Getting caught isn’t always a bad thingWhen I was young or so, my parents went off on a two-week second honeymoon and left me with my ante. I was playing with my (slightly older) cousin in my ante’s shed, we found some old clothes of my ante’s, I put on a dress and my cousin (Tom) said I make a pretty girl, I found that extremely sweet and when he said I bet you could be a good girl, I said “I am”, to which he said “oh really ? prove it”, and pulled out his dick. I have given blow jobs before so I knew what he wanted and how to do it. I dropped down on my knees and started sucking it, after only a minute of two, the door flung was my ante and she didn’t look happy. She screamed “what the hell is going on in here?” I didn’t know what to do or say, I jumped up and started to take off the dress when she said “stop right there Tom go to your room I will deal with you in a minute”. illegal bahis She stood there looking at me while Tom ran out to go to his room as fast as he could. After he was gone, she said “so just what are you supposed to be?” I didn’t say a word all I could think of was what was going to happen when she tells my parents. She said “answer me, do you want to be a girl or something?” I said “no” to which she said “then what are wearing that dress for, doing what girls do, you must want to be a girl”. I then said “sometimes I guess”, she looked surprised by that and said “oh really, ok for the next week you will be a girl”, come with me.She took me to her room sat down on the corner of the bed and said, “take off those boy shoes and that crappy dress”, I did standing there in my boy underwear she stood up walked over to her dresser looked back at be and said “and those boy undies, illegal bahis siteleri you will only wear girl things for the next week”, I pulled them off slowly, now standing there completely nude with my hands covering my little pee pee. She pulled out a pair of pantyhose and bra and said “do you know how to put these on?” Of course I did, but trying to acted innocent I said “no”. she fronded and laid them on the bed then she reached back behind her and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was standing there in a sheer bra and panties I couldn’t believe my eyes, I could see everything , and said “now pay attention”, and showed my how to roll one leg of the pantyhose up and pull then on her leg, then the other, and pull the panty part up over her hips, she said “see it is easy, all girls know how to put them on”, she then pulled then down and off, pulling canlı bahis siteleri her panties down a little with them, just enough for me to see her pussy bush clearly, I know my jaw was on the ground and eyes wide open not blinking, I didn’t want to miss a second. She said “now you put them on”, I started like she said but the first leg was a little twisted she said “ oh here let me help you” pulled the legs on and pulled the panty part up high then pulling up by rubbing her hands on my legs and up the panty and between my legs and up my little pee pee which felt so good. She said “we will get you some of your own panties latter”I was getting hard and she said “you need to stop that” and slapped my pee pee. She then put the bra on me hooking it in the back for me.She then went to her closet and pulled out a blouse, shoes (black pumps), and skirt she helped me put them on. Then she said “now I have a wig here somewhere” and pulled a black shoulder length wig out of the closet and pinned it on my head with some bobby pins.She then did my makeup and said “Now you’re ready to go shopping with me to get you your own clothes.”



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