Fucked and Used by a Group…. and She Loves it!’What are you having miss sxcy’? ‘Sorry, what?’, you reply. Your friend looks up towards the door and sees exactly what you’ve been looking at, two cute guys handcuffed together, both wearing smart trousers and shirts but with rugby kits over the top of them, and a set of unmatching girls lingerie on top of that. ‘What are you like?’ sighs your friend, ‘Vodka and Coke?’ You nod, barely taking your eyes off the two blokes and your friend moves to the bar. You watch the two guys, half wishing they’d come and talk to you and half confused. You look around the quiet bar, just one old couple in the corner and now your new objects of interest too. Are they from a rugby club or a stag do? Why are there only two of them? What on earth are they doing marching into a quiet local pub just half an hour before it closes? The guy on the left, slightly shorter but stockier reaches into his pocket and pulls out a mobile phone. He pressed a few buttons then starts talking loudly into the phone, “Hi mate, mate, mate can you hear me, we’ve been thrown out, yeah mate we’ve been thrown out. Nothing really the bouncer was just being a dick. Listen mate we jumped in a cab and just went to the Lion. Yeah mate are you going to join us. No mate we were just going to have a few drinks here before we decide where to go next. Where’s Steve and all them lot? Ok mate, yeah there’s two, see you soon.” Well that answers some of my questions you think to yourself as you settle back down to your drink. You chat to your friend once more but your mind is beginning to fill with thoughts of how much fun those two guys could be, how they could handcuff you instead of being handcuffed to each other, how they could use the lingerie they had obviously just taken from a stranger and gag you with it, how they could take turns to satisfy you. You hear the door swing open and the noise in the bar increases massively, five more guys hurry in, all hugging the guy handcuffed on the left who you now have deduced is the stag. Some of them carrying rugby balls which they throw at the handcuffed pair in a friendly but forceful way. You look around the bar, there’s now 12 guys, you tingle at the thought of what could happen, biting your lip gently, your legs pressed together, your skin beginning to feel alive with excitement but you can’t, your boyfriend is at home, he wouldn’t approve, you have an open relationship but you promised to be good. Then you hear a taxi pull up outside and another batch of hunky guys step out, then another taxi and still more, the bar fills and fills and the more guys that arrive the more you realize that you can’t resist, you feel yourself reluctantly giving in piece by piece. Every time a new guy arrives and every time one of them looks at you you feel a buzz of excitement, you know what you’re going to do and by now you’re pretty sure your friend has an idea too. The bar is now full of lads, some sitting on the pool table, some on tables chairs and stools, many standing, a constant flow of guys at the bar buying rounds 30 beers at a time, then a few minutes later another 30. The pub now awash with empty glasses. The guys sing some rugby songs, getting louder and louder, laughing and joking as they do. The old couple slip quietly from the bar and your friend stands to leave too, “I think I’ll leave you to this one” whispers your friend to you as she stands to leave. As she walks through the crowded bar the guys whistle and cheer, come back they shout, jeering her as she passes but respectful enough not to grab her. Then as the door closes behind her the guys attention turns to you. You look slowly around the room, making sure that you make eye contact with all 20 – 30 guys. You feel their eyes on your body, the a****listic lust, they want to savage you, use you, mercilessly ravage your quivering body, the stag being first then every one of them in turn, sharing you like a piece of meet until every one of them is done. “Ok guys drink up now”, the hot tense atmosphere is cut by the loud, authoritative voice of the landlord, obviously experienced in dealing with large groups of drunken lads. The landlord, himself a stocky tall looking man squeezes his way through, firmly but not aggressively placing a hand on any members of the stag party who are standing in his way. He pics up an impossibly tall looking stack of classes from the table then moves back to the bar. Most of the guys have now finished their drinks but a few remain, some of the guys trying without success to get one more drink at the bar. The guys who have finished begin to mill by the exit, discussing where to go next. You see your opportunity fading before your eyes, Then you see your chance. The landlord slips quietly from the bar and heads down a narrow corridor towards the toilets, you hastily follow him eager to see where it leads. He turns left through a door which reads staff only and you make out a set of steep steps leading down into the cellar as the door closes. You stand for a minute to compose yourself, your heart racing, your pussy dripping and your mind spinning. You reach into your bag and pull out some lipstick and a small bottle of perfume. You look into the small mirror, applying the lipstick and perfume before twirling and twisting your hair to perfection, although you know that very soon your hair will be anything but styled. You take a deep breath, open the door, ignoring the private sign and make your way down into the cellar. As you reach the bottom of the dimly lit steps the landlord turns to face you, obviously apprehensive but overwhelmingly masculine in his manner. “This is private”, he says boldly as he walks towards you. “I know”, you reply. “Who’s that”, he says, his voice a little softer now. “Just call me Miss Sxcy”, “I thought you were one of those guys”, he replies in a slightly worried voice, “have they done something to you? Are you ok?” By now the landlord is close enough to see you clearly and towers above you. You sit on the bottom step, your legs speed slightly so he can see your soaking panties which are barely covered by your short skirt. “I have a favor to ask”, you say seductively looking into his eyes. “What’s that?”, he asks. “I think the stag party would like a little lock in” in a smouldering voice bursa escort still looking up at your master. “No way, I could lose my license, besides what if it gets out of hand?” “Please”, you ask as you start to unbutton your top showing even more cleavage. “How about the two of us have a little lock in instead”, suggests the landlord. “It’s all or nothing, if I wanted to fuck one guy I’d be at home with my boyfriend”, with that you part your legs further, letting the four fingers of your left hand cup your pussy, opening and closing your palm to rub yourself up and down through your panties. You watch his eyes move down to your pussy, then you unbutton your top a little more so that your bra and cleavage are now fully on show, your top just d****d over your shoulders. “I can’t” he says once more but as he says it your eyes move to his groin, you see his swelling cock straining against his jeans and you know that he can’t resist you any longer. You look up into his eyes again, pulling your bra down over your breasts you bend your head to suck and lick your hard nipples, then as he watches you pull your panties aside and slide two fingers into your dripping hot pussy. “Please” you ask once more, you know he’s given in, his eyes now fixed on your pussy and nipples, his cock, which you can already tell is huge thrusting and straining in his jeans, his hands twitching, desperate to unbutton himself so he can offer his huge present to you. You move forward, he stands rooted to the spot unable to move, unable to resist as you start to unbutton him, unable to object as you take his massive cock in your hands. You pull his jeans and boxers to the floor, he moans out loud for the first time as you begin to wank his hard cock just inches from your face then he opens his mouth moaning uncontrollably as you take his dick deep in your mouth. You pull his long cock from your mouth and look up at him… “So do we have a deal”, “Yes” he moans. You sink your mouth back around him moving your head back and forth as you massage his balls. Normally you would be happy to savor such a huge cock, teasing it slowly and feeling it slide in and out of you but not now. You know what is waiting upstairs and they have already ordered taxis. You must finish before they leave. You grip his shaft hard once more, pounding it as you suck hard on his bulging head. You know he must be close, you’re expecting his load to fill your mouth at any moment but he keeps going, ramming your mouth, holding your head and fucking it hard. You carry on moving your head, taking him deeper and deeper into your throat, sucking harder and harder desperate to make him cum. You imagine how good it would feel to have this huge cock in your pussy, pounding you, you imagine how wet you would be and how many times you would cum before he did, you’re using all the tricks you know but still you can’t make him cum. Your boyfriend would have finished ages ago but not him. You grip his cock at the base, sucking hard you move your lips deep, quickly and evenly using your lips to wank his shaft and your tongue constantly licking his throbbing head. Then finally you see his face twitch, his shoulders drop back a little, he grips you even tighter, you keep working on his cock and you know he’s about to explode. Your mouth fills with his cum, load after load of his hot creamy excitement fills your mouth, you swallow hard taking all that he can offer, then you pull your mouth away, quivering, still imagining what that cock could have done to your pussy. “Stay there”, he orders. You obey. He gabs his cock twisting and squeezing it over you until his last drops of cum drip down and you feel it slowly run between your breasts. “Ok now here is the plan”, you tell him… you take up a position in the corridor, you can see half of the bar but no-one has noticed you. The landlord walks through the bar, to the exit of the pub. “We’re nearly done”, says one of the stag do. The landlord just laughs as he bolts the main entrance to the pub. The men watch as he moves from window to window drawing the curtains, a look of confusion on their faces. The barman then approaches a small group of around three or four of the party stood in one corner and quietly gives them instructions. The rest of the party look on in confusion as more sets of handcuffs appear and the men approach the groom and best man, they usher the pair to some chairs which are a few feet in front of the pool table. Sitting the men down they cuff them to the chairs, by their ankles and the hands which are already chained together, leaving just one hand of each man free. You watch for a moment or two, excitedly wondering what will happen. Wondering if they will ravage you the way you imagined. Nervously you walk into the bar, unnoticed at first. Then as the men begin to see you they let out a loud cheer, all turning to watch as you walk through them. This time their hands a little less retrained, grabbing at your ass as you pass. You stand in front of the two men, looking at them, your pussy still dripping and your breasts moistened by the landlords cum which you have left to drip slowly down your body. You look at the pool table and seeing that is already a little well worn you look at the landlord for permission to sit on it, he gives a little nod and you perch yourself onto the table making sure that all the men can see. They push for position a little making sure that they can all see you and as you make yourself comfortable you open your legs letting them all see your wet silky panties. You can see that some of the guys are already getting turned on and you know you won’t have to hold back. You sit, your legs parted, unfastening your top and bra so your freshly cummed on breasts hang free for all to see. With that you notice one or two of the men reaching into their trousers, loosening themselves and starting to tug at their dicks. The excitement of seeing them play so soon turns you on even more, you reach down rubbing your fingers in little circles over your sopping panties as you start to suck two fingers of your right hand. You look around noticing that more and more of the men are now playing with themselves, some have now let their trousers fall to the floor and you can see their hands and cocks moving inside their boxers. Their cocks bursa escort bayan getting harder and harder as they watch you rubbing your panties, the best man now rubbing his cock too but the stag trying to resist. You look straight at the stag, his eyes fixed on your silky underwear. you watch him gulp as you pull your panties aside, take your wet fingers from your mouth and slide them deep into your pussy. You let your eyes close, your head fall back, listening to the guys all cheer and shout as you pleasure yourself, the noise of so many men almost deafening, your pussy dripping onto the table for all to see. You open your eyes once more and see the landlord watching you too, thinking back to the one on one performance you had just treated him to and thinking of how you were about to be shared. You look around the room; about 20 of the guys have their cocks out, most of them fully hard and starting to really pound themselves. You look back at the stag, still trying to resist but unable to take his eyes from your fingers as they slide in and out. You hop down off the table and approach the stag, you slide your fingers from your pussy then offer them to his mouth, he looks away then as his friends start to cheer he takes them in his mouth, his cock straining in his jeans as sucks hard. Next you walk through the crowd of men to the back of the bar; you pick a pool cue from behind the bar, and then move back to the table. Next you bend down in front of one of the men, he tries to pull your lips towards his cock but you pull away. You pick up the rugby ball that is lay at his feet then move back to the pool table, sitting yourself upon it once more. You slide off your dripping panties then move back to the stag, his mates cheer once more as you stuff them into his mouth. You step out of your skirt and sit back on the table, by now everyone except the landlord and stag have their cocks in their hands, you kneel on the edge of the table now fully naked. You arch your back raising your pussy to the excited crowd then push the thick end of the pool queue against your lips, your pussy resists a little at first then opens as the queue slides inside, you begin to slide it in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper. The men move closer, now surrounding you, their cocks straining, some of them kneeling on the table, standing over you, offering their cocks to your mouth but you resist. You grab one of the men by his shirt, and then you lie back on the table with your legs spread. you move your hand to his encouraging him to grip the pool queue. “Don’t touch me”, you order as he starts ramming the queue into you hard and deep, hurting just a little but feeling soo good. You look around, once more looking each of the men in the eye as one of them continues to satisfy your pussy with the queue. Sensing that some are close you summon your strength to talk, “Don’t you dare cum till I say you can”. They all listen, some loosening the grip on their hard shafts and straining not to excite themselves still further. You grip the hand of the man who is ramming you with the queue and pull it from your pussy, you slide off the table then turn to face it, you bend over it looking over your shoulder and look a slightly smaller but muscular man in the eye. You gesture for him to approach you, he moves closer, you lift the cue to his mouth letting him taste your juices then you bend over the table once more allowing him to slide the queue inside you. You thrust back against the queue as he slides it deep inside, your legs spread, your pussy dripping onto the stone floor uncontrollably. You start to moan, arching your back, reaching down to rub your clit as the hard wooden cue penetrates you. As your moans get louder and louder your assistant decides that you’re ready for some cock. He pulls the cue from you and rubs the tip of his hard but not overly impressive dick against your slit. You reach down, grabbing his shaft hard and pushing him away. “No, his is first”, you command as you look over your shoulder into the stags eyes. You move closer to him, he still sits handcuffed his jeans still on. You straddle over his chair and begin to finger your pussy just inches from his face, he looks up as you almost begging for mercy. “I can’t” he whispers almost trying to convince himself. You take your fingers from your pussy and wipe your juices on his cheeks before sliding your fingers back inside yourself. You offer them to his lips once more, forcing them into his mouth; he starts to suck them hard once more as you move your left hand to your pussy. You alternate each hand between his mouth and your slit, loving the feeling of him sucking hard on your fingers as you pleasure yourself. He begins to bite your fingers and you know that the final part of your plan has fallen into place. He has given in and now you will get what you want. What you have always wanted and fantasized about so often. Now it was finally going to happen…You move your fingers from his mouth and your pussy, then use both hands to spread your pussy wide. You press your slit to his lips, he looks up at you again in one last attempt to resist, then you press a little firmer and feel his lips part, his tongue moves inside you, licking expertly at your wet hole, his friends circling, his soft warm tongue feeling soothing after the hard wooden cue had been rammed into you. You thrust your hips, starting to ride his mouth, feeling hornier and hornier and knowing he is too. Looking around the room full of men, all watching you as he eats your pussy. His tongue feels so good but you can’t wait any longer, now you want his cock. You kneel in front of him, loosen his belt and pull his trousers and rugby shorts which are still on the outside down. Next you reach into his boxers, grabbing his large cock firmly then you pull his boxers to the floor. You straddle him once more lowering your body over his. “I can’t, I promised” he mutters. You look down at his huge throbbing cock, “I think you want to really”, you whisper into his ear. “No”, he strains. “Didn’t you like my pussy in your mouth”, you whisper seductively. “Yeah”, he replies as his voice quivers, “and wouldn’t you like my wet, hot, dripping, tight pussy to slide slowly over your huge fat cock, taking you deeper and deeper until you fill escort bursa me?” He clenches his teeth together taking a deep breath, he wants to refuse but you both know that he isn’t going to. His cock is ready to explode and he needs you now! You sit with your slit rubbing against the tip of his cock and press your nipples to his mouth, this time he doesn’t need a second invitation, he opens his mouth, sucking and licking your nipples, and breasts. As he licks at your cleavage you wink at the barman, knowing that the stag is unknowingly licking at his dried cum. Then as the stag takes your nipple in his teeth you ease yourself down onto his thick shaft, taking his huge cock deeper and deeper. The best man starts to grip your breasts as you ride the stag, the stag now rising out of his chair thrusting into you deep and hard, you grip around his neck riding his powerful body and you kiss his neck as he rams your pussy satisfyingly pounding you deep. “Fuck fuck fuck”, you cry as he twists his body, still chained to the chair but having you deep and hard. You look around; all of the men now waiting like a pack of a****ls, desperate to have their turn too. You reach down grabbing the best mans cock, wanking him as you ride the stag, his straining body tight against yours. Then you pull the best man around behind you, twisting your body and offering your ass to him. Then you move your head to your right, you open your mouth and let one of the waiting party fuck your mouth. All of your holes are filled, it feels so good, unable to move or resist you let the men use you, throwing you up and down as you land hard and deep on their dicks, struggling to keep the third mans cock in your mouth as they fuck you. The stag and best man both now have their one free hand each gripping your breasts hard. The Stags head falls back, then he leans forward, biting your shoulder and letting out a huge moan, “Fuuuuck” he shouts as he fills you with his cum. Your body now pressed hard and tight between the stag and best man who is now on the verge of cumming too. You press your ass back against him then feel him pull out moments before firing over your ass cheeks. You move your attention to the guy who’s dick your sucking, you start to take him deeper and unlike the landlord he can’t hold back and as he fires into your mouth you swallow it all. The rest of the men still stand around still wanking expectedly, as you instructed none of them have allowed themselves to cum. You ease yourself from the two dicks you’re sat on then stand in front of the excited crowd. You hold your hand out, “Keys” you demand. One of the men kneels to the ground and pulls a set of keys from his trouser pocket and places them into your sweaty palm. You remove the handcuffs one by one that are restraining the groom and best man. You then kneel down as the group watches with interest. You fasten a handcuff to each of your ankles and wrists, one part of the restraint on each limb and the other loosely trailing. You drop the keys on the floor then walk forward, pushing yourself into the men. They quickly get the idea and within seconds you’re being pulled by the cuffs to the other side of the pub. They stretch you over a table leaning forward over it. Your legs spread and pussy open. You overhand the table at both ends, your wrists cuffed to two legs with your head hanging off the edge and your ass and pussy on offer at the other end with your ankles chained closer to the floor. Now the men circle round you. Now there is nothing you can do. You’re going to get fucked. Whether you change your mind or not they are going to gang fuck you. The fit ones, the cute ones, the ugly ones, big cocks, fat cocks, small cocks, you’re going to get fucked by them all. Two men jump straight in spit roasting you like a whore. The tame pleasing sex you had with the stag is now a distant memory as the gang fucks you hard, like a pack of a****ls desperate to cum in you and over you, fucking you hard till they explode, two, three, four at a time, two in your mouth then two in your pussy, brutally stretching you, forcing you to fuck a rugby ball taking it so deep it hurts in your pussy and ass. Savagely abusing your holes, your face dripping with cum, unable to wipe the loads from yourself as the next guy takes his turn. your ass and pussy stretched beyond their limits, you beg them to stop, to take it easier on you, but this is your fantasy, you have dreamed of it and it is too late, you’re fastened securely to the table, you can’t move and each man is a little hornier than the last. They’ve watched what each of their friends have done to you and they want to go one better. your body lies helpless as they fuck you raw, rough and hard, all pounding you till they cum.Then finally there is just one man left, his body over yours pressing you into the table, kissing your neck slowly screwing you deep, kissing your neck and biting your shoulders till you feel him cum too. You take a deep breath, your heart pounding, legs shaking, body, face and hair covered with cum. you breath deeply, blowing hard, trembling but satisfied. You lie over the table, shackled, you watch as the men move around the bar, finding the clothes they have discarded along the way then you look back to where you dropped the keys. They’ve gone. “Looking for these” asks the landlord. “You know, you’re a very cunning little slut, I could have lost my license for this”. “And I promised to be good”, comes another voice as you turn to see the stag. “But you fucking wouldn’t listen to that you bitch”. “You knew we’d give in didn’t you” says the barman as he unfastens his trousers once more. “You knew that you’d make our cocks hard and we’d fuck you”. “Except I only got to fuck your mouth and now I want your pussy”, continued the barman. “I can’t take any more” you whimper, I told my boyfriend I’d be back by midnight”. “Too late you little slut”, the stag slides his dick into your mouth, his huge cock stretching your lips, “I fucked you nice once but now I’m going to fuck you like my friends did”. The landlord and Stag both move round behind you, as they force their huge cocks into you you give in, allowing them to fuck you as they had given in to you. You hang your head down over the table, your mouth open wincing as they ease deeper into you. They start to slowly thrust inside your pussy and ass and as you begin to push back against them you know, that if the landlord’s earlier performance was anything to go by you were going to get fucked very hard indeed…..



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