She pulls to the curb while I am walking down the street at night and motions for me to hop in. She is braless in a loose shirt. She is wearing a loose, flowing skirt (knee length to lower thigh) with no panties underneath. She asks me where I am headed, I tell her and she drives in that direction. With one hand on the wheel and the other on her leg she is almost unnoticeably sliding her skirt up her thighs.

‘Up here on the left’ I say as I notice the bare legs under the wheel. My member twitches in my pants. She slows down as I tell her this is the place. She doesn’t stop though. She picks up speed as she drives past. ‘You missed it’ I say as I see where her legs meet each other and I rather ignore the fact I am not going home right now. She says nothing as her second hand moves to the wheel. Her pussy just barely showing.

‘Where are we going?’ I ask only half caring as my attention remains on her lap. She glances at me and smiles mischievously seeing where my attention is. She doesn’t answer. She just keeps driving. I writhe in my seat a little trying to allow my hardening cock room to grow.

I tentatively put my hand on her leg about halfway up her thigh. She makes no reaction. Her eyes set on the road in front of us. I slowly and gently massage at her thigh. Moving my hand up towards her crotch. As I get closer her left leg slowly moves outward, allowing my hand unrestricted access.

I feel her leg twitch slightly as the side of my pinky brushes against the lips of her pussy, but apart from that, her attention to the road stays true. I once again ask where we are going, and again get no response.

My hand slides up her leg a little more and my pinky is now in between her pussy lips with istanbul escort the last knuckle pressed up against her clit. The rest of my fingers massage lightly at her inner thigh as my little finger moves up and down her slit. She is slowly getting wetter.

The only motion she makes in response to my touching is that her left leg is now spread open as far as the confines of the car will allow. My pinky moves and makes way for my other fingers to have some fun. My ring finger rubs lightly at her clit as my middle finger cautiously pushes into her. She makes her first noise since she picked me up. A light moan escapes her, but her attention is not diverted.

I slide my finger in and out of her a little, but struggle to get my arm at the right angle to slide it her deeply. She stops my struggling as she moves her right hand from the wheel and takes hold of my wrist. Without taking her eyes from the road she pulls my hand to her mouth and sucks her essence from my finger. She then moves my hand to her waist and slides it up under her shirt to her breast. She let’s go as I take hold of the unseen mound and her hand returns to the wheel.

I gently squeeze at her breasts and play with her nipples. Rolling them around between my thumb and forefinger. She makes only one other noise before we arrive at her destination. Another moan slightly louder than the last, when we hit a bump and my fingers pinched her nipple hard.

She came to a stop and parked on the side of a street. She motions for me to get out of the car and I comply. I stand up and adjust my cock (which is throbbing in my pants). I look around and try to figure out where we are, but I avcılar escort have no idea. I was paying no attention to the road while she was driving.

She walks in front of he car and motions for me to follow her. I do. I watch her ass move her skirt as she guides me, and I bite my lip imagining what it looks like free from the flowing fabric.

She turns into a park entrance, and I follow her past a sign stating the park closes at 8. I think it is nearly 10, if not later. I look around for cops or security guards and don’t see any. I’m not sure that seeing any would stop me from following her. She leads me around a bend and out of the view of the street. She stops and waits for me to walk up to her. She grabs me by the belt and unbuckles it. She undoes my pants, reaches in and pulls out my dick. She pulls me to her body then slides down me to her knees. She sucks at my cock, not hungrily and not in a way that would ever get me off, but very teasingly. Licking the side, kissing the tip, and pulling lightly on my balls. She does this for about fifteen minutes. Making my dick seem to be harder than it has ever been, but no where close to cumming.

She stands up slowly, just like she went down, rubbing her body up the length of mine. Her face gets to mine and she smiles an evil smile as she quickly licks my lips, grabbing my dick and squeezing it.without stroking. Still holding my manhood in one hand she turns around and lifts her skirt to the base of her ass with her free hand. She pushes down on my cock and backs up to me. She let’s go of me and let’s the top side of my shaft press up against the opening to her pussy. She rocks back and forth on me. Her wetness coating my dick, lubing şirinevler escort me up for what is to come.

I flip up her skirt and admire her ass in the moonlight as it slowly moves back and forth into my stomach. I leave the skirt flipped as my hands side up under her shirt and take hold of both of her breasts. I squeeze them tightly as my urge to fuck is growing wildly. Her urges are apparently too strong for her to bear anymore, for when I pinch and pull at her nipples hard she pulls her pussy away just enough so the tip of my cock slides down her slit to the entrance of her woman hood and she pushes back hard. Sliding me deep inside her. She cries out loudly. Her voice echoing through the park.

She moves to the ground. I follow her, not letting my dick pull out of her. I do her from behind for a little while before she pushes me out of her and onto my back. I lay in the grass as she moves on top of me. She straddles me perfectly, setting her pussy right on my dick. Her skirt covering our act. My hand slide up her legs and grab her ass as she rocks back and forth on my cock. The motion causes her nipples to rub against the fabric of her shirt and become hard. They poke at her blouse, and without thinking I sit up and bite them through the cloth. This drives her over the top. I look up to see her biting her lower lip hard. Eyes are mostly closed, but they are rolled back. She grabs my head and pulls me hard into her chest. Her pussy tightens strongly around my cock. Her orgasm sucks my orgasm out of me. I grab her ass hard and she moans loud enough for another echo to happen.

She stops her grinding but remains sitting with me inside her until she catches her breath.

She then stands up and straightens her outfit before motioning me to follow her to the car. I follow. Fixing my pants as we walk. She drives me back to where I wanted to go, and wishes me a good evening. She leaves me back on the sidewalk, alone. Her greeting and farewell the only words spoken. Her name unknown, and her face never to be seen again.



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