Frirends become lovers for first timeLet me first start off by telling you about the 2 main characters (I have changed their names for privacy issues) Tom is your average 21 year old male, 5’11, brown eyes, dark brown hair and a bulky build who lives alone and works for a local factory.Debbie is 18 short at 5’4 long brown hair that goes to her midback, and 34c breasts shown off by revealing tight clothing, her ass is literally shaped like a hear and is firm and tight.————the story ——————–Tom an Debbie had been friends for years ever since she had moved into the village, it had however taken a few months for them to become friends as neither was very outgoing in the dull quaint village they lived in. However Tom had always noticed how revealing and tight her clothing had been, whether it was seeing her ass shake as she walked past in tight black trousers, or how her tits seemed to look bigger than they were thanks to what he guessed had been push-up bra’s and so-on. And she was a very attractive young woman which of course had lead to Tom’s mind being filled with images of a sexual nature, he had often thought what her body looked like under them clothing but had never had the chance to find this out, until one unusually hot summer week a few years later.It was a Saturday afternoon and in an attempt to cool off Tom went to the nearby river alone and jumped straight in fully clothed, as he resurfaced he began to swim back and forth across the river, his clothes soaked through and clinging to his body showing off his muscular arms and flat stomach,He had been so preoccupied with swimming that he had not noticed that his friends including Debbie showing up and sitting on the edge of the river, all the lads wearing shorts and either t-shirts or shirtless, and every girl except for Debbie wearing Shorts an t-shirts, Debbie was topless and wearing what looked like a Bikini top.When Tom saw this he couldn’t help but stare before he swam back to the other side and joined them climbing out of the nice cold water and standing there, his clothes dripping and clinging to his body.”So are you guys coming in or are you too chicken?”Everyone looked at each other then laughed before running and jumping in the water as Debbie stood there looking a little nervous and unsure. Tom walked over to her picked her up jokingly walked over to the river as she kicked and screamed for him to put her down as he got in the water he suddenly let her slip feet first as she landed in the cold water an ear piercingsqueal escaped her lips as she anadolu yakası escort tried to keep her footing the water reaching up to her soft tanned thighs. Everyone started to laugh,especiallywhen she slipped and fall right in up to her neck squealing before jumping back up her body now soaked and glistening, Tom’s mouth was struggling to stay shut as he saw her firm tits pop out of her top he laughed before jumping under the water and popping up next to everyone.For the rest of the day everyone swam around making up odd on the spot games, until around 5:00pm some had left leaving just Debbie who by now had gotten used to feeling the cold water against her young firm slim body, and was gladly splashing around.As they were alone Tom decided it was now or never, as he dove under the water and splashed up to be standing directly in front of Debbie, their bodies less than an inch from each other as he looked down to her smiling he suddenly picked her up by the ass enjoying feeling the firmness of it in his hands,and held her close as she looked confused and shocked.”Tom what are you doing? Please don’t throw me!” she squealed wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on like her life depended on it.He slid her slowly down till they were eye level, he could feel her breasts through herbikiniagainst him, feeling her had nipples, as their eyes looked into each others, he leaned in and kissed her firmly on the lips, feeling how soft and sweet they were as waited for her reaction.To his amazement she did not recoil or fight him off she actually began returning the kiss as their passion grew their tongues entwined their bodies firmly against one another. His hand slowly slid up her back and undid the knot in her bikini top walking backwards so that their bodies were neck deep in case anyone saw what was going on. Hepulled away momentarily for her to take the bikini top off releasing her breasts as he looked down lifting her higher and starting to kiss them all over she gasped feeling his tongue flick against her hard nipples and pushed his head harder against her chest as shewrappedher legs around him groaning slightly through her lips as she bit them. At this moment they were no longer friends, they were soon-to-be-lovers.As Debbie moved her body up and down feeling his lips against her firm breasts and sucking her hard little nipples she felt how excited he was between her legs, feeling his hard thick cock rubbing against her thighs and she had to see it and feel it in her hands, ataşehir escort so she climbed off of him and with a menacing smile pushed him towards the little island behind them so he was sat down she then unzipped his shorts and was almost immediately greeted by his cock bursting out of its restraints, she gasped seeing the length and thickness of it, it was about 9 inches long and about3 inches thick, and almostautomaticallyher hand wrapped around it and began slowly working its way up and down the long hard shaft in front of her as Tom lay back leaning on his arms enjoying the feeling of her small soft firm grip on his cock, feeling her move up and down faster and faster.He thought it couldn’t get any better at this moment, having Debbie stroking his cock like a pro, but he was wrong as he felt a sudden feeling of warmth engulf the tip of his cock, he looked down to see her lips wrapped around it as she looked into his eyes and began pushing her head down further until he flt the tip of his cock press against her throat as her hand continued its feverish work on him , he ran his hands through her long brown hair as her head bobbed up and down getting faster and faster a he noticed her other hand had slid under her shorts.”Now it’s my turn I want to taste your sweet little pussy!” he said pulling her off his cock gently and flipping round gently lying her on her back against the cold stones.He kissed her firmly on the lips before he slowly licked down her body, undoing and quickly sliding off her shorts and putting her legs over his shoulders. He was met by the sight of her hairless pussy lips, he slowly ran the tip of his tongue teasingly around them before flicking her clit with the tip as she bucked her hips. He then used two fingers to slowly spread her lips and darted his tongue into her as deep as he could, finally tasting what he had longed for, for as long as he couldremember.He began to work her pussy with his tongue and then slowly began to work a single finger in, along with his tongue, feeling her hips grind against his face as her legs clasped around his head almost pushing him deeper into her as her groans urged him on. His tongue feverishly thrusting in and out of her as he felt her body begin to tense and her pussy squeezing round his tongue and finger, she grabbed his hair in both hands and thrust her hips hard into his face as she began to climax, his face being soaked with her cum and hismouthfilled. He made sure he licked up every last drop and sucked her pussy clean. Wiping ümraniye escort the excess off his face and moved up her body as she gasped for air, her chest rapidly moving up and down as her eyes met his, both smiling.She suddenly gasped as she felt the tip of his still rock hard cock against her dripping wet pussy.”Oh god give it to me, just give it to me I need it in me!!” she screamed grabbing his neck and wrapping her legs back around him. She reached down placing his cock against the entrance into her waiting pussy and tried pushing her hips upward to feel the tip enter her. Instead she felt Tom thrust all the way into her with one fast hard movement making her scream as he groaned feeling the tightness of her around him feeling her both stretch around his hard cock and squeeze it like a vice at the same time. He held himself deep inside her to enjoy the feeling for a little before he wrapped his arms under her back and lifted her up walking slowly into the water as he began to slowly push his hips back and forth enjoying the coolness of the water and the warmth of her. She sank her head into his neck loving the feeling of his shaft inside her tight young pussy slowly pushing her hips up and down sending his cock even deeper into her.They both set a steady pace to enjoy this feeling of conjoined pleasure for as long as they could losing theirsensesin the sweet embrace that was this moment engulfing them both.With each thrust, their pace quickened as Tom felt the most powerful climax he had ever felt as his cock twitched deep in her. Debbie could feel her own intense orgasm, the pace of their thrusts grew as their lips met once more their tongues frantically swirling around one another’s, until the moment hit them both. Tom thrust all the way into her as she screamed, her body bucking wildly as her pussy clamped around his thick hard cock feeling his hot load shoot deep into her as she covered his cock in hers feeling the cool water rushing past against her now sensitive clit as their climaxes seemed to last forever.They stayed there for a few moments, their bodies close together, bathing in the afterglow of what had just happened. Tom released her legs and she slid down after kissing him on the lips and going to fetch her bikini top and shorts and putting them back on as Tom got a full look of her firm little ass and tight cum filled pussy from behind as he smiled zipping his shorts back up and waiting for her to come back over so they could return to the entrance of the river and walk home. It was now getting dark and a chill filled the air. They walked home and were surprised torealizethere was no awkward silence or feeling of weirdness. They just talked like nothing had just happened, the only difference was that now they were hand in hand, enjoying the feeling of closeness they shared.Will they do it again? You’ll have to wait and see…



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