Talk about a wild first date. While cruising the boulevard, I saw this beautiful young thing waiting for a taxi in the rain. At first I passed her, then glanced back through the rear-view just in time to see a car splashing her as it passed.

I winced thinking about it, then made a wild U-turn, went down a block passing this poor wet thing, turned again then slowed down as I approached her.

As I pulled up I seen her face, hair and clothes were soaking wet. I powered down the window looked at her for a few seconds and asked her if she was all right.

She didn’t look at me but kept on looking for a taxi that I knew wasn’t coming any soon. I then said, hey look, I don’t want to scare you, but you’re getting all wet, and you look pretty miserable. She still didn’t look at me and even moved back some. Then the rain starting really pouring down, even with the umbrella she carried she was still getting soaked.

I then said, I’m not trying to pick you up, but I know that taxis rarely come down this avenue this time of night. This is a real bad place to be this time of night and I’m just concerned someone not really nice will come along. I’ll move up a little and wait till a taxi comes along, ok?

She still didn’t say anything, so I pulled up like I said, put on my flickers and sat back. I watched her in the rearview as the few cars passed by. I seen her glancing my way, but didn’t make any attempt to do anything. I must have been waiting there for about fifteen minutes or more, and actually was about to give up, when she tapped on my window. I rolled it down and told her to come in.

She opened the door, closed her umbrella, and sat down. In the lowlight she looked wet, tired and miserable, but un-mistakenly a fatih escort fox. I could barely believe she was in the car with me. Do you want to wait for a taxi or can I take you someplace? I asked.

She asked if I would take her to an address on the other side of town, about a forty minute drive. When I agreed her whole body seemed to relax, like a weight taken off her shoulders.

We weren’t driving for a few minutes when I seen she was trembling. The safety belt pushed her wet clothes tightly to her body, her petite breasts were beautifully visible, her pouty lips tight. She told me this was the mother of bad days for her, when I asked her if she was ok. Little sleep the previous night, long difficult day at the office, her car in the shop, and the lousy weather. I knew she was cold and possibly hungry, and invited her to eat at a local diner.

When the meal was served she munched the food down like it was going out of style, but by the time we’d finished she was all smiles and we were getting along real good. I noticed her wedding ring and she noticed mine, but nothing was said about it except that her husband was out of town.

During the meal we were just eyeing each other like two little kids on their first date. She was being coy with me, but that was good, she had her guard down. As we left the diner she was acting as if we knew each other forever. That was getting both of us hot.

Before she buckled up, she grabbed me and gave me the kind of kiss that you dream of. It started as a gentle lip kissy type thing then soon grew into a desperate violent tongue pulling vacuum sucking rage. It was so passionate that it really started to hurt

Meantime our hands were all over. fındıkzade escort Hers on my growing member, inside my shirt, down my butt; mine up her leg, inside her blouse, on her breasts. We knew we couldn’t do it there, so I took off for the strip where there were a number of small motels. Before you could say “taxi”, we had a room and were ready to make love.

I wanted to make this a special one so after she took off her pantyhose I told her to relax, and let me take over. I striped down and with her lying face down I began to give her the full body message that I am famous for. Her blouse was unbuttoned and had slipped that off with her skirt.

I straddled over her waist and gently fingered her head and temples then gently rubbed her scalp. I ran my hands down to her neck and worked the tenseness out of them, she was already moaning as I reached her shoulders and back. With a flick of my finger her bra was off and my hand tenderly messaging the sides of her titties and nipples. She tried to turn around but I wouldn’t let her. I wasn’t done turning her on for the main event.

Before I slipped off her panties I fondled her bottom by gently folding them like dough. By this time she was struggling to turn around. When she did she nearly flipped me off the bed.

Before I knew it I was the one on my back, she was now straddling me, her back to me, reaching down for my now throbbing and leaking penis. Her mouth went down to it, stroking me with the same tongue that was so agressive. Only now it was a gentle and controlled motion that was making me grimace in pleasure.

Her mouth slowly went up and down my taut erection, sometimes all the way to the bottom of the shaft. As halkalı escort she gently licked the tip with her teasing tongue she would suck in the leakage with such force that I thought it might collapse.

She turned around and in one motion slipped her panty off and put me inside of her wet, tight and oh so warm vagina. I was being ridden like a horse, and loving it. We rolled over without slipping out (a minor miracle) and now I was in control.

Her legs grabbed me like a vise. I couldn’t understand how such a petit, slender, fragile looking woman could exert such force. I pushed her legs down and she tightened them together trapping me. I couldn’t take my penis out even if I had wanted-which I didn’t.

For the longest time my mouth wandered from her mouth to her nipples and back again; my hands around her buttocks and thighs then titillating her breasts. We generated enough heat to warm up the room; we were sliding off each other from the perspiration. Our pubic hair was matted with the juices flowing out from her vigina.

I kept on peaking, and when I did she must have sensed it. To keep me going she slowed her hips and undulations and scratched my back so hard it was painful. I teased her back my removing my penis for a few seconds a few times, allowing only the tip to remain. Just as she caught her breath and she opened her eyes, I set it back in.

When it was over I didn’t recall. I just woke up realizing it was very late in the evening. She was dead asleep. I felt around and realized the sheets were still soaked from our encounter. Her breath sounds were slow and regular, I slipped from the bed.

I knew, and she knew, this was a one time thing. We both had families, and both lived in a very small town. It was a great few hours that both of us would remember for a good long time.

Before I left, I gave her a gentle kiss on the ear. She stirred slightly. I left money with the clerk, told him to wake her in the morning and have a taxi waiting. I then left and went back to the rest of my life.



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