I consider myself a very fortunate man. I’m popular, I live in a home that I own and I’m a – some would say very but I say moderately – successful author. I’m close to my parents and to my siblings.

My parents taught me good values from an early age. I learned that success usually doesn’t come easily, you have to work for it. They also taught me not to judge a book by its cover, somewhat ironic given my occupation.

That has paid off for me in various ways. Some of my fans might be described as geeks. Everyone has his or her inner geek, something we go ga-ga over that no one else might understand. With me, it is usually cartoons and anime, which includes hentai. If my fans are slavishly devoted, I consider that I am lucky to have them.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, my occupation is that of writer. I found that profession quite by accident. I entered a newspaper contest some years ago and won. The editor of the paper said that I had a real creative flair. One thing led to another and soon, I was working for the paper. After a while, I began writing fiction and found that I quite enjoyed writing sexy crime thrillers. I’ve now written sixteen of them in the last ten years with varying success.

I am meticulous in my research and although I could now easily afford an assistant, I like doing that part of the process on my own. I am not without an ulterior motive in that the library where I do most of my research has more than its share of sexy librarians, including Arleigh and Martina. I’ve dated both women (no jealousy) although nothing long-term came out of it.

I did meet someone interesting at the library and this is how the story I am relating all ties together. This story involves a young woman named Emily. She’s someone that many people would not give a second glance and that is there loss, I assure you.

I was researching my last novel a few years back and, as usual, face-deep in the various books I needed to find out the data I required. The novel was set in two time periods, Chicago in the Prohibition era and today. As you might imagine, there were a lot of books on the subject. My poor friends, I am surprised that Arleigh and Martina didn’t strain their backs from all the lifting I made them do.

Arleigh and Martina were smart enough though, to give the work to a new intern. I had no problem whatsoever with that, because it was important that the research get done, no matter who was helping me with it. I didn’t know just quite what I was in for.

The young woman assigned to the not-inconsiderable task of assisting me was a college student named Emily Page. At first glance, she was quite unremarkable. She appeared to be almost plain, in drab clothes, hair pulled back into a bun and almost no makeup. Most people wouldn’t have given her a second glance.

Those people would have been making the same mistake that I almost made. Underestimating someone based solely on his or her physical appearance isn’t something any of us should do. Luckily, I was taught better than that.

If you were to take a closer look at Emily, you would see the diamond underneath the layer of coal. Working alongside her, I got to see that diamond shine brightly.

From the very first day, Emily approached her work with unbridled enthusiasm. No task was too menial for her, she did everything I needed and more. I insisted on buying her coffee, so I got to know her. I found out that she was extremely articulate and well-versed on a number of subjects. She also proved to be a lively conversationalist once her initial shyness wore off. It seemed that my new assistant was quite a fan of “Adam Eve” and had, in fact, read all of my works. Even the obscure ones, some that I myself had forgotten about.

Emily would have readily confessed to being a bit of a nerd, although that was evident in much of our conversations. Every so often, she would drift off topic to something about a new game she had discovered or a TV show she liked or some new comic book series that had caught her fancy. I found it all amusing, as part of a package that made up a whole.

As I got to know her better, I began to see things that a less-observant person might not have. My young assistant was not quite what she appeared to be. There was a lot more to Emily than met the eye.

For example, there were her eyes. While she wore round, unattractive glasses, if you looked at her eyes, they were azure and quite remarkable. They also had a slight slant and I found, over several conversations, that she had some Mongolian in her blood. I didn’t ask her why she didn’t accentuate such a stellar feature. I was sure that she had her reasons.

It may also be worthy of noting that despite her bland manner of dress, Emily always – I mean always – wore high heels. Not just any heels, but Jimmy Choo heels. Whoever Emily taksim grup yapan escort Page was, the girl either had, or came from, money. Despite my lack of interest, or so I thought, it was also evident that she walked quite nicely in them which led me to another observation.

While it was true that Emily dressed in a manner that downplayed her looks, she actually had a rather spectacular figure. Her ugly skirts and blouses and thick sweaters could not quite disguise the fact that she was built, shall we say, rather nicely? I began ruminating on the fact that perhaps no one had ever taught her how to apply makeup and dress in a manner that would make the most out of what she had to work with.

She also possessed a rather sexy, throaty voice when she forgot not to use it. Most of the time, she used a voice that also seemed by design to be off-putting. When relaxed with me over a beverage, the nasal, slightly-twangy vocal disappeared and a voice which was charming and equally alluring emerged. It soon became apparent that Emily liked me and was comfortable being herself around me. What was equally apparent was the fact that I was equally intrigued by her and wanted to know more about this strange creature who now inhabited the fringes of my world.

Before I made any sort of move, I cleared it with Martina and Arleigh first, to make sure that there would be no ill will of any sort. I’d slept with both women, although everyone was on the same page that it was just a casual fling for all of us.

I think Arleigh was stunned. “I don’t get it,” She said to me. “You’re actually interested in Emily?”

“I am,” was my honest response. I saw Martina smile. She knew me far better than Arleigh did, although our intimacy levels had been about at par. Arleigh is a lovely young woman, but she places far too much value on surface appearance. Martina, who is older than her friend, is a bit worldlier.

“Men do love a mystery and you have to admit Arl, Emily’s a mystery,” Martina grinned. “She’s worked here for almost a year and none of us have been able to figure her out. She’s an unpaid volunteer and we both know she wouldn’t need the money, anyway.” Arleigh nodded as I wondered how both of them had figured that little factoid out.

“The heels,” Arleigh answered as Martina nodded in agreement. “Not many librarians can afford Jimmy Choo heels.” I laughed with the ladies as I should have realized that most women do tend to notice things like that.

I asked Emily out for dinner over one of our usual coffees. She seemed almost stunned that I was interested in her. “Why me?” She wanted to know.

“Because I enjoy your company, I think you’re a fascinating person who I would like to get to know better,” was my response. “If you’re not interested or the age difference bothers you, just say no and we’ll confine our interaction to work and coffee.” I happen to be almost 16 years older than the young woman I was asking out, who was not quite twenty at the time.

“No, no, that’s not it at all,” Emily smiled up at me. Now I also noticed that she had a perfect row of straight white teeth. “You know that I’m a fan and actually, I prefer older men – I just can’t figure out why someone like you wants to date someone like me?!”

“Have dinner with me on Friday and I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” I chuckled. “Come on, pretty girl, don’t make an old man beg!”

Emily smiled as if that was the first time someone had told her she was pretty. She really was, but you had to be paying attention. “You’re not old,” she countered. “You’re mature.”

When I told her where I planned to take her for dinner, Emily blanched a little. “I don’t know if I own anything fancy enough for a place like that,” Emily said to me. I told her that we could go somewhere else and she shook her head. “I’ll think of something,” She said to me. “I don’t want to let an opportunity like this go to waste.”

I offered to pick her up and made a mental note to use one of the 3 Corvettes I owned to give her a small thrill. I had discovered in one of our numerous conversations that she was also a gear-head. At first, she was reluctant to give me her home address, but my charm soon won her over. We made arrangements for Friday evening and I think I was actually whistling when we parted. I hadn’t looked forward to an evening like this for quite some time, although I couldn’t quite say why just yet.

I made sure to look my best for our date by getting a haircut, having my suit pressed and my shoes shined. Lots of women say that one of the first things they notice is the condition of a man’s shoes. Mine were so shiny I could see my reflection in them.

I picked out my cherry-red Corvette, figuring that auto would impress Emily most. Nervously, I drove to the address she had taksim masöz escort provided for me. It was in a very nice part of town, which didn’t surprise me at this point. As I mentioned earlier, I had already surmised that my new friend either had, or came from, money. Her address was a very nice brownstone, quite spacious and I wondered briefly if perhaps she still lived at home with her family …?

I was soon disabused of that notion, for when I rang the bell, a very tall, busty blonde answered the door. I thought that I likely had the wrong address as the young woman scanned me from head to toe. I felt a momentary flush of embarrassment as I explained that I was here to pick up Emily and take her to dinner.

“Oh darn, I was hoping that you were my blind date,” the blonde chirped. She was in a low-cut top, outrageous high heels and a mini skirt that looked like it had been painted on her. Had I not been so enrapt in Emily, she would have caught my fancy. On one end of the spectrum, I am attracted to women with intellect, such as Emily. On the other end, I quite readily admit that I like blonde bimbos and this young lady typified my type exactly. “Hiya, I’m Kendra,” she bubbled on. “Hey Em, your date’s here and he’s a honey!” With that, she ushered me into their spacious home and made herself scarce. I cooled my heels for a few minutes, waiting for Emily to join me and hoping that the evening would be worth it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my relationship with Emily, whether or not we would mesh or had my judgment been impaired by my curiosity about her as a person.

A stunning brunette in a slinky black dress entered the room. She looked very familiar, as if I had seen her somewhere before, like in a movie. It wasn’t until she opened her mouth that I realized the alluring, tall brunette standing in front of me was Emily. While she sounded like Emily, she in no way resembled the young woman I had come to know in the past several weeks. This woman really did look like a film star and she even carried herself differently. I found myself quite overwhelmed. She was wearing another pair of designer heels and a slinky black dress that appeared as if it was painted on her. For once, the author found himself at a loss for words.

Happily for me, Emily seemed to take my silence as a compliment. I kept staring at her with a blank look on my face and she laughed. “You’re not the first person this has happened to,” she smiled at me. “Right now, you’re trying to figure out just why I look so familiar. I’ll save you the effort – I look like the girl in all of those Andrew Blake movies,” Emily laughed again.

I also laughed, but nervously, at being caught admitting to watching adult films. Once again, that seemed to delight Emily. “Everybody does it, I’ve got all of his films,” Emily told me as we walked to my car. It too, seemed to delight her and I relaxed as I decided that the evening had gotten off to a good start after all.

The owners and staff of the restaurant made an appropriate fuss over us all during the meal, as I had hoped that they would. They were attentive, but not invasive and I caught more than one of the busboys eying Emily. I couldn’t fault him for that, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of her myself. Over dinner, she was animated and bubbly, speaking on various topics that had caught her fancy. She even engaged me in a debate over who was more important to comics, Stan or Jack. Being a writer, I picked Lee but Emily sided with Kirby. See, she even drew me into “nerd” culture.

I don’t remember the rest of our conversation, but I remember every subtle nuance of Emily’s body language from that night. I made a silent vow to behave myself and not put “the moves” on the girl. It was a battle I was determined to win, as much as my prurient lusts were driving me wild with the desire to experience that amazing body. Of course, I was making assumptions I knew that I shouldn’t be making. Emily, the one I had known up until now, seemed shy and a bit socially awkward. Perhaps this Emily was merely a facade for my benefit. Was she, perhaps, a virgin? I wasn’t going to be the seducer of a young woman, I put my best foot forward and let things go where they were supposed to go.

I escorted Emily home where I received a nice kiss on the cheek, but something much more important – she wanted to see me again. I demurred, but Emily insisted. She had really enjoyed our date and wanted to get to know me better. While I wasn’t going to be a “dirty old man”, I was no one’s fool, either. Another night with the young lovely would do wonders for my self-esteem and for the creative process. We agreed to go out the following Friday and I think I was actually whistling on the drive home.

I didn’t do a lot of work at the library that week, which was actually to taksim otele gelen escort my benefit. When I did make an appearance, Emily was almost distant and I got strange looks from both Arleigh and Martina. I wondered what Emily had told them about our date, which I assumed had gone well. I decided not to worry overmuch, because we did have a second date lined up and I knew that I had been a perfect gentleman on the first.

I made sure that for the second date, I took as much care as I had on the first. I looked nice and brought some flowers with me. I was, by now, quite curious to see just where this relationship, if one could indeed call it that, was going to go. I found myself at Emily’s door front once again and rang the bell.

I was wholly unprepared for what happened next. The door opened the tiniest of cracks and I was yanked inside with such force that I thought my arm might well have come out of its socket. Inside I found an Emily markedly different from the one I had come to know thus far.

This Emily was clad in nothing but a filmy white negligee and bedroom shippers. There was an intense, wild look in her eyes that I had never seen before. I was momentarily taken aback but she soon assuaged my fears with quixotic, though interesting, statements.

“I wanted to fuck you from the moment that I met you,” Emily practically hissed at me as she removed my overcoat. “I didn’t want you or anyone else thinking I was a slut, an easy lay, so I bided my time. You were a perfect gentleman the other night, but you don’t have to be now. I want to screw your brains out, okay? No objections?”

I think I managed to convey that, no, there were no objections on my part. I can’t really be sure about that, as I don’t think Emily would have taken no for an answer. She tugged me over to a nearby sofa whereupon, she began making short work of my remaining clothing. She was fierce, assertive and very, very sexy as she stripped me for her own amusement.

Oddly, she didn’t seem in much of a hurry to shed her own clothes. I gathered that the filmy negligee was for my benefit, so yay for me! When Emily’s warm lips encircled my cock, I almost lost it on the spot. While I hadn’t assumed that she was a virgin, I had not expected her to have such sexual skills either. Her mouth did all sorts of things to my shaft as she bobbed, weaved and sucked on my throbbing member. I was trying to think of various ways not to cum too fast, but Emily was equally determined to make me do just that.

Don’t worry, you will get to cum again,” she said with a knowing wink. “I want to taste your jizz, so give it to me and we’ll get this party going, big-time!”

Unlike Emily’s beloved Superman, I am not a man of steel, so I did cum. The greedy little vixen took it all without missing a beat. When she stood up and away from me, there was an almost-evil grin on her lovely face. “Just because I don’t want everyone thinking I’m a slut, it doesn’t mean I can’t act like one!” She purred. “I have a feeling you know what a girl likes, so let’s see if I’m right about that, too!”

I wasn’t exactly Hugh Hefner when it came to the ladies, but I wasn’t Don Knotts, either. I managed to get her naked enough so that I could work some mouth-magic on her neat, trimmed, pouty little cunt and insinuated myself between her thighs while I returned her favors. Emily’s dainty little fists were pounding on my shoulders as I made oral love to her, but I barely took notice. I was entirely focused on the task of making her orgasm and I worked diligently until I did just that.

“Oh my God, that was incredible!” Emily gushed as she came near me again. She didn’t say that I was the best she had ever had and I was grateful to be left in the dark. “You’re still so big, so hard, let’s get you inside of me so that we can fuck!”

I wasn’t going to argue with her, so I allowed Emily to mount me and begin our journey. Emily didn’t seem to want me to be gentle, so I wasn’t. I jack-hammered my cock into her as she rode me and I lovely every solid little yelp and squeal.. “Pound my pussy, screw my fucking cunt!!” Emily yelled as her body thrust against my own. I didn’t know if I was the best she had ever had, but she sure as hell was ranking in my Top Five. We had only just started and she already had me panting in near-exhaustion. I wasn’t going to give up the fight as yet, Her cunt seemed to yield to my invading cock, although it was gripped there rather nicely and in a heated embrace. I held on for another twenty minutes before Emily’s tight little twat wrested another orgasm from me. Then, a mercurial display of the woman I was coming to know – and adore – she scampered upstairs, telling me that she would be showered and ready for dinner in precisely 30 minutes. Almost to the minute, she was and off we went to enjoy another wonderful meal and evening. However, this time, our dessert was a bit more – intimate.

I’m still seeing Emily, although we haven’t exchanged the “L-word” yet, I do think it’s in the offing. If I could give any advice, I would say give a second look to that nerdy girl you’ve frequently overlooked. You just never know what interesting subject she might be studying.



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