am surprised I’m not dripping on the ground right now”. “WOW” Alan replied as the cop walk back towards them.  After running there names, the cop mentions they both have warrants for there arrest.  Amy Cried out “please Officer I can’t go to jail”, I’ll do anything to correct this.The cop told Amy that she would only go to jail for a night.  “they’ll **** me in jail, look at me do I seem like a criminal who deserves jail time?” The cop simply replied “you should of went to court, now my department will have to take you”. “NO, please, officer I’ll make it worth your while not to take me and my friend in!” Amy pleaded with him, and out of no were she spread her legs open exposing herself purposely to the cop and who ever else was watching. The cop pulled Amy to her feet immediately, he turns her around and slaps handcuffs on her. Amy cries apologizing to the officer, suddenly another cruiser appears on scene as back up. The cop notifies us that his shift is over and his partner will take over from her till were booked and in custody, “and its your lucky day young lady” the cop tell Amy “ I won’t discuss her little peep show with my partner” for her benefit. Thanks officer, Amy replied before he walked over to the other cop. One cop takes off and his replacement walks up to us. Much cooler than the last cop this cop cracks jokes, and makes small talk with us. He apologizes for his partners, attitude and explains how he would of wrote us off on our way, Alan laughs then jokingly says “Man I wish you were here from the beginning, my friend might of saved some regrets.” “regrets? bahis siteleri Asks the cop” Amy adds in since nothing happen I feel no regrets”, she continues “well officer, I have no panties on and I thought maybe showing some skin will save me from jail…”, the cop laughs “you did not realize my partner is more attracted to your friend than you sweetie!” Alan shouts “wait he was GAY?”, “SHHH!” the cop replies. “Sorry officer, so does this mean we are released?” Alan asks, “Sorry, my partner already had called it in, and he’s higher ranking than me, so you two are still going to be booked, sorry”, Amy begins to cry again. Alan stands and is placed in handcuffs too, “are you too alright sharing the back seat?” Yup they reply, “who’s car?”, “Mine officer” Alan asked if it “would be possible not to tow my car sir?” “Yeah we can leave it here but I can’t guarantee the business owners wont report it to a tow company.” Alan is placed in the back of the cruiser followed by Amy.“Watch your head as you step in miss, Wow! You were k**ding about the whole no knickers thing”, “Huh, you call me racist”, Amy asks “ NO MAM, sorry knickers is another word for underwear”, “oh, Sorry officer I am not in more trouble now am I?”, “I’ll let it slide, I am not gay or do I feel like you were trying anything”. Closing the door he walks over gets in and drives “we will be at the station in about an hour feel free to talk”, “OK thank you sir”. Amy and Alan didn’t talk much, the cop began some small talk as they sat in traffic. “So, you two go to school?” “Yeah, we both go to S.D.S.C”, “how long you two known each other” the cop asks as well. “About 6-8 years or so”, Amy answered, the next question the cop asks them was “how long you two been together?” “like dating sir? Were not dating just friends”, Alan replied. “Thats cool, must be hard to be just friends with such a gorgeous lady, isn’t it?” “Yeah but we have more fun this way”, Alan tells him. Looking into his mirror at Amy the cop mentions it being “to nice of a day to be stuck on the free way, I feel like going the scenic route”, winking at Amy. “Yeah”, Alan replies adding, “I hear this area has an amazing {downtown}, I always enjoy seeing it.”(signaling Amy to open up her legs) exiting the freeway they approach a red light. Alan mentions how if the cop looked behind him he can see all downtown and it seems to be currently open. The cop looks behind him and down at Amy exposed pussy. “I see your still willing to negotiate your jail time”, “yes officer please, I’ll do anything”, “anything you say?” “yes sir, please”. OK we’ll work out your freedom, turning on his lights and siren he speeds threw town till they come to a large construction site. Turning off his emergency equipment he pulls his squad car into the construction site. The cop gets out and opens the door on Amy’s side, “are you fresh and clean?”, “yes sir” she says then places güvenilir bahis a foot out the door exposed to the cop she tells him; “check it out if ya want, freshly washed and shaved, and STD free”. The cop reached inward and rubbed her pussy inside and out. He then sniffs his hand, “your telling the truth I see, you didn’t include how wet and juicy your pussy was.” “sorry, officer but your turning me on.” “step out of the car for me miss”. “can you undo these cuffs please” Amy asks him, “I cant release you yet, for multiple reasons but I will loosen then for you and you can wear em in front instead of behind your back.” “sit tight Alan, you’ll be released soon”, the cop says before he closes the cruisers door. Amy and him walked with him towards the front of the car she sat at the tip of the hood on his ramming bumper. She looked back at Alan and winked, Alan couldn’t hear a thing back there. Only all the there city crime happen as he was busy with Amy. Suddenly she leaned back on the hood lifting her knees up and apart. “Aw”, Alan couldn’t see a thing, that is none of Amy’s things. She began to reach in ward and master bait in front of him. He looked excited must of like what he seen, Alan thought.Amy rub and stick her juicy smooth pussy, Alan can only imagine it in his head. It was quite easy since he has seen similar sceneries with Amy spread eagle…he day dream to escape from the cop car with his mind……”AW”…… “Amy sweet bottom less body, a nice blend from dark tan to pale, her enlarged clit all juicy glistening as the sun hit it”.Suddenly the cop dove in downward between her knees. “what the” Alan couldn’t believe what he’s seeing. Barely visible threw the bars and guns. “Yup”, definitive Alan saw what he saw. Amy skirt was blocking everything bud a shiny button atop his shoulders. About ten minutes after he went down he appeared to get some air. Impressed Alan had nothing to talk shit about “at least its not a hot day”, Alan says aloud. Amy lifts up her hand and gives thumbs up.Leaning up from the hood he stands her facing Alan, removing the handcuffs Amy rubs her wrist. Pulling out his birthday club he grabs her hands back placing his dick in her hands she made a face as he penetrated her. Alan can see Amy’s face clearly as she makes various [O] faces. Amy began to cum the cop fucked her as if he was beating a hobo. Grabbing his Billy Club off holster he uses it to sexual choke Amy as she began to multiply orgasm. Suddenly she drops to the hood layed out face down, breathing heavily she seems alright to Alan. The cop proceeded to pull up his gun belt and pants. The cops takes a deep breath and walks back to the car. He opens the back door and tells Alan to step out and turn around. Alan is released from the hand cuffs, out of know where Alan is slamed against the car. “If you ever bring this moment up to anyone or even talk to the misses over there about what went on her……I’LL KILL YOU, got it!” “Yup got it sir”, “GOOD”. Once Amy and Alan got with in a good distance from the scene they agreed to never speak of it again, till now when the world wants to know!!



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