It had been weeks since I’d seen my boyfriend. He was away on business, but my sex drive hadn’t gone away, it was as strong as ever. I tried to take care of it myself, but I just wasn’t getting the level of satisfaction I wanted. Toys didn’t work, porno’s just seemed boring, and my fingers just couldn’t find the right spot. I talked to my boyfriend about it one night, I was feeling so horny I thought I was going to burst.

“I know what will work, baby. But you have to promise to do everything I tell you to.” He sounded very serious.

“Ok, I promise.” My curiosity was peaking.

“I want you to take off all your clothes except for a pair of thigh high black stockings and a pair of heels.” I did as I was told. It was actually turning me on to comply. I’ve always been somewhat submissive in bed, but this was taking it to a whole new level.

“Now, I want you to put a coat on. The one that goes about half way down your thighs.” His breathing was a little heavier now.

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“No questions. Now walk to the garage and get into the car. I want you to call me on the cell phone when you are inside.” I couldn’t believe it. Get in the car? Did he want me to go somewhere, naked? But I did as he kurtköy escort asked. I hung up the phone, got into the car, and then called him back on the cell.

“Good girl! Now start the car, and drive to the supermarket.” I could feel the excitement start to tingle between my legs. This was working!

I arrived at the market a few minutes later. My instructions were to go into the store and buy a razor, some shaving cream, and a bottle of champagne. After I was through, I was to call him back.

I started to tremble as I made my way out of the car. I clutched my purse in both hands as I made my long walk toward the market entrance. Could anyone see? Did anyone know? I could feel beads of sweat start to make there way down my face. I took a deep breath, and then entered the store. So far, so good. No one was staring, no one seemed to notice. I grabbed a cart, put my purse in the top of it, and began my shopping. I was getting away with this! As I went from isle to isle, looking for my list of goods, I could feel myself getting really wet. By the time I paid for everything, and got back to the car, I was ready to cum. I called my boyfriend back to tell him the good news. I thought he could listen while I came, giving him aydıntepe escort the chance to cum too. When I heard his voice, a surge of intensity lightening bolted through me, I couldn’t wait to hear what he would say next.

“Ok honey. I did as you asked. And baby, I am ready. Lets cum together.” My fingers were under my coat ready to slip into my dripping wet hole.

“No, sweetheart. Not yet. First I want you to go home, park the car, and bring your shopping into the house.” I felt myself burning with desire, but again, I did as I was told.

Once I was in the house, I noticed that my pussy juice had made the tops of my stockings damp. There was no doubt, my baby knew what he was doing.

“I’m home, my love.” I cooed on the phone.

“Good. Take off your coat, and bring your shopping into the bathroom with you.” Now I understood. It’s something he has been wanting for a long time.

“You want me to shave my little pussy for you baby? It that it? You want a nice smooth pussy to kiss and lick?” He was breathing faster and faster on the phone. I took out the shaving cream and razor out of the bag, set the razor on the sink, and began rubbing the cream all over my pussy lips.

“Rubbing that cream tuzla içmeler escort all over my hairy little pussy feels so good baby. My juice mixes so nicely with it.” I couldn’t resist touching my clit and feel how swollen it was.

“That’s it baby. Now shave that pussy for me. Make it all bare and soft.” His voice was wavering a bit, he was as excited as I was. It took a lot of effort to concentrate on shaving, but I did it. I was completely hairless.

“Now go lie down on the bed, spread those beautiful legs apart, and show off that bare little pussy in the mirror.” I looked at my pussy, it was so bald, it made me feel even more naked. And when I touched it, my little cunt was so silky smooth and sensitive, it made me jump. I couldn’t stop now if my life depended on it. My fingers ran across my hard clit and a shock of electricity shot through my body as my fingers entered my little pussy hole. I dropped the phone as I shuddered. I could hear myself screaming out my boyfriends name as I came over and over again in waves of ecstasy. I lay there a few minutes while I caught my breath, and then realized my boyfriend was still on the phone.

“Hello my love. Thank you so much. That was wonderful.” I giggled, feeling a little embarrassed at how overcome I was in those moments of bliss.

“It was great for me too, baby. I shot a big load of cream, myself.” I smiled at that. And also because I knew next time we would be together, and I would get to lick his man juice all up.



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