I am sitting in my truck waiting patiently for your arrival thinking of all the wonderful conversations that we have had when I see your car make the turn into the parking lot. All the thoughts freeze in my head as now I am getting a little worried and scared that things might not go so well. The thought that you might not like what you see or for some other reason just change you mind from what we have said online and on the phone.

Finally what after what seems like an eternity you turn into the half of the parking lot that I am in and you pull up slowly beside me. As we look at each other I see a smile come across your face and I feel one come across mine. You put your car in park and turn off the ignition and I am already out of my truck to greet you. I open your door and.

“I am so glad you could make it. I was afraid something would come up and prevent us from meeting again…I must say… I am pleasantly surprised; you are more than I thought. You are beautiful”

You start to get out as I take your hand and you rise to meet me and we join in a friendly embrace and I lean over to kiss your cheek and you turn your head and my kiss falls on you soft sensual lips. As our kiss breaks we both lean back slightly and just stare into search others eyes.

After exchanging a few pleasantries I ask you if you would like to get in the truck with me. You answer by nodding your head and that mind-trapping smile. I walk you to the passenger side of my truck and open the door for you. You step up inside but do not turn and we are entangled in another embrace and once again a kiss, only this time you angle your head slightly and you part my lips with your tongue and I meet your advance with my own. After we kiss for several minutes you turn your legs into my truck and I shut the door with more confidence that a few minutes before. As I come around to my side of the truck I notice that you have moved a little closer to half way and I get in. I turn to face you after I shut the door and when I do you kiss me yet again and the kiss is not quite as long as you break the kiss to tell me how happy you are to finally be here in my arms.

It is at that point that I know that you are not disappointed in whom you have met and….

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you are here. You are so beautiful; I don’t know why in the world you would have thought I would not like what I see. I think you are amazing.”

Before I can say anymore you lean over and I meet you in a very passionate kiss. Your tongue explores my mouth and mine yours. I take my hand and start caressing the side of your face and neck. After what must have been 5 minutes anadolu yakası escort you break the kiss and push me away slightly and you tell me that we need to go somewhere a little less public. However, no sooner than you finish your words you lean back in and out kiss continues. I start to caress your arm and your side while holding you close with my other arm. I notice that you have started to caress the side of my face now as well.

As we continue to kiss, my hand brushes your breast and you gasp slightly. In hearing this I go against all of my self promises of spending significant time talking before I made any moves and I brush your breast again although this time on purpose. Again you gasp slightly with an approving sound, so I move in for more. With all of the conversations and chats that we have had running through my mind all of my sexual frustrations are coming back. The mere thought has my member standing at attention already. I cup your breast from outside your shirt and massage it gently as you let out a groan and I feel a sense of tension from you as well.

After a few more minutes of caressing and kissing and massaging I get braver and decide to try my hand under your shirt. Meeting no resistance I place my hand on the soft silky fabric of your sheer bra. As I do this I feel your hand across my chest and back over my shoulder. Even braver yet I take my fingers and slide them under your bra and ease it over your breast so that I am now on your bare flesh. As soon as I cup your breast I feel you soft nipple harden, so I lightly tweak it. It begins to feel like a pencil eraser only larger as it hardens. I roll you nipple between my fingers as I break our kiss and move over to kiss your neck and ear lobe. You respond with a series of groans and gasps. I feel your hand start to drop from my chest and across my stomach as your hand comes to rest on my cock. You start to rub firmly squeezing gently through my dockers.

I pull away slightly and look into your eyes and I can see the heat of a passionate woman about to be driven wild. We look at the time and realize we have only been together a little over 15 minutes but you tell me that if we don’t leave this parking lot that we are going to be providing some explicit entertainment for those who pass by. So reluctantly we break away further and I straighten myself to drive and then you lean over on me with your head resting on my shoulder. We pull off slowly as we chat about where to go. Fortunately I have an idea that just might work to we start that way and you slide your head down into my lap and I feel your hand massaging my cock through ataşehir escort my pants. As we pull out on 29 I start to massage your side and breast as best as I can and I feel the tug at my zipper. In a moment I feel the soft feel of your hand find it’s way through my boxers and onto my cock. Almost immediately my cock is at full attention and I feel you tugging at it trying to set it free. In just the same instant, you succeed. I feel the cool air ass you stroke your hand up and down my shaft. Your face, close enough I can feel your warm breath, intermittently. I let out an approving groan and with no warning at all you encase my entire cock in your mouth. Bringing my cock back out of your mouth with a pop you tell me that you have been wondering what my cock would feel like. You go back down on my cock, bobbing up and down while your hand caresses my balls.

Driving has become so much more difficult than I could possibly imagine. You have turned so that all I can reach is your back and the back of your head so that is what I do as I am so desperately trying to concentrate on driving I gently rub your back and the back of your head. I run my fingers through your hair and ride my hand there as you continue to bob up and down. My cock tingling with excitement we finally turn down the road to the park that I found. You come up and ask where we are. I tell you that we are at the park and you only respond with “perfect.” As we pull up to the final spot you look up at me and your mouth is glistening with saliva as you grin and continue to pump my shaft with your hand.

I pull you up to me so that I can kiss you. I reach my hand between your legs and I can feel your heat. I let the large “arm rest” down in my truck and coach you to sit on it as I raise your skirt up over your hips so that it is bunched around your waist. I spread your legs so that one foot is in the floorboard and the other is in the back seat. I have a beautiful view of your satin and silk panties. I lean over and I can smell your excitement blooming like a spring rose garden. I lean over and kiss the inside of your thigh. I feel your whole body shutter. I kiss my way up to the apex of you inner thigh dragging my tongue leaving a trail of wetness. As I get there I blow gently to cause a cool feeling where my tongue has passed. It works perfectly and you shutter again. I lick against the soft fabric and I can feel the outline of your pussy and I feel your hand come to the back of my head. I nibble and tug with my lips at your clit and I feel your wetness start to soak through. I trace the outline with my finger just before I slide that finger under the leg band ümraniye escort of your panties and ease it over so that I have access to your beautiful shaved pussy. I lean over and lick it gently.

Then I start to flick my tongue back and forth over your clit. I take my fingers and gently spread the lips of your pussy apart so that I can encircle your entire clit. Then I stick my tongue in your pussy. There I find it the abundance of moisture that was just waiting for the dam to open and there is enough wetness to drip down on the seat. I start to pump my tongue in and out of your pussy as I massage your clit with my thumb. I hear low moans start to escape from your mouth and then I insert a finger into your pussy. You are so tight; I can believe you have had children. I flick my tongue quickly over your clit and I feel more moisture coming. I slowly insert a second finger and it is such a tight position. I manage to turn my hand upside down so the I can curl my fingers up to rub that tough rigid area under your pubic bone, the “G spot.” Almost immediately I feel your legs start to shake and I wiggle my fingers back in forth inside you as if I were saying, “come here.” You let out a yelp and I know that you are getting closer. I pull my fingers from your pussy and replace them with my mouth and tongue. I suck into your pussy and pull out more of your slickness. I rub my finger in your pussy and then start to massage your ass.

I feel your ass relax a little so I ease my finger in to the second knuckle and then back out a little. As I press it back in I put my second finger into your pussy. I start to work my fingers in and out of your body and I feel your legs tighten up and you expel a long groan. I can tell that I have brought you closer yet and I know that I am going to make you cum. I suck at your pussy flicking my tongue over your clit and I fuck my fingers in and out of your pussy and ass. I take my other hand and I reach under your shirt to massage your breast and pinch your nipples lightly at first but as I feel your pussy start to tighten and grow hotter I pinch a little harder.

I feel your hips start to buck and your legs start to tense up and get tighter around my head. I feel your pussy start to spasm and you start to yelp a little with high-pitched gasping. Then I feel the wetness. You are starting to cum! I suck harder on your clit and lap at your juices but they are coming too fast. You are snapping you hips and bucking wildly. You are cumming so hard!

I feel your body start to relax, and I come up for air. You have a light coat of sweat on your body and you are still breathing hard but your eyes are shut. When you open your eyes you see that my face is almost covered completely in your cum and I am licking my lips and still massaging your pussy with my hand. And you lean over to me and we embrace and kiss and you run your tongue over my face cleaning me off like a cat. You are still moaning softly and I can feel the heat radiating from your body.



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