Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand II: Language SchoolFour years ago, I decided to apply my experience devising strategies for businesses worldwide to develop strategies that would bring me streams of fresh Fuckmeat in the countries of the world whose women I most enjoy to fuck. Head and shoulders above the crowd of nations is, of course, Thailand. Thai women are undisputedly the world’s most beautiful, and are also by far the most satisfying sexual female creatures on earth. I have worked in Thailand several weeks a year for years, and decided it was time to figure out how to have Thai girls coming to me to be fucked, with as little effort on my part as possible. I devised four schemes to do this for me in Bangkok, and another upcountry, and in Part One I showed you the first. Before we move on to Method Two, let me outline the principles covered in Part One. Any fresh Thai Fuckmeat scheme had to provide:1.Women who did not regularly fuck at all2.Women who cost me little or no time to procure3.Women to whom I could say “good bye” easily4.Women who would consider being paid for a fuck to be a bad thing5.Women who were relatively safe to fuck bareback, since I only fuck bareback6.One set of solutions for my time in Bangkok and another for my time upcountry7.Women who come from one of two groups: high school girls, and women considered tooold to be fuck-able (they think they’re used up by 29 in Bangkok and 23 upcountry!) 8.No dramaAt first, those seemed impossible goals, even in Thailand, but, as any man should, I started with what I had. I had used the same five-woman commercial interpreter firm for business for years, and had begun to fuck each of my interpreters as I used them; they each figured out early that my long work hours made it easier for them to sleep in my hotel room each night than to go home for four hours’ sleep. So they gladly fucked me for a few more hours’ sleep each night. When I learned they had bragged among themselves as to who had fucked me best, I knew the answer: I would get these ladies to find my Thai girls for me! I spent a whole evening in my hotel room instead of going out to find cunt, just to work on a way to rope them in. The next night I gathered them in their little office and proposed an annual competition to see which of them could do that best, and they were immediately in on the game!Thai women derive much of their identity from how well they satisfy their men sexually, and this leads to a competitive spirit that works to Men’s advantage. I devised a ranking scheme for each girl they brought me, and a way to tote them up to determine my annual winner among the five procurer girls. Yes, there is now a trophy and a four day vacation as the prize. And no, there is not much money involved for my procurers (and none for the Fuckmeat) since the procurers work for me all day anyway and do this as a source of fun and social power in their circles. They become a source of Falang cock for their friends. Among that small percentage of respectable Thai women who fuck at all, finding a discrete Falang cock on which they can impale their tight little Thai cunts is a valuable thing!Last time I introduced you to Pim, my source of young, highly fuckable Thai high school girls, and select mothers of same. This time, meet (and yes, I meat her too) KooKai. KooKai is 32 years old, four feet eleven inches, weighs 88 pounds, has great muscle tone, and sports A-cup tits with very dark, very long firm nipples. Her areoles are the size of a quarter, and her nipples are the diameter of my index finger and stand out about three-quarters of an inch! Her hair hangs down to her navel, black as night, and her eyes are also black. She is always upbeat, always seeing beauty around her, and always working hard to please me. She and Pim are lovers, and neither would marry a man, but both will be mine forever as important friends and, until I marry again, they will both be fuck buddies for me. KooKai is unbelievably into assfucking, and loves to fuck standing up and in carry positions. She has these silent, but total-body-spasming orgasms that leave her nearly u*********s, but she can have them every fifteen minutes or so for as long as I have the energy to fuck her. Her cunt is small and shallow. She thanks me when I ram her holes, and when I cum in her, tears of joy come from her eyes as if my cum kept her alive. She doesn’t care which hole I cum in, as long as I pump it all inside her. Out of just over eight hundred fuck-partners in my bed, she is the most ego-satisfying fuck I’ve had. At the same time, she is convinced every man needs variety, and has no difficulty bringing me other women and watching me (and helping me) fuck them. She serves me through my cock and my ego, and considers that effort a noble pursuit. In all of that, she is typically Thai! You just have to love KooKai! You just have to love Thai women!When I introduced the concept of the competition at the interpreter firm, Pim immediately seized on my suggestion that she get me girls from the school where she taught. KooKai knew immediately that she would find hers among the students at her English-Language school. KooKai takes only two or three clients a year for interpreting work, since her school is her primary interest, and she is busy there! She now employs nine teachers, most of whom are women, and most of whom are retired American high school teachers. Most of her students are up-country women from their late twenties through their thirties, and have recently moved to Bangkok for factory work. These women all want American husbands, so they rightly view English as their key to landing a good man. Her students tend to have a more traditional outlook on life, but they have been well-taught by their mothers about sex. While many have moved to Bangkok after bad divorces, many are still virgins, even well into their late thirties (in 2009, 65% of Thai women were virgins on their wedding night…it is a conservative place!). So, one has to go a bit more slowly with her girls than with Pim’s eager high schoolers if he wants to get maximum fucking pleasure from them. One nice feature about KooKai’s students is that maybe half are single mothers, and many of them enroll their daughters. Imagine a Thai girl given in an arranged marriage at age fifteen, who has a daughter that same year, and now is 32…the many mother-daughter fucks I have with KooKai’s girls are amazing! Our little contest feeds KooKai’s position of authority. She is often the only person in power that many of her students know outside work, and the one to whom they turn for guidance in the big city. She guides many of them right onto my cock! KooKai positions a night of sex with me as a chance for the student to prove herself with (and to learn all the “secret alanya escort tricks “ needed to please) the kind of man she wishes to marry. She positions me as a man with powerful Thai business connections that could yield the student or her daughter a position as a minor wife of a Thai businessman, or find her a local benefactor for college, or find her an American husband from among my acquaintances in the US (all true, if a bit over-hyped). And with KooKai’s bubbly personality, she also positions it as a night of great fun. For the daughters, she positions it as a chance to become sexually educated by a Falang cock. By the time KooKai brings her students to me on a given night, her girls are so excited, I just can’t lose! Ninety percent of her girls are not on the pill, and about 30-40% are virgins, but they’re all ready to fuck! In short, KooKai’s stream of fresh Thai Fuckmeat is amazing! There is a little hotel with about two dozen suites near KooKai’s house and school, and they know me well there, so when the weather is bad, our nights of sex take place in my hotel. Still, at certain times of year, I like the top floor garden at KooKai’s townhouse, which I fitted with a hot tub abut a year ago as part of KooKai’s prize for winning that year’s contest. She has a nice four-poster king sized bed with mosquito netting all ‘round on the roof right next to the hot tub, and the flowers and vines are lovely. The location has the added benefit of being accessible to the binoculars of five or six neighbors who love to watch me fuck these women. One young Thai couple in the adjacent town home is particularly fond of my nights on the roof, and nearly every time, fucks while they watch me work, offering applause for my virgins and good-natured encouragement for the women who are shy. Although KooKai won’t admit it, I’m now sure she alerts them to our fucknights in advance. In any case, they have almost become a tradition, and yet I have never said a word to them! The wife loves to watch me assfuck these girls in particular, and last time, began to use her newly-acquired dirty English, shouting across the roof things like: “Fuck in ass deep, muvver-fucker!” and “take all of Falang cock to root, good girl!” It is all so good natured, even the shy girls smile and fuck me harder! Such a kick!Nights with KooKai and her girls are not so formulaic as those with Pim’s girls, but there are common themes. KooKai almost always does more nights with me on my trips where it is her turn, since she brings me two single women each night or occasionally one woman and a mother-daughter pair. We all work together, in part because KooKai emphasizes that American men have large sexual appetites and her girls should learn to do threesomes for their eventual American husbands. The introduction portion is lovely. KooKai slowly undresses in the center of her top-floor bedroom, while her girls and I sit on folding chairs surrounding her. When she is totally naked, she slowly walks up to each of us, bending over and exposing her cunt and asshole to us one at a time, and wagging her nipples in our faces. Most of the girls reach out to feel her or lick her. They always tremble with excitement, since the whole while KooKai is reminding them of the wonderful fuck ahead of them! By the time she moves to me, her cunt is dripping with her juice, and the whole room is filled with her sex scent. Her nipples are standing al the way out, and inevitably I lick her cunt and suck her nipples a while before we continue. She brags at this, of course, since it is her chance to show the other girls how well she excites me…a cultured Falang swordsman of great power (seriously folks…it would be embarrassing if I were not so horny when she says it!)When KooKai is totally aroused, she begins the formal introductions of the girls she has brought me. She pulls the first girl to her feet and makes the girl strip slowly for me while KooKai reads from the girl’s file. Each file tells me the girl’s height and weight, her measurements, her work, and her stated goals (American husband, minor wife, beneficiary, sex-work, etc.). Then her sexual resume is read “This woman fuck two mans before, and suck three man cock…all Thai man. She married before to bad man, no have babies…nice tight cunt for you Khun Dabe-id” When the girl is naked, KooKai interrupts her reading to instruct the girl through showing herself to me. She has the girl spread open her cunt, show off her asshole, open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue, pinch her nipples to full height and shake everything she has in my face. I am supposed to sit still for this, and often I can, but sometimes, the girl ends up in my lap with my tongue down her throat and my index finger up her ass before KooKai can stop me. After KooKai restores order, the girl goes back to the center of the room, and stands smiling at me (she’s not allowed to look anywhere but my face at this point) while KooKai reads the list of sex acts the girl wants. KooKai reads like: “Now your first lover tonight is Noi, and she wants to suck your cock all the way to its root, Khun Dabe-id. She never do this before and never have Falang cock, so very excited by this!” Or, she might read “Your lover Nid likes to fuck ass very mutch, Khun Dabe-id, she want to have cum from your Falang cock in ass and push it out for you can see it nice on her brown ass, then to have daughter to lick it clean and swallow for you to please.” And about ninety percent of the time, she also reads, “And she not have pill for no babies, and you can cum in pussy please…she like have Falang cum in fertile pussy.” Everyone, including the girl in question, loves the embarrassment this causes, since the girl has to keep eye contact with me while her most intimate desires are being litanied. Of course there are few limits with these girls, because it is in KooKai’s interests to bring me girls with no limits if she wishes to win the contest that year! Often, the girls exceed their stated limits anyway. Still it is so wonderfully exciting to have KooKai calling out the girl’s dossier for me. It is not unusual for these girls’ cunts to literally leak cunt juices down their inner thighs while standing there looking in my eyes! And it is not unusual for multiple cunts to fill the room with their smell like a cloud of incense! My God, it is wonderful to be a man in Thailand! When each girl is stripped and inspected, and her history, measurements, and desires read aloud, KooKai asks me to stand, and she undresses me. She makes a big show of the process, stopping and talking about my body along the way, as if I were some sort of new species these girls might be reviewing in a zoology class! In a way I am, because none of KooKai’s students has fucked escort alanya or even seen a Falang man at close range. She pulls off my shirt for example, and smells and licks under my arms, telling the girls how “strong and tasty Falang man sweat smell!” She shows them my bare feet up close and they all crowd around my feet touching and smelling them. She pulls down my underwear from behind, and smells and licks my ass crack for them, encouraging them to enjoy it themselves later. She turns me around so they get their first glimpse of my cock, and they all invariably “oooh” and “Aaah”. I know I’m only a tad larger than average here, but compared to Thai men, my cock is a freak of nature! KooKai warns them it is my thickness that will hurt their holes the most, and she ducks under my balls to smell and lick there too. Of course the pre-cum is dripping from my cock at this point, and KooKai’s final act of privilege before her girls is to lick my cock head clean. She takes me down her throat and bounces her nose off my pubic bone a few times for show, and then tells her girls they must deep throat me also. Of course, she has just intimidated the hell out of them, and gets great pleasure from being able to take all of me. She would never say it took her four tries and two vomits to get all of me down her throat the first time!Depending on the weather, we might continue in the bedroom, or all go up to the roof. I prefer the roof, if it is not too hot, since KooKai always has a small buffet of chilled fruits and crispy-pork and rice and ice water. It is such a kick to be on her roof! The feeling of being at a naked party out in the open is so thrilling, particularly as these fundamentally shy Thai women are always nervous about it (Until they’re being pounded or swallowing cum, of course!) Usually they stand around the buffet nervously drinking cold water. Imagine yourself with a sexually exquisite Thai goddess, naked, shepherding either two beautiful, naked thirty-something Thai women or one single Thai woman and one mother-daughter pair to an outdoor bed for the expressed purpose of fucking them all for hours! Thank heavens there is Kamagra! So many holes to fuck! So many loads of cum to deliver! And all these girls want my cum, so much that I cannot disappoint them! As you learned in the discussion of Pim’s stream of fresh Thai Fuckmeat, the rating I give each of the girls brought to me is fed into a computer at the firm and builds up the procurer girl’s score for each year’s contest. My ratings revolve around four categories, but are heavily weighted around the size, muscularity/depth/skill of the girls’ holes, and also heavily toward my assessment of each girl’s overall depravity. Depravity has to do with several things, such as the girl’s ability to beg for my cock and vocalize her enjoyment, her willingness to be watched or “caught” fucking me, her enjoyment of any audience that might happen, how loudly she cums for me, and finally, how many/how well she performs on a list of specific sex acts. These depravities include ATM, ATV, GS, s**t, Pink eye, and deep cuntal cream pies without birth control. Naturally, KooKai schools her women to provide me with the most depraved and devoted service, usually under the guise that such things are commonplace expectations of American men. Of course I do not dissuade them! The mothers are particularly good at making their daughters do nearly everything on my list of depravities, because they want their daughters to know everything Western men will expect of them. They are often quite insistent with their daughters, shoving their faces into my ass crack to tongue my asshole, holding their faces and open mouths under a stream from me, and other wonderful assistance! I have even had mothers forcefully hold open their daughter’s eyelids for good Pinkeye facials, just so the daughter could honestly say she had done that if a Falang man ever asked her about it online! It might not appear that way from my sexual life, but I really am a romantic at heart, and my best night at KooKai’s town home had to be the night we invited Tim. Tim was a college buddy of mine, who had gone through a painful divorce from the girl we had all told him not to marry. It was the typical story of a good man who so respected marriage that he had remained faithful to a cheating American whore. In the end he had booted the bitch, but was miserable even years later. He and I had often spoken of Thai women as ideal wives, and on one of my work trips, I invited him along. When I worked, one of the interpreter girls (usually Pim) would take him out to see the sights and educate him the while on the ways of good Thai women. Even before the trip, KooKai had convinced me that she had just the woman for Tim. She had talked with him on cam several times to get a feel for his needs, and had even stripped for him and spread her cunt while he jerked off for her. Tim had been clear that he wanted an innocent girl, but did not want a virgin, since he was afraid she would forever associate the pain of his cock ripping her hymen with him. We talked long about the apparent paradox of an innocent who was not a virgin, but I did come to understand his point of view. KooKai told me which night her girl would be there, and I set up a time to call Tim, to let him know if I thought she was good. That night, KooKai had a mother-daughter combo and Tim’s girl (a never-married virgin) lined up for me. My plan was to take the girl’s virginity, and then call Tim if I felt he’d like her. Tim was always a love-at-first-sight kind of guy, and we figured if I liked her, he would too.The evening was progressing nicely, and KooKai and the mother-daughter pair were gathered ‘round the bed on the roof to watch my cock tear this girl’s hymen. They were encouraging her with little applause and kisses, and KooKai had my cell-phone handy for me to make the call to Tim. The girl’s cunt was particularly wet, but it was difficult for her when I tore her hymen. She cried for a half minute while I waited, my cock buried in her newly-taken cunt. She rapidly changed her tune when I started pumping my cock into her! She sat up and returned each of my cock-thrusts with a hip movement of her own, held my chest against her nice tits and drove her tongue in my mouth. I was impressed with her…earlier in the evening, she had been a particularly good kisser, and had learned to take my cock down her throat on the second try. I loved her personality and thought Tim might also. She had already enjoyed my cock up her ass, and the feeling her cunt gave me was the clincher. KooKai handed me the phone while I was still pounding the girl, and I called Tim to tell him to come right away and marry this girl!Tim arrived maybe twenty alanya escort bayan minutes later. His girl and I were still enjoying our afterglow from her first fuck when KooKai heard her doorbell. She leaned her naked tits out over the roof-wall and called to him on the street below: “Khun Tim! Please come on up!” We had cleaned up his girl, and the mother-daughter team was quickly combing her waist-length hair. KooKai went downstairs to greet Tim, and it took them a while to return. Meanwhile the girl thanked me for making her night possible and in general tried to make herself calm for her new man. What we did not know, was that KooKai had met Tim in her bedroom, stripped him naked and sucked his cock into full hardness. When Tim appeared on the roof, already naked and hard, his girl melted and ran to him. She knelt before him and took his cock to the root in one gulp, looking at him with dark eyes, while the rest of us greeted him. He responded by picking up his little Ying and carrying her to the bed where he plunged his cock into her and fucked her as hard and as desperately as I have ever seen it done! He’d been without cunt for two years, and it showed, not only in his desperation, but in how quickly he poured his cum in her. He pulled out, her cunt dripping with his cum, and made her stand at the end of the bed. KooKai handed him a small box, which he opened and offered his girl the engagement ring inside! The rest of us, and the couple on the adjacent roof, applauded, while she accepted with a little squeal! Tim carried her down the stairs, and that was the last we saw of them for two days! Compared to Tim’s night, my personal best with KooKai might not have been as important, but it was nonetheless wonderful. One evening, the lovely young couple next door was heavily fucking while I was deep in a mother’s asshole doggy style. I kept looking over at the couple, where the wife was giving me the Victory sign, and the husband the Thumbs-Up! The husband sank all the way up his wife’s asshole and plowed her deeply to her loud grunts. The husband took a break and the wife shouted across to me, “Fuck daughter close here…she can see us too!” The mother literally reached back and pushed me out of her asshole, and said, “Fuck daughter there for wife!” I took the daughter, put her in a front-facing carry-fuck, and walked her to the edge of the roof, perhaps six feet from the voyeur couple, and fucked the living shit out of this little girl (seventy five pounds, and age 16) so they could see everything, and she could see them. My cock pounded her mercilessly in her little cunt, and her tiny tits flopped up and down with each lift. The husband was mesmerized…the wife drooled…my little girl gasped loudly and huffed out, “You like…my fuck?” The couple stopped moving and stared…I think they liked her fuck! That particular evening finished with a session in which I was standing at the foot of the bed with the mother face-down on the bed, and my cock buried again in her wonderfully tight asshole. The single woman was standing on the bed, her cunt shoved into my face forcefully, feeding me a continuous stream of her cum. KooKai had forced the kneeling daughter’s face into my ass and her tongue up my hole, shouting instructions to everyone in filthy terms. KooKai had one hand on the back of the daughter’s head to hold it in my ass, and the other with two fingers hooked in the girl’s cunt forcing her forward towards me. KooKai was rubbing her cunt on the daughter’s thigh, and came first, followed shortly by me, and finally the mother. And sure enough, just as KooKai had read in the mother’s profile, we all watched my cum drain from her brown asshole, down over her cunt lips, and straight into the daughter’s mouth. Then for maybe three minutes, the four women exchanged my cum with deep tongue kisses in each others mouths, until they all had a share. We all collapsed on the bed, to the applause of the couple next door.I woke up two hours later. Only KooKai remained next to me on the bed, still naked, her mouth lightly kissing my neck where she had been nuzzling, and her left hand gently stroking my cock. Her black hair nearly blocked out the candle light, but I could breathe easily. I shook her hair from my eyes so I could see my beautiful Thai lover. She spoke gently to me, first with a purely business attitude: “My girls good for my lover, Khun Dabe-id” (I am ceaselessly enchanted by Thai girls’ inability to pronounce “David”)? I told her they were the best she had brought me and would all rate highly. She smiled, but quickly changed her expression to a mock-pout: “My darling mahn not love his KooKai now? Not put cock in my holes tonight…no cum for this lady who work hard for you!” Her girls had indeed been good! How could I have missed fucking my darling KooKai? I assured her the Kamagra had some effect left, and I would cum in any hole she liked. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said: “Good mahn now thank good lady with cum in ALL holes tonight!” Ah, Thailand!!!!!!!!Over the last few years, KooKai has brought me sixty four girls ranging in age from 16-48, all bareback, all three-holers, fifty nine with no birth control, more than twenty of them virgins. I was able to fuck perhaps fifty of them on the roof, in a semi-public setting. I swear she must finger her girls before giving them to me, because they so closely compete with Pim’s high school girls for cunt and asshole tightness. KooKai has won the annual contest one time, and come in second twice. I love to lie on the bed with her when the others have gone, and listen while she sings to me in Thai and strokes my cock back to hardness. Most of all, I love that she thinks I am thanking her when I take all three of her holes as hard as I can! Well, I really am, but it is difficult to take credit for being gracious when I am ravaging her fuckholes so thoroughly! For most of us Western men, plagued by the braying donkeys, cackling hens and fat harridans that pass for women in the West, it is a rare thing that we stop to be happy that we are men. There are few benefits to being male here in the West any more; most of us now carry the burdens men have always carried, plus all the responsibilities formerly carried out by women who have long ago abdicated those responsibilities. But in Thailand…God yes, in Thailand…there it is good to be a man! It is not only the sex…I’m serious it is not only the sex; it is because in Thailand women are still proud to be women, still proud to practice the difficult art of the True Feminine! They are true partners of strength and wisdom, resilient in the face of difficulties, and supportive of the men they choose to follow in life. No man should marry a Western girl before making a pilgrimage to this nation of thirty-five million men-loving women who remember how to be women, and work hard to make a man remember he is a man! And then of course…there is the sex!Look forward to Part III, where we go over Daeng’s secretary scheme, coming soon!



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