FUSTRATED JASMINE LETS GOThe light from the street lamp outside probed its way through the small gap in the curtains of my window, casting shadows across her body. It wasn’t the lamp that was keeping Jasmine awake, no it was the humidity was atrocious, even with the full blast air conditioning sliding over her.The naked girl groaned and rolled over onto her stomach, hard nipples sliding across the satin sheets. Putting those on hadn’t been a good idea, but when she had looked she was out of cotton sheets, and the only others were the two flannel sets, so, satin it was.Jasmine had arrived home from work at just gone seven, unusual but rare; when week long heat waves hit like this, tempers all over the city flared, so there was a lot of work to take care of.She had wanted to go swimming, but was so aggravated and depressed and just generally frustrated that she decided the best thing would be to be alone. Jasmine had changed out of her work clothes into a new t-shirt and shorts, then walked around the corner to get a take-awy it was too damned hot to cook. By the time she finished the five-minute long walk back to her apartment block her fries had just about given up.Already soaked with sweat by the halkalı escort time she got back in Jasmine showered fast, put on a fresh bra and panties and then settled onto the couch to eat and watch a DVDs. I rewatched some of the really good (but all too brief) sex scenes, and even though she felt the need to see it, she hated herself for it. It didn’t help my mood any.I watched TV, tried to catch up on some of my magazines, avoided the computer and took a moment to watch the dwindling traffic below, needing a distraction.The problem was that Jasmine hadn’t had a boyfriend, or even just a lover for the past couple of years, and she was desperate for sex the craving was beginning to get unbearable. Jasmine had managed a few one night stands, but that’s all they were, and, in the end, it had just been a quick fix. The intense feelings she was having now weren’t those taht could be satisfied with a quickie, lustful and often were the words that described her needs.By the time Jasmine went to bed she was so depressed, she took another shower and then just fell into bed, sliding across the sheets. With the air conditioning on she was usually okay, the taksim escort chill would ease her cravings, but the heat was unbearable that night so the deep ache in her pussy just would not stop, and the painful hard points of her nipples kept her awake.Jasmine checked her clock: just past one. This was insane she screamed to herself rolling over onto her back again, glaring up at the ceiling. She sighed in frustration, then reached for the nightstand. It was a tall table with a little cupboard underneath, she tugged it open and pulled out her box of tricks and a tube of her favorite lube.Jasmine had tried to resist using the toys, only because they weren’t satisfying enough during these times. Still with a few drops of the clear oil on her hands Jasmine slipped into the rythem, biting back a moan as she ran her fingers over swelling breasts, tugging the nipples and letting them slide across her palm.She put a dab of stimulator on her clit making it swell, it was almost painful now, she jumped involuntarily as her slick fingers slipped around the bud, sending thrills of arousal through her body.Jasmine teased herself for a moment, tracing her clit, squeezing her nipples şişli escort until she couldn’t take much more. Flipping open the box, Jasmine pulled the thickest vibrator out, the heavy red one that even is such an aroused state she had to slowly work slowly into her pussy. The wetter she became, the more she began to thrust against the toy, and Jasmine grabbed one of the pillows and tucked it under her legs, locking the vibrator in place; She wanted her hands free. She switched it on to medium, and even though it made her squirm, it still wasn’t enough, so she turned it up to nearly its highest speed, and slipped a small anal probe into her private hole.With her free hand Jasmine flicked and stroked her swollen clit almost screaming out, she thrust down on the vibrator unable to stop herself.She felt it coming and started to gasp for breath, reaching down to holding her pussy lips open, Jasmine felt dizzy as blood rushed to her clit, it felt so good, oh so good.! Jasmine’s thighs twitched, her hips thrust and bucked against the vibrator as she climaxed feeling her hat cum juices run down her legs onto the satin sheets.She lay there for a while, it was a decent climax, but not what she needed, she needed a real live man, but until then she flicked the vibrator on again, feeling the vibrator thrumming against her thigh she let herself plunge into the pleasures of solo sex.But tomorrow the salesman at the diving shop who kept trying to chat her up was going to get the treat of his life.



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