FRENCH VACATIONSandy looked up from the books broken open on her desk. One hand with spread fingers pressed down two books open at the same time. The books were new and revolting against staying open. Her other hand had a pencil poised in her hand. The way she held the pencil had always seemed awkward to everyone. It was like a fist with the pencil butt going straight into the air.”Honey, you have been studying all day on your birthday. Let me talk to my daughter for at least five minutes to wish her happy birthday.””But we have finals tomorrow.”Daddy placed his big warm hands on her slender shoulders. He was a big man with a big belly. He understood. He was very studious himself. That’s how he had become a financial controller at a big company. She definitely had taken after him and not her mother. Thank goodness!Up to the last minute, her mother had been out of control. During the custody hearings, the bailiff had her found in the shabby, degenerated court bathroom doing blow. The bailiff had dragged her in front of the judge. She was wearing a mini-skirt, heavy mascara, and her nose smudged with white blow. The final stroke for the judge had happened, when the bailiff found her in the court parking lot giving a juror a lap dance in his car. It was a red tiny Honda Civic with rust poking the paint. Her body had bumped everywhere at the small enclosure, as she was pushing her boobs into the face of the juror like a high end hooker. The judge had red faced slammed the gravel down over and over to declare father the sole custodian.”Sweetie, unwind a little. It’ll only take five minutes.”Sandy put down her pencil and turned sideways on the chair. She was wearing farmer John shorts. The light blue denim went down to her knees. The suspenders went over her shoulder. The front of the jeans covered her belly. She wore a unicolor lavender t-shirt. Her hair was pulled together in a ponytail. There was not a trace of makeup on her face or jewelry. He definitely didn’t have to worry about her having d**g problems, a boyfriend, or getting in with the wrong crowd.”I got you a little something.”He handed her a white envelope that had ‘Happy Birthday, Sandy’ written on it. He was still in his business suit from the office. It was nothing flashy. It was his working clothes. She ripped the envelope open. Her eyes grew big when she was reading it. Her arms shot into the air with little fists of her slender teenage fingers. She jumped up and full body hugged her father. His face turned slightly red and a big proud smile hushed over his face.She slunk down on her chair to read the card in detail to soak in everything about the gift. Something made her pause. She looked questioning at daddy.”A trip to France for my high school graduation is really awesome. Though, I’d really want to see Paris.””Honey, Paris is a big city with all kinds of crime and dangerous people. Okay, I want my birthday girl to be happy. If you really want Paris, you must understand that you can leave the hotel only with me. There will be no roaming around on your own. On the other hand, if we take the river boat around Southern France, you can run around the little cities we visit however you please. What is it going to be?”Sand’s face turned thoughtful. She was counting the threads on the carpet. Then, she looked up.”Okay, we’ll do the river boat. But, you have to promise that we can do anything all day and night, if we wanted to?””Honey, you have my word, as long as it is nothing criminal.”A month later, they stood at the side of the river in Bordeaux. Father was dressed in white slacks with a blue shirt unbuttoned one button more than usual. He wore a white had with a black band. His belly was full as ever. He had a happy smile on his face. The dream of steering a live-in boat through the French backcountry had been his dream for a long time.Sandy stood next to him with her blond hair. She wore jeans and Bordeaux tourist t-shirt. She held onto her pink suit case. Tara, her best friend, had joined them. She had black hair. Sandy and Tara had been friends for so long that they started to have the same looks on their faces and body language. They both had languid, skinny bodies. The only difference to Tara’s dress was that Tara had the bottom of her jeans folded over to show the pale inside of the denim clothes. Her suitcase was black.The boat rental guy pulled their boat up to the stone wall. The river was green and languid. Large trees grew next to. Their branches reached down into the water. The water curled around the low branches as it pushed toward the ocean. The boat was a big oval thing. The roof was low slung. It had a big belly seemingly underground. There was a little fence running all around it. The fence was maybe a foot high. It made it really easy to jump on the ship anywhere or to dangle the feet over board, while watching the country side drift along.The jumped aboard. There was a living room with a small kitchen. It was the tiniest sink ever. There was a single propane burner to cook. There was a cockpit with thick a thick leather bench. The girls quickly realized that there was only one bedroom. The bedroom was pretty much a twin sized mattress with no walking floor. The door opened straight onto the mattress. They crawled into the bedroom space pushing their suitcases ahead of them. There was a little stow room to the side for the suit case. Window slits were on both sides of the bedroom to watch out onto the river. The girls bounced around on the mattress being giddy. Father was banished to sleep on the couch in the living room.Father was immediately canlı bahis intrigued by all the controls in the cockpit. With the manual on his lap, he started pulling the first buttons to steer the boat into the middle of the river and off they went. He learned the finer controls for radio communication as they trawled upstream.Sandy and Tara were giddy about being in France. They were running around the top of the ship. One got the idea to climb on top of the cockpit, and hang down to give father and upside down wave. They were such c***dren, especially now that all the responsibility of high school was behind them. Father looked up and smiled at them. He loved having a happy family.Two hours later, he left the big Garonne River with all the transportation barges. The boat puttered into a little side canal. From then on, they were deep in the French country side. They passed fields with tall wheat. Medieval windmills waved at them with their wind wheels spinning languidly in the near wind still summer heat. Quaint villages with sleepy dogs and chirpy birds passed them.The standing heat made them tired. The girls were reading books and listening on their iPods. At night, the heat would not want to clear out of the boat. The girls slept out of view in their bedroom with the windows wide open. The night air was filled with the smell of trees and fish. Father was sleeping in plain view, whenever the girls came out for the midnight bathroom break.At first, he slept in long flannel pajamas. After tossing and turning the whole first night in misery, practicality had won over chastity. He slept in his briefs. They were old, cotton things with snappy waste bands. He had apologized to the girls and tried to explain. They had only sniggered at him with a fake accent: “This is France, land of the Frenchmen. Frenchmen have strange customs.” And, that was it.The second night, the rocking of the boat had become one sided. Instead of leaning left and right, it kept leaning, right-right-right. Just as everyone was about to go back to dreams, father jumped up in his briefs. He ran up to the deck and jumped overboard fast as a weasel.The anchoring rope had become loose overnight. The boat had drifted onto a sand bank. The bill for a boat tow was hundreds of dollars. Madly alarmed, father was standing in knee deep water on the sandbank. He pushed with both hands against the boat. The boat didn’t move.The girls came out to watch. Their eyes were wide open. They were too dazed to realize what to do. Father noticed the he could rock the boat. And, so his fatty financial controller arms started pumping the boat. He threw his whole body into it. Definitely, the adrenaline had gotten the best of him. He was physical like never before in his life.Tara was the first to notice that his penis had slipped out of the old cotton briefs. His penis was shaking in a half circle with each pump. Tara covered her mouth and whispered to Sandy with a spark of excitement in her eyes.”Oh my god, your dad is hung like a stallion. I bet if that is hard, it reaches up to his belly button.”Sandy’s face darkened at the sight of the fat man with the big belly: “ew””Oh, Sandy, we are in France. This is the land of love and romance. Men walk around the city in Speedos.””Well, so far, we have only been to little villages with old man.””We really have to change this. I can see how your dad has this idyllic notion of being a river boat captain. The country side is certainly really French. Though, I didn’t go to high school and fly across the big pond to miss out on some truly French experience. I want some passion.””Yeah, dad certainly made sure that we’d be far away from all that.””Well, at least we can enjoy your father’s penis. Maybe, one night, when he is sleeping, it’ll slip out.””I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes, I think back on when I was a little c***d. Then, my dad would go in the changing room with me at the pool. It was innocent. Yet, I still remember how his penis looked. It is straight, well balanced, thick, and has all these ripples running over it. If I have a boyfriend, I want one with a cock like that.””Now, I want to see it up close.””We are so bad. However, as bored out of our minds as we are, no one could hold it against us.”Father screamed for one of them to push the throttle forward. He had rocked the boat loose enough that a little shove from the engine could get it back into the depth of the river. The boat glided away from the sand bank. Sandy saw his father realize his wardrobe malfunction and put it back out of sight. He never said a word, hoping that nobody had noticed in the darkness of the night.The next day, they came onto a trader sitting by a river wall. He had a chair, table, and boxes of merchandise. He was a tall, skinny young lad of their age. He slouched deeply on the fold out chair. His long legs with the cowboy boots spread wide and far. His straight long hair fell back lazily. Tara stubbed Sandy in the side with her finger. Both giggled. The lad had a long face that lazily looked into the distance.They asked dad to stop. They hopped onto the river wall. The lad didn’t steer. He was too cool. The girls looked at him. He had dreamy eyes that were looking in the distance. He had an almost short trim beard over his face. He was chewing on a wooden toothpick with lush full lips.Sandy whispered to Tara, “we found our French lover boy.”He didn’t speak English at all. Yet, when his mouth opened, his voice was relaxed and full of resonance. They could feel the fricative sounds resonate in the little bones of their bodies. They looked through his bahis siteleri boxes. It was swimwear. They instinctively looked for the typical bottom and bikini combination. The colors were lovely.He playfully slapped their hand to signal that these were not for them. He pulled out two one pieces. They were not the tame one pieces from back in America. One of the one pieces had a scantily clad bottom. A series of rings covered connected to the bikini top covering the belly. The other one piece had skinny bands of fabric run across the belly, so that the top did not have to connect in the center.Sandy cringed. This was how movie stars at the Riveria dressed. She had a beautiful skinny body from all the good nutrition her dad had given her all her life. She certainly could show it off. Tara recognized Sandy’s thoughts.”Sandy, we are in France. This is like what happens in France stays in France. We can sunbath on the boat deck like that and get a little thrill. There are not even any men to ogle us. And, if they are Frenchmen, not pervy Americans!”Sandy yelled, “Daddy bring money. We went shopping!”When Daddy jumped overboard, he came walking with the wallet in his hand. He was wearing shorts and a white wife beater t-shirt. Father immediately protested. However, Sandy reminded him that she could get anything, if she agreed to give up Paris.And, then she went one on top. She picked a bright red thong speedo and told her dad to get one of these. Both, Sandy and Tara leaned against one side of father each. They rubbed their bodies against his. They caressed his chest. They made putty faces. Daddy felt so uncomfortable to feel the little perky mounds of their breasts against his side that he quickly paid for the bright red speedo thong.They turned around to get back to the boat. Tara sighed about the prospect of more languid summer heat with nothing to do on the boat. The lad’s fingers touched her shoulder and pulled her around. There was something soft and masculine about the touch. Her belly felt like melting. She pulled herself together and asked ‘what?’The lad looked around shifty. He motioned her to sit down quickly. She sat down curious to what was going on. The lad’s face looked almost stressed. He held his hand under the foldout table. His face quickly twitched for her to move. She figured that he went really funny about handing holds, not at all how she expected a romantic Frenchmen to make a move.She gently caressed his hand. Her fingers were a little cool and clam from being nervous. He opened his fist and pushed two white candy pieces into her hand. Then, he leaned back. He said something in French. Sandy was already on the boat. So, Tara jumped up and ran after her. She popped the candy and handed the other one to Sandy. It tasted like nothing, just some white powdery thing. She figured that it was at least sugar free.The boat tuckered on. They got the lounge chairs up on deck. The girls tried out the new swimwear. They felt awkward and naked in it. They felt like a spot light was shining on them, because the design was so racy. Yet, only trees and field roads passed them. Pretty soon, father tied up the boat in the middle of nowhere. He joined them in his new speedo. He had a smirk on his face. Somewhere, he had decided to like the French way and feel the taboo of sunbathing in a speedo thong.Tara quickly noticed the outline of daddy’s penis right away. The large penis hung way to the right. She touched Sandy’s arm to rouse her silently to cop a look as well. The moment that her hand touched the arm, she felt overwhelmed. Sandy’s arm felt so soft. It was delicious like licking honey. Sandy turned over to look deeply in Tara’s dark brown eyes.Tara could only say “wow.” She felt bliss in her rising. She caressed along Sandy’s whole arm. It felt amazing. Sandy eagerly reached her hand to touch Tara’s arm as well. Their sense of feeling was so changed. It felt like out of this world.Tara turned to point at daddy’s dick and whispered, “You know what I’m thinking?” Her words were so bold. She didn’t feel out of control. She felt like she was more in control. It was like her secret thoughts were save to put out in front of her best friend.Sandy only nodded, “I know.”Sandy got up swiftly. Her limbs moved so freely and easily. Within an instant, she hopped onto father’s belly with her legs spread to straddle him. Father jumped up from a slumber.”What’s going on?””Oh, daddy do you remember, when I was little and we played ride the horse?””Well, yeah, I remember ‘jump, jump little rider.'””Sing it again for me. “Father hesitantly started singing the song about the little rider and all his adventures. Sandy slid her pussy onto his penis. The fabric of the swimsuit was thin. She could feel his penis hardening.”Me, too” said Tara with a raunchy voice.Tara slid up right behind Sandy. The growing penis was large enough for both of them to rub their pussies against him. Father’s voice was shrieking more and more. Father tried to hold onto the song and ignore what the girls were doing to him. His erect penis had slipped out of the constraint of the speedo. The tip was indeed up to his belly button. He kind of liked to feel his daughter on his cock, because it hid the stark nakedness from his daughter’s best friend. Her daughters best friend was almost falling off, yet she was rubbing her young eighteen year old pussy against the base of his shaft.When the initial shock wore off just enough for him to feel a little turned on, he jumped to his feet and ran into the cockpit of the boat. That was his little safe heaven. He pulled a blanked güvenilir bahis over his loin and poured over river and canal maps to get his mind off what had happened. He had been sprung.The girls realized that they were high. The candy from the lad was apparently some kind of d**g. They locked themselves up in their bedroom. They slowly caressed each other. They didn’t feel aroused at all. The touch simply felt so good. They embraced each other. They whispered secrets until they fell into a slumber.When they awoke, it was already dark outside. They felt like themselves. They looked out of the window. They thought about how to explain to each other what had happened.Sandy turned to Tara, “I think that lad gave us d**gs. We were so high that we m*****ed my dad. I still remember everything clearly. It wasn’t like a drunk binge. Everything seemed actually even more clear.”Sandy nodded, “maybe, if we ignore the whole thing, your dad will ignore it as well. Can you pass me the bottle of water.”Sandy leaned over Tara’s body. And, there it was again. Tara’s skin felt so delicious. Sandy smiled and felt Tara’s boobs. Tara reeled back to enjoy Sandy’s hot hands over her boobs. Tara also was rolling again. The d**g was starting over again. The touch had triggered their neural chemistry to go partying again. They were back in the happy state.Tara took Sandy by the hand to lead her outside into the living room. Daddy was lying on his back snoring. He was out cold. The blanket had been kicked off. He was sleeping in his saggy white cotton briefs. Tara’s fingers slid under the side of the cotton briefs. She pulled them down over his hairy thighs.Then, she leaned forward over his crotch and pulled his penis into her mouth. Daddy was sleeping without even twitching. Tara’s lips were stretched wide by the big member. She could only get half of the flaccid b**st into her mouth. The b**st quickly hardened and spilled out of her mouth. Her saliva coated his penis. When the pole was standing up away from his belly, Tara gleefully said, “I’m like sword eater how I pulled that cock out. Now go ride it.”Sandy was without reluctance. She pulled her swim suit off. Her naked pussy was visible in the gray light of the night. Her breasts were smallish, yet firm. Her body was so trim that the skin exposed her hip bones. She crawled onto her knees to hover her pussy over daddy’s groin. Her hand reached back to wrap her fingers around his shaft. She pointed his penis head to her pussy opening. Then, she let her butt fall down onto his groin. She called out like a cowgirl. Her eyes rounded. The penis had shot so deeply inside of her that it touched her uterus. She didn’t go to thrusting him. Instead, she ground her pussy around his penis. She loved feeling his pubic hair and pubic bone push against her vulva.Tara slipped out of her swim suit as well. She loved feeling the air around her private parts that were always pressed against by clothing. She kneeled over daddy’s face. She tried to get him to eat her. However, he simply kept sleeping and blowing breath with his nose against her young, firm pussy.In a moment of creativity, Sandy called out, “put honey on your cunt. He loves honey more than anything.” Tara got a jar of honey out of the pantry. She spread the yellow syrup over her pussy with her finger. Then, she smashed her pussy onto father’s big, red lips. His lips parted by the force. She could feel his teeth against her snatch. Somehow, a drop of honey touched his tongue. Instinctively, his tongue flicked out like a fish snapping for a fly. Tara softly cried out in pleasure. She smeared her whole vulva lengthwise across his lips. He started licking and sucking.Half a minute later, he stopped licking, when the honey was licked clear of her snatch. She put more honey on her pussy to start the licking machine again. She watched Sandy. Sandy had both her hands resting on his belly. The hands made deep indentations in the fat of the belly. Sandy slowly glid her pussy up and down the full length of his penis. White pussy juices were sticking to her father’s shaft. Their faces were so close to each other that it was almost a kiss. They relished feeling their naked bodies and the hot breathes of intimacy that they were blowing onto each other’s bodies. Yet, they were too busy to stimulate their hot sexes on father to make out.Tara whispered, “should we have used a condom?””Nah,” said Sandy, “my dad hasn’t gotten any action since mother. And, I’m on the pill. My insides turn nuts at the idea of my dad’s spunk inside of me. That is so taboo. That is so French.”Tara applied more honey to her dripping wet pussy. Sandy started thrusting her hips fast and rhythmically. Her body was covered in sweat. With a hard breath, Sandy grunted, “now that you have me thinking about my spunk’s dad inside of me, I want it now.” Tara was slowly moaning. She was too consumed by her own orgasm creeping up.Sandy grabbed Tara’s wrist, “I can feel him pumping inside of me.” Tara rested her forehead against Sandy’s sweaty shoulder, while Tara felt the orgasm ripple through her pussy. Her whole nervous system was pulsating.When the softness of the post-orgasm came on, Tara whispered, “you know that we just ravaged your dad.” They retreated to their bedroom. They fell into slumber. They gently awoke. They thought the d**g was gone. However, another touch and everything started over. This time, they were mellower. They talked about what had happened. They felt close. The d**g warmed their heart. They accepted that they had acted out a fantasy. If they kept quiet about it, it could be their little French secret.Their journey continued along the rural canals of Southern France. They finished another book. Father mastered learned a few knew knots and mastered every arcane control switch of the boat.



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