First time in BangkokIf you have read my story about the first time I was with a TS girl then you know my experience was limited to just a few times. So about 4 years ago I went to Thailand to visit my buddy who was working there in a high profile job with the Thai government. We stayed in his apartment on the 40th floor of a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, which was pretty nice. I had just turned 39 and was looking forward to my first visit to Thailand and seeing my friend I had not seen in 4 years. Now, I have travelled very much in Asia: PI, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, pacific islands, and Hawaii, but not Thailand. My first three nights with genetic girls (GG’s) were nothing short of disasters. Thieves, emotional crying chicks, fights with other girls, and fights with previous boyfriends sent me running to the streets one night. I was in a bar on Soi Cowboy one night, and after not really finding someone to hook up with I decided to call it a night but get some McDonalds before the cab ride home. My buddy had hooked up already, and was headed out. He yelled out to me as I was entering the McD’s, “watch out for the katoey, they are all around here”. Hmm, so now my interest was piqued. I waited until they pulled away in the taxi, before I left the restaurant without ordering any food. I did not travel 50 feet before I was approached by a lady. She asked some stupid question, and I could not respond to it, so I looked down at my feet. Then I noticed her feet! They had to be size 11 or 12 US. I bluntly asked if she was a guy, and she responded, “I not man, I have hole!” She then grabbed my hand and pulled her panties aside and pushed my finger inside her! I was a little in shock at this point, but I politely told her she was not what I was looking for. She then says, “Oh, you wont cock? I know girl with cock.” And at that precise moment, I was surrounded by 3 Ladyboys. I did not know what to do, but I was horny and just said, “when in Rome”. So I picked a cute Thai looking one, about 5’6” with long dark hair, about a small C cup, tight jean shorts, and impossibly high heels. She took me by the hand to a short time hotel and within about 10 minutes I shot my load (covered) into her ass doggy style. No real pretense or anything, just into the room and we start fucking. Her ass was absolutely beautiful, and even with the condom on it felt fantastic. We left the hotel and I was still horny. So, standing out in the street with a hard on, I told her I was still hot and she said let’s get a real hotel. So, she led me to another hotel down a different street, and we checked in. This time, I was not in a hurry. Literally, we fucked in every position we could. I fucked her, she fucked me. We did it in the shower, on the bed, on the dresser, her bent over the bed, her lying on the bed with her head hanging off, just pure throat fucking. She also fucked me and I deep throated her also. Her cock was about 5 inches long, kind of small, and literally not a hair on her body except for her head. We would fuck, sleep, wake up, start fucking again, shower, order room service, eat, fuck some more, it was nonstop until my buddy called at 4pm and asked if everything was OK. I told him I was fine, and he should not worry. He told me he had me set up with a date that night and I should come home. So, I told my girl (her name was Ice and she kept apologizing for her dark skin as she had just come back from Pattaya) that I had to leave. So we showered and fucked one more time in the shower, then showered again. All in all, I remember shooting 6 loads in the span of 14 hours. She came 3 times. It had to be in my top 5 of all time fuck experiences. We check out, and she wants to escort me to my buddies place. She hails a taxi, negotiates, and we are on our way. (He wrote down the directions in Thai so I could give to the driver). When we get out of the cab at his place, she asks for my phone number. I give her my Thai phone, and she dials her number and programs her name in the phone. I was on cloud nine, trying to give her all the money I had in my pocket, which was 3600 baht. She said she wanted to see me again, and would I call her? I told her I had plans for the evening, and maybe tomorrow I would call. Literally I am stuffing money into her hands and she refuses to take it. We are standing out on the street outside, and believe me every guy walking by is just staring at this beauty. So, I pretend to put the money away and just roll it up into a small size and put it in the front pocket of her jeans saying she should have some taxi money. We DFK on the sidewalk and hug, and then go our separate ways. The blind date that night with the genetic girl turned out to be another disaster, and I found myself drifting off thinking about my LB experience. The girl, it turns out, is one of my buddies exes, and him and his girlfriend tell me they want to watch me fuck her in the living room in front of them and another Thai couple. I don’t know, but I guess the vibe just wasn’t right for me and I excuse myself, (much to the GG’s and my buddy’s amazement), and head on down to Nana Plaza. Walking from bar to bar and not finding anything interesting GG or LB wise, I pass Cascades and a strikingly tall LB grabs me and canlı bahis starts to pull me into the club. She is probably 6’ with heels and long straight, dark hair. My buddy calls right at that time and asks where I am and I tell him I am with a girl right now. Now the buddy does not know about the other night with Ice, so I decline going into the bar, telling her I am not interested. But she is very persistent and I end up talking with her outside while buddy gets a cab to come over to Nana. I tell him I am on the third floor. He shows up and does not see me and goes into Carnival. Five minutes later he comes out with a little cutie GG and asks me what I am going to do. So I ask the girl if she wants to leave with me and she says “yes, I want to go with you” (of course). I look at my buddy and ask if he is cool with this, and he tells me go for it. So as I usually take two girls back, I ask her to get a friend and she comes back with a short and really dark little hottie with smallish tits and a fantastic J-Lo ass. In the cab is the usual tongue hockey with tall girl (Legs) and dark girl (bubble butt or BB) both kissing me at the same time, all sharing tongues together. We get to his place and into my bedroom and I lock the door. Clothes are off in a blur and BB takes charge, “you fuck her while I fuck you!” Um, I said, “whoa there, I don’t think so. This is my first time”. BB looks at me and says, “I don’t think you first time.” OK, so now here is a bridge I haven’t crossed. My dick is rock hard already and I get out my condoms. The girls have brought their own and are putting theirs on as well. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the air as it seems like the three of us are not getting ready for a steamy love making session, but more like three gladiators going to battle and putting on our weapons. Legs is sitting on the bed jacking off and BB is getting in position behind me standing up and jacking off. We can clearly hear my buddy next door as it seems he is fucking his girl against the wall adjoining and she is screaming her head off. The wall is thumping and the pictures in my room are vibrating. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” is all we can hear from the GG next door and the wall thumping. I get a little cautious feeling as we are now standing in a circle jerking off and these two have a menacing look in their eyes; Sort of like the tables were turned and now instead of being the hunter, I am the hunted. So I tell them I want to go down on them and they should lie back on the bed and enjoy. They comply and I am sucking on Legs and jerking off BB and switching back and forth. BB looks at Legs and says something in Thai, and then they both rip off their condoms and throw them on the floor. So now it is bareback BJ and HJ. Things are going good until we hear some yelling from next door and glass breaking. Then a door slams. All action stops and the girls sit up and we are looking at each other. All the lights are off, but the city lights are illuminating the room, and we are waiting for something to happen next.Apparently this is too long for Legs as she grabs my head and tries to jam her entire log down my throat making me gag. Just then, we hear the door knob trying to be opened, but I had locked the door. I am in the middle of Legs trying to impale my face with her thick 7 inch dong and she is pressing down on my head with both hands. BB stands up and puts her little guy next to my face and I start to jerk her off while Legs is busy trying to fuck my face. So to break things up a bit, I switch to BB, who is trying to imitate Legs, but her guy is little so it is no problem. Writing this down now I think it was kind of funny that BB was trying to act all rough like Legs, but didn’t have the equipment for it. This goes on for a while switching back and forth until we hear a knock on the door and buddy is asking to come in. Actually I was kind of glad to get some relief, so I got up and unlocked the door for him. He comes in wearing a condom and says he wants to fuck Legs, and they jump on the bed. BB, ever the director, says ‘you fuck me now.” So looking for a little revenge, I bend her over and go balls deep slowly, in one shot. She takes it like a champ though, and with her bent over at the waist arms stretched out bracing herself on the bed, we have a great view of buddy and Legs. Well, as it turns out, buddy is a bit of a talker, and likes to say nasty things during sex. Completely not my style and evidently not Legs style either as she is making funny faces. BB finds it kind of funny and starts to giggle. So buddy goes on with things like, “take it you whore, you’re a dirty little whore, tell me how much you like my cock you bitch”, and stuff like that. I am not really into it and it is kind of spoiling my mood even though I am pounding away at BB who is giggling. Well I guess buddy doesn’t like the giggle, and puts a hand on her throat to choke her. Now this does NOT sit well with BB and she slaps his face HARD! This completely breaks me out of my trance of fucking BB and I stop. Legs gets up and says to buddy, “fuck you I don’t want your money”, and picks up her clothes and walks out. BB and Buddy get into a little argument yelling at each other in Thai bahis siteleri and I am standing there with a condom covered hard on thinking ‘how the fuck did this happen’? I am pretty much in stunned silence watching these two argue, all the while thinking this could have been a really good night. Buddy storms off, and it is just me and BB in the loom and I am looking at the floor. She turns to me and says, “Let’s just fuck” but I am totally bummed out at this point. So I tell her to get her clothes and we are leaving. We walk out of the bedroom and I tell buddy that my last night in Thailand is not going down like this. “No Way”. And we go outside to get a cab and I tell BB to call Legs. We find her somewhere, and when she gets in the cab I apologize for what happened and hug her and kiss her. And then she slaps me and says, “Why didn’t you stop him”? I told her it all happened so fast and I was concentrating on BB. I then say, let’s go to another hotel and I will make it up to both of you. They kind of look put off by the whole thing, but BB says let’s just go fuck somewhere and tells the driver something in Thai. So we end up at a hotel, about a 3 star, but OK enough. We shower and get into bed together with both girls on either side of me. By now it is about 4am and I am thinking we are just going to get some sleep and I will try and buy them breakfast in the morning. Boy was I wrong about that! Hell hath no fury like a ladyboy scorned, and unfortunately I was going to be on the receiving end of this. We all start kissing and both the girls go down on me at the same time. Pretty good double BJ, but BB forces my legs apart and starts to lick my ass while Legs is literally swallowing my cock. Legs swings her body around we are locked in a solid 69 with me on the bottom. BB pushes my legs back against my chest and is tongue fucking my asshole. Legs starts to concentrate on fucking my mouth and BB jams a finger in my ass while sucking me off. We all shift to the center of the bed, and BB produces a condom out of nowhere and proceeds to try to jam her little guy into me. And she is really trying hard. Now believe me when I say that when I bar fined these two hotties I had visions of them both, side by side, on all fours on my bed with me jamming my hog into both of them; Visions of two gorgeous asses and me pummeling their insides while they both screamed for mercy. Quite the opposite of what was happening right now, and for the second time during the night I am thinking ‘how the fuck did this happen?’ BB finally gets her little guy in me and is fucking in those quick stabbing motions. Legs grabs my legs by the ankles and is holding them back as I think it gives her some leverage to jam her monster hog down my throat. BB’s fucking is not really turning me on as it is more really an annoyance then anything, but Legs is starting to get into it. So I figure Legs should get a little of the ‘how’s you father’ also and I jam my finger in her bum. Well this had the wrong effect as she started to increase her pace and she started to say stuff in Thai. BB quickens her pace also and says she is going to come. “I come now”, she announces. Legs lets go of my ankles, and BB pulls out, takes off the condom, and starts to jack off all over my chest and neck. I can feel the hot steamy liquid running down my neck and Legs starts to shoot off a monster load in my mouth. I cannot swallow it all even though she plunged deep in my throat and started spurting. Arrgghh! I have had enough and get up and run to the bathroom and spit out the goo and rinse my mouth out and wash my face and chest.Fuck me did that just happen? Am I really rinsing my mouth out and washing my face with Bangkok ladyboy cum? What the Fuck?!!? I compose myself and wonder if this is what a chick in a porno feels like after a shoot. So I jump in the shower to wash and rinse off and when I come out of the bathroom toweling off I yell at them that “this is not revenge time!” They were both on the bed and BB was smoking and I think they both giggled. I thought to myself, OK ladies, no problem, my turn next.Now as I had not cum yet, I was still a little randy but both the girls were dead tired. We all got in bed again, with me in the middle. BB had her back to me and was laying her head on my arm, and Legs was resting her head on my shoulder and had one of her legs over mine. It was a really nice warm feeling and Legs and I were talking softly to each other. The TV was on, but again it was some Thai program so I could only watch the pictures and listen to Legs. As she was gently stroking my cock, I asked the usual questions. Where you from, how old are you, etc. Really I wasn’t even listening as I was watching TV and sort of drifting off to sleep and BB was already snoring soft little snores on my right which made us laugh. Then I asked Legs when the first time she ever had sex was and she began to tell me a story that really got my dick hard. It seems that Legs had a crush on a young Thai soldier when she was 14 or 15. She said he was a good looking man, but young 16 or 18 (I don’t remember) and she used to visit him on the base. She really did not elaborate much but said one time she went to visit him and he invited her into güvenilir bahis the barracks and they started to get friendly making out. I guess they got naked and she was thinking this would be her first time and how special. But then the platoon of guys came into the barracks and found the two together and the other guys were giving her lover a hard time about being with a Ladyboy or something. So instead of defending her, he sits on her back holding her down while every guy in the platoon fucked her ass. I asked her how many guys and she said maybe 30. I kissed her, hugged her tight, and told her that I was really sorry that happened to her and she replied with a smile, “what? I loved it!” (Will this madness never end?) So now I am REALLY hard again just playing out this scenario in my mind, and Legs says she wants to get fucked. So she hops on top facing me and start riding me cowgirl style. Her good sized member is hard again and is flopping against my stomach and all this bouncing around wakes up BB, who turns to watch the action. Now you have to realize that I have now been fucking for several hours and still haven’t cum yet, so for some reason I can’t seem to get off. Legs is really riding me and maybe she gets tired as she talks to BB in Thai again. I asked what she said and BB says, “she say you fuck me now”. I looked at her face which was contorted into some kind of pain/pleasure fuck face making moans and other noises and I am thinking, “How the fuck did she say that?” So I push her to the side and the girls want to switch condoms, so on with one of the really thin see through kind. BB lies on her back and I start to pound out missionary style. I am staring into her face and looking down at her tight abs, her little guy, and my cock sliding into her tight hole. The color contrast between her dark skin and my white member got my dick rock hard and I started to really pound it out, only I was in the push up position and had her legs pinned back with my arms. I was amazed that her little tiny body could take this kind of pounding, and with her 42kg frame it made my dick look monster sized. Legs says something in Thai, and I look to see that her face is about a foot away from the action, watching the whole thing. She also starts to rub my balls while I am pounding away at poor BB’s impaled ass. In translation I make out three words: bigger, dick, and boyfriend. This pushes me over the edge and BB says not to cum in her. So I pull out and shoot all over her tight abs and twig and berries. Now it is like 7am, full daylight out and I am exhausted. BB goes to the loo to wash up with the hose, squatting on the toilet seat like a bird. I wait until she is finished and shower up and we all hit the bed and fall asleep with the TV on. I think we wake up at about 11, and the girls want to know what I want to do. So I tell them let’s get some food and watch TV. The front desk calls and wants to know if I will extend my stay for another day which I say of course I am. My flight leaves at 11 pm and I don’t want to see my asshole buddy again even though my luggage is at his house. So the girls order room service and the hotel sends up fresh towels and tooth brushes and shampoo and things like that. The funny part is we are all naked and each time the door rings, Legs answers with a towel around her waist and her tits on full display. I was really never so proud to be with two naked ladyboys every time the bellboy came up to the room. The other funny part is they kept sending different guys up. And it was always, ‘sorry sir forgot to give you this’. This happened about 4 times.So we ate and the girls watched TV (another Thai program I didn’t understand) and BB smoked and then we all fell asleep. Legs woke me up later and said BB wanted to go home so she got dressed and kissed me goodbye and left. So now Legs and I were alone, and we talked and fucked two more times. She was asleep when my phone rang and it was buddy, who was already in Phuket for the week for business. He joked and laughed and acted like the last night was no big deal, but inside I was a little pissed at him for fucking up my night. I told the hotel to call me a taxi and waited outside. Well, the Taxi never showed up but a little motorbike did. Now, I am 180cm tall and 91KG and was thinking no fucking way was I going to fit on that bike. But the guy assured me it was ok, and the sun was beating the hell out of my skin like I was a vampire or something. So off we go dodging in and out of traffic, running red lights, etc. Get to the place (he didn’t know where it was and I could not tell him, so had to call the girlfriend have her tell him over the phone). I shower and pack and the girl tells me she wants to introduce me to one of her friends. So she calls her over and we go to the pool and order food and hang out eating and drinking. Then they both take me to the airport. I get back home and am thoroughly exhausted. My first trip to BKK kind of fucked me up a little bit as I could not even get into fucking my girl friend back home. The excitement just wasn’t there anymore so I would fuck her and then she would pass out and then I would go out looking for Ladyboys. We eventually broke up. Go figure.I went back to Bangkok on business one more time, but really didn’t have time to sample any more Ladyboys. I have to go back next month for a long weekend and wonder what is in store for me. Still, is there any better time than your first?



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