Author’s note … This is a present-tense, second-person point of view, meaning it’s written from the perspective of me and you. “You” being a sweet and sexy lady. If you are such a lady and enjoy the story, please get in touch through my profile … I’m always looking for partners to collaborate on new creative endeavors.

And now on to the story …


We sit in the seats closest to the wall in the last row of the cinema. We talk quietly as other people filter in, finding seats toward the front. We are lost in each other, and don’t notice them, the people trying to find the middle seats in the middle row, the boys taking up the front row, the other sets of lovers. I playfully feed you popcorn as you nip at it and giggle.

We settle into our seats as the movie previews start. I hold your hand in my lap and stroke your fingers gently. Your hand is chilly and I lift it to my lips, blowing warm air over it. I kiss your knuckles, my lips lingering there. Your fingers curl at my soft kisses.

I hold your hand in my lap for a while longer. Soon you let it relax and rest around my thigh. My hand rests lightly on top of it as the film begins. I feel your fingers tense and relax, tense and relax, pulsing a little, squeezing. I glance sidelong at your face and I know from your half-closed eyes what you are feeling. Never one to let this mood pass, I lift my hand from yours and place it on your thigh. You shift a little in your seat, your legs turning a little to face more toward me.

My fingertip makes a slow circle on the inside of your bare thigh. You clench your jaw and swallow. My eyes are now intent on the side of your face, watching your reactions to my touch. After a moment I pull my hand away and you sigh, almost in relief from the teasing. I touch the tips of two fingers to my tongue, wetting them, and return them to their place, spreading warm wet saliva on your smooth skin, like a displaced kiss. You squirm a little. My hand moves a little higher and you blink, slowly, your eyes lingering closed for a full second.

I glance around the theater and, confident we’re safe, I suddenly grab your skirt and fold it up onto your belly. You gasp and turn to me, your eyes open and wild. I make a “Shh” sound with my lips and push the fabric into your belly, holding it there despite your efforts to push it back down. I nod my head toward the rest of the audience, and you see there is no one even remotely able to see the middle of our row, even canlı bahis şirketleri if they were looking. You let out a little sigh and turn back to the movie, your hands resting on your bare thighs, your legs falling open, your pussy lips suddenly exposed to the warm, dark air.

I look back up to the screen and watch the movie as my hand slowly travels down. My four fingers cover your mound and press lightly, causing you to tighten your muscles and sigh quietly. I slowly, softly pet you, moving my fingers over your lips in slow strokes, for what feels like ages. Soon you relax, lost in the sensations. As I sense this, I use my first and third fingers to spread your outer lips. My middle finger dips between them into the wet folds of your pussy. It flicks up a few times, and I look down as your hands tense and your fingers dig into the soft flesh of your thighs.

Slowly and softly my middle finger finds your wet, warm opening and slips in. You let out a silent moan as it penetrates you. I push the heel of my hand against your clit, and you find your hips sliding down in your seat, rolling in a slow rhythm. I fuck you with my finger slowly, softly, and press harder with my hand.

When I look up to your face again your eyes are closed, your lips sealed, your breath coming in slow measured breaths. I pull my finger out and concentrate on your clit, my two middle fingers stroking in fast, hard circles. Suddenly your hands move — one to the arm of your chair, the other to squeeze my thigh — and your thighs close around my hand. My motions continue, my eyes intently watching your face. Your head falls back and I know you’re close. I press harder, insisting, rolling your clit, rubbing, stroking. I lean to you and whisper… “Cum for me.” And that does it. You push your feet hard into the floor and your hips lift a little. Your eyes clench tight and stars begin to jump and your throat closes and your face is hot. I keep rubbing fast and hard, clenching my fingers, shaking my hand, as you gently float back to earth.

You let out a long, slow breath and open your eyes. “My God,” you whisper. And you look toward me as I continue to pet your pussy softly. You look down and grin as you notice what my other hand has been doing….my thick, wet cock stands tall through the unzipped fly of my jeans, and I’m stroking it fast and hard.

Without a word you wrap your hand around it. You mouth the words, “Are you close?” and I simply nod. You begin to canlı kaçak iddaa stroke faster, squeezing the base of the head, pounding with your tight fist. I was close, very close, for soon you feel my balls tighten and my cock become rigid. You lick your lips and watch closely as a sticky spurt shoots up and onto your wrist. You cup your hand and try to catch spurt after spurt of warm cum. A drop or two fall onto the front of my dark jeans, but no one will notice. Your mouth continues to water as I shudder, coming down from my own amazing orgasm, and suddenly I grab your wrist. I lift your hand to my mouth and, looking intensely into your eyes, suck your fingers clean, one by one, then open your palm to lick the sticky mess from it.

You lick your lips as I drop your hand and settle back into my seat and grin, my attention turned back to the movie. You smirk and lick what remains from your own hand. You know you won’t let me finish up that easily.

We sit in silence, recovering, for a half hour or so. You continually glance down to look at my limp cock. I leave it out, teasing you, taunting you. Finally you reach down and grip it. I don’t react. You begin stroking slowly and it responds, despite my apparent attention to the movie. Your free hand finds your own clit as you stroke me, watching my cock grow to its full height.

I make no sign of being affected except for a hard swallow and a shift to allow you better access. Finally you stop and I give you a quick sidelong glance. You place your hand around my shoulder and lean into my ear, whispering in a husky tone, “I’m going to the ladies’ room.” I turn my knees to let you go by. “I don’t think you understand,” you whisper. “I’m going to the ladies’ room. Would you care to join me?”

I am now powerless to resist. A broad smile creeps across my face and I nod slightly. You stand as I tuck my aching cock back into my jeans. I follow you out.

You pause outside the ladies’ room door, hidden in a short side hallway. With a quick glance around you open the door and, seeing no one inside, grab my wrist and pull me in. You lead me into the first stall and close the door. I fumble with the lock as you tug on my belt. The lock clicks and my belt falls open and I push you hard into the wall of the stall, kissing your lips hard and deep. A deep growl comes from my throat into your mouth. You unbutton my jeans and push them down and I lift your skirt. You lift your leg, perching it on the toilet seat, canlı kaçak bahis and I grip my cock and with a single stroke it fills you. You let out a cry despite yourself, and it echoes around the concrete room. I ignore it, thrusting hard and fast, slamming your ass into the metal wall. Your head rolls back and forth against the wall and I bite your neck and shoulder.

I pull out and roughly grab your hips and turn you to stand in front of the toilet. I lift your skirt from behind and place once hand between your shoulder blades, pushing forward. You plant your hands on the toilet tank and spread your feet on the floor. I guide my cock between your wet lips and grip your hips, fucking you hard from behind. “Oh god,” I grunt, “Fuck I love fucking you…fuck…fuck…” The head of my cock strokes all the right places deep inside you and turning your head, and watching my animal-like face as I fuck you in the stall of a bathroom….has your pussy burning. One hand drops instinctively to your clit, and your fingers rub it as your thumb feels the underside of my cock stroking in and out of you. You feel my fingers pulling your ass open, digging in, and suddenly a new pressure…my finger, still wet with your honey, slides into your little asshole. You feel my cock and finger almost colliding, and your own fingers pinch and rub your clit, and soon you’re cumming again. Your yelps and cries echo, as do my grunts, as I bury my cock deep in you, and you feel your cunt squeeze it and it responds, spurting hot juicy cum deep into you. It spasms again and again, filling you with warm, sticky juice. Your whole body shakes violently and you feel my cock slip out, and my warm cum mingled with yours begins to trickle down your leg. You stand upright and turn, capturing my face in a warm, deep kiss. You laugh from deep down inside, as do I, neither of us able to believe what’s just happened. We giggle as I put my pants back together and open the door.

We both stop in our tracks when the door swings open, and we are confronted with a woman standing, leaning against the counter, an unreadable expression on her face. Our thoughts race….certainly she’s called the police, or at least the management. We both open our mouths to speak and both stop when we see….her jeans are unbuttoned, and the hand that hovers near her neck glistens with lubrication and cum. Her dark hair falls around her face not in wild curls, but certainly unkempt. Her lips are parted and her breath is slow and measured. Without a word she fumbles in her purse and we stand dumbfounded. Soon she pulls out a business card and looks into your eyes and hands it to you. You look down to read the name and phone number and look up just in time to see her walk out the door.



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