Alex Grey

Fuck Toy for Master and MistressKneeling before them I focus my attention on massaging their feet. As always I start with Master’s feet. I massage and rub his foot and toes. Sucking each toe in turn into my mouth. I end each foot, licking the sole. Making sure I lick hard and slow so not to tickle Master. I tend to Beth’s feet the same way massaging the tired from her, sucking her toes and licking her soles. In the end their feet nearly shine from my tender care.They both move to the bedroom and strip. Beth lays prone on the bed, her knees at the edge. Mark guides me between her knees and pushes my head to her ass. I need to more encouragement. Holding her cheeks apart, I put my lips to her rose-bud and start licking and suckling her earthy arse. While I lick her I feel Mark’s cock rubbing around my ass. Circling my cheeks. Trailing along the cleft of my ass. He presses his cock against my ass and rocks his hips into my as if I was giving him an ass-job. I roll my hips against him, his motion pushes me into Beth’s arse with bahis siteleri a rhythm she find stimulation.”Do it.” She husks. “Fuck that ass hard.”Mark needs no more encouragement. I hear Mark lubing up and then feel his now wet thickness pushing against my sphincter. I try to relax and prevent myself from barring his entry. My sphincter releases and Mark is suddenly plunging inside me. His force pushes me harder into Beth’s arse and for a moment I cannot breath. As Master pumps my ass, my tongue pumps Mistress’ arse. I feel like I am being pushed inside her. She begins to moan, her pleasure rising with the force of his thrusts.”Harder. Faster.” she says.Mark complies and starts humping my burning ass faster. My insides are hot and my cock painfully turgid as Mark fucks me into Beth’s arse. My cock pushes against the bed and I have to fight not to cum. Mark puts a hand on the back of my head and pushes me down into Beth. My nose delves into her cleft under her tail bone. Cut off from air, I struggle to continue licking canlı bahis Beth as Mark pummels my ass deep and hard. I feel his balls slapping against my perineum as I take him to the hilt.”Oh, Ah!” Beth’s moans mingle with Marks as he begin to groan his approval of my tight passage.Flashes of light begin to fill my vision. Mark pulls my hair back, lifting my face from Beth’s ass.”Don’t move it.” Beth pleads. “I’m so close, keep it there!”Mark instantly pushes my face back into Beth’s sweat slick ass. This time my nose presses against her nether passage. Mark pushes harder, and Beth ground herself back against my face. Marks pace in my ass actually increases and a moment later he stops, burred to the hilt in my ass I feel his cock throbbing and pulsing as it unloads. The walls of my passage hug and massage his cock, pulling his seed from him. Beth screams with pleasure as she too climaxes with my face ground into her crotch.Mark releases my head. I come up for air and even as I am panting in my breath, I am kissing Beth’s güvenilir bahis soft round ass.After a moment Mark pulls me back. “What a slut you are. You came while I was fucking you.” he pushed my head down to the floor. “Lick up your mess, then you can clean me off as well.”I obeyed, as I always do, and licked my own cum from the floor. I hadn’t even realized I had cum but he was right, this wasn’t just my pre-cum, I had unloaded. I licked some from the side of the bed also before turning to Master Mark.”May I clean your cock for you, Master?” I asked as I knelt before him.”That’s what your for, Bitch.” he replied.I gently slid the condom from his cock. Putting the open end in my mouth I closed my fingers around it and pushed his cum from it into my mouth. I swallowed Masters hot, salty cum then began licking his shaft. Marks erection returned as I was licking him clean and I indicated he was clean by taking his cock between my lips and sucking his nearly erect cock. Mark grew to a full erection in my mouth. When he was solid again, I was pushed away. I watched as Mark climbed on the bed above Beth and they made love with each other. I remained kneeling, head bowed to the floor, knowing that I would be cleaning them both when they were finished.



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