Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

Ah, Friday afternoon. For some reason when you are young, it seems like Friday will never come. Then when it does, more often than not, you can’t figure out anything worthwhile to do. Life is ironic like that.

But this wasn’t one of those Fridays for me. It was early fall, I had just turned 18 the second week after my senior year in school started, and I was feeling on top of the world. In addition, my parents had taken a late vacation this year and were spending two weeks up north camping in the woods, leaving me to fend for myself. Oh, I didn’t mind; they had stocked the refrigerator and pantry with foods that I knew how to cook and I could take care of things quite nicely, thank you. I even had enough money saved from my summer mowing jobs that I could buy pizza as often as I wanted, if it came down to that.

Now just out of school after my last class, I wandered slowly toward the Jenkins’ house. They lived about a mile from us, in a big new house with at least twice the space in our place. My classmate and relatively new friend, Jason Jenkins, had invited me to hang out with him after school and play games in their basement. Having been invited to spend some time in their basement back in the spring and summer, I knew from experience that it was a personal game arcade just waiting to be explored. Short of one of the arcades at the mall, I had never seen so many games in one place. I had always envied Jason for the advantages his parents gave him – not that I wished I had them instead of him, just that I wanted the same advantages!

Knowing that Jason always dawdled around school for a while talking with various teachers, I took my time, stopping by the local gathering place for a Coke and French Fries before heading on. Still I arrived at the Jenkins’ house just before four o’clock. I hoped I wasn’t too early. I expected Jason would answer the doorbell but it was his mom.

“Hello, David. Come in. How are you?” Mrs. Jenkins said from behind the shadows of the storm door.

I stepped into the foyer. “Fine, Mrs. Jenkins. Jason asked if I wanted to hang out this after…”

Just then I turned to look at her and it finally registered on me that Mrs. Jenkins was not dressed in her usually conservative clothes. First I must explain that Mrs. Jenkins would be, in my opinion, a trophy wife. She was young, probably just mid-thirties, with long blond hair, a beautiful face, and a body to die for. She had big handfuls on her chest even for large hands like mine, and my hands itched to touch them every time I saw her. Her waist was small enough to be narrower than the rest of her body while her ass was divinely rounded. She was so sexy and beautiful that I always got the stutters around her.

Still she always had worn conservative clothes when I had seen her, even in the presence of her own home. She still was – high heels and stockings that accentuated her shapely legs, a nice straight skirt that came down to her knees, and a blouse that covered all of her top. Except today the top was encased in a light blue knit sweater with a pattern of mesh that looked kind of like a spider web. Her right boob was completely covered except for some creamy white flesh on the top but the left one was pretty exposed, including the erect nipple and pink areole. I felt my cock growing hard at the first realization of what she was wearing.

“… is he here?” I finished lamely.

“Oh, Davy, I’m sorry,” she said, putting a hand on my arm. “His father got tickets to the Reds game tonight. James picked him up about lunchtime and they drove down to Cincinnati for dinner and the game. They won’t be back until late tomorrow because they’re staying over to go to some gun and knife show. Jason asked me to see if you two could get together some time next week.”

“Yeah. Yeah, that would be okay.”

I started to turn away but again Mrs. Jenkins put a hand on my arm.

“Stay, Davy. I haven’t had anyone to talk to all day and I sure would like to have a friendly face to look at. Would you mind?”

“No, ma’am, I wouldn’t mind. Whatever you say.”

“Thank you, Davy. Come on into the living room and let’s talk.”

I followed her into the living room and sat on the sofa. She sat on the other end and I turned to look at her as we talked. She asked me questions and I responded as naturally as I could, although I have to admit that my erection was a constant reminder of my attraction to her. She asked me about school, she asked about my hobbies, she asked about my college plans, she asked about all kinds of things. I know she was trying to keep the conversation going so I tried to relax and talk enough to keep her interested. Still I had trouble with my eyes, no matter how hard I tried, keeping them off of her beautiful breasts.

Mrs. Jenkins kept a perpetual smile on her face. It wasn’t a big one casino siteleri but just a look that she had which made her pleasant to look at. I don’t think I had ever seen her with a frown on her face. I probably had something of a smile on my face when she twisted on the sofa cushion, pulled one leg up to lay along the cushion, leaving her foot dangling in the air. That left her facing me more directly.

My eyes followed her action and I hoped I’d get to see more of her legs but it wasn’t to be. Her skirt remained at a demur distance down her legs. However it did turn her so that I had a better view through the mesh of her sweater. Once again I felt my cock jump in anticipation and I folded my hands in my lap to try to hide my situation.

“Hm?” she was asking.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Jenkins. I didn’t understand.”

“I said I would like to go downstairs and play some of the games but I need an opponent. Do you want to go play against me?”

“Oh. Sure. I’d like that.” I clambered up and waited for her to take the lead. Although I knew the way, I wanted to be a gentleman. Shit, I really just wanted to watch her magnificent ass walking ahead of me.

I followed close enough to Mrs. Jenkins that when she turned to the wall to hit the light switch for the basement, I got a great view of her bare left nipple sticking through the webbing of the sweater and nearly creamed my pants on the spot. My hard-on inflated even more and became so painful I had to shift my jeans as soon as she turned to go down the stairs.

“So … I think we need to make this interesting, don’t you?”

“Mm? Oh, sure.”

“So what will we bet to make it worthwhile.”

“Um … I don’t know. I’ve got a little money. Not much though.”

“Nah, I don’t want your money. Hey, I’ll tell you what. Let’s play each of the games in order, starting here by the stairs. Whoever loses has to take off some piece of clothing, kind of like strip poker. Interested?”

“Uh … sure, Mrs. Jenkins. If that’s what you want …”

“Look, Davy.” There she was with that name again. I never let anyone call me Davy. I hated it. Except when it came from her mouth, it sounded so … intimate! “If you don’t want to, we can do something else.”

“No, no! I’d like to!”

She giggled. “I thought you might like that. Okay, no cheating now.”

We started with The Simpsons pinball game. Damn, she was good too. For three rounds, she was ahead of me several thousand points. Then on the fourth round I got lucky and my score skyrocketed. I lost a little ground on the fifth ball but managed to hold her off. She turned and grinned at me and watched my face as I watched her take off the blue sweater. That left her naked from the waist up.

Oh, man. Her tits were just as magnificent as I had dreamed. My mouth watered and my hands itched, I wanted to get hold of her so bad!

She beat me at Defender and I lost m T-shirt. I beat her at Star Wars and she dropped her skirt. She had such a stricken look on her face that I offered to stop but her expression changed to … could that have been lust? … desire? She said no way so we kept playing.

She won the next game and my Nikes wound up in the corner. When she won the next one and my jeans had to go, I got worried. By then of course there was no way for me to hide my erection – it was pushing my jockeys out several inches straight out in front of me.

We moved to the NASCAR race and plopped down in the side-by-side driving seats. I didn’t mind in the least when she leaned over too far and brushed her breasts against my arm.

We started the game. Supposedly it was on a road coarse like Watkins Glen, so there were turns in both directions. I was worried because Jason always beat me on this game.

Ten minutes later, I was elated because she had spun out down the backstretch on the last lap and I passed her for the win. Like a good sport, she stood up and sensuously worked her white lace panties down her legs, leaving her completely naked except for the sexy high heel shoes. Words failed me! She was gorgeous. If only I had the courage to get some of that!

“Well, damn,” she said. “I was sure I could beat you. I wanted to see what you look like without any clothes.” She laughed again. “I guess you got the advantage of me.”

I just grinned, too awed to speak.

“So what do you think, big boy? Do you like what you see?”

“Absolutely. You are … the most … beautiful woman … I have ever … seen!” I said with feeling.

“Well, thank you, sweetheart. That is so nice of you to say. I’m very glad you like what you see. Come on, let’s try one more game.”

I followed her to the pool table.

“Okay,” she said. “One game of nine ball. If I win, you have to fuck me on the table. If you win, you can fuck me anywhere you want to. Okay?”

I fell apart in the middle of her words. Fuck her? FUCK HER? Did she really mean for me to fuck her?

She stopped by the pool table and moved the rack of balls onto the spot. Then she turned and looked at my barely concealed tent. slot oyna “I think its only fair that we both start out even here. Take off those shorts.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I mumbled, shoving my jockeys down my legs.

“And while we’re at it, whenever there’s just the two of us around, I want you to call me Jeanette or Jeannie. Stop with the ma’am and Mrs. stuff, okay?”

“Yes, m … er, Jeannie.”

I grinned at her, thinking about a beautiful genie in a bottle who would grant me three wishes. The first would be to have sex with her anytime and any way I wanted to, the second would be …

“Your break.”

I shuffled the balls all over the table but nothing would go down. She took charge of the table and began to sink balls: first the one, two and four off a combination with the three. With each ball, she took time to go all the way around the table to survey the setup and, each time, she reached out and stroked my cock as she passed. She pocketed the three, five and six and things were looking dim for me. Then I realized that this, truly, was what the phrase win-win situation actually meant. There was no way for me to lose!

Instead of watching the table, I watched her gorgeous figure. When she leaned over the able, I watched either her luscious tits swinging as she stroked the cue stick or her delicious looking ass as she bent over for the shot. I could see her puffy pussy lips between the spread of her legs. My cock was so hard I could have driven nails with it.

I was standing at one side of the table when the cue ball came to rest close to the near bumper. She wandered around checking her shot before stopping right in front of me. She bent over and lined up the shot but without taking it, she pushed her bottom back into my crotch, letting my cock slip a little way between her legs. Then she stood up, enough to break the contact before she leaned back.

“Like what you see, big boy?” she asked.

All I could do was groan. That was a rhetorical question if I ever heard one! She already knew the answer. The seven ball dropped into the side pocket. Her hand stroked me again. She lined up the eight ball and rolled it into the far right corner. Then inexplicably with only the cue ball and the nine left on the table, she miss-hit it just enough that it bounced off both edges of the corner pocket and stayed on the table.

I was shaking with excitement as I lined up the shot. I took my time, eased back the stick and just as I started forward, her hand cupped my balls. The tip of my stick barely grazed the cue ball, which went nowhere near the nine ball. She laughed and gave me a huge hug, both tits pressing into my chest and the head of my cock nuzzling the soft spot between her legs.

Swiftly she turned, and lined up the shot. I ran my hand up her thigh between her legs and touched her pussy lips. She shivered … and then sank the nine ball anyway.

“I win! I win!” she yelled.

But I noticed she had a broad smile on her pretty face. And, rolling her cue stick on the green baize, she lifted herself to sit on the edge of the table, slowly scooting backward and spreading her legs.

With her palms against her thighs as if to form a funnel, she said, “Come on, honey. It’s time to pay up.”

I looked at the spreading pink opening with anticipation. The last few minutes of the game, I thought I had detected the smell of sex and a glance at her pussy showed that it was coated in her own moisture. It occurred to me that she was nearly as eager for this as I was – nearly!

I set my stick in the wall rack and slowly climbed onto the end of the table. I just had to find out if she was a sweet and tasty as she looked. I started at her ankles and began licking upward a little at a time, changing legs every so often to catch up. By the time I passed her knees, she was begging me to hurry but I knew that if I hurried, it would be over all too quickly. ‘Self-control! Self-control!’ kept screaming in my head.

I licked my way up her thighs, savoring the soft tender flesh. For some reason it seemed enormously more satisfying than any of the few girls from school whose pants I had managed to get into. Whether it was age or experience or whatever, I loved it.

And from the moans and words of encouragement when I started licking her pussy, Jeannie was enjoying my attention pretty well too. She kept up a running commentary as I sank my tongue deep into her juicy opening, licking and lapping and sucking. Every so often, I made a foray up to her clit and circled around it, being careful not to touch it yet. She kept thrusting her hips at my face, trying to get me to tease it but I avoided her moves. Several times I crossed her perineum and licked her puckered anus and each time she tried to thrust herself onto my tongue.

Finally I made a trip to her clit and closed my mouth over it, sucking it in and then teasing it gently with my tongue. In just a few seconds, she bucked up off the hard table, nearly throwing me off her, and she screamed that she was cumming. Indeed she did as her juices flooded my mouth for canlı casino siteleri a few seconds, juices I would have loved to have bottled for drinking the rest of my life.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself and was prepared to keep eating her pussy for another 30 to 45 minutes, just so long as I could make her cum every so often and she still liked what I was doing. However she grabbed my ears and began pulling.

“Come on, honey. I want to feel your cock in my pussy. If you still want to eat my pussy later, we’ll shower and you can take as long as you want. But please … fuck me now!”

‘Yes, ma’am,’ I thought, crawling carefully up between her legs and over her luscious body. I had to stop long enough to spend a few minutes sucking and licking each of her tits but she didn’t seem to mind that; she cupped them together and pushed them up to my mouth.

Finally I could wait no longer. I moved up her form until my questing cock poked at her abdomen. Quickly her hand captured my tool and pointed it at her opening. Easing forward, I felt it slip into the warmest, softest, smoothest sheath I had ever been it. This had to be mating heaven!

Her legs and then her arms wrapped around my torso and she pulled me down to her body. She guided my mouth to hers and I sensed her snaking tongue slipping into my mouth. I felt her pussy muscles clasp around my cock, which responded by flexing inside her. The kiss felt like it lasted ten minutes, although it could have been just a few seconds, before she relaxed and let me begin to move. I dare say it took me all of … um, maybe 13 seconds to fill her cunt with my hot cum. The best thing about it was that she clamped around my cock and would not let it go until it began to inflate again.

Time lost all meaning after that. I fucked Jeannie slow. I fucked Jeannie fast. I tried to be gentle. I tried to be rough and hard. I tried everything I knew to wiggle my root against her clit. I lifted her legs to my shoulders. I grabbed her ankles and moved her legs high, then wide, then both left, and both to the right. Somewhere in there she came a second time, a rather small orgasm. Then a bit later she came again, a shuddering, long-lasting climax that left her pussy stuttering around my cock like someone with a speech impediment. That was apparently what I needed because I began to spit out my second load of white hot cum into her love box.

I felt a little foolish laying on a pool table, even if it was beside a beautiful naked woman – whose pussy was dripping our combined juices onto the green baize. However if she wasn’t worried about it, why should I be?

When her chest stopped heaving and her breathing returned to some semblance of normal, she rolled to me and said, “Jason told me your folks are out of town this week. Do you have to be home at any certain time?”

“No. I’m on my own for now.”

“How would you like to stay with me tonight? We could get something to eat and then go up to my bed and have some more fun, if you’d like…?”

I rolled toward her and ran my hand over her breast. “I’d like. Oh, yeah, I’d like!”

She laughed at me, planted a long sloppy kiss on my mouth and fondled my limp dick.

“Come on, then. Let’s go get cleaned up and then get something to eat. By then maybe you’ll be ready for more action, huh, stud?”

“Yeah, I think that will work.”

We climbed off the pool table and I waited while she retrieved some sort of spray spot remover and a rag and mopped up the spots on the table. Then I followed her up the stairs to the second floor, frequently patting her luscious bottom or bumping into her lightly every chance I got, which was every couple of steps. By the time we stepped into the shower, my cock was beginning to inflate again.

Jeannie let me soap up her body and then she did the same to me. Oh, my god, she was so beautiful! I couldn’t keep my lips from hers. I was afraid I would irritate her but she just smiled and kissed me back. My hands roved over her tits and pussy and ass while hers were all over me, spending most of the time on my testicles and newest raging hard-on. Although I had never had sex in the shower, it didn’t take much prompting when she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushed her pussy around my cock and leaned back against the wet tiled wall. I put my hands under her ass, leaned forward to kiss her, and fucked our brains out.

Rather than put on clothes, we wrapped ourselves in giant bath towels and went downstairs to fix something to eat. The towels were soon discarded. I made a nuisance of myself, fondling Jeannie’s ass or tits as she scurried around preparing a feast. Finally, to her grinning admonition, I slid down onto the floor with my back against one end of the bar where she was working on a salad. With just a minimum of coaxing, she stepped down the counter so that her feet straddled my form while she worked on putting together a salad. I started my feast on her pussy and her moans of approval kept me going. As she was tossing the ingredients together, she began quaking so bad her legs wouldn’t hold her up any longer and she slid down my form, landing in my lap. I held her until she was able to stand. I have no real recollection of what we ate, although I remember basking in the fragrance of her pussy juices on my face.



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