foot fuckerSometime in mid winter this past year I had been looking for new feet to tribute. I was browsing cl for a few weeks and found someone asking for a private tribute for his wife. So I sent him an email and he replied with a pic of her. She was a decent looking woman. I said I would gladly tribute her if I could see what the soles of her feet looked like. He replied a day later with a picture of her soles and they were perfect. Her soles were wide and high arched. He said he had wanted to do a live tribute on her face in person but she wasnt ready for that. She wanted to try to swing eventually but was nervous. So this was a step to get her more comfortable to trying new things sexually I suggested maybe letting me cum on her feet in person instead of just tributing illegal bahis a picture to help her feel more open to it. After emailing and exchanging numbers, and me saving my load we finally did a meet and greet at the bar. I was just hoping that I’d get to at least see her soles in person. We met at a bar and had a few drinks after that they invited me back to their place. At this point I started to get excited. I hadnt gotten to cum on other feet besides my wife in a long time.When we got back to the house He told me that she was ready to let you cum on her feet but she would be laying on her stomach not looking, because she still felt shy about it. I was okay with it we all went in the bedroom, and she layed down on her stomach and took off her shoes and socks. illegal bahis siteleri Her husband went to the corner and took off his pants and was ready to jerk off. I touched her soles a little bit as I felt my penis begin to grow in my pants.It didnt take long before I was fully erect. I pulled down my pants and boxers and just let my cock hang over her feet for a little. I started to leak precum, because it had been about 10 days since i last cum. I asked if they had some lube and said “this won’t take long” Her husband gave me lotion and I rubbed it on my cock and rubbed some on her soles and started jerking it. It didnt take long before I wanted to cum. I was so hard and horny. I stopped jerking and asked “can you put your soles on my penis”? she said canlı bahis siteleri “no “maybe next time” I asked again “not even a quick footjob”? she said “hmmm no I’ve never had a man touch my feet like that”. I started jerking my cock again. I was ready to cum I asked her to put her feet together and arch her soles. She did just that. Right before I was going to cum I put my cock right between her soles and started to hump my cum out. she then was shcoked saying ” woah what are you doing?!” but I was already shooting out loads of cum all up her leg while my balls rested on her toes and shaft was between her soles. I told her “I just couldn’t help it” She responded “well maybe If I get more comfortable we can do more I guess, but we’ll see.”Meanwhile her husband was rock hard in the corner and came right over and pulled her dress up. then pulled her thong off and put his cock right in her. It didn’t take long for him to fill her up. We have met up a couple more times since then love playing with them a lot !



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