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First time with Leather MasterI had been into leather since I was young, I was in my 30’s now and married. When I first started dating my wife I had come clean about what I liked and what I didn’t like so I never had to worry about being caught. Very early on in our dating we came to an agreement I could be with boys and she with girls. I liked to keep my exploits to myself and tended to only play during the day. The big problem was the lack of quality Dom’s in the Houston area. I had met a few guys off Recon over several years. I am pretty picky. I prefer guys that are older than me and serious about the lifestyle. When i got “cruised” by this guy I knew I was in for something I just didn’t know what yet.We started by exchanging messages and fairly quickly had a date set up. I was to be at his home at 10 am sharp Friday morning. I tossed and turned the night before because I was always a little nervous but the thought of being a sub had me super horny. My wife left at about 815 and I started getting ready. I shaved my ass cock and balls smooth. I used the shower to clean out my ass. Next I took out my dildo and began to work my ass with it. I find that this works out good for me because it accomplishes several things. First my hole loosens up so I do not feel a whole lot of pain if and when I take a real cock. Second it makes sure my hole is nice and lubed up so If and when I take a cock it slides in real nice. Third it lets me check to make sure my hole is clean as a whistle. It turns me on to know my hole is ready to go. I got dressed and smoked a bong and jumped in my truck. My cock was hard and dripping with all the dirty thoughts that were running through my mind. The whole ride it kept pushing against the same spot on my pants making a tiny wet spot on my shorts. It was about a 45 min ride but it seemed like 2 seconds had passed and I was sitting in front of his house shutting off my truck. It is a nice little neighborhood. It seemed like none of the neighbors would bakırköy escort have any idea what I was doing there or what was about to happen. I climbed out of my truck locking the doors behind me and casually walked towards the front door. As I got there I noticed a small sign that said “Camera’s in use on these premises. You release permission to all images upon entering” I rang the door bell and waited. A moment later the door opens with a slight creek and I hear a voice say “Come in,boy”The screen door shuts behind me as I enter. I turn to close the door. When I turned back around I can make out a figure in the dim light. It is a man wearing sunglasses, a black leather jacket, Black Chaps with a codpiece and black leather boots. He tells me to enter the room and not turn around. He approaches me from behind.he puts a leather gloved hand over my mouth and pulls me against him as his other hand begins to explore my body. The leathered hand feels warm and smooth as he rubs it up under my shirt and pushes down the waistband of my pants. He grabs my shirt and pulls it up over my head. he takes my wrists in my hands and draws them behind me. I feel my right wrist and then my left being encompassed by leather cuffs. He pulls me back against him and his hand starts working on my pants. the zipper goes down and they are around my ankles. My cock pushes tight against the front of my boxers as he pushes them down over it and to the floor. I was now naked with my wrists bound behind me. He steps around me and sits down on the couch. He tells me to kneel in front of him. I immediately drop to my knees and slide up between his leathery legs. He reaches down between his legs and unsnaps his leather cod piece. His cock comes spilling out in front of me. Then I hear the order. “Put my cock in your mouth” I lean forward and touch the head to my lips. It is warm and smells faintly like leather. I begin gobbling it as his hands quickly find beşiktaş escort the back of my head. His cock fills my mouth and begins to get hard filling the back of my throat. I try and pull back but I am being held tightly from doing so. I feel his leather boots start wrapping around my back. I try and relax and breathe through my nose. the cock is almost all the way hard and he starts to let me back off of it. I pull back but immediately get met with resistance. He begins to hold my head tightly as he thrusts his hips forward. He begins to fuck my mouth. Here i am in between a leather clad strangers legs having my mouth fucked and I couldn’t be happier. After several minutes go by he eases up and tells me to stand up and turn around. Of course I comply. I can hear some rustling and a leather hood slides over my head. He starts pulling the laces tight one row at a time. I cant see anything. All I know is my mouth is exposed. He finishes lacing up the mask and places one hand on my cock pulling him against me. I could feel his cock pressed against my crack. He walks around me and begins guiding me through the house. As I shuffle slowly through the house being led by my dick I begin to hear sex noises. It sounds like an orgy. I cant tell if we are alone now. He leads me to a spot in the room and tells me to kneel. He tells me to shuffle forward and I feel a wall in front of me. I feel him shackling my ankles now. I feel a strap go across the backs of my thighs and then my back. Finally I feel him putting one on the hood I am wearing. I am now strapped to a wall and I feel the bottom of my hood zip open. I realize now what has happened. I am strapped in front of his own private glory hole. I can feel a cock pushing against my lips so I opened. I knew that if I didn’t suck I was not getting out of this. I didn’t know who’s cock it was. I didn’t know if I had to suck one cock or many. I didn’t know if I was on camera or not. I just beylikdüzü escort did what I wanted and that was suck like a pro. I began to suck that cock like it was my last meal. I wanted to feel it pumping a load into my stomach. I slurped and made it so wet. I could hear moans as it penetrated my throat again and again. I pumped my head back and forth and pressed it as hard as i could forward to get that cock as deep in my throat as it would go. Just as quick as it began it was over. I felt it pull out of my mouth and i was left with drool all down my chin. That empty feeling didn’t last very long because now a leather tongue gag had been placed there and my hood zipped closed. I was unshackled and stood up. Then I heard the words. “You ready to get fucked now?” I mumbled through the gag “Yes Sir!” but it was unintelligible. I was then guided over and felt the sling behind me. He unshackled my hands from behind me and had me sit on the sling. I leaned back and felt the cool leather on my back. I felt him grab one hand and then another as he clipped them to the chains. Next came my feet. I was now naked hooded and completely immobilized in a sling. He began to edge me as he rubbed his cock up and down in my slick crack. Pausing to press his head against my throbbing hole. After several minutes of teasing I knew he was ready and began to enter me. His cock stretched me open and fill me up. I moaned into my gag as he pressed into me deeply. He began to gyrate and start to thrust. The chains were beginning to jingle and my toes began to curl as he began to hammer my hole. He was gripping my thighs tightly as he thrust in and out. My cock was throbbing hard as he pounded in and out of me. I could tell it wasn’t going to last long and he buried deep inside me and began to cum. I began to cum at the same time. I felt cum spray across my mask and then my chest. I can’t tell you the last time I came that hard. It was so hot. After I sat still and caught my breath. The hood zips open and my gag comes out. I had 2 breath mints placed inside my mouth and began getting a massage. First my feet and then my legs arms and hands. I am then unshackled and stood up. He leads me back to my clothes and removes my hood. I get dressed and leave. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with Master Rob.



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