Eric’s eyes grew wide as he watched Amy slowly stand in front of him. The evening had taken a detour that he definitely hadn’t seen coming. Not that he would complain though! Amy was lovely and so sexy, which he had somehow missed until just minutes ago. He reasoned that he had been concentrating on his grandparents so he was surprised and excited when she took control of the situation.

Briefly, Eric felt a pang of guilt when his girlfriend came to mind. Although they had been dating for almost a year, she rarely put out and only agreed to oral when he begged. For a while Eric had been considering ending the relationship, feeling that being sexually compatible was too important to ignore. Already he had a feeling that with Amy he may have trouble keeping up.

Unknown to Eric, Amy was a self proclaimed nymphomaniac. Not to the point that it caused problems in her life, nor did she need therapy. No, she just really loved sex and enjoyed it every chance she got. Over the years she had enjoyed approximately 15 different lovers, many of them becoming regulars. One night stands were actually rare for Amy but when the mood hit, she was always ready and willing. She was very particular and loved being in control, especially at the beginning with a new lover. Directing and controlling seemed to work best for her and there were very few complaints from the men.

After giving Eric a very satisfying hand job, Amy stood before him, positioning herself between his legs. Her fingers played with the bottom of her T-shirt, raising it to give him a peek at her flat tummy.

“So, do you want more?” She asked seductively with an innocent tone to her voice. Eric nodded and reached his hands out to touch her belly. Amy lightly tapped his hands and said, “No, no. I am the game master. I set the rules and the timing but I promise that in the end, we will both be winners.” She took Eric’s chin in her hand and held his gaze, “Can bahçelievler escort you live with my rules?”

Not knowing what else to say, and not wanting to leave, Eric answered, “Yes, I can live with that.”

Amy smiled as she leaned over to lick Eric’s closed lips. He shivered at the light touch of her tongue but kept his lips closed. He was determined to be obedient to the game master and only do what she told him, when she told him. She noticed his restraint and rewarded him by pushing her tongue between his lips. They kissed and tongued for a few minutes before Amy moved back and hummed, “Oh that works! You are delicious!”

Making sure she had his complete attention, Amy reached for the hem on her shirt and slowly raised it up, holding it tightly against her skin so that her breasts caught and then bounced free in a dramatic fashion. His eyes were riveted to her beautiful round tits but he kept his hands to himself, waiting for her instruction. Again Amy smiled broadly. Never before had a new lover caught onto her rules so quickly.

She reached to cup her boobs and bounced them in her hands. His expression was pure hunger as he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. The large nipples hardened and puckered as she played with them. Finally she decided that she had tortured him long enough so she placed her hand on the back of his neck and brought his head forward so his face rested between the soft mounds. She didn’t say anything at that point, so Eric took advantage of his position by starting to kiss and lick up and down her cleavage.

Sensing her growing pleasure, Eric ran his tongue over, under and all around her soft globes of flesh, first one and then the other. He became more aggressive as she moaned and arched her back in response, her fingers tangled in his hair pulling him closer to him. Eric’s arm surrounded her body keeping her closely pressed bahçeşehir escort to him.

Amy was lost in the passion of the moment and allowed him more freedom than was her usual limit. As long as he concentrated on her boobs, she was happy to let him play and explore freely. She cried out as he moved from one nipple to the other, sucking, licking and lightly biting, her hands on his head, holding him close.

She felt his hands move down to her ass which quickly brought her back to reality. Reaching behind her, she pushed his hands away and moved back from him. Reluctantly he released her nipple from his mouth with a loud pop. She almost felt sorry for him when she read the disappointment on his face but she loved the game and knew that in the end, he would too.

Amy walked backward to the bed, slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her pajama pants as she moved. Stepping up on the mattress, she allowed her bottoms to drop. Standing in the middle of the bed in just her lacy panties, she smiled seductively at him and motioned for him to join her.

Eric hesitated a minute. He definitely wanted to touch her, fuck her even, but felt that the whole game playing part of this was pretty strange. “How many hoops do I have to jump through before she lets me fuck her?” was his thought. He had never met anyone like her. Easily grandparent approved but so sexy and controlling at the same time. He doubted he would ever meet another woman like her and she had an incredibly hot body, so he decided to stay and play whatever game she wanted. The prospect of returning with blue balls to the room he shared with the elderly couple helped him make up his mind.

Eric moved to the foot of the bed and waited for her instruction. God, her body was perfect! Hills and valleys in all the right places. He could smell her mound, barely hidden in her pretty panties. She bounced gently bakırköy escort on the bed and said in a low voice, “Take it all off. Please.”

He quickly took off his shirt and boxers, as he was told. Amy bounced one more time and then landed hard on her back. He watched mesmerized as her tits bounced hard and then stilled. Her hand reached out to him, guiding him onto the bed with her. Unsure of what the next rule might be, Eric hesitated to touch her, or even look at her.

Amy watched as he settled on the bed. His body was perfect. She moved to her side and reached for his thick cock. It had a prominent curve to it that was unusual. Instead of curving into his body when erect, it curved away from him. With him flat on his back, she leaned in to circle it with her fingers and moved so her face was even with the throbbing member. He held his breath as he heard her say, “I told you you would like my game.”

With that she leaned over and kissed the head of his cock fully. A jolt of electricity shot through him and his hips jumped a few inches off the bed. She smiled, knowing the effect she was having on him. Her tongue began a loving assault of his hard cock, licking up and down the shaft as she fingered his balls. Soon she positioned herself between his legs so she could more fully kiss and lick and suck on him. He did his best not to touch her, afraid that the intense blow job would end if he broke her rules, but somehow his hand landed on her head and he pressed her closer to him. She responded with an even greater urgency to bathe him with attention.

Just as his release was building, he cried out, begging her to stop. For a moment he was sure she would take him over the edge so he begged, “Please stop, Amy, I really want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you.”

Amy pulled herself away, sucking on one of his balls, it stretched as it released from her mouth. She smiled sweetly as she moved up his body, straddling his hips. She sat down fully on him, his cock nestled in the folds of her pussy. He groaned loudly at the wet warmth and placed his hands on her hips. Secretly he hoped the game playing was over but he knew that at this point he would go along with any rule just for the opportunity to enter her sweet body.



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