My little wife Annie and I were pretty upset after our first orgy — it was too much like rape.

We did not stay for round two. We gathered up our clothes and scampered back across the hall to our apartment.

When we got home Annie began to softly weep. I took her to bed and she curled into the crook of my arm, still quietly crying. I stroked her long straight black hair and her small firm arm and shoulder, trying to comfort her. Eventually we drifted into sleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself naked on my back with my fat seven inch penis fully erect and fully in Annie’s pussy. This was unexpected.

She was sitting athwart me buried to the hilt, but she wasn’t moving, on the outside. She didn’t pump up and down on my dick. She was just sitting there, clutching my dick with her cunt muscles. Clutch, relax, clutch, relax.

I thrust up a bit, but she stopped me. “No, don’t.”

Ah, I got it. She was trying to recover from the monster cock that had pounded her a few hours before. She was trying to clench back to a Charles-sized cunt. Fair enough.

She laid down on my chest with my erect penis still in her vagina, doing the clutch-relax thing. We fell asleep. Neither of us came, or even pretended to.

When I woke up again it was morning and she was not in our bed. I got up and went looking for her. She was on the living room couch, swaddled in a quilt. Only the top of her head was visible.

I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. Poking my head out I asked “Coffee? I could make tea?” Wordlessly she opened a flap of her quilt cocoon and showed me her bottle of water.

This is not good — she won’t even talk to me, I thought. I took my mug of coffee in and sat in a chair facing the couch.

“What can I do?” Annie raised her beautiful Vietnamese face out of the quilt, still beautiful if tear-stained, and said “Get dressed.”

Oops — I was stark naked.

So I took my mug into the bedroom and picked out some clothes. Black socks, old gray briefs, and dark blue t-shirt. When I went back out I said “We have to talk.”

Annie wouldn’t talk.

“I’m going to call Ed.” I picked up the phone; she didn’t move. “He’s the closest thing to an expert I know.”

I’d known Edmund since high school, almost 20 years. Annie had known him for over ten years. He was an usher at our wedding.

He’d given Annie hundreds of foot rubs over the years. Literally hundreds. 75, 80% of all foot rubs she’d ever had.

Edmund rang the doorbell 40 minutes later. He knew at once that something was wrong.

“Something is wrong,” I said.

“I can see that,” he said, adjusting his eyeglasses. “You’re in your bumblewear.”

I let him in and locked the door.

When he saw Annie, tear-stained in her quilt cocoon, he got worried. “Annie! Are you ok?”

After a pause, I answered for her. “Not really, Ed. We got kinda casino oyna raped last night. We’re both a bit freaked.”

Edmund was startled. “Kinda raped?! Both…of you?! That’s horrible. Is, is it true?”

“Yeah, sorta. It was not un-like rape. It was a sexual ambush. And poor Annie had to take a monster cock. While I watched. From inches away. I got tea-bagged!!”

“Tea-bagged?” Edmund asked.

“Slapped in the face by a nut sack.”

“Um, did the nut sack belong to the monster cock?”

“Sit down. I’ll get you a coffee.” It didn’t take long, I knew he liked it black.

“Thank you,” he said when I handed him the mug. “I think it might be important that we all stay civil for this conversation. Agreed?”

“Sure, man, of course,” I said at once. Even I thought I sounded unconvincing. Still, Edmund let me slide, and looked at Annie.

Annie glowered at him from inside the quilt, with only her eyes visible. She didn’t intend to speak at all, she meant. When Edmund didn’t seem to understand, she nodded yes several times, peeved.

“You have to say yes, Annie.”

“Yeth,” she said into the quilt. Edmund let her slide, too.

“So, whose monster cock was it?”

“Doug from across the hall. You’ve met him.”

“The big loud dumb guy?”


“It’s a cruel, unfair world when a guy like Doug gets a monster cock,” said Edmund.

“Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe he’s such an ass because he has such a big dick,” said I.

“Maybe. So Doug fucked you, Annie, inches from Charles’s face?”

She nodded yes.

“How did that happen?”

Pause. “Like I said, it was a sexual ambush. We were over at their place for a potluck supper, and then they were fucking us.”

“You got fucked, too, Charles? By Doug’s wife? What’s her name?”


“Jackie. She’s a big woman.”

“Yes she is.”


“Wow, indeed. Then Annie sat on my face and made me eat her lover’s sperm out of her freshly fucked cunt.”

“What?! She did what?!”

“Those were her words.”

Edmund looked at Annie. She coolly returned his stare.

“Jackie also stuck her finger up my ass. Hard and deep.”

“Doug stuck his finger up my ass, too,” said Annie.

“Not as hard or deep.”

“His finger is bigger. And I was getting ripped apart by a giant penis.”

“Fair point.”

“And he chewed on my nipples. Hard. They’re still sore.”

Annie was starting to open up again. This was good, even if she was mad at me.

“Quite an adventure,” said Edmund.

“Jackie also stuck her tongue up Doug’s ass. And they all jacked me off and licked my cum off each other’s hands.”

“You also rubbed and squeezed Doug’s cock and balls.”

“He did mine first! I…I was wondering if you were rubbing him.”

Edmund shifted in his chair. “I’m not used to hearing this level of detail about my friends’ slot oyna sex lives.”

“Are we making you uncomfortable, Ed?” asked Annie, coldly.

“Yes, yes you are.”

“Are you getting an erection? Is your prick getting hard from hearing about how we got fucked?”

Edmund didn’t answer, but his face got red. We could see the bulge in his pants. I realized that I was also hard, very visibly through my underwear.

It was an unusual conversation.

“Why are you so mad, Annie? You seem to be mad at Charles.”

“He…he let Doug do that to…to me,” she whispered.

“Let him?!! LET HIM!!!” Edmund stopped me. “Stay civil, now.” I calmed down — he was right.

“Annie, beloved, how could I stop it? I didn’t know it was a sexual foot rub until you had that huge orgasm. By then it was too late. You were already kneading his cock and balls with your toes.”

“S..sexual foot rub? Toes…on cock…and…”

“I admit, I was stunned. We were ambushed. When he sucked your toes and you came again, I was in shock.”

“He…he…he s-sucked Annie’s…toes?”

“Yes, Ed. He sucked my toes. And it felt good.”

“It felt so good you had a massive orgasm,” I added.

“Yes I did. I earned it.”

“Am I to understand that this all started with a foot rub?” asked Edmund.

Pause. “It did. I didn’t even know that people could orgasm from a foot rub. But that’s why I called you. Because you’ve given her so many. Even if none of them were sexual.”

“Um, actually…”

Annie started, and gaped at Edmund. I guess that I did, too.


“Actually, all of them were sexual foot rubs.”

“ALL of them?”

“It’s like you are a foot fetishist or something.”

“Not or something.”

Edmund looked at us blankly. Annie pulled her head back into the quilt. I just sat there feeling like a fool.

“So now you know my deep dark embarrassing secret.” Edmund looked at the floor.

“So…so all these years you’ve been getting off on Annie’s feet?”

“Yes. I love her feet.”

“‘Her third toe is like a wink at the world, one from each foot.'”


“Something Doug said.”

Annie put her head out again. She was livid and near tears. “I can’t believe you! All these years you’ve made me a part of your perversion! Do you masturbate thinking of my feet?”

“Yes. Frequently.”

“You bastard! I’ll never let you touch them again!”

“Please don’t say that, Annie! I couldn’t bear that! It’s not like I hurt you in any way.” Edmund fell to his knees.

“You violated me. You used me sexually.”

“But, but I thought you liked my foot rubs.”

“I did. they were very relaxing. Very…sensual. Oh, god! It’s like I’m being raped all over again!!”

“Please don’t say that, Annie. I’ll do anything. Anything.” At this point Edmund began to unbutton his shirt.

It had now canlı casino siteleri become a very unusual conversation.

Edmund got his shirt off and began to awkwardly remove his shoes.

“I’ll give you free accounting for life. I’ll wash your car every day. I’ll tongue your anus. I’ll tongue Charles’s anus. Charles can fuck my anus. You can fuck my anus.”

“How can I fuck your anus?”

“With a strap-on.”

“We don’t have a car.” They ignored me.

“How is it a favor to let me fuck your asshole with a strap-on?” She had calmed down quite a bit.

“Because I really don’t want anyone fucking my asshole with anything.” By then Edmund was naked on his knees in front of Annie. His smallish dick was erect and throbbing. His testicles were rolling in his scrotum.

“Just…just let me show you.” Edmund, naked on his knees, offered his cupped hands to Annie. “Let me show you, finally, how much I love your feet.”

Annie moved beneath the quilt. Neither Edmund nor I moved. Then she did it. Slowly, slowly, she extracted a bare foot from the quilt cocoon and gave it to Edmund.

It was not the foot that Doug had rubbed and sucked ’til she’d had orgasms. It was the foot thad had kneaded his cock and balls.

Edmund took her foot gently in his hands and looked at it for a while. Then he did something that I totally didn’t expect — he quickly, roughly, wetly licked the arch of her foot with a wide, flat tongue.

She came! Annie had an orgasm from one lick! Not a big climax, but a distinct BAM. Annie did some spasms, throwing off most of the quilt. She was wearing a red Mets sweat shirt.

“Good lord. Oh, god. Oh, god, Ed.”

He really was an expert. I really was a dope.

Edmund proceeded to give Annie’s foot the full treatment. Although he did not rush, I couldn’t follow everything he did. He licked, sucked, and rubbed Annie into orgasm after orgasm.

My little wife turned out to be quite the multiple cummer, I noticed. If she’d never cum from one of his foot rubs before, it was only because he was being restrained.

Annie fell off the couch and writhed on the floor. She pulled up the sweat shirt, one hand diving into her blue panties and the other caressing her sore nipples.

“Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god. I didn’t know. I didn’t know.” When Edmund took her other foot, doing both at once, she could no longer speak. Her pussy squirted several times.

I was too astonished to remember to masturbate.

Finally he put her feet together such that her insteps formed a cunt shaped opening and began to fuck it with his pulsing dick. This seemed to pleasure them both.

With a grunt Edmund came, spattering her shins and feet with his jizz. I just sat there amazed. He fell back onto the floor, panting and adjusting his eyeglasses. His moist, shrinking penis burped out a few more gobs of cum.

“Charles?” said Annie. Her calves and ankles were spattered with goo. Some of the thicker splashes were oozing down her skin, dripping onto the floor.

“Ed has soiled my legs and feet. Get over here and lick them clean for me.”

Here we go again.



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