Fucked 2 – The Great Rock N Roll OrgeFucked 2 – The Great Rock N Roll Orgy [part 2 of 2]By: Jo Jo (joanne.erotic@gmail.com)Fucked 2 – The Greatest Rock N Roll ORGY of all Time Well… bestest one I have ever been to anyway. This follows on from Fucked, and concerns the party that followed thedissolution of that band. It was held in a very impressive apartment overlooking the canal systemin the centre of Birmingham. It was above some sort of gym/spa and took up the entire floor. The band, as I mentioned before , was Mike , Paul, Niecey , Julie, Rayand of course Derek. Also at the bash, 4 or 5 teenage girls, I don’t know who they were, Iguess groupies in the literal sense, and some of the management company of the band, who had supplied copious amounts of free booze again, and other items the credit card company won’t allow me to mention, but where credit cards are used, if you get my meaning, also LYN, who writes on this site as Lyn, but whom I hardly knew at the time, with her friend Nuala, who has the biggest tits I have ever seen. There were two lads – twins – they looked like the (old) singer out ofJourney, both of them did, but they were about 5 feet four, both of them, but they were gorgeous. Both of them. I went with Elaine, who was my IN, I don’t think Derek would haveinvited me, despite the session at his house, as he kind of liked to keep his work life and his other life separate. The party started quietly enough with a bit of an acoustic gig by theband, it was very good, eveybody did solo spots, they were very talented. The teens were gushing their gussets at Mike’s piece, some old jazz tune. Julie did this song on keyboards, it was like Kate Bush – very verygood. She was the shyest of everyone there, I think, but Elaine said Julie had a VERY POWERFUL sex drive, if you just added alcohol. I was shocked and amazed to see the Journey brothers approach her afterher song, and the three of them left the lounge for the bedrooms. I thought GOD, I fancy a bit of that when she’s finished with them. I told Elaine, she laughed, she thought that when Julie had finished with them they’d be good for nothing, if the rumours were true ! While everyone was watching Paul do his solo, I sneaked off to see whatJulie was up to, If i could sneak a peek, or even a listen. There were probably six bedrooms in this apartment, and the one at theend of the corridor was lit , and I was suprised and delighted to see the door had been left ajar. I took my shoes off to approach quietly, and was pleased to hear the noises of sex taking place – ALREADY! I figured If I stood in the dark I would be able to see them and theynot see me. In theory. As I stood in a dark area I had a grandstand view. Julie was on all fours on the bed. She was small and with clothes on looked almost dumpy, but I could see what the lads saw in her, because in addition to her very pretty face, she had a very shapely, full figured bottom. This was well displayed, along with her stocking tops, and her hairy pussy, glimpsed betwen her shapely thighs. Her knickers, which were quite BIG ones, like French knickers stype of thing , had been pulled down to knee level. Her pussy was gaping slightly and the lips swollen and pouting, not least because Steve # 1 had his tongue up there, from behind. At Julie’s front end, meanwhile, Steve #2 had his skinny jeans round his skinny ankles, and his non-skinny cock in Julie’s mouth where she was giving it a really good lick and a gobble. I was almost sliding down the wall I was so turned on. I saw Steve #1pulling a condom on then, and he climbed up onto the bed, and well.. climbed up Julie. His cute little bum started moving , pushing his big cock in and out. I say big cock, they were little guys, if they’d been six foot, then they would have had foot-long cocks , I swear. To scale they were big cocks. Julie was moaning, reaching back underneath herself to caress the baseof his cock, and his balls. Steve #2 was gently fucking her mouth. I know many women will feel this kind of thing is degrading, and when I say that I mean in reality, not the fantasy of it, but Julie was loving the attention, and I mean LOVING it. I was tempted to have a wank, but I figured I’d come too quickly so Icontented myself with playing with my tits. Besides which I was wearing skin tight leather trousers which would have made too much noise to get open. Creaky trousers. My nips were killing me anyway,they were like rocks. They hurt .. BAD. I’d got this crossover top on, and a wonderbra, which made my breasts look even bigger than they actually are. And they are pretty big anyway. I got hold of my nipples and I could feel my pussy creaming my leather trousers, already! One of the Steves seemed to look directly at me, as the tableau changedand the Steves swapped positions . the fucker getting sucked and the sucked getting fucked. I was very nearly coming so I dragged myself away and went off to find some action of my own. The live music had stopped and a DJ was playing some kind of trancystuff. Way up the corridor, just into the darkness were two people, which turned out to be Neicey, who had got a floor length dress on, very clingy, she’d got the most fabulous body, and she was SO beautiful, I heard she’d been a model at some stage. She looked a bit like Kelly Brook. She was bending over, and her dress was up round her waist. She’d got ablack thong on, and behind her , of all people was Ray the drummer, closely examining her arse. “Fookin GArjus” he was enthusing in his flat “black country” accent I just said “Hi” as I walked past . I didn’t want Ray grabbing hold ofme. I went back into the lounge, and things had warmed up a bit. Two of theteenage girls had got their tops off and were slow dancing, with each other. Another of the teenagers was on her knees, giving one of the managementa blow job whilst he watched the girls canoodle. Elaine was sitting on Paul’s lap, snogging with him. “Lucky cow” I thought I decided to see if I could pull Mike He was at the bar with Derek, both of them not taking the slightest bitof notice of the goings on around them, they were drinking Beck’s and swapping jokes. Lyn and Nuala were also at the bar. Lyn’s eyes were popping out of herhead. Nuala was looking a bit more like she might want to join in shortly. “It’s er… . a bit wild” I said to Lyn “GOD!” said Lyn “I think I need to leave, soon anyway. I’m notcomfortable with this” she admitted. Nuala said nothing. One of the management approached me, Barry someone, he must have beenfifty, and looked like a scrap dealer, but he fancied his chances. “Can I get you a drink, my dear?” he schmoozed I waved my bottle of Wkd, “Got one, but thanks” I said “Do you fancy finding somewhere … quieter?” he went on “Umm.. maybe later… I’m just … getting in the mood” I said I went back out to the bedroom-corridor. By this time Ray had yankedNeicey’s thong to one side, dropped his stonewash jeans and was giving her a right good seeing – to from behind. He hadn’t got the best looking body in the world, but it looked like he knew how to fuck! Good rhythm !! Better than his drumming. I bet he couldn’t believe his luck ! She was fabulous, but a righttart, by all accounts. She was married to someone, I think her second or third marriage, whilst having an affair with someone else, and whilst being unfaithful to her lover, with two or three other people. She was obviously NOT having a night off this evening , either. I was looking around for someone to have some fun with, some fun – sex,nothing serious. I really fancied having a go with Paul but Elaine had got in first, of course, she was still sitting on his lap, she’d got a denim jacket on and a little and crop top underneath, Paul – or Elaine – had pulled it up, and Paul was sucking on those beautiful nipples with the wide pale aureolae. I could see her bottom was squirming around on his lap, so she was either trying to come, or trying not to. I sidled up and wondered what to say. All I could come up with was “Hi, I’m Jo, do you fancy a threesome?” It’s not subtle, but luckily Paul did. Who knew? We made our way to bedroom 1, Ray and Neicey were still at it hammer andtongs in the corridor, she was almost screaming, and Ray must have been doing a VERY good job on her. She was a tremendously experienced lover, by all accounts. Elaine and I took a hand each and took our Paul to the bed, where wemercilessly stripped him. He’d got a big cock for such a slight man, but I guess it doesn’t work like that. He’d got a lean ripped body from hillwalking cycling and rock climbing. Elaine had got ALL her kit off within thirty seconds, and was slottinghis big cock in between her gorgeously pink and juicy, shaved pussy lips. She rode him as he grabbed her waist and moaned. The moan was outmoanedby a HUGE moan from up the corridor, evidently Julie’s fabled multiple orgasms had Kicked in. Outside in the corridor Neicey was coming, rather noisily as well. As Elaine bounced up and down on Paul’s lovely cock, Ray wandered in tosee what was going on, a condom still hanging from the end of his cock, fresh from the slot of Neicey Mann! bahis firmaları It wasn’t fully hard but it did appear to be enormous. “OrrrITe Laney?” He enquired ” got room up your bum for another one?” “No, I’m not doing that” she told him firmly looking over her shoulder “What about you, BAB?” he he said directly to me ” you don’t seem tobe doing anything at the moment. Do YOU fancy a shag?” “Oh er well I was just off to get a drink as it happens” Ray pulled the condom off and said quite firmly, but friendly “Have a drink from this ” he said, and proceeded to get it hard againby hand “Kneel down” he ordered I knelt, and reached out to take his cock into my mouth. It was huge. If you’ve ever seen Ben Dover, like that, that big and bulky. “OOOH” he moaned “How OLD are you, love?” I told him, I was 20 a the time, perhaps 19 “fucking HELL” he exclaimed “Take yer top off love” Alright, I thought and letting go of his big cock, I undid my top andthen took my bra off. “fucking HELL” he said again and reached down to fill his warm handswith my big tits. Squeezing my nipples mercilessly, He was getting my pussy really wet. I didn’t actually fancy him but he’d got a huge weapon and I was pretty sure he knew how to use it, as Neicey had let him fuck her. “Enough now” he said. I assume he was getting close to coming. Hestood me up and knelt down himself to undo my leather trousers. They were pretty Tight and he struggled to get them down and he pulled my G string down with it, so my hairy pussy Was all there for him inches from his face. He moved in to lick me holding my bottom as he did. His tongue was straight in the crack going straight to my clitoris. He knew what he was doing. I almost collapsed over him. “Fucking HELL you’ve got a lovely big juicy clit darlin” he spluttered as he , in twenty seconds flat, got me half way To orgasm “GERRon yer back, bab” he said “let Uncle Ray get this up there, darlin”he said “nice BIG cock sort you out, bab” He got me down on the floor, on my back, and fitted another condom asdeftly as you like, he hauled my legs right up in the air and wrapped them round his waist, and with that, pushed the big, wide end of his cock straight into my cunt, going straight in all the way to his big balls. “OOooooh” he enthused “Nice pussy… I like a bit of room!” “Cheeky fucker” I giggled, “If I GRIP I will make your fucking eyeswater” I warned him “Go on then” he smiled I gripped, pelvic floor muscles on max. I’ve always had a big pussy, inhonour of my ..capacity,my mates call me bucket gusset (I googled it, it’s part of a car) but I have always religiously done my exercises !! He started pumping his big cock into me I was looking down where ourbodies joined, the wide shaft buried in my hairy bush, the juicy pussy lips clinging to his big knob, as if not wanting to let go of it. “Is that alright for you, bab?” he enquired ” not hurting you am I? ” harder ” I moaned by way of reply “Certainly! ” he chuckled ” anything you say you love. How old are youagain?” “Eighteen” I lied. I think I was just 20 in reality, but I could seehow my youth was turning him on, and who could blame him? He was 41 ! He grabbed my legs and hoisted them over his shoulders Changing Theangle for some extremely deep penetration, and well.. ROUGH sex, basically. He was pulling it nearly all the way out and slamming it back in withthe emphasis on the in stroke. This became My standard requirements for being fucked to this day ….. providing the cock has got some girth, this will always make me come, and quickly. In this case this is what happened – very quickly very juicily and verynoisily. Even Paul and Elaine stopped what they were doing for a moment to watch. We must have been good entertainment because Paul came his load in Elaine with her gasping her way to a spectacular climax moments later. Come together right now over me. Ray’s face reddened visibly, and his rhythm began to go , he hurriedlywithdrew, whipping the condom off, I reasoned he either wanted my tits, my mouth or my face as a place to come. “Hold them together” he wheezed , and I bunched my full breaststogether, he pushed his huge cock in between them, and proceeded to fuck my cleavage until he came , firing massive amounts of hot sperm onto the underside of my chin. He collapsed onto me , breathing heavily, and sweating profusely. Ugghhh Elaine climbed off Paul and Ray climbed off me, we were done. Ray dumped his condom and wiped his groin on a pillow, then – starknaked – he walked back into the main room “Let’s go and see what’s going on in here, then” he said. I got dressed and followed. Elaine pulled her dress on , but nothingelse, and Paul decided too to go naked. Most people were just standing around , but in the middle of the room,kneeling on the floor was Nuala, Lyn’s best friend. As I mentioned she has the world’s biggest tits. Probably a 38 , and at least an F if not a G cup. She was STARK naked, and sucking off one of the managers. Big bum, small waist, very dark hairy pussy, lots and lots of peroxide blonde hair, she looked very sexy doing it. She was milking his balls. He was very good looking, and ripped, Italian looking guy. His head was back and his eyes closed, obviously enjoying having his cock sucked, and very expertly by the look of it. Nuala had a reputation for being a man eater. His body bucked as I watched from the bar with a glass of wine, and Igiggled rather at his facial expressions as she removed his cock from her mouth and vigorously wanked him off all over her tits. They were covered and glistening already, so he obviously had not been her first .. conquest of the evening. As he walked off, zipping up as he went, Nuala beckoned Mike over. Hewas wearing a big grin, but looked a bit unsure about getting his dick out in front of everyone. But he did, she opened his trousers, sucked him up hard, and within five minutes he too was spurting his load all over her huge tits. By now they looked as if they had been clear varnished. Lyn was watching , aghast at what her friend was doing. Derek was standing at the bar, still, and laughing at his best friendMike’s antics as he too decorated her massive knockers. Then she beckoned Derek over. Derek shook his head. Lyn was killingherself laughing. “Come on, don’t be a party pooper ” Lyn teased Derek “You haven’t done ANYTHING” he replied “Well …. I’m shy aren’t I?” she said quietly I went and took Derek’s hand, and led him over to Nuala, where shesiezed him and opened his belt and fly, pulling his cock out of his Calvins. He was already hard as he came out, I was expecting him not to be, as he seemed so reluctant. Her mouth engulfed his cock, which was quite a big one, with apronounced curve. And she sucked and she sucked and she licked and massaged and shesucked and she sucked and she licked and massaged and she deep throated and she sucked and she sucked and she licked and massaged and cupped the balls and worked the shaft, and she sucked and she sucked and she licked and massaged and .. nothing. He was not forthcoming. He looked like he was really struggling – not to stay hard – because asI say she was a really sexy voluptuous girl, and very good with her mouth, but despite Derek’s rep as being a bit of an exhibitionist, he was not comfortable with all these people watching. Julie and Neicey were back in the room and amongst the onlookers. I beckoned Lyn over. She wouldn’t come with me, so I went over andtook her hand and led her to where Derek was getting his blow job. As I stood next to him and watched she was giving deep throat. I kneltdown “Can I help?” I asked She shrugged and handed me his cock I took it in my mouth and fellated him, more gently and lovingly thanshe had been. I beckoned Lyn, and as I said I hardly knew her at the time, but I knewshe and Derek were close. She sidled over, and stood next to me, fanning herself with a napkin. “Oh Lord” she whispered, and knelt down beside me I handed the cock to her, where she gently wanked the shaft and lickedthe end Nuala’s hand was holding his balls, I reached behind and stroked his bumThere were electric shivers down his spine, then Neicey came over aswell, and joined in the stroking of his bum. I stood up and snogged Derek, sticking my tongue deep into his mouth,Nuala had his cock back in her mouth, with Lyn’s little hand still wanking the shaft, then. Neicey knelt down to also give it a suck. He began to tremble a little, then Neicey handed his cock back to Lyn, where she only got as far as dipping his cock into her mouth, before his body shook as he came, Lyn pulled the head back out of her mouth, a little dribble of come on her lips, before she pointed it at her best friends HUGE tits and pumped it out all over them, Neicey was milking his balls as Lyn wanked the shaft. Nuala just watched with a big grin on her face, as she rubbed the new load of come into her big breasts. “Oh GOD that’s BETTER” laughed Derek “I BET it is , bab” giggled Neicey “look at THAT lot!! It’s a wonder youcould walk” Lyn was still gently wanking the shaft over her friends boobs, she wassmiling wistfully, like she’d missed kaçak iddaa out on something. Thus far she’d done very little, and was still fully dressed. “Does anybody want to fuck me?” called Nuala, still massaging all thelayers of sperm into her massive tits. “Over here, Bab! Uncle RAY sort you out!” called Ray A moment or two later she was sucking Ray’s big cock, getting him hardagain, successfully, and a minute later she was on all fours in the middle of the room, with Ray spreading her buttocks and proceeding to shove his huge dick into her pussy from behind. I just heard him ask her if she took it up the arse, before I wanderedoff to see what else was going on. At almost exactly midnight there was a ring on the bell. one of themanagers opened the door wide, and admitted a large number of new guests, I think there were ten or twelve, an even number of men and women, all in their early to mid twenties and every last one of them ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, two of the men particularly were out of this world, and there were two blonde women who caught my eye as well. You will know if you have been reading me, that I dabble, very privatelyusually, with women sometimes. I passed the manager as he came back from the door, “Reinforcements” he explained to me and anyone else who was listening.”They’ve all been paid, and will do pretty much anything you want” “Can I have two? ” I asked him “GREEDY!!” he laughed “I guess so, don’t hog them all night” I walked up to one of the two I really fancied, who were at the bar. “Bring your beer, bring your friend there, with the Polo top, you’rewith me” I said confidently I wasn’t feeling quite so confident as I sounded. These two hunks dutifully followed me down the corridor to the firstfree bedroom. “Are you …. male prostitutes?” I asked “REALLY?” “We’re models” explained the blond one “We… er supplement our incomewherever we can” “So I get fucked by models, FOC. Cool” I giggled, and I stripped whilethey watched. They soon followed suit and they were RIPPED ! Lord what bodies theyhad, both of them, and BIG bulges from the hard ons in their designer pants. I indicated they should stand together and when they had I pulled downtheir pants, and cupped each set of (sturdy) balls. I took it in turns to suck their big cocks, that were very hard when I got them out. One was circumcised one not, which was a nice contrast. Blondie was theuncut and the smaller. I knew where I wanted that, if they were up for what I wanted. They each slipped their pants off and took their cocks off me. Theylaid me out on the bed, and the dark one spread my legs to eat my pussy, while the blond moved up the bed and fucked my face. They then met in the middle, devouring a tittie each, and I came – quite juicily – even at that early stage of the proceedings. They got me off the bed again and stood me up Blondie got behind me and dark in front of me, and they ate me inperfect harmony, and synch. Blondie tongueing my arse and dark lapping my juicy big clitoris, and I came again, soaking Dark’s lips and chin. Dark left and lay on the bed. “Get astride him” said Blond. I got. Blond had jsut finished fitting a condom to his long cock. I sat downonto his long shaft with a satisfied moan. Dark was behind me “Do you take it up the arse, love ?” he enquired I smiled over my shoulder at him , as I gently rode his friend “Yes…PLEASE.. I want it like that, both of you together, that’s what I wanted … my fantasy” “Oh thank you god” laughed Dark “Because you have THE MOST BEAUTIFULBOTTOM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, and I so wanted to make love to it” I liked the way he put that “Go on then” I grinned “slide it in. Be gentle .. at first” “Have you done this before?” he enquired “Once” I admitted ” and about ten thousand times in my fantasies” Ilaughed “I’ve had it up my bum plenty of times though. You’d be surprised how many men don’t want to er.. double up. I have been refused at least half a dozen times. “Wimps” said Blond, now will you stop CHATTING and FUCK?? “Yes SIR” I moaned, grinning widely “Order me about, I love it” “Reach behind you and pull Steve’s cock into your arse” ordered Blond.Not ANOTHER Steve. I pulled The sting seemed to feel stronger as it was self inflicted, kind of. He had an ideal cock for anal, not too big a knob ! He moved in sync with his friend, after a moment or two. The big blondone filling my cunt, as I stood up in the saddle, then my arse was filled with other slimmer one, built for comfort ! I’ve got a tight bum. “Don’t come in me, either of you” I warned “I want to suck you both offto finish” “Yes Ma’am” they chorussed I rode them as they rode me, and it was all too shortlived, on my part,ironically “OH GOD, OH GOD” I grunted “Are we hurting you?” asked Blond, concerned “NO” I gulped “CUMMING” and with that I lay on Blond, ignoring any nokissing rules, and with Dark still gently fucking my arse had the most ALMIGHTY multiple orgasm of my life. “JEs sus jes us JESUS” I screamed, there must have been enough noise atthe party to stop anyone hearing and thinking it was a cry for help It seemed to go on forever, another and another, my cunt clampingBlond’s cock in me, and Dark continuing to gently fuck my ring.. “Stop stop” I breathed “I want you to come now” I got them both to stand whilst I sat on the bed, “Closer” I said “closer” I’d taken the condoms off, and was pumpingthe hyper hard cocks, whilst licking each in turn. I had another fantasy I wanted to indulge, being double penetration ofmy MOUTH or as close as I could get. As a minimum I wanted to get the two cocks to touch, but I figuredthey’d run a mile. I pulled Blond up to my face , and sucked him, then pulled dark incloser for the same. Then I risked it. I pulled themn in so close they butted up against one another. “Hey.. bit.. er intimate” whispered Blond, but that was the onlyobjection from either, as I gobbled each. Both sets of balls were pulled up close to the owner’s body. Prettyready to shoot loads. The next base for me was to get them to come all over each other’scocks. Are you shocked? They were. I managed it too, they both came almost simultaneously and I managed tobend and angle each that they got a considerable amount of top quality thick white sperm over each other. A cock Is a hard target, so a good deal was up bellies and chests. I was immediately on my knees, sucking ball sacks, licking sperm offripped torsos, and tight chests. In a fenzy in fact, and when I finished I threw myself back onto the bed and wanked myself off furiously, urging them “WATCH ME” The three of us padded off, nude, in search of showers, and there was abig wetroom where we helped each other get clean, as it were. I was assisted with soapy fingers up my bum. I resisted any further sex with the boys as I’d had my fill of them andthey would be needed elsewhere, and I wanted a cold glass of wine and a rest for five minutes. We went back to the room, and the lads dressed. I didn’t bother, Istuffed everything in my bag and walked naked back into the party. About half the people in there were naked to be fair, and in the middleof it all was Nuala still riding Uncle Ray’s enormous cock, her huge tits flying everywhere, spraying second hand sperm at passers by. A black guy had joined the party since I’d been gone, and he is nowquite famous, so I will not name and perhaps shame him, but he’s very tall and has recently had movie and TV successes both sides of the pond. He was a DJ at the time, apparently. Julie had approached him at the bar, and I actually think he was thereAS a DJ , not as a stud. He evidently made an exception for Jools as they trotted off to a room together, only to return having found them all in use. Julie invited him to get down on the floor with her, and by the time I’dbeen served at the bar, the Dj’s muscular bottom was bobbing up and down between the statuesque stocking thighs of Jools. Her head was thrown back and her mouth open in evident bliss. “Cor!” said Lyn to me, catching my eye at the bar “after you Julie” shegiggled “I saw him first” I said “share” she said quietly I nodded “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jools was coming, her legandary multiples andmaking a lot of noise about it. The DJ kissed her gently and pulled out, still erect and condommed andhe’d not come. It was FUCKING HUGE Lyn and I looked at each other We strode over “Scuse me Jools” I said , and to the DJ “With us, now” We found a room , a conference room rather than a bedroom containing aleather chair and some audiovisual equipment. I got DJ in the chair and got on my knees to suck his enormous cock. Iwas beginning to get lockjaw from all the blow jobs i’d given ! Lyn was messing with the audiovisual kit and had trained a camera on DJand I , and was throwing the image up onto a screen, where it was projected about 5 foot by 3. I could see drops of my saliva on his ball – hairs, it was that good. Behind me Lyn was stripping off, I could hear the rustle of herstockings When I looked round she was naked apart from them (hold ups) and veryhigh heels She’d got the most gorgeous body, slim and leggy, with small tits whichhad the most superbly kaçak bahis erect nipples, and a nice neat little bush which just hinted at the juicy – but – neat pussy lips beneath. And I thought “Fucking hell, I wouldn’t mind her myself” but she onlyhad eyes for our DJ “Can I ?” she asked me “Be my guest” I smiled she must have been mentally moistening herself as she climbed straightonto his lap, and once he’d dipped a finger up her, he pulled a condom on , and sat her on it. It was like a huge tower of cock disappearing slowly into the tightestlittle cunt you could imagine. There was a lot of gasping from both parties, but particularly Lyn whowas struggling to accomodate his girth in such a snug little cunt hole. I trained the camera on the insertion, blowing it up on the screen inperfect technicolour. “LOOK!” I said , delighted They looked and watched themselves fuck in close up detail in the highdef of it’s day. There was no filming or recording, straIght from lens to screen. Lyn’s pink pussy lips were leaking juice down the lengthy shaft of DJ’scock He was spreading her buttocks to have a look, on the screen, at herarse. I could see why, she had a very attractive bottom to say the least, and if I was someone with a penis, then I would have been considering slipping it in there as well. I don’t know if slipping is the right word, LOL. Her pert little tits were in his face, and he was sucking on them,making the nipples evern harder, if that were possible. She had her eyes closed in extasy as he pulled her upwards and pushedher firmly down onto his cock, which was unbelievably wide at the base. OUch! He motioned to me to come and take the other nipple. He was feasting onthe one, the other was vacant. I moved behind the leather chair, and leaned in took the bullet – hardnipple into my mouth. she realised instantly what was going on. She opened her eyes and looked down at me “Dirty bitch” she cooed, stroking my hair “CumMMing” she groaned and moved more swiftly up and down on him. Shealmost ground to a halt as her muscles evidently clamped on. He grabbed her arse and forced her to continue moving on him. She collapsed onto him and me, her nip still in my mouth ! “oh” she gasped “Beautiful” “Do you want to climb off” asked the DJ in his dark voice, which was, Ithink the first time I’d heard him speak. Lyn climbed wearily off him, her legs turned to jelly “Do you want to come and sit here, Jo?” he invited, smiling broadly I went I sat. I was still naked, as I mentioned I put my legs over the arms of the chair, and put my fingers between mylegs to theatrically open my pussy up for him DJ pulled the condom off and put a fresh one on. He knelt between mythighs, and his immensely strong arms lifted my legs up and apart, and he didn’t even use his hands to guide his great black beauty into my gaping hole. He fucked me vigorously, not pacing himself. His breathing grew raspyalmost immediately, I could see his balls had contracted in, denoting he was on his was to shooting his load. He leaned in to suck my tit. My nipples had gotten huge and painfullyhard. He was beckoning Lyn in as well, and in a second she was suckling on theother one, whilst caressing my arsehole. “Dirty bitch” I laughed She moved her hand to cradle his balls, and then moved behind him to getto work on DJ’s bottom. I don’t know what she was doing but he liked it, he got even bigger, and even harder, threatening to burst the condom ! “OOFFF” he goraned, and I just managed to grab my orgasm, fingeringmyself and my tits, as he pumped his load into the condom. He withdrew his cock and Lyn removed the condom, she guided and wankedhis cock all over my tits. I rubbed it all in. “GOD THAT’S BETTER” he laughed “Mmmmmm” I grinned still fingering myself and the two of them watchedclosely as I wanked myself to another orgasm. “I can’t stop now” I whined “Let’s go and rejoin the party” suggested DJ The three of us walked NAKED back into the room. Derek’s jaw was on the floor when he saw the three of us, and Lynpublicly naked. Most unheard of for her. I’d been publicly naked many a time at Uni, for same-room sex, orstreaking, or generally messing about in the fountains. Derek came up to Lyn and said someting in her ear. Her eyes widened. She kind of looked at the scene, I reasoned he’d asked her to fuck with him in the middle of the room. She and he went to the bar. I followed and grabbed a huge glass of wine which I necked almost inone. Lyn was gulping a large G&T it looked like. Derek had a bottle of strongbeer. Paul sidled up to me. He’d only got his pants on (US: Shorts) and he’dgot a hard on. Niecey appeared the other side, glamorously lingeried. “I don’t DO women” she told me, “but CHRIST I could turn for you” shecackled and broke into a tobacco tinged cough. Paul was stroking my arse. I turned to kiss him, and cupped the outlineof his cock in his Calvins. Niecey was cupping my big breasts from behind, and breathing extremelyheavily. “Shall we find somewhere a little more private?” Cooed Paul in hisbest James Bond smoothie voice As I turned to go with them, I was more than a little shocked to seeDerek stark naked on his back in the middle of the room, with a very impressive erection. Lyn was just climbing on to it. Her face was deepest scarlet, I have never seen anyone blush so much in my life. “I want to watch this ” I told them “Okay” they both agreed. I dropped to my knees, and maintained a goodview of Derek and Lyn fucking, whilst pulling Paul’s shorts down, and slurping his cock into my mouth. Neicey dropped to her knees also, and we alternated sucking his cock andballs between us. He smiled serenely as he got his double blow job, whilst watching hisfriends fuck so beautifully. Sadly we never got as far as our private threeway liason because Paulcame his load all over Niecey’s pristine black underwear. Well.. who could blame him with his wordly mistress and a nakedteenager giving him a double gobble ? Now that was pretty much all I saw and did, well not quite. Uncle Ray was giving Elaine a right good fucking on the sofa. He wassat with her on his lap back to him, riding up and down on his fucking massive knob. Julie was sat on a bar stool, fully dressed but with her french knickerson the floor, and an absolutely stunning guy with long black hair, he looked like a native American, he was standing between her thighs and fucking her. He had the MOsT gorgeous little arse. Not QUITE all though I made enquiries if I could stay the night, it transpires there wereother bedrooms elsewhere in the suite, away from the party. I went and found my clothes and with a huge glass of wine, headed off toturn in. In twenty minutes I had drained my wine and was asleep, on my sidefacing tha wall , having clicked the door lock. A little later I was dimly aware of the door opening however, and beingre locked, a master key I reasoned, and therefore the owner, Barry the wide boy, or one of his cronies. I did not fancy this. The duvet lifted and someone softly slid into bed, smelling of Chanel.Perhaps not Barry then. I feigned sleep. A soft nude body spooned mine, hard little nipples against my back, amoist bush against my bum. A line of butterfly-wing kisses landed across my shoulders. I shiveredin appreciation. A little bite followed. “Mmmm” I moaned , despite myself “I needed to make love to you” whispered Lyn in my ear. “PLEASE! Even ifyou don’t do this sort of thing, lie back and think of England” I rolled slowly onto my back “Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it” she whispered “I HAVE tried it” I admitted “And a lot” (I explained boarding school)My mouth opened as wide as it would go as her lips found mine. I gaspedand she gasped and we ate each others faces off. “CHRIST” she sobbed, panting “Indeed” I chuckled “How was Derek?” “He lasts ages when he’s nervous” she sniggered “I could have died, butwe did it in front of everybody as well. I got a round of applause when I sucked him off” “Atta girl” I said. “Now chuck the duvet and spread your legs” She chucked , she spread I had my tongue up her wet cunt in a second, She was soaking, brimming.Frothing. She smelt faintly of latex and strongly of cunt. “DJ wanted us to do this” announced Lyn , squeezing her little tits. “He didn’t did he? Whatever next?” I snickered “Whatever next?” NnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNNN she moaned, really torturing her little nipplesnow, and one hand in my hair, twisting it. She ground her little bush against my mouth, I spat a pube, howromantic, and she duly came all over my face, most juicily, and as noisily as I do. She pulled me up for a messy cunt-juicy kiss. She grabbed my tits and ravaged them with her lips and teeth. “Sit on my face” she urged I sat Her tiny tongue wormed inside my open cunt, and then slipping into myarse. I brutally wanked my clit as she did my hole, and my arse, and within five minutes I had returned the compliment of her creaming my face. Once we’d Kissed and cuddled a bit we dropped off to sleep in eachother’s arms. Bless. When we go up in the morning there was a smattering of people about whohad stayed, and a huge breakfast buffet was in force. Derek seemed to have spent the night with two of the teenagers, and Raywas still at it, would you believe, he was shagging Julie on the sofa. I went home and slept for 18 hours. Lyn and I became regular lovers many years later. Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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