Anita took a deep breath as she prepared to enter the hotel lobby of one of the city’s high-end hotels. She had not been here since before her marriage, and she was returning now for the same reason she had visited it at that time. It was to meet a man for an afternoon of sex. It was also the first time since her marriage that she had dallied with someone other than her husband Will.

She was a tall elegant woman, dressed fashionably in business suit and heels. Not visible was the soft and lacy lingerie covered by the formal attire. She scanned the lobby quickly for familiar faces and then headed directly for the elevators. As the elevator moved smoothly upwards she relaxed and let her mind ease into thoughts of the man who was waiting for her and what the afternoon would provide in erotic pleasure.

Anita had led an active sex life prior to her marriage to Will. As a college student, she had grown tired of young men her age and had sought out men ten and fifteen years older than she to seduce and satisfy her needs.

Her target group had included college professors and instructors, her doctor, construction workers and athletes. They could be married, single or divorced; she cared only about the man and what he could provide her sexually. The affairs where all deliberately short lived to prevent heavy relationships from interfering with sexual satisfaction. She became a skilled and adventurous lover.

Eventually she did find a man in Will who provided her more than sex. She enjoyed being with him at all times and happily accepted his marriage proposal. It was her version of being in love and she was quite comfortable in tying her self to one man for the first time in her life. He was in her preferred age group and their sex life had been the best possible. She found no need to explore sex with others during the first fifteen years of their childless marriage.

And then, as befalls many men as they approach 60 years of life, Will’s ability to maintain an erection began to fail, complicated even more so by medication required to battle a prostate problem. The drugs to prevent erectile dysfunction provided some temporary relief, but eventually they also lost their usefulness.

Will stretched the fore-play time during sex to bring Anita closer to orgasm before entering her, aggressively using fingers and tongue to arouse her in an effort to get her off quickly once he was in her. His ability to perform continued to decline. The substitution of vibrators and dildo’s did not help to maintain pleasure for either of them.

It was very difficult for Will to continue these efforts. Despite the desire that he felt for his wife, and the fact that he became very aroused during these sessions, he lost confidence in himself and began to find reasons not to approach her sexually at all. The little touches and kisses that had been part of their daily life were avoided and tenderness gradually dissolved, and all because of his reluctance to ‘start’ something.

Anita was also in a bind. She loved her life with Will and had no desire to separate, but that love itch between her legs reminded her daily of what she was missing. She had returned to work several years prior to the onset of these problems. She became aware of the men she encountered daily. She began to think of some of them as potential lovers. She often found herself with weakened loins and pinching nipples in the middle of the day.

They were a couple in turmoil, growing more distant with each day and afraid to even attempt to discuss their mutual problem. For the first time in their married life, Will saw unhappiness in Anita’s demeanor and he ached to find a solution for the issue for which there was no acceptable answer.

He approached her one night after a few drinks had provided him the courage to broach the issue of possible separation. As he began to explore the subject, Anita broke in and stated emphatically that she did not want to leave him and would not talk more about it. Will was relieved, but it made it even more difficult for him to suggest that she find someone else to satisfy her sexually.

Anita would have been hypocritical to deny that she had not entertained those thoughts, but also believed that Will would not be able to live with the idea that she was banging another man. She protested that she did not want another man and suggested that they drop the conversation. Will remained uncertain as he realized that this problem would not go away soon, but was also relieved at her declaration of loyalty to him.

His words did have effect on Anita, and she now felt that she had his blessing to find someone to help her relieve that itch. She convinced herself that she could accomplish it by being very selective and discreet, without divulging it to Will or anyone else.

Her first selection was quite easy. Bart was an engineer, who had worked for the same company as she a few years prior. He was about 10 years younger, athletic and well built, and married. He had a problem similar to hers in bakırköy escort that his partner had become so turned off with childbirth that she had virtually closed up her sex shop in fear of becoming pregnant again. Bart’s desire for Anita was obvious and she had refused several offers for dinner knowing full well that he had more than dinner on his mind.

But now Anita was back in her premarital seduction mode and went after something she wanted. She contacted him and they began an exchange by E-mail and telephone. He was very receptive and arranged this hotel rendezvous within a few days of their first communication.

Anita paused a moment in front of the hotel room door, shrugged her body to settle herself, touched her hair and knocked lightly. The door flew open and Bart’s tall body filled the doorframe, his eyes and lips smiling at her as he reached out to guide her into the room.

They were a bit wary initially, there was no big body hug, just a light peck on the cheek, and a light embrace. One of the conditions had been that while any form of sex was acceptable, passionate kissing would be verboten. It was immediately obvious that the rule was not practical, and Anita slipped easily into his embrace and a full-bodied kiss ensued, tongues and all.

“I have dreamed of you daily Anita, I can’t believe that I am holding you now,” Bart groaned in her ear as his hands began to explore her body. He felt her relax, any tightness oozing away as his hungry hands moved to her butt to caress her cheeks as their tongues entwined once more.

Anita felt no need to explain her sudden interest in him but said, “You have been on my mind lately. I remember how you once looked at me and the dinner offers you made. I was pretty sure that you wanted more than to provide me a meal. I have often fantasized about what we may have done after dinner.”

“Ah God,” Bart groaned, her admission of desire for him only increased his anticipation, already being fed by the feel of her mound grinding against his stiff cock.

They stepped back, eyes firmly fixed on the others, uncertain of the next step, but knowing that there would certainly be one. Anita made the first move, removing the jacket of her business suit followed by unbuttoning her blouse. Bart, following her lead removed his shirt. Strangely, despite their beating hearts there was no rush to get naked, both of them enjoying the sight of the others body. Finally Bart was down to his jockey shorts, tented outwards with an obvious hard-on. Anita was in black lace bra and panties.

Anita had always been comfortable with her body and enjoyed the lust she could discern in the eyes of whatever partner she might be with. She was older now, but some would say that her body looked even more erotic with hanging tits and full hips and butt. Bart certainly appeared to be fascinated.

She moved now to stand in front of Bart with her back to him and whispered, “Take my bra off Bart, I want to feel your hands hold my breasts.”

Bart unhooked her bra and slipped his hands under her arms, sliding up under the loosened bra to find her heavy tits, nipples bursting to be caressed. He had not yet fully accepted that he was about to make love to the most beautiful woman he had ever known.

He rolled her nipples in his fingers, kissing the back of her neck and cheeks. She reached behind her and slid her hand into his shorts encircling his cock with soft hot fingers. This was real and no dream. He moved one hand down along her belly, and into her panties. She turned her head, her lips seeking his as they pleasured each other. All he could muster in comment was, “Oh fuck.”

She moved from him to sit on the side of the bed. Her eyes were slits of lust as she sat there, tits swaying; her pussy still snuggled in her panties. She lay back with her feet on the floor and murmured, “I want to watch you remove your shorts and my panties.”

Bart turned away from her to bend down and push his shorts to the floor, provocatively preventing her from getting an immediate view of his thick hard cock. He smiled at her over his shoulder before swinging around.

“I want that, it is beautiful Bart, what a sweet cock,” Anita moaned and reached out for it. She had always complimented men on their bodies, believing that men needed that reassurance in order to perform.

Bart stepped back, feeling triumphant about her approval, “No my sweet, panties off first.” She lay back again and watched him slowly work her panties down, exposing the trimmed black bush as she lifted her butt enough to allow him to pull the panties down over her feet. He straightened, looking down at her as he rubbed the crotch of her panties on his nose and face. Anita arched her back upwards in invitation as Bart sucked the panties. She was vibrating with desire.

There had never been any remorse since she had decided to find a man to seduce, and there was none now. There was only Bart and his lovely thick cock; she was desperate to feel beşiktaş escort him on her and in her. She had always enjoyed being licked before fucking, but right now the only objective was to get that cock in her. So as Bart knelt to go down on her, she whispered, “No, maybe later, right now I want you in me.”

No argument from Bart, he lifted her legs up to his hips and slid his stiff shaft in along her silken thighs. He allowed her to guide his cock to her now glistening red pussy lips. She was ready but a little tense. He took his time working it into her with little short strokes, she adjusting her body until full continuous stroking was comfortable.

He remained partially crouched, knees bent as he fucked her, his muscular butt straining to contain his desperate need to get off. Anita’s eyes were closed, her hands each side of her head, her tits bounced with each thrust of his cock, the only sound the gentle moans emanating from the two of them and the ‘slurpy’ sound of a cock in a wet pussy.

“I want you on me now,” Anita groaned as she reached up to pull him onto her. She scrunched backwards, dragging him with her, trying to keep his cock in her until he was fully on the bed. She encircled him with her legs and arms, feeling his hard butt as it continued to rise and fall, driving his shaft relentlessly up her hole. She was lost to the rapture, oblivious of anything else but the feel of his body covering hers, her tits squashed to his chest and her body beginning to strain upwards as she presented her being to him to plunder.

Bart paused with his cock buried deep inside her, allowing her to take her own pleasure as she massaged his shaft and knob without moving her body in any other manner. He felt the ‘cum column’ working its way up from his toes to the base of his cock. “Let me take you now,” he said between clenched teeth.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, fuck me, use me, I want it all,” her voice seemed to be from another world. He dug his toes and knees into the bed and began to pound her in a manner best described as ‘relentless rage’. She responded in kind, arching upwards to take him, her fingernails digging into his back and butt, until their bodies began to jerk as one, finally going rigid as they released themselves to each other.

They were still now, locked together, relaxed as Anita pulled her legs from around his back to spread them outward on the bed. Bart continued to fuck her slowly, enjoying those last delicious strokes still possible as her pussy pulsed and squeezed his softening cock. They kissed and murmured their appreciation.

Bart rolled to one side of Anita, propped himself on one elbow and looked over her beautiful heaving body. He hefted a tit in his hand, bent down and sucked the nipple, running his tongue around it, tightening his lips.

“You never gave me a chance at these lovelies before I was in you, I have dreamed of them since the first day that I saw you,” he whispered between sucks.

“I know, but my pussy has been aching for you since we made the date.”

He reached down to touch her convulsing pussy, greasy with their juices as he continued to move from one nipple to the other. He worked his fingers into her as she spread again. “I wanted to eat you, but you never gave me the chance. Do you want it now?”

With that he moved to her mouth and they kissed with wild abandon, tongues sucking and lashing as lust once more took over their bodies. Anita was whimpering; the thoughts of him going down on her messy pussy had her vibrating once more. His fingers danced wildly in her pussy, his thumb rubbing her mound as he worked two fingers in and out of her.

She clenched her legs together, squeezing his strong fingers as he brought her to a sudden orgasm once again.

Her body slackened as the rush passed through. She smiled up at him, “Where did that come from? I was ready for anything but you got me with fingers!”

Anita left the hotel a few hours and a few sessions later. She felt so very good, as if her body had been flushed of tension. She felt like a desirable woman once more. She was determined to seek out more of this action.

She met with Bart one more time in the same hotel. The sex was wild and passionate, and lasted most of one day. Reverting to her pre-marital ways, she ended it with him when they parted. Too many tender feelings were entering the relationship and she preferred to keep it simple.

She contacted other men from her past. She had been out of contact since her marriage except for the business world, and she was not prepared to hit the bars looking for partners. Her life was exciting; she had missed the thrill of seduction and fucking ‘other’ men.

Will soon realized that Anita was more relaxed and happy than she had been for some time. He suspected that she had taken the hint from their discussion about other men and was now seeing someone. He wondered who it might be, but did not broach the subject for some time.

He was not sure beylikdüzü escort how he felt about her meeting others for sex. She was happier, and that was good. She was more careful about her make-up and clothes and when they partied with other couples, she was the most beautiful of the women. She did not appear to be hitting on any of their male friends; she was simply charming and lovely. Some tenderness had returned to their life.

Visions of her being naked and fucking other men began to creep into his thoughts and dreams. She loved oral sex, and the thought of her sucking another man’s cock unsettled him considerably. Each of the men in his fantasies had cocks much bigger than his, and he imagined her being impaled by these monsters, but she enjoying it all the same. Strangely he became terribly aroused at these mental fantasies and achieved full hard-ons occasionally. Could this mean a recovery of his capabilities?

He had to ask her about other men. They were in bed after a night out and several drinks. She was relaxed although he was not. “Baby, have you been seeing other men?”

This was the question that Anita had not wanted to hear. While she was capable of deceit by not addressing the problem, she could not lie outright to Will. “Oh Will, please don’t ask me questions for which you might not want to hear the answer,” she replied.

“It’s okay baby, I do want to know, and I am quite sure that you are meeting others. Your entire outlook has improved and you are much more outgoing and happier,” Will responded with a reassuring kiss. God, just raising the issue had heated up his loins.

Anita turned to him, their faces inches apart; her eyes did not waver at all as she said, “Okay Will, yes I have been seeing other men.”

He had been prepared for that, and did not flinch or indicate that he was jolted by the facts. But he had to know more, “Just one guy or more than one?”

“I have met several different men, none of whom you know. I do not meet any one man more that twice or three times. It is sex only, not love making like we do.” Anita felt a little relieved suddenly, despite having dreaded this conversation, it was out in the open now. The elephant had left the room.

Will felt his cock begin to stiffen. He thought, ‘ah damn, maybe this is working, what if, what if,’ he needed to know more.

His throat felt constricted and his voice squeaked as the words tumbled out, “Tell me about the last guy. What did he do to you? What did you do to him? How long were you with him?”

“For God’s sake Will, how can I tell you that? I am sure that you really don’t want to know all of that!” But Anita could see the wild excitement in his eyes and body. She felt his cock against her hip as he moved more closely. She was not sure what was happening, but there was little doubt that her admissions so far had aroused him to a degree not seen in years.

“Please baby, I want to know for some reason. I have been fantasizing about you for weeks, ever since I realized that you were fucking other men. It has been turning me on and giving me hard-ons. Just once, tell me what happened.”

Anita was uncertain now. She knew that it might be a dangerous road to go down, and that in the end it might do more harm than good for their relationship. But she was also becoming aroused at the thought of recounting her latest afternoon of wild sex. And what if it enabled him to get it up again?

“Well, alright then, but if it becomes too difficult for you, just stop me,” she cautioned. She braced herself, wondering how much detail to include or leave out. She would just have to adjust to his responses.

“You don’t know this man. I had met him several years ago when I was working. He was a client of our company and came to our office several times when he was in town. He hit on me every time, inviting me out for dinner, although I never accepted his offers. It became kind of a joke between us and he gave me his business telephone number in case I changed my mind. I knew what he wanted and it excited me.

I called him about a month ago at his office and suggested that he give me a call the next time he was in town. We began to exchange E-mails regularly. They got very hot, and then we started with online messaging, which got hotter.”

Will interrupted, “What do you mean got hotter baby? Did you expose yourselves? Did you show him your tits?”

Anita paused, how to respond, what the hell, “Yes I did and more than that. I used to dress for the online meetings. Garter belt without panties, mini-bra and sheer robe. I was seducing him after all. I wanted to meet him, that was the plan.”

“Holy shit lover. I cannot believe that you would do that! I have never even seen you in garter belt sans panties! You are making me horny! What about him? Did he take his cock out?” Will was trembling as Anita reached down and took his cock in her hand.

“Hum, goodness,” she whispered, “this is having a pleasant affect on you isn’t it.”

She continued, “Oh yes, there was no way I would be baring myself without him doing the same. It was the same each time, he asked to see my tits, I wanted to see his cock, then I would spread my legs. We got off for each other several times before he finally came to town. We were certainly ready when we finally met in person.”



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