Last night I met a new guy. So fucking amazing, I don’t even know where to start. He started kissing me passionately the second he walked in the door. Rubbing my tits and caressing my ass, pulling me tight against him so I can feel his hard cock through his shorts rubbing against my pussy. I lead him to the bedroom, where he pushes me down on the bed, stripping off my shirt and bra, kissing me down my neck to bite and suck my nipples, rubbing his hard cock against my pussy. He pulls me up to straddle him, rubbing my ass and pussy through my short shorts. Finally, he pulls my shorts and panties off.

He starts licking, gently at first, just barely separating my pussy lips with his tongue, running it back and forth along my pussy lips, just touching my throbbing clit with his tongue. He flicks, sucks, and licks me to climax, sucking my clit between his teeth, finally working his fingers inside me. Again, gently, slowly, I love how he’s taking his time, thoroughly enjoying my moans as I arch my back and buck my hips, urging him on. He alternates between fingering me hard, really istanbul escort stroking my g-spot, and licking my clit. I start to climax again pulling his head down to suck my clit, and he’s rubbing my g-spot so hard, I start squirting and cumming so hard.

I push him down, rip off his shorts, and start sucking his cock. I go down and lick his taint and balls, liking how he shaved just for me. I’m taking him deep in my throat, harder and harder, loving the feel of his cock between my lips as he wraps his hands around my throat. He can’t take it anymore, urging me upward to push that cock into my pussy. I’m bouncing slowly up and down the length of his cock. He pushes me off as he starts to cum, and I lick it all up, savoring the taste. He pushes me over and begins to push his still-hard cock back into me, thrusting hard now, faster and faster. He rubs my clit, making me cum again, just as I feel his cock convulse and flood my pussy with another huge sticky load.

He lies on his side behind me, rubbing my pussy, feeling avcılar escort my wet, hot pussy covered in our mixed juices. He pushes his cock into me again, slowly, leisurely, both of us enjoying the feeling of the other. He starts rubbing my clit hard again, making me cum all over his cock. He rolls us over, bringing me up to doggy style to pound deep in my pussy. I rotate my hips, taking him further inside me.

He slips one finger inside with his cock, pressing back toward my ass. It feels so good. He slips another finger in, rotating them around to swirl them against my g-spot, still thrusting that cock into me. He pulls his cock out as he slips his last two fingers in. I’m loving the feel of his fingers against my g-spot, and as I thrust back against his hand he pushes it all the way inside me. Oh! He’s wrist deep, I’m rocking against his hand as he thrusts it harder, opening his hand inside me, stretching me out, rubbing against the walls of my pussy. I’m cumming so hard now, as he thrusts into me over and over, rubbing me so hard inside and out, rubbing şirinevler escort my clit with his other hand. I explode, and the orgasm goes on forever. I can tell he’s loving it, I hear him urging me on.

Finally, I collapse against the bed as he draws out of me. We lay together for a moment, then I mount his face to 69. I start sucking his swollen cock again as I ride his tongue. I move down to mount him, rolling my hips, grinding against him, rubbing his balls as he rubs my clit. I’m cumming all over him again. He rolls me over, rubbing my clit, harder, fingering me again, making me squirt again. He shoves his cock into my pussy, throws one of my legs up over his shoulder, he’s thrusting in so deep. He tells me he’s gonna cum in my pussy again, then he does. I cum again, shuddering hard.

We’re almost out of time. He pulls his clothes on, and I pull mine on. He starts kissing me again, pushing me down to the bed. He slips a finger under my thong, pushing into my wet pussy again as he kisses me over and over. He says “don’t move,” then stands next to the bed, pulls his cock out of his shorts, pulls my shorts and thong to one side and pushes his cock in me again. He fucks me this way for a few minutes, then he really has to leave. I’m thoroughly satisfied and exhausted, I’ve cum more times than I can count, certainly more times than ever before. I’m even wet again as I write this.



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