Just a simple but unexpected hook up. One-off characters but a little romantic. Slow start by my usual standards, especially considering how short it is. Explicit but tame.


The evening wasn’t going as planned, but that was a good thing. It was supposed to just be drinks after work but it had turned into dinner and now they were still lingering in the restaurant hours later.

David looked around the little steakhouse. The couple at the last remaining table was putting on their coats. He sighed. “This has been so much fun but I guess we’re going to have to call it a night,” he said, returning his gaze to the table-mate.

The young woman looked around, surprised for a moment. “Oh, wow. What time is it?” she dug into her purse for her phone.

David smiled, “Nearly ten, I think.” Neither of them had touched their phones since sitting down. There’d been no need.

David had not expected much from this meeting. The dating app scene had proved to be a drag. Everyone was so casual and so determined to be cool and aloof about it all. David knew he was guilty of it too. Don’t seem desperate, don’t be creepy, talk yourself up just the right amount.

He watched her check messages now. Her barely contained auburn curls caught the soft lights of the restaurant so nicely.

A moment later he realised she was giving him a little grin, looking up at him from her phone. She’d caught him staring at her. He smiled and just shrugged.

The bill was already paid and the waiters were giving them the eye. There were no more excuses; it was time to leave and part ways. This was their first meeting, it was supposed to be just for drinks after all and had already gone further than planned.

David stood and grabbed her coat, holding it for her. She gave him the same smile and let him help her with it.

When they had planned this, it had been such a polite and staid negotiation. She’d began as “TrafficCone91”. He was “Glider007”. They’d communicated through the app. She worked downtown where there were a lot of choices and he wouldn’t have much trouble getting off a little early on Friday so they’d agreed to meet near her work.

No flirting or seduction, just an agreement to meet.

He found her at the restaurant bar she chose. She looked just like her profile picture. That big auburn hair had been like a beacon. She’d still been in her coat when he arrived. They greeted each other and took stools at a high bar-side table. He had a chance to get a good look at her as she took her coat off. She was in navy dress slacks and a form-fitting dark grey sweater. The sweater was a vee neck and she wore a white turtleneck under it. She had a lean figure but seemed broad through the shoulders.

David was pretty sure she gave him a good once over as well as he settled in. The high stools weren’t his favorite and it took him a moment to climb aboard and get his feet secured on the railing.

At only 5’4″ he tried very hard not to be self-conscious of his height. According to her profile, “TrafficCone91″ was 5’9”. His own black hair had a natural wave and he’d been waring it down to his collar in back recently. He thought is looked too debonair to be called a mullet.

Past the initial greeting and after ordering drinks he asked, “So, why TrafficCone?”

She puffed through her lips and answered, “Isn’t it obvious?” Then she grabbed a handful of her hair on each side and pulled it down and away from her head. “I look like a traffic cone!”

“Oh, but I like it! Your hair is what first got my attention on your profile.”

And the night had progressed from there. After such a dull set of digital exchanges, it was a surprise to both of them how well they clicked. When they decided to move from the bar down to a real table and have dinner, they took the opportunity to exchange cell numbers.

But now the night was over. Looking around at the tasteful garland and small clusters of Christmas lights in the restaurant as they meandered to the exit, David felt a little wistful. He knew better than to try to invite her to his place or anything… but he wished he could.

They were both in for a shock when they stepped outside. They stared at what greeted them for several long seconds and then Linda said, “Shit. What the hell?” There was no humor at all in her voice.

The downtown street was a winter wonderland. Big, lazy flakes fell steadily from the sky. Streetlights and Christmas decorations created glowing halos in the air. Both looked up at the steakhouse’s awning, blinking at the fat cornice that had built up over the sidewalk.

She turned to him. “Did you know it was snowing?” There was an unhappy edge in her voice

He shook his head. “No. Didn’t have clue. We weren’t supposed to get anything till morning, were we?”

“That’s what I thought too.” She zipped her coat up higher and pulled up her collar. It was a good coat but had no hood. She had no hat and was wearing sensible but light shoes. “I am screwed!” she said bakırköy escort mournfully.

“Not used to driving in snow?” he asked.

“I didn’t drive!” she was agitated now. “I’d be just fine in my Subaru but I took the bus today.”

“Oh.” he said.

She looked at him. “This time of night the bus only comes once an hour and I’ve got blocks and blocks to walk.” She kicked at some of the snow. “It’s nearly six inches already.”

There was a pregnant pause. He put a hand on her shoulder and said, “No problem, I can give you a ride home. My 4Runner’s just over in that garage there.” He pointed across the street.

She looked at him for a few moments. Any sensible woman has to be careful in this world. On the other hand, regardless of how very real the dangers were, it was also easy to exaggerate them. She’d gotten nothing but a good, comfortable feeling from David all night. She’d enjoyed herself just as much as he had.

Bus and freeze her tits off (or more likely run the literal risk of loosing toes), try her luck with Uber or trust this fireplug of a man. He was short but Linda had definitely noticed how he carried himself. David moved with a smooth steadiness that had fascinated her all night. She couldn’t believe how much she had enjoyed watching him cut his steak. The way his shoulders shifted and the sure grip of his surprisingly broad but shapely hands with neatly trimmed nails. She’d even asked him if he was a wood worker or sculptor or something but he’d just laughed. Claimed he could just manage to drive a nail straight but she still wondered.

She knew then that she didn’t have to give it any more thought. She’d trust herself to those hands. “Okay, prince charming. Take me to your chariot.”

The parking garage was nearly empty. Linda berated herself for letting time get away from her so badly. Even without the snow, getting herself home at this time of night would have been a bit nerve-racking.

They piled into the little SUV. Linda noted that it was tidy inside, though not very new.

“Where to?” he asked.

The streets were snow-packed but there was no traffic to speak of. They wended there way out of downtown and were soon in one of the old turn-of-the-century neighborhoods. Elm and sycamore lined the streets, bare branches reaching overhead. Snow was sticking thickly to them now and falling flakes still swirled through the air.

The houses here were all along hills above the street, set well back. Most were brick with high, gabled attic spaces and big front porches. Scattered among these old matronly homes were old cracker-box designs on smaller lots. And occasionally, there were looming edifices of aluminum siding were older homes had been scraped and replaced.

Many of the homes were festooned with Christmas light. David bent over the steering wheel, staring. “It’s beautiful.”

“I love this neighborhood.” She answered. They sat in silence a bit longer as they crunched down the road. “About two more blocks.”

She guided him to a spot of pristine white in front of one of the tall, old brick houses. There was a simple string of red, white and green lights along the porch and a beautiful tree shining in the front window.

David had decided he would kiss Linda. He was certain they would see each other again and he wanted to start breaking the ice more. Also, he wanted to feel her lips on his.

But before he could make his move, her hand gripped his thigh. He tried not to show that it caused that funny twinge in his groin. “How about you come in, David? Help me start a fire.”

He raised hi eyebrows. That was the closest thing to a double-entendre either had offered all night. Belatedly David realised that as pleasant as the evening had been, there’d been no flirting. It had felt intimate without suggesting anything sexual… even though he was very much attracted to this woman.

Linda found she still didn’t want the night to end. She’d thought about it and found a hundred reason not to invite this man in but none of them had matched her simple urge to be with him.

“That sounds nice.” He said.

They shooshed their way up the stairs, Linda searching for her keys. “I do have one confession to make. This is my parent’s house.”

“Oh.” He said, stamping snow from his boots. He couldn’t quite keep the disappointment out of his voice.

She just grinned at him. “But the good news is, they’re in Arizona for the winter. I’ve got the place to myself.” She unlocked the door.

The old house had a tiny vestibule with a row of coat-hooks and an inner door. “Could you take off your shoes? Don’t want to track snow everywhere.” She said. She started shrugging out of her coat and he followed suit.

The airlock-like room was smaller than a bathroom stall. They bumped shoulders and elbows and butts many times as the removed their coats and shoes. Linda hung their outer-ware and opened the inner door.

The front room was bathed in soft light from beşiktaş escort the tree. The carpet was warm and thick under David’s stocking feet. “This is nice.” he commented.

“The house was originally my grandmother’s,” Linda said, moving into the room. “My parents only moved in about four years ago. We all wanted to keep the house in the family.”

David saw the big fireplace. It was raised a foot or two off the floor, a brick ledge large enough to sit on separating it from the rest of the room. The mantle had a string of gold Christmas lights strung along it. “So your grandmother is…?”

“Oh, she’s still kicking.” Linda grinned. “She’s in a retirement home now but she’s doing well there. After pop-pop passed away, she had a couple rough years but she’s around other people now and seems happy.”

They stood close. David rested an arm along her back. She let him pull her a little closer. “You any good at building fires?” she asked.

“Sure, all you need is the right kind of wood.” He felt her shake with quiet laugher. Then she pointed to a crate next to the fire place.

“Well, there’s kindling and some newspaper there. The rest of the wood’s on the back porch.” She let her arm trail along low on his back as she moved away toward the kitchen. “If you get started with the fire, I’ll make us some hot chocolate. Real stuff on the stove with milk. I think I have marshmallows too.”

He watched her go, certain she was swaying more than necessary. The dress slacks weren’t terribly flattering but David had a pretty good imagination and liked what he saw. Perhaps on the boyish side but quite lively.

Then he made himself stop before it got creepy and looked around the room. A long-legged, old-fashioned couch sat at the wall opposite from the fireplace. He saw that the wall the couch sat against was actually a staircase. Bunting and lights entwined the banister.

He knelt by the fireplace and looked the situation over. Lady wanted him to build the fire, he’d build the fire.

A couple minutes later he joined her in the kitchen. “You said the wood is on the back porch?”

She was slowly stirring a saucepan of what would soon be hot chocolate. She pointed to a door at the back of the kitchen. “Right through there. It’s a covered porch and the wood is right by the door.”

David grabbed a small armful of split logs and was back inside quickly. Linda chose that moment to pull her sweater up over her head and wiggle out of it. She tossed it onto a kitchen chair and gave him a look as she ran her hands through her hair. “That’s better.” She smiled.

“Yeah.” David answered. The soft material of the turtleneck clung to her small breasts. David licked his lips unconsciously. She was clearly not wearing a bra; the high swell of each mound showed prominently as did each tiny nipple.

Linda didn’t comment on the fact that he had stopped in his tracks or that he was staring at her breasts. Instead she reached to the back of a counter while asking, “Want some creme de menthe in the chocolate?”

“That’d be great,” he said, belatedly meeting her eyes. He gestured with his armload. “Fire should be ready in just a sec.”

“Good.” she said, satisfied grin on her face. She placed some mugs on the cook-top next to the simmering pan and resumed slowly stirring the brew.

A few minutes later he lit the newspaper and kindling. Bending low, he gently blew on the nascent flames. He sensed movement behind him and then a steaming mug was set beside him on the elevated hearth. Linda knelt close, resting her arm on his back. Very low on his back in fact.

She watched him for a moment, not for the first time that night noticing the thickness of his lips. “Sorry we don’t have a bellows. Keep meaning to get one but I don’t get around to making a fire very often.”

“No problem,” he said, glancing at her. “Looks like this will work.”

She moved away to sit on the floor with her back against the couch, watching him work. She was feeling very warm all over. She sipped the chocolate and watched David’s ass though his jeans weren’t nearly tight enough for her taste. The way his hair hung past his face and let flickering firelight filter through was very primal looking though.

Once the bigger logs began to catch, David grabbed his mug and joined her leaning against the couch. “Sorry,” she said. “I know this couch isn’t very comfortable. Gran would throw a fit if we got rid of it though.”

The couch was a wood-frame design with the cushions set inside the frame meaning they were leaning against a narrow wooden rail. In truth, it was uncomfortable but David answered, “It’ll do.”

They sat quietly, watching the flames build and sipping drinks. “This is good chocolate.” He commented.

She said only “mm-hmm” in response but she also rested her hand on his thigh and leaned closer. He sighed and let his head rest on her shoulder for a few minutes.

He gestured at the fire, “The right side isn’t catching beylikdüzü escort very well.” He left his drink under the couch and crawled across the floor, grabbing a poker. He was going to move some wood around but Linda followed him and unexpectedly bent herself over his back. He froze and she pressed her lips to her ear. She whispered, “I think these pants are getting in the way, don’t you?” The sensation of her lips against his ear as she spoke each word made his heart pound.

As did her fast little fingers as they worked on his snap and fly. She chuckled as she pulled his pants down to his knees. She laughed a little harder as he shifted back and forth as she worked them off the rest of the way while he knelt awkwardly.

When they were finally off, she tossed them aside. She indulged herself in one smooth caress of the briefs clinging to his backside. “There we go. Now the show’s worth watching.”

She settled back against the couch, still chuckling to herself as she watch David work with the fire. Yes, the view was much better.

David put the poker aside and stood. He turned around. Linda eyed him challengingly and boldly let her gaze drop to the front of his briefs. She frowned slightly; the shadow and cotton conspired to hide the subject of her curiosity.

David really liked the way Linda was looking at him. Any question of where the night was leading was gone now. While standing there between the flames in the hearth and the fire of her gaze, he stripped his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. His hair ended up cascading over his eyes but he left it there.

Linda watched him step close and kneel before her. She watched rapt as he lifted one of those broad hands and ran his fingers into her thick hair. He held her face tightly but when his lips touched hers, it was gentle as the snowfall.

The kiss was brief. He drew back a fraction and looked into her eyes. She grinned and like him, ran her hand into his glossy locks. She pulled him closer again, her mouth not quite closed.

David rested his free hand against the couch and leaned into Linda. Her other hand reached for his ass, pulling him close. She giggled into his mouth and wiggled her hand under his waistband, feeing the hard warmth and hair.

When they came up for air his hands scrambled to the hem of her turtleneck. He began to pull it off over her head but the narrow neck slowed the process.

While she was stuck with her hands in the air and half smothered by the shirt, he just stopped and stared at her. Her breasts were such delightful morsels. High and round, tiny pink nipples pointing right at him.

She finally freed herself from the shirt and blew hair out of her eyes. David’s intent gaze excited her and made her blush. Her breasts tightened even more, throbbing almost visibly.

And then in a blink David’s lush lips were pressed around a tit and his tongue ground against her excited nipple.

“Oh god,” She said, putting her hands on his shoulders but not to push him away. Her legs squirmed and her eyes fluttered as he sought to inhale her whole.

When he switched breasts, his hands went down to her waistband and started pulling her slacks down. Linda hunched to let them free. They bunched around her knees for a while because David didn’t want to leave her tit.

She wanted to feel his lips on hers again. She grabbed him by ear and hair and forced his head up to hers. Their open mouths locked together and both held their breath as they sank into one another.

This time, Linda went to the front of David’s briefs and found the massive lump there. Both moaned as she gripped it hard. It felt alive in her hand. He was so hard for her it made her giddy.

She fought up against him and urged him to lie back on the floor. The fire burned high now and he was lit by the dancing yellow light.

She delighted in the pure maleness of his form in the flickering fire-light. She lightly ran a hand through the thick, dark hair covering his chest and stomach.

David watched her in turn. Her small breasts hung beneath her slim form, glistening from their time with his mouth. Very eager now, her hand slid down his his body and under his waistband. When she took hold of him, her nostrils flared. He groaned and gripped her leg, his feet tense on the floor.

With her hand finally wrapped flesh-to-flesh around his burning cock, she bent to his lips and sucked his tongue nearly out of his mouth.

Their hearts were pounding. He grabbed her chest and squeezed her soft plumbs. She ran her hand the length of his manhood, lube from the tip spreading wetly under her hand.

Gasping, she released their kiss and stared down at her hand. Impatiently she shifted down his body and levered his briefs out of the way. She made a quiet noise of frustration and moved down to his legs, gripped his shorts with both hands and yanked them off.

David’s thick cock thudded against his stomach. Linda stared at it a moment before taking it in both hands and holding it upright. Her own sex had gone slick and was now dripping.

Linda was not a fan of giving head but loved to handle cocks. David’s sturdy member was beautiful. It’s length was perhaps not great but it was a very, very solid piece of meat with a gorgeous purple head.



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