Hello, just like to tell a little story about my recent adventures to the local nude beach.

Anyway, I’ve thought about the idea of being naked outside for a long time, I’ve been on bushwalks where I’ve taken off my clothes and taken photos of myself nude but it wasn’t very satisfying because I always wanted people to see me. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist I guess.

I’m a pretty slim and fit guy, I’m still a teenager at 19 but I get told I look 16 or 17.

Anyway I worked up courage to go visit the nude beach which I heard about a few months ago and on my first visit I just walked across the beach fully dressed, passing nude people all over the place.

The weekend came and on Saturday I decided I’d go and take off my clothes no matter what. So I did.

What I found was there were very few ladies on the beach, or girls. Not that I cared much because I wasn’t there for a perve anyway, and I’d heard most of the people were nice, respectful people who just liked being naked and had little or no interest in picking up or attracting the attention of the opposite or same sex.

Little did I know.

I felt their eyes, a lot of people say it’s paranoia but you can tell people stare at you.

Anyway nothing happened that day and that was cool and I loved the idea of skinny dipping and being naked so much I decided to go again after work during the week.

There were less people there this time, and it was a fairly nice day, just a few guys etc.

I set myself down at a spot, laying down the towel and then taking my clothes off where I sat, too nervous to stand up and laid down for a sunbake.

It got warm so I decided to go for a swim, I was in the water for a little while and on my walk back there was this guy sitting right behind where I had set myself up.

He had sunglasses on but his head was facing my way, he kept watching, without looking away and I decided to just pay him no attention and lay back down.

He watched me, and I just thought to pretend he wasnt there. He looked about 35 or so with a pretty average body.

I looked up to see if he was still there and saw his hand moving up and down where his dick would be… He was jerking off, I thought great… Whatever he wants to do, thats fine. I tried not to give it any attention but when I was glancing he looked casino siteleri straight at me, he was watching me…

I never thought of myself as goodlooking, I mean I’m alright there isn’t anything overly ugly about me and yet I don’t think there is anything spectacular about me. I never attracted this type of attention but then again I’d never been around gay guys, I assumed this guy was either gay or bi.

I’m bi myself, although I don’t hunt for guys and never been with a guy. I’m more interested and very happy with girls. So I have no problems with gay/bi people but it was a little disturbing being in the presence of a stranger jerking off over my naked body.

I thought of it a bit as a complement, but then I was still a little freaked out. So I eventually decided I’d leave and got dressed and left. He watched my every step as I walked past him.

This wasn’t a deturrent, I thought sure there might be one or two perverts out there, what could I expect? Nude or not nude there were still those kinds of people out there and they wouldn’t necessairly pay any attention to me…

I did think to myself this must be how girls feel when they have strange guys comming onto them, or looking at them, like pieces of meat. Their bodies just objects ready to be fucked.

It was warm the next day and I decided to go to the beach again, same beach, I figured there wasn’t much chance of catching the same guy and I decided to lay myself down in the open so even if there was people like that they wouldn’t necessairly risk being seen jerking off by every1 on the beach.

I knew there was more chance of me being seen in general by every1 on the beach but oh well, it was a nude beach and me being naked wouldn’t / shouldn’t make much difference.

I laid down and was just sunbaking, I had my eyes shut and I was startled, opening my eyes to a guy standing over me.

“Hi, whats ur name?”

I didn’t know what to say, never had someone naked aproch me and just ask straight out what my name was… Felt like he was comming onto me, what other reason would someone have for aproaching someone naked on a beach and asking their name?

I thought back to what I’d heard about families and nude beaches, it was a friendly place and fellow nudests were supposed to be nice people.

“Why?” I panic’d a little.

“Why?” slot oyna He questioned.

Remembering the day before I explained, “I’ve just had a few problems with people on the beach”

“Oh what sort of problems”

I explained about the guy staring at me and jerking off, this guy laughed and I decided to introduce myself.

“My name is jason” I said, extending my hand to greet this stranger.


Ok so that was weird, but oh well.

“Do you mind if I join you for a little bit?” Heath asked.

He seemed alright I had no problems with him aslong as it wasn’t so he could come onto me, heath I believe was in his 40’s but looked early 30’s with a good figure and a friendly sort of manly face. I wasn’t really attracted to him and tried not to make notice of his bare dick.

“Yeh go for it, I don’t mind” I explained.

See Heath seemed like an alright guy but I still couldn’t figure out why he’d just aproach me, he made a bit of chit chat but eventually it got to sexual chatter. Heath told me about experiances he’d had at the beach, a girl he’d picked up and how his wife wouldnt’ come to the beach with him.

He kept talking about how he’d jack off when he got horny up in the sand dunes where nobody could see him, away from prying eyes and the sight of children and families. He said it just felt good to do it in the nude with the air and breezes etc. I explained it wasn’t my thing so he quickly changed to talking about this girl he’d picked up on the beach.

He’d fuck her a little bit down the beach where nobody went, he claims it’s not uncommon to see a girl picking up on the beach, and literally fucking for all the world to see. I’d never experianced anything like this but it definately changed my prespective of the nude beach.

“Do you want to meet her, I reken she’d go for two guys if the other was clean”

I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to but the more sensible part of me thought it might be a little strange.

“Shes’ really tight”

Mmm just what I like I thought, a little old shes 34? But a fuck is a fuck right?

I couldn’t believe I was thinking about going through with this kinda thing, I even thought a moment about just sucking and fucking this older guy right in front of me, but he acted like he wasn’t gay or bi.

“You canlı casino siteleri want to see my secret spot that I just let my imagination go wild?” Heath asked, he had sunglasses on so I couldn’t tell where he was looking, I could see my naked body in his glasses and thought wow I wasn’t too bad.

This was still the first time I’d ever had someone so straight out aproach and come onto me, although he kept saying.

“Hehehe don’t get me wrong I’m not comming onto you or anything”

Why else would he need me to go with him to his secret spot?

I couldn’t help but think about my curves, my smooth tanned skin. I’m a guy and I never thought I had a good body but just being naked in front of this guy was turning my on. I had to turn over onto my stomach so he wouldn’t notice that I was getting aroused.

“Why don’t we go and let our imaginations do the work?”

He was really serious, this 40 year old guy was trying to pick up a 19 year old boy. I felt exposed and vanuriable, my mind was confused. Parts of me wanted to go, I wanted to ask him to play with me, I wanted to touch him.

But I was afraid maybe someone would see us, I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet, what if it was someone who knew me? Someone I knew?

He didn’t say anything about my body, I don’t think he wanted to know he was comming onto me, I wanted him to just grab my ass, I thought about being raped. Being forced to let him finger me, to touch my ass, to make me suck his dick.

I thought about letting him run his hands all over me, to play with me. I felt naughty and weirdly innocent, like I was his play thing.

I could imagine this is what girls go through, the way he spoke to me just had me in a trance, under his control. I could tell he was trying and I could imagine how I’d feel if I kept getting rejected. It just was so surreal. I loved being naked and having people perve on me, and now I knew they did.

Even if it was just guys…

Nothing happened that day, I said I usually went there and might see him again, he said his goodbyes and headed for his secret spot, I headed for my car to go home. I jerked off like crazy that night, just thinking about all the possibilities, maybe he wanted to get me into his secret place and convince me to suck him off, I thought about swallowing his cum. A full load all over my face, maybe he wanted to touch me all over.

I really don’t know, but it made me so horny. Maybe he’d have raped me. I wanted something in my ass.

I’m going there again tomorrow, this isn’t the end…



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