“Fuck me, it is you, isn’t it Ruby?” A deep voice dragged Ruby out of her daydreams.

Sitting upright on her longer, she eased her sunglasses down and peered at the man standing at her lounger casting a shadow over her. The man was easily over six foot, and wearing only a grin and a pair of baggy shorts.

“Oh my god, hello, you were the last person I expected to see here.” Ruby stated.

“Oh we got a great deal on the flights, booked it last minute, delighted with it.” With that, he leant over and shook the hand of Ruby’s husband who’d sat up.

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Nick, Ruby is one of my team in the office, couldn’t do anything without her at the wheel.”

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Gary.”

“And this is Denise.” said Nick, gesturing at the bikini-clad lady at his side.

Denise waved and beamed a warm smile towards Gary and Ruby.

“Well we won’t interrupt your sunbathing guys. Enjoy the sun.”

With that Nick and Denise wandered off to the far side of the pool, and quickly settled into their loungers.

“Did you know that he was coming here?” Gary asked, propped up on his elbows looking across towards the couple.

“Not at all, I hadn’t even told him where were were going.” Ruby said, easing back down onto her lounger as she attempted to get an even tan.

“He seems to rate your work, though. That’s good for you.”

“He’s always complimentary of everyone in his team.”

With that, the couple returned to worshipping the sun, drinking cocktails and turning over at regular intervals, passing the afternoon in a happy haze that only a holiday in the sun can deliver.

At the end of the day, Gary and Ruby returned to their room, showered and dressed for their evening meal, before returning to the hotel dining room. Ruby’s dress and heels were intentionally chosen to catch the eye. At only 5’2″, her heels propelled her to the dizzying height of 5’8″ and she was grateful of Gary’s arm to steady herself as she walked into the restaurant. The Maître d’Hotel she saw visibly gawp at her outfit before he composed himself.

“Good evening, welcome. We have your table all ready.” He said, as he ushered them to a central table.

Ruby decided to have some fun of her own as the Maître d’Hotel pulled out the chair for her. She made a big thing of holding her hand over her braless 32DD chest, and really bent over so the head waiter would be able to see from the tight dress, that she was also wearing a tiny thong. Ruby was certain she heard him gap in pleasure as she did so.

“Sir, Madame, here are your wine lists, I shall return momentarily.”

Ruby looked him straight in the eye, nibbling her bottom lip as she took the list. This time she saw him gulp as she did.

They ordered wine, then food, before sitting back and sipping the excellent wine choice from the Maître d’Hotel, she scanned the room.

“You ok Ruby?” asked Gary.

“Yeah, just looking to see if Nick and his wife are in.”

She had been keeping the red dress for a special night, but wanted to look at her absolute best in front of her boss. However, there was no sign of them at all.

“They arrived late, maybe they a are having room service, here’s our starters.”

A sizzling starter arrived, filling the air with a gloriously appetising aroma and all thoughts of work colleagues disappeared once more as they started to eat. Background music plays, conversation flowed, good food, good wine and fine company helped pass the evening in a wam, pleasant buzz. Gary complimented Ruby on her dress, with Ruby reciprocating by rubbing her heels up and down Gary’s calf.

“Let’s go fuck.” Ruby whispered to Gary. Resulting in Gary gulping down the last of his glass and waving for the waiter.

Leaving the restaurant, the couple made their way arm in arm to their room. Ruby noticed that other couples were watching their progress through the hotel, clearly they could read the body language of a couple, heading back to their room to have sex. This made Ruby’s heart skip a beat, and with the alcohol in her veins, allowed her to act on this. She slowed her walking whenever they walked past a couple, emphasising her movement in heels. Holding onto Gary, and leaning into his chest.

“Did you see that woman’s eyes?” Asked Gary as they approached a couple sitting in the lobby.

“Oh yes,” she whispered “Watch hubby’s eyes, I’m going to make them pop out of his head.”

With that Ruby ‘accidentally’ dropped her purse. Laughing, she turned and bent over to pick it up, exposing her thighs to the old man as the short dress, she was fairly sure that her neon pink g string would have been visible. Looking round and back at him, the expression on his face told her that he could, and she winked at him. This was too much for the old woman, who swatted her husband’s arm. Ruby stood again, and walked her sexiest stride past the couple, earning herself a glare from the old woman, and a furious blush on the old man’s face. Ruby and Gary stumbled into the elevator and burst out laughing as soon as the doors closed and the car eryaman escortlar started to lift.

Gary pounced on Ruby, bending to meet her red lips, moving her back against the side wall, leaving her breathless as their tongues entwined. Gary’s hands roamed freely, one slipping under the dress to feel the flesh of her ass, the other finding one of her breasts and rolling her nipple mercilessly.

“MMMMHHMM” was just about all Ruby could manage as the lift eased to a halt at their floor.

Before she knew it, Gary was dragging her down the corridor to their room. A quick fumble for the room key was all it took for Ruby to drop to her knees in front of the door and unzip his pants.

“Ruby, No.” begged Gary, as she reached in through his zipper.

BEEP, with that the door was flung open, Ruby helped to her feet and dragged into the room. She was expecting to be thrown on the bed, but instead was led to the balcony and the warm night air.

“Kneel.” Demanded Gary.

Biting a lip seductively, Ruby slowly got to her knees. Gary had thrown off his shirt, shoes and socks and was tugging at his belt when Ruby looked him in the eyes, placed her hand on his belt, and took over. Slipping the belt out of every loop required her to lean in, her ample breasts, pushing against his thighs. Then, leaning back, she eased the halter neck over her head, so that Gary could admire her chest.

“Holy fuck!”

Then she undid the top button, and eased the trousers off Gary, letting him step out of the legs.

“Oh my, it seems as if I’ve made you rather excited.” She said seductively nibbling her bottom lip.

Ruby’s hands were all over the obvious erection from Gary, rubbing from tip to balls, making Gary utter some wordless groans of pleasure. Then they were tugged down, freeing Gary’s erect and throbbing cock from their constraints. She helped him kick them off before once again looking him in the eye, her red-nailed hands on his erect cock, she asked,

“Do you like my nail polish?” She said as she ran her nail the length of his cock.

Gary could only nod.

“What about my lipstick?” She asked as she licked her lips.


Flicking her tongue against his cock, resulted in Gary placing one of hands on Ruby’s head.

“You love me blowing you don’t you Gary?”

“FUCK YES” Said Gary, “You are amazing.”

With that, Ruby knew what she was going to do next would bring him to his knees.


After just a few strokes and a heavy gag, Ruby released his cock and gasped for air. Gary lifted her up, turned her round and pushed her against the balcony, she grabbed the railing, her breasts looking even bigger as her elbows squeezed them together. Gary lifted the hem of her dress, pulled her thong aside, and his fingers quickly found her slick pussy. This time it was Ruby’s turn to moan in pleasure as first one, then a second finger pushed their way into her hot, slick pussy.

Gary moved closer, and guided his engorged cock against her lips. He slid it up to her clit, making her gasp in pleasure, then all the way down her lips. Then he found her hole and pushed the tip in. Ruby gasped in shock, before looking over her shoulder, she smiled at Gary.

Gary took this as in invitation and slammed his cock all the way to the hilt, slapping thighs with Ruby.


“You reckon that old guy is going to be getting this tonight?” He said as he withdrew and slammed back into the hilt.

“FUCK! That feels good”

With that Gary grabbed her exposed tits, and started to pound Ruby. Grunting in pleasure with every thrust. It was all Ruby could do to hold onto the railing as she received a hard fucking.

Gary started to roll, and pinch Ruby’s nipples, resulting in Ruby’s moans getting louder. Taking one hand off the railing, and doing her best to stop herself from being pounded over the railing, she reached for her clit and started to rub, her moans of pleasure increasing again in volume.

Gary continued to pound Ruby mercilessly, and as she started to tense and continually moan, he picked up the pace, their skin making audible slapping noises.

“OH…FUCK…COMING…GONNA…COME” was all Ruby could utter as Gary reached the point of no return. Gritting his teeth, he continued to pound Ruby, as she started to quiver and twitch, her mouth wide open as she moaned in pleasure as the orgasm hit her. That triggered Gary’s orgasm as he grabbed her tits forcefully and buried his cock in her tight snatch, as he moaned in pleasure.

The pair, gasping for breath realised that somewhere in the complex, a small round of applause could be heard in the warm night sky. Laughing, they returned to their bedroom.

Waking, Ruby was alone in bed, she could hear the shower running, and Gary humming to himself in the shower. Quietly getting out of bed Ruby padded to the bathroom, and couldn’t believe what she saw through the glass shower door. Gary had his eyes closed, as he stroked his erection in the shower. Ruby initially shocked, marched ankara escort bayan up to the shower and grabbed hold of her husband’s stiff dick. Gary’s eyes opened in surprise, saw Ruby in all her glory. The shower making her glorious breasts glisten.

“Naughty boy, Gary.” she chastised him “Now you know what you are going to have to do to me now that I’m all wet.”

With that, she released his cock from her grip, and put her arms around his neck, before jumping up and wrapping her legs high around his midriff. Kissing passionately, she started to lower herself towards Gary’e erect cock. Teasing his tip up and down her wet slit as Gary begged for her to sink onto it just made Ruby’s determination to make him suffer for longer. Then in a single movement she dropped all the way onto his cock.

“FUCK” they both uttered.

Gary wheeled round and pushed her up against the shower wall, before he started to fuck her slowly.

“FUCK me, Gary. FUCK me HARD.” Said Ruby.

Grunting in pleasure, Gary started to do just that. Ruby had to let go of his neck and support herself on the shower door due to Gary’s pounding.


As Ruby neared another orgasm, she begged Gary.


Gary re-doubled his efforts to push Ruby over the edge, and managed to start rubbing Ruby’s engorged clit.


There was no need to announce it, Gary could feel the quivering, shaking intense orgasm through his cock, and the best was still to come.

Turning the shower off, Gary looked into the eyes of his petite wife impaled on his cock.

“On your knees.”

He lifted her off, and Ruby immediately knelt her head level with Gary’s balls. Taking his cock, she licked her lips, and then gently kissed the tip, before tonguing the length of his cock to his balls. Looking straight into Gary’s eyes, she took his cock in her left hand, aiming it at her mouth, and making it look easy, took him balls deep with a slight gag.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” uttered Gary though gritted teeth, his wife’s tongue lashing against his balls.

Gagging again, Ruby withdrew the cock from her mouth, took a breath and plunged down to the hilt again, resulting in a moan of pleasure from Gary. Gary, reached forward and with both hands on the back of Ruby’s head proceeded to slow fuck her mouth, making her gag whenever he hit full depth.

Ruby reached up to his balls, and played with them, again the moan of pleasure revealed that Gary approved. Coincidentally, his speed of fucking had also increased.


“MMMFFGGGF. FNNFGGGG” was all Ruby could respond.

Gary pulled out an pumped his cock furiously, Ruby responding by opening her mouth wide, her tongue out hungrily.


Gary’s aim was good, but still one spurt of thick come landed on Ruby’s cheek, the rest she either collected or sucked greedily from his cock. Leaning back, she scraped the stray shot from her cheek, and sucked it off her finger, then opening her mouth to show Gary his come, she waited.

“Swallow it Ruby.”

Ruby, locked eyes with Gary gulped, then showed Gary her empty mouth.

“Fuck, Ruby. You look sexy as hell when you do that.”

With that, Gary bent and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Ruby, stood and kissed him in the cheek before slipping into the shower, aware that Gary was watching her intently. Ruby made a show of lathering her ample curves, as Gary stood transfixed watching her every move. Smiling wickedly, Ruby turned and bent over for the bottle of shampoo, even over the shower, she could hear Gary’s moan of delight at her flashing her bare pussy to him through the glass shower door. Revelling in the attention, she applied shampoo to her long hair, ensuring that the shampoo reached the tip of her hair. Whilst it did its work, she made sure that all of her curves were rinsed and clean. Glancing occasionally at her dumbstruck husband, she bit her lower lip, as she started to play with herself slowly. With one hand pinching a nipple, she slipped a finger into her lips, her mouth opening slightly in pleasure. Moving up to rub her clit, she gasped in pleasure at her own touch, closing her eyes and savouring the warm shower, and the attention she was giving to herself.

Her eyes flashed open as she realised that her other nipple was being manhandled, and Gary’s fingers were rubbing her slit. She turned to see her husband standing behind her, his hands giving her extra attention. Gary kissed her neck, as he slipped two fingers into her tight, wet pussy, Ruby couldn’t help but moan and put one hand against the shower wall for balance. Still playing with her swollen clit, Ruby lost herself in the moment of pleasure, moaning loudly.

“You like that do you, Ruby?”

Gary’s redundant question simply resulted in him adding his thumb to her fingers playing with her clit.


Ruby could elvankent escort bayan feel the tension building in her legs, as she neared orgasm, every nipple tweak and clit rub bringing her closer and closer. Her legs quivering, her moaning got louder and louder.

“Ohh Yes!”

Ruby had to use a second hand on the shower wall to steady herself as her legs started shaking, leaning against Gary for support, she was thankful that he had let go of her erect nipple and was now rubbing her clit mercilessly with one hand as his other hand was plunging two fingers into her greedy pussy.

Her shaking legs, then went tense as the powerful orgasm hit. Shaking, moaning wordlessly as she bucked in Gary’s arms in divine pleasure, as he continued to rub her clit without mercy. Ruby had to push his hands away eventually, her over-sensitive clit unable to bear the touch.

Breathless, Ruby held herself up against the shower wall only for Gary to kiss her gently on the cheek, and depart the shower with a wicked grin on his face.

By the time Ruby had managed to extract herself from the shower and towel herself dry, Gary had managed to dress and was watching the news as she walked in, a towel tightly wrapped around her, he wet hair draped over her shoulder. Gary’s attention barely wavered from the TV as they discussed the minutiae of the latest sports results. Ruby dressed in her bikini and threw a large linen shirt over the top, then grabbing Gary by the wrist, they departed for breakfast.

Ruby felt as if all eyes were on her as they walked into the hotel’s restaurant. The linen shirt barely covered her backside, and from behind she was sure that the neon pink bikini bottoms would be plainly visible. The waiter that led them to the table and pulled out Ruby’s seat left with a smile on his face, bringing an extra flush of crimson to her cheeks.

Ruby and Gary devoured their breakfast, suddenly aware that after the vigorous exercise they were hungry for calories. Various couples that they had met the day before stopped by to say hello, one even commenting in hushed tones, ‘Oh my god did you hear that couple having sex last night? They must have been right next to your room.’ Ruby could only blush and admit that yes, she had heard them and that she’d also heard the applause. This caused both couples to laugh loudly.

By the time that Gary and Ruby had reached their loungers by the pool, the day was perfect for sitting and soaking up the sun. Ruby took off the linen shirt, applied lotion and eased back onto the lounger to soak up the sun. Around the pool, it seemed as if everyone had the same idea, with drinks being ferried to various tables by the pleasant and efficient waiting staff.

It was after lunch before Ruby could put her finger on what was odd. Her boss and his wife were not at the pool, given that this resort was guaranteed nearly all year sunshine, ‘why would anyone come to the hotel and not sunbathe by the pool with waiter service?’ She thought to herself. These thoughts were quickly forgotten as she rolled over and demanded her husband rub lotion into her back.

The afternoon passed in a haze of soaking up the sun, drinks and the occasional dip in the pool to cool off. Again, Ruby felt all eyes were on her every time she left the pool, and sauntered back to her lounger. One of the couples that they had met and befriended the other day stopped by and suggested that they should all dine together that night, to which Gary and Ruby accepted happily.

Dressed in a low cut blouse and tiny black skirt and heels, Ruby looked in the mirror and thought she looked like a million dollars. Her husband, watching with a smile on his face, stood waiting in his best white linen shirt, blue chinos and deck shoes.

“Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

Ruby nodded, checked her backside out in the mirror one last time, before leaving their room for the restaurant.

Meeting the other couple at the table, Ruby felt a little over-dressed. The other couple were in jeans and shirts, but Ruby loved the compliments from both halves of the couple about her outfit. There was sparkling wine in the cooler on the table and no time at all was spent cracking it open and filling glasses.

The meal passed swirly, with good conversation and plenty of wine all round. At the end of the meal, the two guys split the bill, and getting to their feet, Ruby realised how tipsy she actually felt. However, the two husbands, who, had hogged the drink all night, were roaring drunk. Ruby’s first thought was disappointment about not getting sex that evening. The tiny thong she had worn had rubbed deliciously against her lips every time she’d crossed her legs. The feeling had made her nipples stand erect, rubbing against the material of her blouse and attracting attention from both their dinner companions that night.

“Well Ruby, looks like we are both in for a quiet night tonight.” With that Diedre put her husband’s arm over her shoulder and helped him away from the table.

Before she knew it, Gary had copied Bill’s position and draped an arm over Ruby’s shoulder as they left the restaurant. After a long goodbye at the lifts, Ruby and Gary had entered the lift risen the three flights to their floor and got out. Gary made it all the way to the bed before he climbed into it and promptly fell asleep.



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