Double Penetration

fun with momMy Name is Sam I am 25 years old now. This happened to me when Iwas 24. I was working in a IT Company in bangalore. I was staying with my Mom alone. My dad divorced mom 7yrs back. My Mom is 47 years old, works in Private company. She prefer to wear sari when she leaves for work.She is really beautiful and sexy.Especially I love her boobs. She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two cannot be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of the time when she is doing household work her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy. She is my fantasy gal. I know she is my mother. But couldn’t resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. To tell you the truth I was dying to have sex with her but always scared and think about the relationship between us.Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. I was justwaiting for the right time and opportunity to have sex her. I wasgetting excited even my seeing her. Believe me she is so cute andher body is well shaped.So i tried various things but couldn’t succeed on them. my mom had plans of selling our one of the houses, so she gave an advertisment in newspapaer mentioning her mobile number on it . Finally i got an idea. I got anew prepaid number, and tried my luck by sending her an sms……conversation went on like this:-…………”R U single?”I was waiting for her reply, thinking i might get caught or shemight not reply me back, i waited for almost 8 mins and then i got areply from her…..”Who is this?”What else i can expect from her ifsomeone gonna ask her if she is single, i have to use the opportunity properly and i carefully sent a text ..”an admirer – of both you, and your house. I’ve always appreciated traditional stuff”I have to be really crazy texting my mom like this,not sure whether she would be replying me, took another 10 mins for herto reply me back mentioning….”the house is located near to spencers daily, and its fully furnished , looks good just like the owner!Whats ur name?”Omg i never thought she would respond me back, and flirting with some strangers and ask my name, i decided to give her a false name …”rahul… – whats ur name?”Again, I waited for her reply and after 5 mins received her reply..”you said you are an admirer, don’t u already know my name?”I was totally stuck with the question, dont know how to manage it so I answered:”I’ve seen you around the spencers daily , you were looking beautiful and sexy, but I don’t know ur name”After sending the msg, i could hear my heart beats racing like a formula 1 car speeding up, and atthe other end my penis is getting hard after mentioning her she looks sexy……..i was wondering if she found me out, then what elsewould happen…..sure she would send me out of the house and i wont have a chance to meet her again….then suddenly within minutes i got her reply…..”i can clearly see that you are interested in chatting with me than buying the house, is it so!”I really dont have guts to say her the truth, well i deceided to go ahead with the truth, what ever be the reply from her end bursa escort , i senther..”would you mind if i do so?”wondering what would be her reply , staring at my phone waiting for her reply, too curious for her reply…and”Rahul im busy right now, gotta complete my work”thats it !!!!!!!!!my plans of seducingmy mom was a flop plan again.I was waiting for mom to return from the office, it was almost 8pmshe would be home by this time, was looking at the gates from my room, saw her parking her car downstairs. i jumped from my bedand went downstairs to open the door. As soon she entered the room gave a smile and said dinner would be ready in another30 mins. she looked really tierd , probably she would have told thetruth that she was busy earlier……she was wearing her favourite blue colour sari, with a cut sleeve matching blouse, which exposes her outline of the bra. i can clearly see her cleavage as her sari was semi transparent….and she prefers to tie the sari below her navel. Its always a feast for me to see my mom in sari. she straight away went to her room.I was watching Tv and saw her back with a yellow coloured nightie. I pray to god every time asking she has to wear the nightieeveryday, coz its the only nightie which is a V neck and when ever she bends down i can have a verygood look of her boobs, but i have never seen her without a bra.After 40 mins she called me for dinner, she was serving the food for me and i was staring at her breasts, wonderning she would notice the side effects she was having at me, suddenly she glanced at me and broke out witha smile, you couldn’t help but to smile back.We ate dinner with the usual chatabout each others day, the TV gently murmuring in the background.”Any interest in the house yet?” I asked”Not yet, but its only been in a few days, give it time” she said.Thank god she never mentioned about Rahul ,I thought she would have forgot about the earlier chat conversation.After dinner i went to my room, as I lay in bed, heard the sound of mom turning OFF the TV , I had an idea and wanted to try myluck now. I picked up my phone, sent a text to my mom.”R u still busy?”As a precaution, I turned my phone on silent. i made sure that i have locked the door properly. and within few minutes i got a reply from mom.”sorry Rahul, really tired , still interested in chatting with me?”I was bit happy , still she remembers my name, well I dont have any option to tell her the truth……”Would you mind if I did, and u never did tell me ur name?” waited for her reply. she was too quick in replying back..”Its Manjula, tell me about ur self, r u single?”I said “im single, working in a IT company, athletic and hits gym regularly”.”GYM!!!! i guess you should have rippling muscles.”I was really waiting for this answer!!!!! i can clearly make it out she is ready to flirt with me(i mean rahul)…..”I might have! but have never seen anyone like you looking great , do you work out?”Not really, I’m a natural looker. How long have you been ‘admiring’ me?”I saw you near spencers daily few months back, and i followed you back till your home, i was shyto say ‘HI’ to you, saw your adv!!””I guess , u don’t seem to b shy now!”I wanted to take it further, asked her”How bursa escort bayan long u been single?””For the last 6 yrs, and im living with my son”I tried to heat the conversation asked mom”how come a sexy lady like you is still single?””Trust me, I’m not that sexy! and im too old””I disagree you dont seem to be old and you look gorgeous””im 47 yrs old, and you flatter me, its lovely to hear someone saying im sexy and gorgeous. What age are u?”I wondered how to answer this one. I was thinking of lying, making up something along early 50’s as she is 47 old, but i decidedto go with the real age….”I’m 24″I can clearly see there was a noticeable silence. till now , her reply texts had been pretty quick,I wondered if I’d given the wronganswer. Then….”24. I have a son that age!, how can you possibly think I’m sexy?”thats it , she is not angry towards me, still enjoy chatting with someone in her sons age. so i never bothered about the concequences, straight away i toldher…”I’ve always like older woman andyou are too sexy, where r u texting from?”In seconds, got the reply from her……”I’m lying on my bed , wondering why I’m talking to a stranger!”I was sure she isn’t lying , coz i knew she gave me the correct age, single for 6 yrs and she is texting from her room, so getting the right answers from her i was more excited, so i asked her boldly…”What are you wearing?””You are a very naughty boy. Why would u want to know what am i wearing? R u in bed too?””I know what u look like, so if you could tell me it would help me visualise you more, and yes, I’m in bed too….”Again, after a few minutes, I got the following reply from her…….”Tit for Tat?”Tit for Tat was a game we play since i was in school. Trading questions and we weren’t allowedto give false answers.I said “ok”fraction of seconds got the reply from mom”Ready, you can start the game”I bodly asked her”What are your measurements?””You are really naughty, aren’t you? 36 27 37 the last time I checked.”Wow she is totally flirting with me……i know she wore a 36 D cup, have seen her bra plenty of times, but still i wanted to ask her…”Bra size?””Nice try, but its my turn. How bigare you?””im…6’2, 74kgs.””Lol!! How big are you…down there?”I knew what she was after but played dumb. “My shoe size is 10.”I was totally surprised to see the reply from mom…”How big is your…penis?””I don’t know…I’ve never actually measured it.””Get a scale measure it and let me know””ok”After few minutes i sent her “i dont have a scale but i comparedthe size with a charlie spray, its almost exactly the same size as my…penis.” As i knew my moms favourite is charlie so its easy for her to compare the size of my penis.i waited for few minutes again sent her a sms “did you comparing the size of my penis with the can!”i was expecting her reply, waited patiently and in few seconds…”Ya, OMG Are you as thick as thecan, too?You’re not bullshitting me are you!”I sent her”That wouldn’t be keeping with the rules.”I wanted to know more about mymom , hit the bullet again asking her…”My turn. Bra size?”In seconds “36 d”As i read the msg 36 D ,Pre-comewas oozing from the head of my dick.I can clearly see it over my boxers. Sent her “Wow…”Got a escort bursa quick reply from mom “its my turn are you a…virgin?”I simply answered “Yes.”I sent her a msg “Its my turn, do you shave”couldnt beleive my mom would send me “ya i do , but its been a while, now its hairy!!!!”I sent her a msg ” what are you wearing”I know she was wearing a yellow colour nightie, got a reply …”im wearing a V neck yellow colour nightie with a blue colour panty and no bra , “God i couldnt beleive it …. its amazingly turning me on, i tried to imagine my mom lying on her bed texting me like this, i wanted to open her bedroom door, climbon to her bed, and ……i hit the text”Wow, u sound amazing, do u know the effect ur having on me?”I hope it’s the same effect ur having on me!My pants are already off, just want to arouse her i sent”well I’m having to loosen my jeans, they’re very uncomfortable…”,I couldnt beleive my eyes , mom would reply me back “is my young temptor getting hard? I do hope so”I nearly fell off my bed. My cock was as hard might tear my boxersat any time.I fully accepted that now I was able to play the part ofseduction…”r u getting wet? I would love to taste how moist you were”As soon as i sent her the msg it had me cumming. I just asked my mom if she was wet with sexual excitement , something I often dreamed about, but now she was next door lying down, probably rubbing herself at me turning heron!after few minutes “u have no ideahow wet I am. If u were here, I’d love to have u lie on top of me, id wrap my long legs around you and pull you into my pussy!!!”This was incredible. my mom usedthe word pussy ….My head was spinning. I then realised that it was my turn to text.”you are really a naughty women.I’m young enough 2 b ur son, yetu want my cock inside ur wet cunt. Can I also suck ur tits?I got up off my bed and put my ear against the adjoining wall of mom’s room. I strained a little at first, but then I heard her gently moaning. Just and no more. It was the kind of sound you hear when someone tastes something they like. My mom was in the process of masturbating. I had been responsible for turning her on so much, that she was now pleasuring herself. I heard her moan again, more sustained and erotic………”Yes, oh yes.., suck them hard, letme feel ur young tongue lick my nipples. My tits want u 2 milk them.”I got the intention about my mom, wanted to make sure whether she would love to have sex with her son, so i sent her” u like me being ur son’s age don’t you. Ur a very horny mother, aren’t u?”yes I am a horny mother, fuck me, fuck me son….”‘Fuck me son’?? This was unbelievable. My mom was not only turned on by texting a stranger, but now was openly fantasising about fucking her son.I now didn’t need to hold my ear to the wall any more. I could clearly hear her groaning, oblivious to the fact her son was next door in full ear shot. The sound was amazing .”God, im going to cum, ur makingme cum u horny mother…””im coming too son, fuck me hard, thrust ur cock inside my cunt, suck my big tits, fuck me son, fuck me….”I heard mom cumming. Her groaning increased, I could even hear her bed creak rhythmically. She was lying on her bed, fuckingherself, thinking of me. Mom was next door, masturbating, thinking her son was screwing her. Her hand rubbing her soaking cunt, her legs splayed apart, enjoying witha stranger.I lay on my bed, pulling myself furiously, and shot my load.To be contuined……….



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