I walk into TGI Fridays wearing a short black and white dress with my hair down and curly. I spot you sitting at the bar wearing a tight black v-neck and sexy blue jeans. As I approach you, my heart is pounding and I can feel the blood rushing to my nipples and pussy. Just the site of you is getting me excited.

We embrace in a warm hug, your strong arms squeezing me tight; my breasts pushed against your chest. Nervously, we sit on the barstools and each order a drink. Small talk occurs, but really we’re each undressing each other with our eyes- wanting to devour each other’s bodies. After many minutes of talking I cannot stand the sexual tension any longer. I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. I start touching myself in the stall, picturing your body pressed against mine. After getting myself really worked up I send you a text “The bathroom is empty, it’s just me and my wet pussy. Care to join?” Moments later you join me in the stall.

I begin to passionately kiss your lips and then make my way down your body. On my knees, I slowly unbutton your jeans and take out your rock hard cock. Slowly, I lick from the base near your balls to the tip, then take the head into my mouth. I gently begin sucking; slow at first then faster. You pull my hair and slightly moan as I begin to deepthroat your dick. You’re close finishing when we hear the door open bakırköy escort and another woman enters the bathroom. Disappointedly I look up at you and you help me up to my feet. I let out a small giggle and we both sneak out of the bathroom. As we head back to the bar you grab my ass and quickly touch my pussy under my dress and feel that it’s dripping wet, begging for your hard cock to be deep inside.

Quickly, we pay our tab, leave a tip, and I invite you back to my apartment. Although the drive is only ten mins it feels like a lifetime as I keep imagining what it will feel like to have you inside me. We meet at my apartment, I nervously unlock my door and let us in. The door slams, I lock it, and look at you. Instantly we start kissing hard, passionately.

I lift your shirt over your head and take a moment to admire your chest and body as I begin unbuttoning your jeans and pulling them off- eager to get to your cock. We start kissing again and move towards my bed. You pull my dress over my head-unhook my bra- and lay down on the bed, pulling me on top of you. We start kissing again, then I nibble your ear, and whisper to you about my dripping wet pussy and how badly I need you inside me. You slip off my panties and your boxers; then very slowly I slide your dick inside my pussy while you play with my tits, sucking biting beşiktaş escort and groping. As I grind my hips and moan you roll us over- pushing my legs onto your shoulders.

Slow at first I feel you deep inside me, each thrust going deeper and deeper. I crave more and more of you and beg you to fuck me harder. You begin thrusting fast, deep, and hard- My hands and face are tingling from the intense feeling, I am close to orgasm. I reach down and feel you moving inside me, I begin to play with my wet clit and help myself to finish. I let out a loud moan and my body begins shaking as I cum. My face is flushed and I’m smiling. You kiss me hard and passionately then order me to roll over, desperate for more of you I obey.

You grab my hips and pull me to the edge of the bed. I’m on all fours and eager to feel your dick fill me up again. I’m soaking wet from cumming and ready to take you in deep. You begin thrusting, grabbing my hips for control. With each thrust getting harder and harder, I’m moaning, and desperate to cum again. As you get close to cumming you pull my hair, smack my ass, and fuck me fast and hard- me legs begin shaking and I cum again. The tightening of my pussy as I cum brings you close to finishing. You smack my ass again, roll me over, and slide me off the bed onto my knees. I take the hint and begin deepthroating beylikdüzü escort you, sucking fast and hard- taking in your entire cock into my mouth. You pull my hair so my head falls back and you cum all over my face, tongue, and breasts. I look up at you and smile as you are breathless.

I grab your hand and lead you to the shower so we can both clean up. In the shower, as you’re behind me washing my body I begin to be turned on once again. You wash my legs and as you move up my thigh you slip a finger into my pussy. I moan and then you move your finger back and gently slide into my ass. I am turned on by the sensation and let out a sigh to let you know that it is okay. I reach back and feel your dick- hard and ready once again. I guide your dick to where your finger is and press your cock to my asshole. You slowly slide your hard cock into my ass and begin thrusting very slowly. The tight hole is nearly unbearable for you- after just a few thrusts you begin cumming into my asshole. As you pull out I can feel the cum drip from my asshole and you watch it drip down to my thighs and wash away in the water. You give my wet ass a good hard spanking. I turn around and kiss you. We finish cleaning each other’s bodies, dry off, and head back to the bed.

Exhausted after our night of fun we cuddle. I am little spoon, you are big spoon. I can feel your strong arms wrapped around me and I feel safe, happy. The rise and fall of your chest lures me to sleep. You’re up for just a moment longer to be sure that I could fall asleep and then my slowed breath sounds turn into a sort of lullaby and soon you’re fast asleep too.

The End.



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