Frustrated Wives ClubI am a married woman. We recently moved to Boston when my husband, Edie got a better job offer. We bought a nice house just outskirts of the city. Our daughter Jenny started to go to school.We had to leave our little town in Midwest for the first time in our lives. It was very scary, but my parents gave us a letter to our distant relatives who live in the area, and the people we found were the greatest, making us feel at home, helping us settle in, amazed us with their house-warming parties.As you can guess, I was the dumb little country girl in the big city for the first time. I had never been exposed to all the sex and v******e and four-letter words in the “outside” world. Edie and I were about even in the sex department, and I didn’t believe people could do the things to each other that I have recently discovered they do.Edie and I had been married last seven years and we normally made love maybe two or three times a month, and, although I was unaware of this, I had never experienced an orgasm in all the years of my marriage. We had sex in the traditional, “missionary” position, and as soon as Edie reached his climax, he would get up and take a shower, and then we went to sleep cuddled together. To me, the sex felt good, but I thought that was all there was to it. We had never tried, or even discussed, oral sex or anything else for that matter.One afternoon, one of my neighbors, Jackie came to our house unexpectedly and invited me to women’s tea party at five o’clock. I was hesitant at first, to go out and wouldn’t be home when my daughter returned from school. After a long conversation, she finally convinced me that I shouldn’t have any worries, since we would be able to see the school bus where we would sit.I locked the door and we together walked to her house. My other neighbors Jill and Annie were there too. There were kisses on my cheek and a warm welcome. We sat in comfortable chairs in Jackie’s living room, me facing windows to catch the glimpse of the bus.”Well Cindy, tell us about yourself.” Annie started.”What can I say… I’m just a plain country girl, nearly in my 30, married for the last seven years. I have a daughter, she started school this year. My husband is a car salesman. We try to meet ends together.” I summarized my background in a few sentences.”Don’t be so modest, darling.” Jill remarked. “You are a beautiful woman and your husband is surely quite handsome. I wouldn’t mind a bit if he ever makes a pass on me.”I could feel myself blush from head to toe, Jackie tried to console me, telling me not to be intimidated by her friend’s loose tongue. We began to talk, and they asked me a lot of questions about my attitude towards sex, and even my experiences. I had never talked to anyone about sex, and I just opened up, for the first time in my life. After a long conversation, they finally convinced me that I had never really experienced sex to the fullest and knew nothing of its pleasures.They seemed friendly young housewives who were interested in the new neighbor who just moved in. Jackie was the youngest of the three. At 26, she was married to an engineer and without any c***d. Jill was the bitchy redhead, at her late twenties, married to a lawyer. She had no c***d neither. Annie was the outgoing brunette with a son, 8 years old, married to a banker. She was at 33. The only blond in the room, I got their comments about my hair color. They asked whether it had its natural color or I used a certain dye or a chemical to treat my long curly tresses.Finally school bus turned around the corner, I was at my feet. I quickly excused myself to go out to meet my daughter.From then on, I attended their customary 5 o’clock tea parties, finding their company most pleasant. Although the subject of the gossip always turned to sex. It became more and more acceptable for me to talk freely in these matters.Meanwhile our rate of sex diminished from two or three times a month to once a month, which left me quite frustrated.On a afternoon tea party, when I brought up the problem that I couldn’t get the enough attention in bed, they were all very sympathetic.”Welcome to the club.” Annie smiled.”What club?” With a puzzled look I asked.”Frustrated Wives Club.” Jackie explained.”We were all being denied sex by our husbands like you in the past.” Jill said.”In the past.” Jackie emphasized.”And now?””We organized.””We found ways.””What?””Our husbands should have already found some other women to fuck around.” Jill said.”We give them their own medicine.” Jackie retorted.”They deserve to be treated accordingly.” Annie added.”Our husbands aren’t the only men around.””We have taken our revenge.””What did you do?” I asked.”Annie has a lover, a graduate student at the university; Jill fucks the mailman; I go out with a carpenter who worked in our house last year. We meet at motels, and I get a good treatment from my lover every now and then.””Oh my god.” I was shocked to find my friends to be adulteresses.”But my dear, in order to join our club, you must prove yourself worthy. You should declare your independence, you should free yourself from the misery of the marriage you have sunk until now.””Boston Tea Party!””Or our 5 o’clock tea party, whatever. We can teach you ways to find yourself a man. You can get fucked as much as you like.””I can’t do it. I am a religious woman. Adultery is a sin.””Don’t be silly. To have a body like yours, and living without sex is the greatest sin.””Wouldn’t you consider to find yourself a lover?” Jill suggested innocently.”But I love my husband. I have a family, a daughter.””If your husband loved you, he would fuck you twice a day.” Jill continued. “I believe he fucks his girlfriend or secretary everyday.””Jill is right, If a healthy man doesn’t screw his lovely wife at home, most certainly he has some other pussy around to empty his load.” Annie joined.”I have certain responsibilities. I have to be a perfect wife to my husband, a loving mother to my daughter. My parents… what would they think when they found out their only daughter had become a… a slut.” I said.”No one would know.””Yeah, we have tactics.””Don’t underestimate our FWC.””Our husbands don’t know or doubt anything…””Or they don’t care…” Jill added.I was in a daze when I returned home. I helped Jenny with her homework, but my mind was elsewhere. Trying to collect my thoughts, I began to visualize what would happen if I had found a man for myself.At night, I put on a see-through negligee and nothing else when I slipped into bed, snuggled to my husband. But, as usual he seemed to be uninterested in sex, turned away from me and quickly went into sleep.On the following day, it was Annie’s turn to invite us to her house for the tea party. We ordered pizza from the local pizza shop.The doorbell rang. Pizza boy was at the door. Annie went to open the door, inviting the boy inside.”Is it what we ordered? House Special?” Annie asked.”Yes ma’am. How do you pay?””The usual way.” Annie giggled. She took his hand they together climbed the stairs.”What is going on?” I was quizzical.”She’s paying for it.” Jill laughed.”Why did she let him upstairs? Couldn’t she pay him here? If she hadn’t enough cash… here I have some change here. How much was the pizza?””Calm down, darling she doesn’t need money to pay for the pizza. She pays him by her body.””What?” I was amazed at how far my friends were in their promiscuity. But I was getting used to their crazy behavior and didn’t pursue the subject any longer.”Let’s begin to eat.” Jill suggested.”Oh yes. I’m starved.” Jackie joined.”I can take a small piece.” I caught a small part and put it on my plate. Jill poured the wonderful smelling English tea into our cups. We quietly ate the pizza that our friend was busy to pay for, upstairs.”Do you like it?” Jill asked me.”Yes it tastes nice.” I swallowed.”Its from that new pizza shop. Pizza Italiano… or something like that, two miles away on Beacon Street.” Jackie explained.”There must be something strange inside. An aphrodisiac maybe… I always get more horny when I eat this specialty.” Jill said.”It’s very nice though.” My mouth was full.He, the pizza boy was grinning when he returned from Annie’s bedroom. By sending us a lewd look he continued to the door and left. Annie was back in couple minutes after he’d gone. She was smiling.”Guess what? I finally got the secret of the House Special, from Jim. It took me sucking him twice but it was worth it.””Tell us what is the secret?””Come on Annie!””Let’s hear it.” Even I was curious.”Well. It seems Jim and his boss masturbate onto the pizza before putting it into the oven.””That certainly explains the great taste.” Jill seemed comfortable with the news.But I was paralyzed. I look at the last small piece left on my plate. I searched for words to make my complaint, but nothing came out. I felt my stomach contracted. I grabbed my cup of tea, and took a healthy drag. Excluding me they were laughing and seemed happy to go through with their food.I decided that they were too promiscuous for me to handle, I’d better decrease my involvement with them without looking rude. I prepared the dinner and began to wait for my daughter and my husband arrive. I planned to take my chances with Edie again that night. I would be more brave in bed.At 10:30 pm I put Jenny to bed, wishing her a nice sleep. Then I went to the bathroom, took a shower. I knew Edie was in the bed trying to sleep. But I wouldn’t let him. I dried myself in the bathroom, brushed canlı bahis my teeth. I was stark naked when I entered our bedroom. I approached the bed. My husband noticed my movement, without turning to look at me, he asked.”Would you turn out the light, darling?””No.” Was my unexpected answer.”What? What did you…” He turned to me. “What? Why?… Cindy?…” He swallowed.”I want to make love with lights on.” I declared.”What happened to you?” He was curious, looking at my nakedness. “What is wrong with you?””Nothing is wrong with me. I want you to fuck me.””Fuck? What are you talking about. You’ve never used that word before. Come here darling, let’s put something on you. You must be sick or nervous.” He quickly raised on bed trying to find something to cover my nakedness.””Stop it Edie! I want to get fucked. Now!””Hush darling. Jenny would hear you.””Fuck me Edie or I’ll open the window and shout. Everybody would hear me then.””Be sensible Cindy. I’m dead tired. I promise I’ll make love to you on Saturday. Put your nightie on and come to bed.””OK.” I hissed.We laid side by side on our marital bed. It’s really not all Edie’s fault I’m the way I am, but he’s mostly to blame. During those early first years of our marriage I was so shy I wouldn’t even undress in front of Edie, and we never made love with the lights on. I know it sounds funny, but since I turned 13 years old, men had been looking my pert breasts, and I was embarrassed and ashamed of them, as well as the rest of my body. I’m a long legged girl, with a hard belly, tight ass and overall good looks to go with my beautiful face, the kind of gal as Jill says is built for fucking.”What happened to me?” I thought. “I had become another frustrated housewife. Why wouldn’t I consider to find a relief outside my marriage?” I couldn’t sleep until early hours in the morning.One Friday, in late November I was alone at home. Lack of sex, for the last 45 days (Yes, I was counting), had already made me very frustrated and horny. I had to do something about it. Otherwise, I would go crazy. At last, I made up my mind. I picked up the phone and dialed a number. It was the number Annie gave me in case, I needed a quick solution when I couldn’t prepare a meal in time for dinner.”Hello, this Cindy Brown. Lake Road 4403. It’s an emergency. I’d like to order a medium size pizza.””Yes ma’am.””Make sure it is a House Special” I told into the phone.”Sure ma’am, it’ll be as you ordered.””I’d like you to send it with Jim.””Of course, ma’am.””When could he deliver it?””Half an hour. Bye.” Line went dead.I was already beyond the point of no return. I quickly ran upstairs to take off my dress and under garments. My pussy was soaking, and I was shaking with excitement and anticipation. I put on only a short cotton dress, barely covering my crotch, waiting for the door bell.After 30 minutes, pizza boy, Jim was at our door. When I opened the door, presumably he had known my intention, at his first glance to my outlook. I invited him inside and closed the door. I took the box from his hand and put it on the dining table, slowly turning to face him. He was directly looking to my naked legs.”How will you pay for it ma’am?” Jim asked sweetly.”How much was it?””Nine fifty without tip of course.” He was smiling.”It seems I don’t have enough money.” Searching inside my purse. “Is there any other way to settle my debt?””Sure ma’am. You can let me fuck you.” He was still smiling at me.Although, I could see two $ 50 bills in my purse, “OK Let’s do it.” I took his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom.I opened the covers, then took off my dress. I laid on my back on bed spread my legs, exposing shamelessly my pussy to Jim’s gaze. Soon after we started, Jim insisted on performing oral sex on me. I resisted at first, but finally gave in, and, within a few short minutes, I experienced the first orgasm of my life! From that second on, I couldn’t get enough of his sucking and fucking me. Jim explored into my velvety pink opening, noticing that the abundant nectar, within my sexual entrance, was very sweet tasting and slippery. I suddenly remembered my Mom used to tell me when I was little: “You are a girl, Cindy. You must be modest. Don’t let any man touch you at your privates…” And at my 30, mother of a six year old myself, I was letting a young boy licking me there. I put my hands softly to his cheeks and pushed him back.”Don’t do it in there, Jim,” I said breathlessly, “it’s way too sensitive.” I guided his face up so that his mouth was on the folds of skin at my clitoris and he began to swirl his tongue around my pinkish, soft, rigid little button in the slit of my pussy. My hairs tickled his nose as he seemed thrilled from the effects of both smelling and tasting my sex. My body quaked and shuddered with each movement of his tongue now. I knew that I had him highly aroused and I was overjoyed at my ability to give a boy such a pleasure.As he licked me, he pulled off his shorts. I didn’t know what he was going to do to me next but I had already promised myself that I would let him to have his way with me in any way he pleased.Just then my little body stiffened, I felt spasms building in my loins, and I grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my pussy. His tongue sank deep into my spasming vaginal hole as I closed my thighs to the sides of his cheeks and began to squeeze. “Now,” he said, once he managed to release himself from the grip of my legs., “I have to see if your mouth is really good for this. So lick my thing some.””Your thing?” I asked him.”My penis, Cindy. You have to lick it and I’ll tell you if it’s right for you.” He smiled to himself as I went down on his long rod. I didn’t mind being used that way. It was, after all, a part of what I’d intended for myself. I licked his member until it stood erect and ready for more than blowing. But I didn’t come up until he told me so.”Now,” he said, breathless with anticipation, his face entirely crimson and heated, “I think you are ready for the real thing.””Fuck me Jim.” I whispered. “I want you inside me. Please fuck me. I need it bad.” He climbed up on top of me, pushed his penis into place and rocked back and forth. Before I could even suggest that he try some particular rubbing action, he was doing it. His jumbo cock (compared to my husbands) , young though it might have been, went pressing and sliding along my canal walls and vibrated and gyrated me into a state of total sexual ecstasy. I was so hot and lusty for the final orgasm, I so wanted him to go in for the kill, that I nearly started crying for it.”Fuck me darling,” I moaned to the adolescent boy. “Fuck me so hard that I never forget it ever. Go hard and make me come. Get my clitoris to shoot off. Make my trigger button go wild, little one. You can do it. Do it for me, for Cindy! Fuck me hard!”He understood every word of it. He slammed that hard hose of his in and out of my hole so fast that it tore me into ecstasy like a rocket. It carried me up to the clouds. That super muscle of his, went sliding in and out of me. At one point I looked down between our legs and saw that huge prick of that boy’s running me in and out. He really had a good tool, one that could make me hotter than ever. I thought to myself:”Maybe I should have married a different kind of man, not like Edie, but like Jim.” It was an interesting idea. Picture me Cindy, a modest, shy country girl from Midwest, married to a fifteen year old boy. I’d have to support him, finding a job and all, but he could fuck me all day long, and it would be ecstasy time always.When he finished off, shooting his young hot spray into my pussy, I made him promise never to tell anyone that I was so easy to fuck. He said that he wouldn’t tell anyone if I would let him come back again. That way he’d be sure and I’d be sure. We shook on it and he gave me one last kiss on the lips.I felt so nice, and satisfied, although, I had become an adulteress and a great sinner, just minutes ago. Afterwards we laid on bed together.”Wow, you were hot. All women on this street are always horny. Don’t your husbands take care of you in bed?””Apparently, no.”After Jim left, I showered and put on a little make-up. I hadn’t done yet. I wait for my family got around the dinner table at that night. I put the pizza in the microwave to make it a little warmer. When I returned with the sweet smelling pizza Edie and Jenny were at the table. I served them their first slices, closely looking for their reaction.”Mom, this is great, give me another piece please.””Yes hon. Where did you get it? It is delicious.” Edie was also very appreciative of the food.”It’s from this new pizza parlor, Pizza Italiano. I’m glad you like it.” I smiled devilishly. But they didn’t notice my facial expression.”I’ll make sure you have this specialty often.” I bit a large piece myself.I felt so wicked to fed my husband and daughter other men’s come. But without redemption, I started to plan my next move.I had spent the rest of that weekend in a daze. I tried to sleep. Although I had not slept in a day and a half, I was still very upset. I wandered around the house, but couldn’t seem to sit down. When I moved I realized how satisfied I was. I think it was than that the shock wore off and the full import of what had happened hit me. I had been fucked, not just fucked but I had given my body as a payment. Not to my husband or to my lover, but to a young boy.When I woke up Sunday I was still in kind of a funk. It was a cold clear day and I bahis siteleri forced myself to clean up around the house.Edie repeatedly asked me what was wrong but I could not tell him. He could never understand. I know I was acting strangely but could not help myself. I tried to invite him to making love several times. Each time Edie would evade sex, I kept thinking about that Friday.On Sunday night, finally, we did make love. I remember comparing his lovemaking to Jim’s fantastic intercourse. I didn’t enjoy Edie that night at all. It was so cold so dispassionate, I think, I finally got the message, loosing all hope of sexual happiness from my husband.On Monday, at our 5 o’clock tea party I was the source of the news. I told them everything.”Did you like it?””Yes I came… I mean, I reached my first orgasm with him. It was marvelous.””I declare you as our new member in our FWC.” Holding my hand raised, Jackie shouted.We were jubilant at my lost of final inhibition.”What should I do next?” I wondered aloud.”You must find a permanent lover.” Jill advised.”Who?””There is this dark security officer in the mall.” Annie suggested. “He always looks at our legs from below when we are on the second floor.””You mean Eric.” Jackie grinned. “But he shies away when you give him the look, you know what I mean?””How about father Arnold?””Oh no. I can’t do it. It is so sinful.””A friend of mine told me he was well hung.””You mean his penis is big?” I asked.”Yes, my dear. And that holly guy fucks only pretty women.””How about, becoming a call-girl?” I was slapped on my face with Jill’s unexpected words.”What?””Don’t push her too much Jill. She just started to get free. Don’t confuse her with your outrageous ideas.” Annie complained for me.”I think Jill’s right, why not go all the way, at once. We have been paying for the pizzas with our bodies all the time. In a way, it’s prostitution.” Jackie too was unbelievable.”You mean… you two mean I should be a whore?” I looked directly to Jill and Jackie.”That is incredible.””Look Cindy, I have been going to this house lately… last three months. They treat you nice.”Isn’t it a whorehouse?” I made a face at Jill.”You can call it a whorehouse, or a fan place, or an entertainment center or anything you wish.” She continued. “But, all expected from you is walking around, having some drink, maybe chatting with different men.””Well, I don’t know. But I’ll think about it.””You would find lots of sex that your miserable husband denies you so far.” Jill added.Although, I hadn’t accepted Jill’s proposal openly, I began to evaluate the possibilities of meeting different men, having sex, lots of sex, and getting paid for it.I called Jill and asked her if she could take me to the place she suggested. She told me to be prepared at twelve o’clock noon, the next day, informing me also of Jackie would come with us, too.Three of us drove to the downtown. We stopped in front of a large building and parked. Jill led the way and we, three young women entered the big apartment house.Once in the apartment where we meant to go, we were admitted into a small office and offered to sit on chairs to wait for our host. After a while, Jill started to go out leaving Jackie and me in the room.”I have an appointment to catch. You, wait for Lin. She is the boss. Listen to her, she tells you what you need to know. Don’t wait for me, I’ll be busy with my client, rest of the afternoon.”We had waited for fifteen minutes when the door opened and came in an oriental looking women in her late thirties.”Hi girls, my name is Lin. How do you do?””Oh hi, My name is Jackie.””I’m Cindy, hi.””We all know why you are here.” Lin said, sitting in the chair behind the table. “I suppose, Jill told you about everything.””Well, yes.””Yes we heard that you are running a certain, “escort business” here. I… or we are here to try see if we can find what we couldn’t at home… from our husbands.” Jackie managed to explain why we were there.”I see.” Smiled Lin, “First I want to emphasize that we are doing a public service where we see a great demand to satisfy, and make money in doing so. The idea of being with a woman who belongs to another man, is very appealing to most men. Especially men with lots of money to spend. We, the house, takes that as an opportunity to make a profitable business for all the involving parties.””We don’t consider making money to be important for us. What we are looking for is to have some fun.” I said.”Excuse me, but, I don’t agree.” Lin snapped. “Nothing is free in this country. And believe me if you make money while having fun, it would be more pleasurable for you. The more the better.””I was just, trying to point out…” I was saying when our future boss caught me short.”Never mind, darling. Let me explain our house rules. If you accept them and we find your looks favorable, we can do business together. If not, I assure you everything said between us will be forgotten immediately.””I’m sorry. Please continue.” I said.”There is a great demand for young married women, in this city.” Lin carried on. “And we provide the best.”She solemnly explained. “We’d like to take your photographs, add them to our present album. Whenever a customer arrives at the house he can look and select any woman from the pictures. We, then reach you and arrange an appointment with you and your customer. He directly pays to us so that no money changes hands when you two are together having sex or fun whatever. This makes it simpler and safer, in case of a police involvement. All you have to explain would be that you liked the guy and went to bed with him. And we deposit 30 percent of the earning into your bank account immediately.””Is it possible that we could work only during daytime.” Jackie asked.”Yes dear. It is also understandable if you refuse to sleep with any customer you don’t like.””I can only come here when my daughter is at school, Monday to Friday.” I added.”So, You’ll be our new Belle de Jour.” Lin smiled.”I must see you two naked.” She added. “Please come with me to one of our guest rooms.” She stood up and show us out of the office.We were brought into a small room where there were very little furniture inside. A double bed without covers, a full length mirror on the wall. A small closet, probably to put our clothes when we didn’t need them. The right place for a whore to be taken by her customers, I bemused.Jackie and I started to take off our clothes, in front of Lin.She came near to us and first closely examined Jackie’s naked body at close range. I looked at her as if to ask what in the world but thought better of it. Jackie has large breasts with predominant nipples. With her milky white skin and dark bush, she was quite attractive in her 26 years old outlook. I watched her as Lin went through her measurements. She was tall about 5′ 8”, black hair, green eyes, She had a good body and as I remembered she had always liked to flaunt it. She looked calm. I had felt a tinge of jealousy.I was apprehensive if Lin would find me meeting their standards. Then, it was my turn. She examined my breasts cupping them with her hand one by one.”Your breasts are very beautiful. Did you breast feed your c***d?””Yes I did. For six months.””And you still have these, so flawless. It seems, your belly also didn’t get harmed in any way. You can easily go for a 18 year old virgin.””Thank you.””Let’s take your measurements.” With a meter band she began to measure my hips, waist and breasts.”36-22-34 unbelievable! What is your height and weight?””5′ 6” and 110 pounds.””Very well.” She noted figures on a pad. ” I presume you are a real blond?””Well, yes. This is my natural color.””Perfect.” She smiled.”May I put on my dress?” I asked meekly.”No, my dear. Our photographer will come here and take pictures of you… for the picture album.””Yes ma’am.””Please wait here. Come on Jackie, I’ll take you to another room for your photo session.”I was separated from Jackie, and left alone and naked in the room, waiting for the photographer. I walked toward the mirror and looked at my reflection. Damn! I was really beautiful.I have a pretty face, accentuated by deep blue eyes. My skin is porcelain white and my thin body (but with nice curves at my hips and breasts), on long slender legs would make any centerfold cry with envy.There was a knock on the door and a bearded young man with a camera entered. I started to cover my privates but then, I thought better of it, letting him see my nakedness unobliterated.He took several photographs of me naked, laying on bed, covering my privates, exposing my pussy, opening my cunt lips with my fingers, my breasts, nipples pointing slightly different directions, my lips wet and inviting. He then, worked on some close-ups, my breasts from different angles, my shapely ass, my face smiling, especially my pussy, and the scar line left from Jenny’s birth just above my pubic hair.He remarked there were men who went crazy to see that line which proves I am a mother.My being a married housewife and a mother, entitled me to be classified as the second category (first category belongs to celebrities) in the album. It also gives the house, the advantage of charging $1000 to $1500 for my services. In order to find a customer for me, my pictures must look great. So he took pains to adjust my position on bed or standing up to catch my most sexy poses he could get out of my naked body.I received my first call from Lin, a week later. I drove to the house at around 12 o’clock noon. When güvenilir bahis I rang the bell, Lin was at the door, without letting me enter she handed me a paper slip with an address written on it. “Hi, Cindy. Just go to this address. His name is Andrew. He expects you in half an hour.” I took the address and returned to my car.Twenty minutes later I was climbing the stairs to his apartment building. When I knocked his door a handsome man in his early forties opened the door.”Well, well, well,” he said, “I sure am glad to see you.”I smiled and pulled my skirt up around my hips so that just my panties guarded the little hairy wet hole between my thighs.”Are you really?””Not here,” he said, “we have to go inside.” I pulled down my skirt with a smile.”Certainly, Mr. Andrew.””Now,” he said, drawing me by the hand into the living room and shutting the door behind us, “We can get something done. Something nice and …” His breath caught and he couldn’t say it.”… something nice and sexy?” I suggested.”Mmm, yes,” he said, sliding a hand around my waist and taking me up close to him. “I think that’s exactly the word I was looking for. Sexy.”He was smiling lecherously and licking his lips with his tongue. His face was red, and his bulbous nose especially so. His ears were crimson and beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead. He pressed his face close to mine and I opened my lips. His tongue went into mine and I sucked on it. I rubbed my mouth lips back and forth across his tongue and tasted his muscle with my own.”Mmm, good,” I said, pulling away. “Which way to the bedroom?” I acted experienced because I didn’t want to admit to being afraid. I was both frightened and excited, and my little pussy juicing a gallon a minute.He took me to the bedroom and by the time he got there he was naked. He his jacket and shirt and tie and pants and everything in the hallway. I undressed in the bedroom, with Mr. Andrew’s help. He used his hands to get my heated body even more passionate.”You know, Mr. Andrew,” I said, “I’ve often dreamed about this.””Have you?” he said absentmindedly as he pulled my panties down from my hips and off my feet. “I’m glad.” He buried his face between my legs and looked for my pussy hole with his juicy tongue. I spread wide and said, “I dreamed about exactly this position, too.”He rubbed his tongue into my hole, deep and wide. He made my clitoris turn into an even bigger erection than it already was. That thing was thick by itself, rubbery and juicy and hot. I think it was a little hard, too, as if I had some sort of miniature penis in there. I thanked Heavens that God gave me a clit and cunt hole. For the first time I felt wonderful to be a woman. It was so good to have my customer’s tongue shoved all in my happy flesh.And of course having Mr. Andrew use his hands on my thighs was pretty nice, too. He spread me wider than a girl doing the splits. His fingers melted with my loins, and he grabbed tight and cracked me open in the crotch. He held my legs back like wings, and his tongue was everywhere at once, slurping up the juice and tasting my tough little clitoris.I found myself grabbing hold of the sheets, tugging for something to hold onto while the passion in my pussy grew. I was floating away, sailing through the passion skies with my customer’s tongue fueling and propelling me. It was sheer ecstasy to feel his hands rubbing between my loins, his fingers sliding along my thighs, up and around my pelvis and taking charge of my hips.He landed a hand under my ass and rubbed a finger into place between my buttocks. His long middle digit did a severe number in my asshole, making me cringe for a moment with pain. But when he pulled out my sphincter contracted around the tip and returned to normal size. I loved having sex, and it was my first time with a real man! Naturally, I gasped and grunted when he started to work out on my tender nipples. He held me by the nape of the neck and began to lick my nipples. He worked on my cherry tips, made them wet with saliva. His chewing lips were a special thrill for all the flesh of my left tit. As if that wasn’t enough, he teased and slightly pinched my right nipple. He wasted no time getting me hot and begging for a fuck.Then he examined the barely discernible scar line just above my bush. He licked his way through the thin line.”Is this the place where they took your baby out from you?””Yes,” I hissed.”Is it a “she” or a “he”?” He asked.”I have a daughter, six years old.””Is she beautiful like you?””Yes, she is a lovely little girl.” I was a little disturbed to talk about my innocent c***d with my customer.”Do you think she will be a whore like her mother when she grows up?” He grinned. “Why don’t we stop talking about my daughter?” I said. “Instead, come on top of me and fuck me.””I’ll fuck you. But first tell me that you want your daughter to be a whore like you.” He insisted.”Put your cock in my pussy, then I’ll tell you whatever you wish.” At that he brought his face down to mine and he gently kissed my tender soft, full lips and my eyes closed and my mouth opened for him and my customer kissed me in a way that no one (including my husband) had ever kissed before. My mouth sucked and my tongue worked at his. Where had I ever learned to do that?Not breaking our kiss, I put my hand down between us and maneuvered the head of his dick around in the slick, hot, opening of my pussy. His rigid cock throbbed, in my hand, as it found my opening and took full possession of me. He entered me very slowly but immediately picked up speed, fucking me with fast deep strokes. The sexual sensations, charging from my loins, were far too overwhelming. “Fuck me darling, fuck me with your beautiful cock.” I cried. “I’ll let you have my daughter when she becomes old enough.””Oh, my God.” he whimpered. “Will you do that? Will you let me fuck your daughter?””Yes, yes… You can fuck Jenny. She will be a whore like me. You’ll make her a whore.” I climaxed while he ejaculated with a loud groan into my depths.After my first trick, I was more comfortable with my conscience. On one occasion, two respected customers requested two girls in their suit at a luxury hotel. Lin had decided to send me and Jackie to entertain them through the night. I left Jenny with Annie and making up a story that my distant relatives needed me for the night. They were supposed to be sick with high fever and I was to after their c***dren. Edie suspected nothing and gave his permission that I could go.We took a cab to the hotel, after we changed our clothes in Annie’s house, to look more like two call-girls. When we meet the guys in hotel’s lobby, they said they found us even more attractive than they expected. After some light conversation and a couple of strong drinks we were taken to their suit. First they wanted us to make a slow, sexy striptease for them. Jackie and I took turns to disrobe in front of them while swaying according to the rhythm of a slow dance music.Then, we, two women were required to make love on the bed while our customers intently watched us. Jackie and I tried our best not to show them that we were beginners in that girlie fun. After we caressed and licked each other enough for their satisfaction they, too joined in the game.Jackie readily took the younger one’s penis into her mouth and started to suck on him. Meanwhile, the man fucking me was pumping away for all he was worth, and with every thrust I felt his huge balls bump against the backs of my thighs. He was starting to pant as well, and the thought of that gigantic cock pumping its load into me as well as the fingering my clit was getting started to get me going. Jackie’s cunt wasn’t missing out either, as the boy carried on pumping away at her slit, and I wondered who was going to come first. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. The man fucking me suddenly cried out and I felt him slam his cock right into me then it just started pumping come into my pussy. That was it for me, and my hips bucked towards him and I started to come as well, trying to hold my head still so I could carry on licking Jackie and the younger man but it was all too much and I was moaning and shouting as each spurt of his thick come sprayed into me and I was rubbing my mouth up and down Jackie’s pussy, setting her off. Then the other man started to spurt his load, which shot all over my face, and I started sucking his glans to get as much of his come into my mouth as I could while Jackie rubbed her cunt against my face to bring herself off again. Later we found out that they were father and son, the first teaching his son how to fuck.As the days passed I was getting used to my new lifestyle. I even convinced Annie to join us. Members of the FWC are all prostitutes now.When six months passed, Lin called me. I was informed that I was promoted to the first category. The house would be paid by my customers, from $5000 to $10000 to fuck me. The demand for me was already getting sky-high. The amount of money I earned and saved in my bank account was above $ 50 000. Not bad for an innocent looking, modest country girl from mid-west? Although, my friends were all working for the house, prostituting themselves like me, they couldn’t make as much money as I did. I’ve never known why, but men always wanted to be with me. Maybe, the photographer did a very fine job, while taking my pictures; maybe I am really an attractive woman after all.Now, almost a year passed, and I am the most sought after, expensive whore in town, with my bank account soaring over $ 100 000. From time to time I give Jim, the pizza boy a free ride in order to keep his mouth shut. Still, my husband fucks me once a month, and knows nothing about my secret life.



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